Painting a my mind

December 21, 2013

A Girl Writing by Henriette Browne
I was looking at some blogs today and I saw this picture on one of them. I thought is was such a beautiful picture! I just fell in love with it! Especially because it is a picture of a girl writing. Something I love! I love the little ink bottle and pen. The blue and yellow flowers. The apples! My favorite fruit! The beautiful little bird, who is just sitting there. I can imagine the little girl freeing it from its cage. I can see the bird sitting by her for loyalty and thanks. As the girl copies her work in the little room, I can see a window, which she has opened. And beautiful mother cooking over a stove. Just from this painting I can picture her whole home and life! What do you see? Do you imagine a different story than me?

KBR giveaway!!!!

November 29, 2013
I just LOVE the Kings Blooming Rose magazine! And KBR just keeps on getting better!! First, I just fell in love with the great job Sarah is doing on the magazine. Then, I was published! Also, I just love the GiveThanks challenge! Now she is having an awesome giveaway!!!! For the holiday season, Sarah is doing a giveaway which includes books such as: The Family daughter, One thing I desire, The maiden's Menu CookBook, the 2014 Proverbs 31 Woman Calendar, and a one-year subscription to KBR magazine!!!!!! See what I mean? It is just so exciting!! I would be so excited if I won it! Wouldn't you? ♥So,  here is the link for you to enter.

Christmas is going to be here before we know it! Since Thanksgiving was yesterday I guess we can now look ahead and be excited with Christmas-y thoughts! Do you usually set up your Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving, a week after Thanksgiving, or even before Thanksgiving? My family and I used to put it up around the day after Thanksgiving, however, this and last year we did it a little bit differently. We set up our Thanksgiving tree!! We decorated our Christmas tree with homemade little decorations. We even strung popcorn. So, I'm sure that we will be decorating our Thanksgiving tree to look more like a Christmas tree in a couple of days now! Oh, I am excited for the Christmas season!! One of my favorite things about the Christmas season is Christmas music. I just love all of the once-a-year music being pulled out. It is such a joyous time! Families get together, all that yummy food, snow, the warmth of the fire and the best of all, reading the story of Christ's birth! Oh, what a happy time it is. ♥

I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving leftovers!
 In Christ,
 Julia Ryan♥


November 24, 2013
Who out there has written a short story, novel, or poem and was nervous to let anyone else read it?? If you are like that, then you are like me! I have written a 8,000 word book and just recently got the nerve up to allow my sisters to read it! My younger sister read it out loud to my older sister and me. I was squirming the whole time wondering what they would think of it!
I was very happy when they both said that they loved it!

 So, a couple of my friends and my older sister suggested to me to post a chapter or two on my blog. I'm not so sure... then I started thinking about when I went to that writing class at my library. The teacher urged us to share our work. So, if you would like to read the first chapter of my book just let me know and I'll post it. If I get the nerve up! Haha! 

It snowed today and yesterday! So today I am thankful for snow!!! 

Love in Christ,
 Julia Ryan♥

The rainy season and writing class!

November 6, 2013
Yesterday was library day! Our library was also hosting a writing class in the evening and I went with my sisters. The class was very fun to go to! There were are few other girls, so the class wasn't huge, but I think that was the best because then the teacher could focus on us.

 The lady who taught us is very nice and made the class interesting! She had taken a writing class over the summer so she had her own notes and she explained them very simply so we could understand. She had us do a few writing exercises and one of them was really funny! We had to write a thank you note to a friend who had given you garlic and onion chewing gum! It was so funny to write! Then after writing it we had to read it out loud to the whole class. Everyone wrote something totally different! 

Today is rain, rain, rain! I woke up to rain and it has been raining all day! What do you do on a rainy day?
Books are a great thing to curl up with and enjoy on a cold, rainy day!
Also I was wondering, how is the GiveThanks challenge going for you? I cannot believe that today is day 6 already! Can you? It has been going very smoothly for me. I pray the same for you!
 I hope you enjoyed this post! ♥
In Christ,
 Julia Ryan♥

November 1st - 1st day of KBR's challenge! (Hehe, I wrote this last night. Oh well!)

November 2, 2013
Yesterday was the first day of the GiveThanks challenge that Sarah Bryant started! I loved the first day! I just kept my notebook with me and and over time I filled in all of the 7 things that I am thankful for!  It was amazing! Is is just me, or are there a lot of things that I take for granted? Was it just me or did I find a lot more things then 7 that I was thankful for? Was it just me or am I more thankful now? I am actually thinking about doing this every month instead of just November. If anyone else is feeling the same I would love to know!

Today being the second day I am thankful!

God Bless,
 Julia Ryan♥

The Kings Blooming Rose November GiveThanks challenge!

October 30, 2013
In my last post I mentioned a challenge for Christian girls! The Kings Blooming Rose magazine is a magazine written and published by Sarah Bryant. Sarah is doing a contest for November that encourages you to count your blessings! Here are the contest rules!

Begins: November 1, 2013
Ends: November 30, 2013

Rules: Record at least 7 things each day that you are grateful for either in your personal journal, this ready-made chart, or on our private group where we can keep one another accountable throughout the month. [If you miss a day, please make it up the next day.]

Reward: Send us a letter by December 4, 2013, letting us know that you completed the 2013 GiveThanks! challenge. (Letters received after this date cannot be rewarded.) Include your name, age, parent's signature, and mailing address (or fill this form out and mail it to us). We will send you a small gift.
I am going to start doing this on November 1st as well. I understand that it is going to be a challenge, but I think it will be a good learning challenge for me! I hope you will do it along with me! If you decide to do it as well, I'd love to know! Then as the days go by we will be able to encourage and uplift each other.♥
Love in Christ,
 Julia Ryan♥

The Nativity story

October 29, 2013
Yesterday I told you that I was picking up "I am David" (the book) at my library. Well, after the library we stopped at our 5&10 to get some Christmas presents and candy. Who doesn't go into their 5&10 and walk out with a small bag of candy? Anyway, after the surprises were hidden away from the receiver of the gift, we drove to our local thrift shop. My mom, younger sister and I went in. I love going in there! I looked at the clothes, shoes, old books, jewelry, and then over to the books again! While doing my third swipe of the book shelves, I saw sitting down in the bottom corner "The Nativity story", the book! I quickly grabbed it and opened it up. (Now I will be looking at those shelves a bit more carefully next time.) If you have ever watched "The Nativity story" you will understand why I was so excited!
♥The movie♥
The book was written after the movie was made. So on the inside of the book there are pictures from behind the scenes. It is so cool! On one of the pictures, they showed that they actually had to bring down a washer and dryer so that they could dry Mary and Joseph's clothes for each different take! The washer and dryer were sitting on the beach. It was hilarious.
So, I decided to buy the book which was only $0.99! I was amazed at the low price. I have been wanting to build up my own little library with good wholesome books for myself, my younger siblings (for when they get older), and I pray someday for my own children. My little library consists of the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, Anne of Green Gables series, a couple of the Chronicles of Narnia series and now the Nativity story. I am excited to add to my little library!

♥The book♥

So, now I am reading "I am David" (I started last night and am already almost half way through! Told you I loved it.). "The Swiss Family Robinson" (which is SO long!), "The nativity story" (I also started it last night and am like 4 chapters into it) and "God came near" for school. My mind is full of adventures. I love it though! Have you ever read any of the books that I mentioned? Or, watched the Nativity story?

Now to return to my reading,
  Julia Ryan♥

P.s. I'm sure that you are thinking that I am only doing blog posts about books..hehe. But don't worry, my next blog post is going to be about a Challenge for Christian girls! 

Books, books and more books!!

October 28, 2013
Hi again!
 Today while I was cleaning around the house or playing with a sibling I keep on thinking about the book I was reading at the moment and how I can't wait to open it up again this evening! The smell of the old book, the fabric feeling of the paper and the thickness of the book are my favorite things. But, wait! I didn't tell you the best part! Words! Precious words that just flow on the paper. I was thinking today that there really are not that many good books now-a-days. I often struggle with finding good wholesome books. Because of that I usually read really old books, and more often then not the books are really good! I've tried many newer books and sometimes they are pretty good, but often they had no story line or they were not as enjoyable as The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne or the Laura Ingalls Wilder series!

Books! ♥
Actually today we are going to the library! I am going to pick up the book "I am David' today.  Have you ever read or watched the movie "I am David?' If so, let me know what you thought. I am going to do a book review on it after I read it, for those who have never read or watched it before. Oh my! I am so excited to get new books and to slip into the exciting world of READING!
 Reading with you,
  Julia Ryan♥

Welcome to Writing for His glory!

October 27, 2013
Hello Everyone,
  I have been thinking about getting a blog for a very long time and recently I finally decided that I would start one! So, let me first introduce myself. My name is Julia and I am a home schooled country girl! I love writing books, learning new things, baking, playing outside, reading, making up stories for my younger siblings, writing emails to my precious pen pals and reading/learning about God's Word! I have written one "novel" which is only 14 pages long. I have also had a article published for The Kings Blooming Rose magazine just last month! This blog is going to be full of exciting things like, short stories, encouraging bible verses, book ideas, things I have learned, pictures, things I have done in a day, jokes, blogs I like, fun quizs, books I like and things just to make you smile. I pray that this blog will be an encouragement for you!
"The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you." 1 Corinthians 16:23
In Christ,
 Julia Ryan♥