Never forget // top 5 posts 2015

December 30, 2015
I thought it would be super fun, and embarrassing, to go back into the top 5 posts of 2015 ;) But, have you ever wondered what was going on BEHIND the camera at the same time?? 

I'm well known for my fake smile. I am so sorry people, but you will probably never see my real smile, unless you know me in person. lol For some reason I can't just "turn on" my smile. this photoshoot with Bree, she used the sister tactics and teased me relentlessly. She teased me about my embarrassing moments, about how I wasn't sure if a 13x9 was the same as a 9x13 (WHEN I WAS 11 FOLKS! like uhg! lol), and the worse one of all, THE SISTER LOOK. only the true sister could understand the power. xD

 You never truly know what I'm doing when I take these random shots of my life. Such as watching I Love Lucy on our iPad...well, I was really making jam at the same time. My hair was most likely up in a twisted (and messy heheh) bun, and I'm sure that my apron was covered in red juice from the berries. Sarah was chatting with me about her novella (we both find the topic of writing so fun!) and I was also multitasking by texting with friends here and there. I can never do one thing at a time. lol! 

  RAINY DAY!! It was raining when we took these photos...I had literally just come home from the dentist after having my fillings done. Bree wanted to take these photos when I just wanted to go lay down. ;) I'm super glad she made me though. lol! I believe it was close to 45 degrees (which is warm to me now..haha) and I was soooo cold. And, since I didn't have to have my face in the photos, we just talked. I told her about what the dentist told me, we talked about her business stuff, and just plain sister gigging. ;) 

  Now THIS post is interesting. lol! I think it was a February night (YIKES is that already coming or what?!) and I was waiting for my turn to get ready for bed. The computer was telling me "you need to do a blog post!!" so I sat down and decided to be random. What better random then talking about myself?! ;) I woke up the next morning shocked at the response of my post! I think to this day it has THE most comments - ever. Should I do another one like it?? ;) 

 Can I say that I actually think that this is the most boring post EVER on my blog?!!! I seriously have no idea how it has stayed in the top 5 posts...other than that I wrote my "100th post" in the title. I'm guessing that's the reason. lol Anyways, that day was super duper special. We were celebrating my little buddy's birthday and so we did everything kid. I rode the carousal, ate cookies in the cafeteria, watched the space movie, and explored unknown territory (new exhibits..hehee, I have a good imagination once I hit museums). It was just one of those memorable family outings that you'll always look back on and smile. :) 

  So, that's 2015!!! (or a sliver of it, as Sarah says)I must say one of the biggest moments for me was the first time I drove on my birthday. I'll never forget that. Thanks a ton for helping make this year memorable!! 

 Favorite post for 2015?
Most memorable moment for you??

sweet potato pie // complete shock

December 26, 2015

This Christmas has surely left all the past in the dust. I've never been SO surprised before - like EVER. My whole family had such a wonderful day, but let's go back into detail. Christmas Eve was spent doing some baking (I made a cherry pie!), decorating the tree, playing card games, and my favorite part of all, watching the Nativity Story. We of course snacked on homemade chex mix. ;) It's always such a peaceful time to enjoy the movie...then off to bed! ;)
 I woke up yesterday at around 7.. lol! And surprisingly, I was the only one awake. xD I went back to sleep. heehhe! The next time I woke up, I heard all my siblings goofing off in the hallway. I joined them. lol My brother got a perplexus game...have you ever seen those? SO MUCH FUN IN A BALL. Anyways, we were soon downstairs opening our dining room, which was newly decorated for Christmas since we out grew our living room. ;)
 Once it got to my turn to open my gifts, I randomly picked one. IT WAS THE RED UMBRELLA CANVAS PRINT THAT I'VE BEEN DROOLING OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know, the one I copied in hopes of printing myself for WAY less? I know.. like I said "my life is complete." lol!
Merry Christmas everyone!!! I'm off to go paint a chalk board wall in my room with Bree - yes another one of my gifts!
Most surprising gift??
Favorite Christmas moment? 

empty library // TRADITION

December 18, 2015
Let's talk Christmas!! know, somehow Christmas becomes illegal to even think, let alone sing, about for the other 11 months of the year. :P lol! I'm not one for traditions - I like to mix something adventuress in with the old. I love the thrilling feeling of OH this is NEW! lol! I have always tried to rub that off on my family, but ;) And as to Christmas morning - I have had this weird thing for always having to be out of my pjs. My mom laughs so hard when she recalls as to how, when I was like 5, I would come down on Christmas morning all dressed and with my hair perfect (at least in my mind.). lol! I've always been the odd one. ;)

 I GOT TO DRIVE MY DADS NEW TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!! (and before Bree too. ha!!!) *victory dance* Somehow I got him to say yes, and I partially regretted that at first. Once I got in the big thing, I was like "wait..what am I doing???". But I made myself BACK out of the driveway, drive into town, and PARK the thing (more than once lol). xD I was also a bit nervous since it is rare to have my dad in the passengers seat. I think I did well enough to warrant me taking the wheel again. :D  

 I went to the library the other night. Okay, people, did you know that on Wednesday nights, libraries are DEAD?!! I walked in there and it was like.. *crickets*. It made the whole library experience.. extra extra EXTRA quiet. I felt like I was Arthur in the episode where he got locked in the library...only I wasn't locked in there. BTW, did you know that Christmas is in 6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) 

Weird fact about you??
Are you scared to drive big cars?

Merry Christmas!!!!

mystified // christmas shopping

December 14, 2015
cause sometimes, you just want an awkward photo of your sister for backup. ;) 
ITS THE CHRISTMAS SEASON.... and the FLU SEASON. Yeaahhhh....we all got the flu, well, actually I only got the aftermath cold part of the deal, but uhg. I really didn't want to get it, especially since my grandpa was planning to bring Bree, Sarah, and I Christmas shopping! Sadly, Sarah got sick and couldn't go...but that made shopping for her gift extra easy. ;) And, you want to know how I got the cold?! My younger brother USED MY TOOTHBRUSH!! He was the one who got the flu bug first, too.. That's what I get for picking the same color toothbrush as he has. :P I have now moved and cleaned my toothbrush thoroughly. ;)

 My grandpa took us to Hobby Lobby (which IS SO AMAZING!!! Like isn't it?!!) and out for lunch this past weekend. I just about die in that whole store, but don't even get me started on the canvas pictures. xD I love finding cool deals and going..ohh this is only $12... ;) Why is it so hard to go Christmas shopping... I always find something I want instead of gifts for someone else! lol! I had to talk myself out of quite a few items. ;) But, as of yesterday, I have completely finished Christmas shopping!! Yippie! :D

 Its been super super rainy here lately. I am so happy! It kinda scares me to think that all of this rain would normally be snow... but but but, I can drive because of the no snow!! Yesterday I drove to the is fun! I've finally gotten over the nerve part, and just do it. I DO NOT like it when someone passes me though. A few weeks ago someone did that for the first time, and my mom was like "are you okay???". I think I turned a bit white and besides,WHY SHOULDN'T I be scared?? Cars aren't supposed to be side by side like that anyways. ;) lol!

 off to make rice crispie treats. ;)

Did you get the flu??
Hows the shopping going? 

imcrazy // undetermined

December 4, 2015

see. da CRAZY 2nd layer

I don't get what my thing is, but I just LOVE doing different things. And, that doesn't necessarily fall under that bungee jumping and crocodile hunting category. ;)   I just love waking up and going "I'm going to rip old wallpaper off today". I don't do it for any particular reason. I just do it. I guess I just couldn't stand the green, yeahhhh I said green, walls anymore. Once I started pulling away the paper, I found ANOTHER layer of wallpaper. I literally moaned. Even though it really cute - and reeeeaallllly old - it was still a pain. hehe  I was hoping to find some sort of message from the past, but nope. xD I've always wanted to leave messages for people to find in the future, so I have. (yup, just keep reading below for more stories ;) ;) )

 I once discovered a letter in a library book over 50 yrs old, so I replied, and put the letter in the book along with it. I actually barely even remember what it said, I just remember it was a guys handwriting. Simple. Clean. I found a new world in the past that day. :D Also, probably 7 years ago, we were having a wall repaired in our living room, so Bree had the grand idea of leaving a letter in the wall about us! Who knows who will find it.. kinda cool to think about. I guess this is another reason why I journal. It's the people in the past who have affected our now..and we are part of the past. Yeah, real deep right? ;) Someday, someone, will look at my journal and wonder - isn't that awesome?

 Sometimes being a big sister is something that is unable to be explained. It means snuggles on the couch. It means asking for Diego books from the librarian. It means teaching them how to crack eggs...and how not to drop them. It means baths and clean pjs. It mean the grumpy and the happy mornings. It means Christmas shopping and birthday cake kisses. It means watching Barney when you hate it. It means putting your phone down and looking into their eyes. It all means something. 

What interests you?
Favorite thing to do with siblings? 

snow everywhere // apple pie

November 25, 2015
First off ------- HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the Sarah-look. ;) ;)
I woke up to a bunch of giggly siblings at about 7 am. It had SNOWED. The first snow of the year and they couldn't wait to play! I just rolled over and put the pillow over my head. xD My whole family was going on and on about how pretty it was, and to be was pretty. But, don't tell them I said that. ;) The snow did make everything seem a bit more homey and warm inside. Like, all I wanted to do was snuggle up and read a book. :D Ohh..and speaking of snuggling up... I FORGOT to take before pictures of my bedroom. :P I just got into the mood and suddenly I was moving stuff, throwing things out from under my bed (heheeee), and rearranging my precious books (which all have a cool story..hmm..blogpost idea!! ;). Of course, I realized after I finished, that I hadn't taken any before photos.. I slapped my forehead for you all. ;) soooooorrrrrrryyyyy.. lol!! 

 I'm also looking for some new hairstyle ideas. I LOVE having my hair shorter, but somehow, I feel like I don't really know what to do with it! :P Its a little past my shoulders, just to give you an idea. ;) One thing that I do like is french braiding it in the night, then waking up to a quirky curl deal. Its kinda spunky, so that's fun! A friend of mine told me about the headband no-heat curls.. have you tried those? I did, and I woke up with a frizz ball. THANK YOU hair straightener! lol 

 Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!! Can't believe it.. is it just me, or has getting older put a damper on the whole holiday thing? When I was younger it used to hold such magic! But, now, I forget that it is even coming. There is no count down, no excitement, and certainly no magic. I am very blessed to have all my little siblings, though. I guess they hold part of the energy that I have lost. I get to see the twinkle in their eye that I used to have, and sometimes, a small tinkle shines in my eyes again! I do love baking though, so I do a lot of that for the holidays. :D 

Curls or straight? 
Thoughts on SNOW??..

not so easy // coded messages

November 17, 2015

I never really realized how hard playing the piano was. I kinda looked at it and said "oh gee, I can do that!"... oh, yeah right Julia! lol! I'm serious, it takes a long while to get your brain and hands to coordinate. Annnnndddddd, with being such an impatient person, I find it hard to focus and stay seated when I'd rather walk away screaming. ;) When I was about 7, my mom started me and my older sister on piano lessons. Of course, at first, I loved it! But, then the actual practicing and hard work came and I wasn't so in love anymore. :P I really regret the choice of walking away then. I must say, having all my friends who play amazingly, sure does make me try harder. ;)

 If you're like me, you just don't like the dentist at all. Like I said in my last post, I have some cavities. :P Well, I had to go yesterday to get them filled. I haven't been there in a while, so they had some sort of fancy new laser treatment they were going to use. I was like "uhhh..this is odd to me." lol! But, it wasn't that bad! I was surprised that there was like no pain, well, that was the case for a while. Then it started hurting and he had to do a numbing shot. :P You probably know that those aren't fun either. haha! My dentist is so funny though! He's like "almost done.... just think about Justin Bieber...". I'm like *gag*. xD I mean, come on??? "What you don't have Bieber Fever??". SERIOUSLY?! ;) "uhhhhhh uh." I mean, what else could I say, there WAS a needle in my mouth. lol

 I just finished reading a book about a 16 yr girl during World War II, who lived in France.  She became a spy, carrying coded messages, to help the Resistance. I know this is fictional, but I also know that there really were young girls who were spies! What really stuck me as interesting was that she went to Paris once. Now, I'm not going to get into the political view about everything that's happening there now.. but I am going to get into the spiritual one. We seriously need to pray. Prayer can change things.  Prayer is SO STRONG!! <3 

What motivates you??
                What is your dentist like??

wisdom teeth // magical red umbrella

November 9, 2015
(store's version)
(My remake!)

Have you ever just seen something and gone " I HAVE TO HAVE THAT."?? Of course you have. ;) But, the price tag usually doesn't agree with the money you have. I know that is often the case for me. I just totally fell in love with the magical look of the red umbrella on a rainy day, so I took a picture to show my sisters. They all agreed that it was SO cute, but $40 was outrageous! Bree told me we could remake it, but honestly, I didn't think it was possible. For one, I didn't even have a red umbrella! Goodwill came to the rescue and supplied me with one. ;) God gave me a magical rainy day, and Bree took the photo. Now all I have to do is print it out on one of those fancy canvas frames, and BAM! My own, personal, rainy-day-with-a red-umbrella piece of art. ;)

 I shared a bedroom with Bree for a couple years, and in the spring she moved down to our finished basement cause her business was taking up so much space. ;) It was so different having my own room at first! I didn't really even have my own style because half of mine was half of hers. lol! Since then, I have gotten my own bedding, brought in some of my own interests, and put my mark on the bedroom. Now with Christmas coming up (OH MY GOODNESS, what did I just say?!) I'm starting to get in the mood of changing it up.. moving my bed, adding Christmas lights, rearranging the books, and wintering it up with coziness. I'm planning on doing BEFORE and AFTER photos. ;)

I just went to the dentist and found out that I don't have any wisdom teeth on the bottom, and the ones on the top probably won't be an issue at all! I still can't believe it!!! But.....................................I, uh, found out I have some cavities to deal with. That REALLY stinks because I've been cavity free for the past 5 or 6 years. Uhg, SO MAD. lol
Have you ever tried to copycat something?
Christmas?? What are your thoughts?

brownie batter // sadness

November 5, 2015
I know what you're all thinking.. "how can brownie batter and sadness be in the SAME post??!", but it's possible. Truly, it is. Because that's life. Brownie batter are the simply amazing days.. while sadness is just that - sad. Today we celebrated my youngest sister's birthday. She was just SO SO SO cute!! We went to our favorite orchard to goof off and spend time as a family; donuts and apple cider were also a part of the deal. ;) Brownie batter day.

A few days ago we found out our dear, elderly friend died... He was the grumpy old man who lived down the street with a soft soul. He always wore his trademark jeans and button up shirt with suspenders. The fact that he was in his late 80's didn't stop him from working a full day...from keeping bees, owning a blueberry patch, and doing more things then I even know. His unbelievable love for his wife is amazing.. when she was sick he cared for her, when he was sick, he didn't want to tell a soul. It was his way. I won't forget the blueberry man who loved my blueberry muffins, who told me my applesauce was amazing, and would listen to my sisters and I sing while we picked our berries. He's just the kind of guy who will always be. Sadness

 I guess brownie batter and sadness are a part of life..but brownie batter wouldn't taste as good if it wasn't for the trials you go through. I don't want to leave you on such a sad note, so let me tell you something else. :) I cut my hair. Yes - again. But, this time I asked my mom to cut it much shorter, just a bit below my shoulders. It's soooooo cute; at least I think so. ;) Maybe I'll post a picture later!

What do you think of brownie batter and sadness?
When was the last time you cut your hair?

destiny // 2 years

October 27, 2015
It's been an interesting 3 weeks. Drivers ed is now complete and I passed the last, final test! It was a 80 question, multiple choice (OH THANK YOU lol), exam. I studied and believed in myself that I could pass. I believed that I had paid attention during class, that I listened when the teacher gave us tips, and that my common sense could be enough.. Well, that's what I told myself. I was still nervous. ;) We had 2 1/2 hours for the test, plenty of time, and more, so the teacher brought pizza too. :D After the teacher graded our tests we were allowed to flip our tests over at the same time to see our final grade. I made it! 11 wrong out of the 80 questions... it was such a relief! I quite literally ran to the parking lot where my mom was waiting..yes, that's how crazy I am people. ;) 

 I've been procrastinating lately! :P Partly because I'm overwhelmed, partly because I'm tired, and partly because I just don't want to do it. That is one of the worst things a person can do to yourself. I had a long conversation with a GREAT friend today and she opened my eyes to some hugely important factors. One of which was that I really need to REST in GOD. She encouraged me, so I want to pass on that and uplift you today to get what you need to get done! He's there with you!! <3 

And, it's been an interesting 2 YEARS folks!! Yes, I mean it. I've been a'blogging for that long now... it's an amazing feeling, and even though this month has been so busy for me, I still enjoy typing up my silly posts for you. :D Goodness, 76 followers! I want to thank you all for pushing me along. I started out with my few precious friends, and now I have SO many amazing friends! You're all so wonderful. I know I couldn't have done it without your comments and you know what, I couldn't have without God. He is the true inspiration. I started this blog out with the idea of writing a novel or short stories for His glory. But, I've come to the realization that I can write for His glory about daily life; about my struggles (which are great indeed), and about the adventures God brings me along on. His love is so great I can barely stand it - and sadly, sometimes I forget it. Who knows where I'll be in the next 2 years when He's got my destiny in His hands!! 

It's my future; my goal, and my focus. But, it's not mine - it's His future, HIS goal for me, and HIS focus.

How do you rest in God?
How long have you been following my blog?

Hehee..sorry for the long post. ;) I get chatty sometimes! lol

ghost pepper // tornado damage

October 20, 2015
I don't like spicy things at all. I won't even eat bell peppers - and I know that they really aren't spicy. It's just a thing. The smell. I've known what ghost peppers are for a long time and so when one of the students brought a ghost pepper with him, I silently laughed. What was he seriously thinking?? After a minute all the students was interested in the random item he brought. 

"Ghost know, the 2nd hottest pepper on the earth." 

You could have heard a flea sneeze. Suddenly wheels in brains started turning - then one girl grabbed the pepper and took a bite. "Oooohhh no," I breathed. I don't think she understood the impact one tiny bite could make because she went for another one! She started laughing/crying...everyone was just staring at her, waiting for something major to happen. Nothing really happened, so one other girl took a bite and it was enough to make her dance-about, laughing that she couldn't feel her tongue. By now everyone was staring at the guy who brought the ghost pepper. He was just silently watching. I guess he felt the pressure because he ended up taking a bite too. ;) We were all thinking that this was the end of the ghost pepper adventure, when suddenly the first girl took another bite, and this one was HUGE! She was then hit by the powerful spice and goodness...she was in pain. All the teens were like "don't touch your eyes!" "Here eat this chocolate!!" "ohhh nooo..are you okay??!" Thankfully, she was okay - and I think we all learned a lesson about ghost peppers. ;) Don't worry, I didn't eat it. lol! 

During my drive the other day, we drove into a town that had a tornado come through this summer. I had only heard of the damage, but never seen it. The trees were bent and twisted, houses were still damaged, and church roofs were gone. Thankfully, tornadoes are rare around here, and nobody was injured. :) It was incredible. I've got this odd thing for tornadoes and weather, outer space, airplanes.. I guess I just want to see all of the beauty God has made. 

Do you like SPICY?
Have you ever seen Good Mythical Morning (with Rhett and Link) when they ate ghost peppers??

He said, I love you // 55 mph

October 12, 2015
And so, it's nearly been two fact I think it has. I apologize - but these days have been a whirl wind!! Well, except for this weekend, but I couldn't help myself from reading most of it. ;) Sooooo, you all ready for an update?!! 

 As you know, I started my drivers ed class early this month. I was very nervous the first few days.. it was a huge change for me! I already have learned a lot. I simply love my teacher! She is very calm and funny. ;) On my first drive with her she said that I did very well! I think she was surprised that I drive a 12 passanger van. ;) There have been quite a few funny moments too. Like the day when one of the girls in class literally threw her chair half-way across the room because a spider jumped on her paper. of the guys had been playing with it. :D We had a good laugh over that! Later this week, I will be DRIVING on the highway - (or freeway as my teacher calls it.. I wonder if it's one of those eastern things I've picked up from my dad??) THE HIGHWAY people!! THAT's 70 mph!!!!! I've only gone to 55.... and even that! Ohh dear. lol 

 I've made applesauce, watched oldies with my sisters, cut my hair (YES!! I DID!), driven in the rain, done loads of schoolwork, learned about neutrons and cells, made friends, had my first anatomy test (and got 87%! oh yeah), texted hahaa, slept, mowed the lawn for the last time...., read tons of books, and oh gosh, so much more. It's LIFE. And it won't stop. ;) 

 Last night was amazing. The majority of my family went outside and star-gazed. We quite literally were able to walk down the dirt road (look at the last photo..yup that road) and watch stars for about 30 minutes WITHOUT one single car coming. I love my home so much. The Big Dipper was right at the end of this road and oh so majestic! It was clear as clear can be..and so bright. I could see every. single. star. I ran down the road singing and laughing. That's when I heard it. 

"I love you."  

It was a whisper in the wind. The stars sang it. The trees thrived on it. And, I? I blushed and giggled and whispered back; "ditto God. Thanks.." 

Are you scared of spiders??
What's NEW with YOU? 

12 hours straight // chalk

September 29, 2015

Sometimes you're so tired you could sleep for days. I'm sure many of you understand that feeling - but I truly think that yesterday was the most exhausted I've ever been. I would usually listen to the saying " I could sleep for a week." and roll my eyes, like seriously, who ever did that?! After a full weekend, which included getting ready for a siblings birthday, I could barely get up Monday morning. But, the promise of driving woke me up. ;)  I slept for 12 hours straight that night. I was quite literally starving and lightheaded when I woke up, since the last time I eaten was like 18 hours before. :P Note to self: Eat a small snack before bed when you're that sleepy! haha!

 Part of that full weekend was going to a park with my family. It was really beautiful and relaxing. I think I took 100 photos. lol! ;) I've still got to delete poor phone is stuffed. hehe! I brought a bunch of chalk and I did chalk art on the bridge with my little sisters, and then we all did paper boat races in the stream. I was glad that the whole event was going along smoothly - and just as we were starting to pack up - the rock, quite literally, made a splash.


  I stepped on rock (that had been there for YEARS and looked very safe) to grab my little brother's hand to help him up from where he was in the water. And, just as I started to pull him up, the rock gave way! I went tumbling into the stream -  and ended up soaked. I wasn't even in a swimsuit! lol! My whole left side was soaked, but get this, my right pocket WHERE MY PHONE WAS stayed dry. Yeah, I sighed a huge sigh of relief. ;) Believe me, I am never going to be stepping on any rocks close to rivers anymore. :D

Do you remember the longest you've slept from just being tired?
Have you ever had a close call with your phone like that??