SNOW?! // dentist

October 30, 2014
 Yup...that is right. Where I live the weather man is forecasting snow for tomorrow... and I'm not sure if I'm ready for it yet. Sure, I have my snow pants, gloves, boots, hat, and coat all ready and waiting for the white fluffy stuff. But, after the long winter we had last year, I just don't want to welcome it.
 I am praying that it is just like how all first snows are; light, wet, and quick to melt away. Oh dear, how my feelings of snow have changed in the past few years. When I was 10, I have pictures of me trying to catch a few flakes on my tongue from the first snow. Even younger than that I can remember wanting to make a snowman with a half of an inch...and now I am complaining...oh what has growing older done to me?
So, I've decided to be thankful for the snow rather than dread it. I may just run out there and stick my tongue out again trying to catch one of those hopeful little flakes. (I'll tell you if they taste any different, haha)

Is there any snow in your near future?
What are your thoughts on the cold stuff?

And, something random here, have you ever had a tooth pulled? I am going to have two taken out next week..... :P  I am not looking forward to it.

1 year!! // quiz

October 27, 2014
So, today is my one year blog anniversary! Thank you everyone for a wonderful year, I never would have thought that I would gotten to having 41 followers.. Seriously, you all make me so happy! :D I wanted to think up something really fun and different for my one year anniversary and I thought, why not have you take a quiz to see how well you have really been reading my posts! *wink wink* There will be NO reading over past posts..please. :D

Are you ready? 

Get set....


  1. What are my feelings on dogs?
  2.  What book do I go to for comfort?
  3. What did I do for my birthday?
  4. Who won my giveaway in July?
  5. Do you remember the first blog post that you ever read?
  6. What is my favorite food?
  7. What kind of cake did I have for my birthday?
  8. What happened to me on my camping trip in September? 
  9. What is my favorite hobby?
  10. What is the weirdest food I've ever eaten? 
Comment below with your answers!!! 

DIY homemade applesauce!

October 24, 2014

 I've been busy enjoying Fall (as you have seen from my last few posts...haha!) and one of my things that I wanted to do this Autumn was make some applesauce! So, a few weeks ago I did, and today I'll be showing you how to make your own applesauce for the yummy holidays that are coming up!
   We got a 50 pound bag of apples and I enjoyed getting my feet wet in making my first batch of applesauce. I thought I was going to make it on my own, but thankfully, my younger sister stepped and helped me peel the apples! Oh, and the rest of my family were really good taste testers. ;)
  As we went along, we squeezed all of our apple peels to make a big mug full of REAL apple juice. We boiled it down and added it to the applesauce so we could get that flavor in it. I tasted some of was really good... hahaa!
After a while of cooking, I got my spices out! A bit of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and maple go a long way to make a taste that you won't forget. I honestly didn't follow a recipe at all. I just used what the recipe had but changed it to what I wanted. I also made a lot more than the recipe called for, so, I seriously made it up as I went.
 If you have a hand-blender, get it out! It will help speed up the process like, a lot!

Add your spices to your taste and get it to the consistency that you want. I didn't want runny applesauce nor chunky. So, I choose the happy medium. ;) Too bad that we aren't living in the age of might faint by the wonderful smells! Your family will thank you for making the house smell like Thanksgiving. Mmmm!!
 Now, you can't forget to wash those jars!! If there is any bacteria in them...well, all of your hard work will be wasted. And, we don't want that, now do we? I wash my jars, and then put them in my boiling water to steam out anything I missed. It is also best to have hot jars to put your hot applesauce into...because hot and cold just don't mix well. If you have a cold jar and boiling hot stuff inside of it and then add it to boiling hot water..well, goodbye yummy food and hello mess! :D
 You don't want to actually boil your lids..just simmer. It helps kill anything yucky and also makes the seal on the jar a lot tighter. :) You then carefully fill your jars with applesauce and boil the jars in a big pot for 15-20 depends on where you live. 
 Look! You did it!! I made 11 quarts of applesauce and lot of memories. I can't wait to eat it with some turkey and stuffing on Thanksgiving!

  • 6 pounds Apples, Peeled, Cored, And Cut Into 8 Slices
  • 1 cup Apple Juice Or Apple Cider
  • Juice Of 1 Lemon
  • 1/2 cup Brown Sugar, Packed
  • 1 teaspoon Cinnamon, More Or Less To Taste
Optional Ingredients: Nutmeg, Maple Syrup, Allspice, Butter

That is the recipe I used as an example. It worked fine for me! If you have any questions comment below! 


Sunset in the wild west

October 17, 2014

Autumn is here everyone! The leaves that are colorful, fields that are being harvested, and the sun that has been setting waayyy to early have been great reminders for me that Autumn is really at our doors. It has been such a beautiful welcome to the new season, that I'm trying to hold onto it so I don't have to go into the next..winter.   

 You know it's fall when... ladybugs come in billions, trying to get inside. And, when you start eating things like apple caramel candy corn. (By the way...that is really good!) When school starts getting into the full-swing of things. Then, just when you are getting used to a schedule, you have to switch all over again because of time change!
Fall is here!

I've been really enjoying the magical change of seasons. The red, orange, and yellow leaves combined with the darkened clouds makes me want to cuddle up with a blanket, book, and cup of tea.

 What have you been reading?
Do you like Autumn, or Summer better?

Lately I've been....

October 13, 2014
  I usually try not to copy what other people do on their blogs..mostly out of respect (because I wouldn't want people to do that to me!) and I like to have a bit on my own originality. But.... I've been so busy, that I thought doing this might just sum up what I've been doing to keep you up-to-date! So, hold on tight, because you are about to see a bit of my brain...which is hurting.. haha.
    Reading.... two books right now. ;) "Pride and Prejudice" and "The life story of Jim Elliot"
     Eating.. Pumpkin maple rolls, and toast with an egg...mmm...
    Playing... Hide and seek with my brothers!
    Enjoying.... trying new things! I usually am the person who likes to keep to one recipe all the time..but, I am really liking to find new things.
    Pretending... that I got a lot of sleep lately...

    Waiting for... herbs!! My mom surprised me with buying some herbs so I can try a bit with what I've learned in my herbal course!
    Sad that.... it is going to snow soon... :P
    Anticipating... the weekend! Yes.. I know, it is Monday.. but I had a busy weekend. ;)
    Wishing... that it would stop raining!!
    Laughing because... of an email I just got from a really good friend. I love her so much! :D 

    Thankful for... my family, warm clothing, food, books, and oh, so much more. ♥
    Praying for... persecuted Christians in the world...
   Drinking... warm apple cider...
    Feeling.... a little tired. Haha!

 I'm praying for you too! If there is any specific thing that you would like me to pray about for you just either comment or message me in the "Drop me a line" box!  

The Chocolate Book tag

October 8, 2014
I was awarded this tag by Katrina! Thanks! :D 

1. Dark Chocolate (a book that covers a dark topic)
  I think I would have to say "The Hiding Place". It isn't exactly a dark book...but it the reason the book was written was because of Corrie ten Boom's experience during World War II. It is REALLY good!

2. White Chocolate (a light-hearted humorous read)
  I really haven't read many funny books...but, if I'm sick of deep books, I usually pick up one of my Little House books. I love owning my own series and being able to read it whenever I feel overwhelmed. :) 
3. Milk Chocolate (a book with a lot of hype that you really want to read)
   "The star-spangled banner" written by Neil H. Swanson. It is an old book (because my library is loaded with awesomeness. haha) The first time I read it, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and finished the 202 page book the day I got it!
4. Caramel-filled Chocolate (a romantic book)
  Uhh... I don't think I've ever read anything romantic other than some of the Anne books. lol Oh, I'm reading Pride and Prejudice though.  I like it too!
5. Wafer-less Kit-kat (a book that surprised you)
    I think "The bronze bow"!
6. Snickers (a book you are going nuts about)
 " Life that wins" by Watchman Nee. It is really deep, but really good. My mom just loaned it to me, and it is really encouraging in my Christian walk.
7. Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows (a book you go to for a comfort read)
           My Bible! ♥

8. A Box of Chocolates (A series you feel has something for everyone)
  "Jesus Freaks"!!!!!! READ IT! NOW! :D

 I tag..........

  Riarna Toa 
 and anyone who comments saying "Ice cream is the best!" Hahaa

Enjoy ladies!!


P.s.  Sorry for two tag posts in a row! It has been incredibly rainy this past I haven't been able to take any photos. I will soon though! :D

The Story Tag!

October 4, 2014
  I was awarded the Story Tag from Guinea Pig Lover. Thank you! I am very excited to do this post as I adore writing short stories! So, why not do it with some other girls like me?! :D

(This is my photo. You may use it, but please link back to me. )
  • Please no references to other books or shows (for example: When Sarah fell into the world of  Frozen.) This is not supposed to be a Fan Fiction. So all original ideas please!

  • No swearing in you stories please. (most important rule!)
  • Have fun
  • Follow the rules...  

  •  So what it is, is I'll write a paragraph or a few sentences of a story that is totally made up on the spot, and the people I tag will have to continue the story, and write a few sentences or a paragraph or something. Then they tag people (tag backs are allowed) and they have to do the same. Until we all have one crazy story!

    What I was left with...,

     One day as Emma was posting on her blog an internet virus shut down the computer!
    "Arg!" She complained trying to turn the computer back on. When she finally got back to her blog. (which took like 20 minutes) she continued her post. As she happily typed she had no idea how evil that virus was.
    A group of men sat miles away sipping coffee as they shut down computers all over the world... They Were That Virus!!! And Super Tech, the most awesome hero around was gonna stop them... Dun Dun DUN!!!!!
    Two days later, Emma decided that she should probably make another post(she never went more than 3 days between posting). So she sat down in her assigned seat at the dining room table. Emma had 4 brothers and 1 sister, so they always fought over where they sat, so finally Emma's father assigned them a permanent seat at the table. Emma turned on her computer. The screen came to life, but something was wrong-there was a picture on the screen. The picture was not one of hers, she was positive, because the picture was a message. The first sentence in the message was:
    We know who you are, and we are going to do something with that information.

    What I wrote....

     Information kept on ringing in Emma's head. "What information??" Emma basically yelled out loud while taking a walk in the park. It didn't make any sense.. While taking her third turn around the fountain she noticed a chalk drawing down the sidewalk. She walked over to it so she could see what it was. Emma loved art and whenever there was a little leftover chalk around, she would use it up. As she lowered herself to the ground, she was able to read what it said.  In the same exact font as the message on her computer it said:   
      "Your computer isn't safe anymore. People can watch your every move."
      Shivering, she looked around and ran home to find her computer still there. She slowly pressed the power button.. it worked! She silently praised God that there wasn't another message. But, her blog post that she was working on wasn't saved anymore...

    Because this is a story that needs to be written in parts, I think I can only award one person. But, if I am wrong, then you are all awarded! ;)

      Autumn, you've been awarded!!!! :D




    Did you know... // 1964 Alaskian earthquake

    October 1, 2014
        Life is quiet, all is well. Good Friday had been calm. Then..EARTHQUAKE.

    Alaska, 5:36 p.m., March 27th, 1964. 

    All across South-central Alaska, homes, businesses, and lives were destroyed.

    A tsunamis also came to life, not only covering the debris, but, flooding anywhere safe. 

    139 people died from the four minute, 38 second earthquake. It was the most powerful quake ever recorded in the U.S and North American history. With the magnitude of 9.2, it is the second strongest ever; the first strongest being the 1960 earthquake in Chile.

      Only 19 people died from the earthquake itself..106 died from the tsunami in Alaska, 5 from another in Oregon, and 13 from the 3rd tsunami in California.
       There were thousands of aftershocks in the following three weeks, after the real earthquake. In the first day eleven of those were recorded to be as large as 6.2 magnitude. It was not until a year later that aftershocks were no longer noticed.

        Did you know???

    *note* all photos taken off of internet. NOT my photos! *