Modest fashion show contest

July 29, 2014
Hello all!

 Do you remember my post I recently did about going fishing at the park? I wore the outfit below. =)

Well, I found out (a few days after I posted the outfit on my blog) that the Calico Sisters were having a modest fashion show on their blog and you could sent in photos of your outfit. With some encouragement from my sisters, I entered. I and four other beautiful young ladies are going for 3 different prizes and the voting is going on now. If you all would like to vote for your favorite outfit, go HERE. The outfits are simply charming! I'm hoping to win the "Growing up Duggar" book. I cannot wait to see who wins what prize! I believe the voting ends tonight, so if you want to vote for someone, do so now. =)

And the winner is........................

July 27, 2014
I am VERY excited to announce the winner of the Chris Tomlin CD!

 Sarah M!!!! 
(Keep a look out for your prize in the mailbox!)

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and rating my blog! I've had so much fun, and I hope you did also. ♥ I also want to thank all of my new followers and hope that they will continue to enjoy and read my blog.

 It was a lot of fun to make friends and memories together. I hope I can have another giveaway soon! If I can get up to 50 followers, I'll be having an awesome one. ;)

 Have a wonderful day everyone!

Giveaway ends tonight!!!!

July 26, 2014

If you want to ENTER GO HERE!

 Thanks you everyone for entering so far! Can't wait to see who wins!!


July 24, 2014
So, yeah, I've been awarded the same award 6 times. Unless, I missed one... If I did, please comment below and I'll get right to it! =)  Also since, 6 awards with 11 questions each equals 66 questions to answer, I've decided to pick 3 random questions from each award post. I hope none of you are disappointed, but, honestly, 66 questions would take a long time to do! Hahaa

 So, I'm starting with Jessica's questions from (Almost) Perfectly Pink. Thanks, Jessica for awarding me!

  1. Would You Rather Visit Britain, France, or Japan?
      Britain, totally! Eh...maybe France. But, who can pick? ;) 

   2. Do you prefer old or new houses?
 Hmm... depending on how the old house looks.. but, in between normally. :D

3. Do You Like Hot Tea?
 It is my one weakness! (Sorta)


Here are Sarah's questions! 

1. When is your birthday?
   August 26th

2. If you could go anywhere in the world at any time period for one hour where would you go?
   I'd travel to either Washington D.C, Montana or Illinois, in this time period. :D

3. Do your like your hair curly or straight? 
 I like it wavy. Curly is annoying and straight is just so... flat! 

Eve, over from Eve of Womanhood, awarded me as well! Thanks, Eve! (BTW, I LOVE my blog design!! :D ) 

1. Who is one person through History that you would like to chat with? 
    Hmm.. just one?! Okay, okay, Corrie ten Boom! Or.... Harriet Tubman, Florence Nightingale, Helen Keller, Nate Saint, and last, but totally the best, Jesus!! Oh, what I would say. More like, how I would listen to His words! ♥

2. Would you rather keep your Christmas tree up for a year or wear Christmas sweaters for a year? 
   Totally the first! Christmas trees can change to, Easter tree, Valentine's day tree, birthday tree, etc! But, hot, scratchy, Christmas sweaters just don't work on Valentine's day. ;) 

3. If a dog started talking to you, would you..
A. Jump up and down screaming and run away at the shock of it.
B. Think your mind was playing tricks on you and walk on.
C. Start up a conversation with the dog.
D. Non of the above. What kind of question is this anyways?

Well, I really wouldn't even be by the dog since I am allergic to them. But, if I was, I think I'd start talking. I mean, come on, what a story to tell!! 


Now, onto Hannah's! (And since I know Hannah likes purple, her color is going to be purple!) 

1. Reading or Writing? 
   Okay, that is an awesome question. And, I'm going with writing! Reading is great too, but after you finish writing something, you feel AWESOME!

 2. If you HAD to eat 1 kind of food for a month what would it be?
     Potatoes. The opportunities are endless! 

3. Have a pet cat made of marshmallows, a gerbil made of chocolate, or a goldfish cracker goldfish?      
   Umm.... I think the gerbil would be too temping.. ;) Hahaa! So, a cat made out of marshmallows. It would smell good and be soft!                                       


And, I was also awarded by Bethany at Liberty or death. (AWESOME BLOG NAME!!)

1.  If you could have an expenses-paid vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
  I would either go to Ireland or Europe

2.  What would you like to accomplish by the end of 2014?
  Hmm.. a lot of my schoolwork. I'd like to be ahead a bit. =) Spend more time working in my garden, grow closer to God, have a better relationship with all of my family members and work more on my writing. I just recently starting writing again, and it feels amazing. ♥

3.  If you had a million dollars, how would you use it?
   I'd diffidently help out in anyway with orphans and people I know who need money. I'd save a lot for the future and probably buy something really useful. I don't know what though. Hahaa! 


 Thank you, Autumn for awarding me as well! 

1. Weirdest food you've ever eaten?
  Well, does a flower count? If not, bologna with cream cheese and smarties in it. Honestly, that was awesome. =D 

2. What is the longest amount of time you have stayed awake?
 I think it was like really close to 4 a.m. It had been a really busy day and my sister and I were so over tired that we couldn't sleep. So, we talked. (Girls, right? ;) ) 

3. Is there anything orange within 15 feet around you? If so, what is it? 
  Yes! There is a math CD case and it is bright orange! 

I would also like to add that Autumn came up with some of the best questions to answer that I had a hard time picking! =D 


And, I think that is all! If I missed someone's award for me, just comment below and I'll write up something. I think this is all though. 

 Now, my turn to award some bloggers. Hmm.. since almost all of you have been awarded, I'm picking some new people! 

                                                                Cryslyn's beautiful blog!
                                                                Christine's living life blog!
                                                         Ellie's Fab (modest) Fashion blog!
                                                                  Abby's bubbly blog!
                                       Hadassah Grace's blog! (private, but you can comment below!♥
                                                                 Maiya's interesting blog!
                                                              Clare's awesome photo blog!
                                                                Katrina's amazing blog!
            South Kakalaki Girl website!

                               AND whoever comments "PIZZA WITH COTTON CANDY" first!

And, just to see your funny comments to my hilarious questions!

Now, for my hilarious, awesome, laughter-filled questions for you! 

  1. If you were in outer space and your friend started drifting off, what would you do?
  2. What is your least favorite blog? 
  3. If you had nothing to eat would you, eat grass, flowers, tree bark, or dirt?
  4. If you were woken up by a screaming sister telling you that your older sister was badly injured and bleeding, what would you do? 
  5. What post did you laugh the post at on my blog?
  6. Have you ever climbed on the roof of anything? (like garage, chicken house, etc)
  7. Do you wear a promise ring? (Or purity ring)
  8. Do you have a favorite meal to cook, from scratch? No boxed meals, ladies! ;)
  9. Have you ever tried to break a broken egg against something? 
  10. If a stranger walked up on the streets, handed to a note and it said "Don't look at that car". What would you do? =D 
  11. If you could clean a house (even the bathrooms! ;) )  with 5 bloggers, who would they be? 
Thank you everyone for awarding me! It was really sweet of you all! If I did miss some, please let me know. I don't want to miss anyone. =) 

 And, if you made it this far, you are also awarded! =D 

In Him,

P.s. Don't forget about the giveaway ending in 2 days!! IF you haven't enter, please do!

 I want EVERYONE to have a chance to win! 

" is squishy!"

July 21, 2014
Ah, living, breathing and eating are some of the best things possible. So, why not do them all on a beautiful 84 degree Sunday?

I woke up Sunday morning just craving - craving - for my family's and my favorite park. It isn't just any park. It is actually almost like a road-side park, but with a wonderful stream and adorable bridge! We hadn't been able to go yet this year and I really missed it. (If your thinking I'm strange by now, that's okay! But, if you really knew me...then you would have already known I'm a little strange. ;) )

 So, I jumped out of bed and asked my Dad what we were doing today (I was hoping to add my idea of going to a park. hehe!) and he said, "I think we are going to the park." Boy, I'm pretty awesome, huh? Hahaa!

I threw on my new summer dress that I bought off ThredUp. It was too short and my sister added some length to it. I am very blessed to have an older sister who knows just what to do in such cases!

Normally, I don't like ruffles, but it is just the right kind of ruffle. Hehee! It was so cool, which is totally perfect with the heat. I'm not complaining about the temperature, it is completely alright! Compared to the below zero temps we had, it is perfect.

 I even got to go fishing in the deep part. My brothers made me a fishing rod and I sat there and watched 20+ fish eating my poor little worm! I even tried putting the worm on the line, but it was a little - just a little - gross. Eventually, I just put the poor little worm on the ground and stuck the hook in it then. Eww.. just thinking about that worm again! Let's just say there were quite a few squeals coming from one area of our park. Hahaa! 

There is nothing like playing with your little siblings at the park, especially on such a beautiful day!

Do you have a favorite park around you?
Have you ever caught a fish or tried putting a worm on a hook?

Loving Summer,
  Julia Ryan♥

P.s. If I'm posting a lot about Summer, I'm sorry. I just can't help it! Hehe!

50th post/giveaway!

July 19, 2014
Today is my 50th post!!! And, I want to do something special... but what?

*tapping forehead* Aha! That would be cool. Well... Na

Hmm...why is it so hard to think up something interesting?!

 I could tell you all about a really good book or movie. But, that is kinda old. Boring!

Maybe, just maybe, I could let you in on a big secret. Yeah, I think that you would like that, right? Yes

 Okay, so here I go. Okay? *smiling at nodding heads* Good! I think, think, I can trust you. As long as you behave yourself! Alright, alight, I'll stop stalling for time.

You read my blog, right? Duh, if you are not then you wouldn't see this post!  Well, if so, your pretty sure to have a blog. Which means you have a blogger account. I'm getting there, just hold your horses! ;) And, if you have blogger account then you are able to enter into this amazing giveaway!
But, there is a catch. You have to follow my blog be able to enter. Oh, yeah, and another catch, (mwahaaa!) you have to rate my blog in a blog comment. You have to tell me exactly what you think of my blog. So!

1 star, eh, it is nothing special. Just a blog I look at one or twice a year. 

2 stars, I like it, but only when I'm in a certain mood. Like at midnight, when I 'm losing it. ;)

3 starsI really like this blog, but the posts are just not my style and I never comment because I don't find anything interesting to comment about!

4 starsI didn't like your blog at first, but it has grown on me. I can't wait to see new posts, and comment in every post.

5 big, wonderful, golden stars, I LOVE LOVE LOVE, your blog! Your posts always have awesome pictures in them and you always come up with great ideas for blog series that interest me. 

 Now, onto a sad rule... I sadly cannot afford to send the prize anywhere other than the US.  But, you can still comment and rate if you wish to. <3 Just leave your blog address and I'll be sure to check it out! I may even follow you back. :)

 And of course you all want to know about the prize! So, I'll explain a little. I have 1 brand new, Christian contemporary CD. There is also, a surprise prize that you will not know about unless you win. But, whatever it is, you'll be sure to love it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Are you excited? I can't wait!!
Thanks for reading my blog! I'm glad we reached 50 posts together! I hope we can add some new friends and have another 50 posts for you all to read. ♥
Love in Christ,
 Julia Ryan♥

. . . . . I'm so excited!

July 15, 2014
Words..they can express so much. At times they are needed and at others it is best just to keep quiet.  It isn't too often that you cannot use those wonderful things to express yourself. And when that happens you just feel amazing, because you know it must be a really awesome thing that just happened to you.

I'm really excited to present the new, and improved, Writing For His Glory blog!! ♥
 Eve over at Eve of Womanhood and Designs By Eve did this beautiful work for you all to look at and for me to call my own!

If you would really want a new blog design, I suggest to get in contact with Eve. She does such a professional job, without any fee! That makes it extra awesome. *giggle*

 Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Eve! ♥ ♥ I never thought I would want to get rid of my old design (and I still love it), but my new design is awesome too!

 How do you like my new design? What is your favorite part of it?

Love in Christ,
  Julia Ryan♥

I cannot tell you....

July 6, 2014 much I love Summer! ♥

The warmth in the air, dirt in your toes, the beautiful bright greens, never ending activities, open windows, swimming, and the constant reminder of life.  God's love for us just doesn't stop.  Just imagine having to live in a cold, white, snowy land your whole life. (Kinda like Narnia..) It wouldn't be very pleasant, would it? 

 Ah, but we don't have to live like that.  We get to feel the dirt in our toes, breathe clean, fresh air and taste the wonderful foods and fruits God has given us! ♥   

Even though I love Autumn, Winter and Spring; Summer still wins every time.  Something about not having to drag around 25 extra pounds of clothing just makes you feel better!  When you go outside you are not shivering, wet or muddy and you don't get sick as often.  Oh, and don't forget that my birthday is in the Summer as well, that makes it really awesome!  *giggle*

 I'm not saying that the 3 other seasons aren't great, but something about Summer is just majestic. ♥

 Love in Jesus,
   Julia Ryan♥

Did you know?? (2)

July 2, 2014

In Maine, you could buy your own private island for only $40,000.

Michigan has more shoreline than any other state, except Alaska.

In Hawaii, you can mail a coconut anywhere in the world, without any kind of packaging.

Over 10 billion donuts are consumed in the US every year.

20% of all American meals are eaten in the car.

At 6 feet, 4 inches Abraham Lincoln was the tallest U.S. President.

 In 1862, pharmacist James Vernor was trying to create a new drink when he was called away to serve our country in the Civil War. When he returned, 4 years later, the drink he had stored in an oak case had a new delicious gingery flavor.

In Alaska, a jokester once burned over 100 tires in a dormant volcano to make it seem like it was coming alive on April Fools. 

In Arizona, mules are still used to bring mail in 2 places. 

South Dakota set the quickest temperature change when it got 49 degrees hotter in 2 minutes.

Did you know any of these?  
Which one did you like the best?

Love in Christ,
 Julia Ryan♥