The Nativity story

October 29, 2013
Yesterday I told you that I was picking up "I am David" (the book) at my library. Well, after the library we stopped at our 5&10 to get some Christmas presents and candy. Who doesn't go into their 5&10 and walk out with a small bag of candy? Anyway, after the surprises were hidden away from the receiver of the gift, we drove to our local thrift shop. My mom, younger sister and I went in. I love going in there! I looked at the clothes, shoes, old books, jewelry, and then over to the books again! While doing my third swipe of the book shelves, I saw sitting down in the bottom corner "The Nativity story", the book! I quickly grabbed it and opened it up. (Now I will be looking at those shelves a bit more carefully next time.) If you have ever watched "The Nativity story" you will understand why I was so excited!
♥The movie♥
The book was written after the movie was made. So on the inside of the book there are pictures from behind the scenes. It is so cool! On one of the pictures, they showed that they actually had to bring down a washer and dryer so that they could dry Mary and Joseph's clothes for each different take! The washer and dryer were sitting on the beach. It was hilarious.
So, I decided to buy the book which was only $0.99! I was amazed at the low price. I have been wanting to build up my own little library with good wholesome books for myself, my younger siblings (for when they get older), and I pray someday for my own children. My little library consists of the Laura Ingalls Wilder series, Anne of Green Gables series, a couple of the Chronicles of Narnia series and now the Nativity story. I am excited to add to my little library!

♥The book♥

So, now I am reading "I am David" (I started last night and am already almost half way through! Told you I loved it.). "The Swiss Family Robinson" (which is SO long!), "The nativity story" (I also started it last night and am like 4 chapters into it) and "God came near" for school. My mind is full of adventures. I love it though! Have you ever read any of the books that I mentioned? Or, watched the Nativity story?

Now to return to my reading,
  Julia Ryan♥

P.s. I'm sure that you are thinking that I am only doing blog posts about books..hehe. But don't worry, my next blog post is going to be about a Challenge for Christian girls! 


  1. I've watched The Nativity before, it is one of my family's favorite Christian movies! Ooh! I can't wait for your next post!

  2. Abby,
    I LOVE "The Nativity story" too! We watch it every Christmas eve before going to bed. It is amazing movie and every time I watch it I see something new in it again. It truly is a beautiful movie! ♥


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