My first meringue cake!!

February 28, 2014

 Today I made my first ever lemon meringue cake! It took a lot of patience, but was well worth it! I'll let you all enjoy the picture, while I clean up the mess I made. Hehe!

♥Trusting in the Lord day by day♥ Giveaway!

February 27, 2014
My sister, Sarah, over at Trusting in the Lord day by day has just started a giveaway!
She has a rafflecopter set up on her blog to earn points! If you want to win one of these awesome prizes head on over to her blog! 

In Christ, 
 Julia Ryan

Snow hills♥

February 19, 2014

Haha! is cold..and yes, we wore face masks. Not the best looking things, huh? Hehe!

Just remember this every time you go down a sledding hill! Hehe! Today, while I was in the library with my sisters, my dad took the younger siblings across the street from the library to go sledding. I of course wasn't wearing any snow clothes, but I wanted to go down the hill too! So, I took my brothers coat and sled (with his permission of course! Hahaa!) and sat down on my knees. I them tucked my skirt under my knees and pushed off! "Yahoo!!" It was so much fun! I went down three or four times. Yes..I live on the wild side!

And guess what. 

I love it!!!!

Love in Christ,
  Julia Ryan

Roses and books! What could be better?!

February 16, 2014
Welcome to the old book store! ♥

 Isn't this amazing?! It is so beautiful!

Roses and paper! Perfect! ♥
Love in Christ,
  Julia Ryan♥

My new blog design!

February 14, 2014
A few of you may have noticed my new blog design... I guess I can't rightfully call it my new blog design. A really close friend of mine made it for me, as a surprise! She had told me she was working on something, but she didn't tell me what. Until one day....when she showed it to me. I couldn't believe it! It was the most amazing thing ever! I had no idea that she was making this for me. Guess who this beautiful friend is! Noemie over at Seeking Jesus!! Yes! She designed it. Noemie found a bunch of different things and put them together to make the most beautiful blog back round!  ♥ I am still in awe of her amazing handiwork!
~~ Thank you so much Noemie! ~~

I couldn't help but post this! ♥

In Christ, 
  Julia Ryan♥

Romans and snow hills!

February 12, 2014
My friend and I recently started reading Romans together! So far I love it! I have heard bits and pieces of it before, but I have never actually read it all the way through. We both are choosing a verse to memorize from it as well. I choose verse 1:20. "For since the creation of the earth His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His power and Godhead, so they are without excuse." I thought is was a beautiful verses showing God's power in words. I love words! They can be so expressive, yet loving. I think that only God's Word can really do that perfectly. ♥

I miss picnics! ♥

In my last post I talked about our big snow hills! Well, I have some pictures. Do you all want to see them? If so, that will be my next post! Also, what are you doing for Valentine's day? Anything special planned with your family? My family and I are having my grandparents over. It is going to be a special day. ♥

 Love in Christ,
   Julia Ryan♥

A day-in-a-life of me!

February 9, 2014
I thought it would be fun to do a blog post about a day in a life about me! It would let you all see a bit more about this person who shares things with you. So, I'm going to start from when I awoke this morning! *note : this all happened yesterday. *

9:55: I opened my eyes and quickly closed them again.. Julia, get up! My thoughts yelled to me. Haha! Yes, I must admit that I didn't want to get up this morning.

10:00: I want to know one person who doesn't love awaking to warm blueberry pancakes! A sweet hug from your mom and a "good morning" makes it worth getting out of bed!

12:30 p.m: Wow! Already time to make lunch?! I think I'll make it easy today and just pop in some french fries and chicken nuggets. And while waiting for lunch to be done I'll start reading a bit from "God's Smuggler".

1:00: Lunch was good! I snuggle down with two of my sisters and start crocheting with them. In between their sweet questions I keep on reading my book.

2:15: I tried calling a friend, but she didn't answer... So, I went back downstairs and snuggled with the family to watch "Charlottes Web". Ah...aren't Saturdays nice? With the snow falling and being inside by the warm almost makes me wish that winter would last forever.

3:00: I just sat down with the awesome thought for this blog post and just wrote everything above. Now my younger siblings are getting their snow clothes on. They are going to have fun. Maybe I'll go out there with them as well.

3:43:   Now we are watching " Finding Nemo". Well... More I am.. haha! I've been left here on the iPad writing this blog post. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming." I love Dory!

4:00: I just was looking around at other blogs. One blog that I recently have been enjoying is It is written by a 13 year old girl named, Grace. I really like her blog because she reminds me of myself. Head on over to her blog. I'm sure you will enjoy it too!

5:00:  Everyone is really excited! Our farmer neighbor just came over in his big tractor to make a snow hill for us! We have over 2 feet of snow and we have no hills to go sledding in. So, everyone is on air!

5:35:  Where does time go? It feels like we were just eating lunch and now it is already time to make dinner! How does goulash sound? I'm sure my siblings are going to be hungry after playing on the big snow hills!

6:02:  Wow! We now have 2 huge sledding hills! One of them is almost 9 feet tall! I cannot believe it! Everyone is so excited!

6:37: Yeah! A game of Dutch blitz before dinner is a blast! Goulash is almost done and the smell is so yummy!!

7:00: I went outside and played in the snow! The hill is huge! Also being outside we checked the eggs from our chickens! They recently started layering eggs and we just got one!

8:22: With my four younger siblings in bed and sound asleep I am going to watch a show with my sisters. I am so blessed!

10:30: I end up in the kitchen making a breakfast. Pumpkin muffins. Mmm!

11:50:  It's a lot later than I wanted to go to bed..but that's how it worked out. It is really nice to be able to talk with my sister in to the night.

 ------------ -------- --------- ----------- ---------

That was my day yesterday! I thank you all for allowing me to share it with you!

In Christ,
 Julia Ryan

Little Women--Another favorite book and movie!

February 3, 2014
This blog post was inspired from  Noémie! A dear friend of mine. ♥ Head on over to her blog and see what a wonderful writer she is!

"You don't need scores of suitors, you only need one, if he's the right one..." -Amy

Are words needed? No...Little Women (the book) has enough words in it. Haha!

Love in Christ,
  Julia Ryan♥