Time machine moments...(1)

April 25, 2015
A very dear friend of mine (Amanda from Skgfun.com!) and I got started talking about our childhood after she posted pictures of herself when she was little on her blog. We found that we had similar things in common that were pretty cool! Like, getting our American girl doll at the same time (age 8) and finding that we both got Molly! So Amanda told me that I should post pictures of me when I was younger.. I liked the idea. ;) 
Thanks Amanda!!
I believe I was 9 or 10 in these pictures. Those were my playoutsideandreadbooksalldaysummerdays. haha! As you can tell my sister got me dressed up to do a photo shoot..you see, in the summer I wore nothing but shorts and a tee shirt..and sometimes shoes. lol! It must have taken a lot of convincing to get me into a dress! I think Bree had just gotten her camera as well. :D 

*Sniff *Sniff

That's my (my mom's old) bike..the one that was sadly stolen about a year ago. :( I was so devastated when it was gone! I love the basket, height, handle bars, comfortable seat, wheels..everything about it. I really miss that bike! But, my parents did buy me another one last spring. And I love it!! I did a post about it here.  :) 

Hmm..my attitude is peaking out in this one. Lol! I could tell you of a few times that my little sass got me into some scrapes, but... haha! What if I told you that I climbed trees daily? Or, that jumping off of high things was an adventure for me? What about my many accidents including fingers getting caught in doors? Or the time I flipped over my handle bars..while riding down a dirt road hill? Then there was the time I played hide and seek in our weeds..without shoes on! Oh yeah, and I loved playing school with my siblings. I was either the teacher or the naughty kid - you pick! ;) Did I also add that I was rather...um, bossy? :P 

I have grown out of some of these things..but the carefree kid in me is still there. I still enjoy playing tag, riding my bike, goofing off with my little siblings, playing hide and seek...the list goes on! I think part of me will always be living in those summer days. :) 

What about you? Did you have many childhood adventures?
What do you do to still 'stay young'? :D


April 15, 2015
 Here I am...sitting on my bedroom floor listening to the Piano Guys. I'm plugged into the wall because I forgot to charge my phone last night. Today I decided to post about an awesome, gigantic, NEVER ENDING, antique/auction shop in my town. It's huge!! There wasn't anything real junky..it was just really cool. I'm serious. I walked into this place thinking it was rather small. After going through one room I turned to see another..and another. I was beginning to see why my Mom challenged me by saying "Let's see if you can find your sisters!".

I did find them..it surprisingly didn't take too long. I was just thankful that I did see them.

I have had a lot of girls comment on my blog and state that I had the best places in my town(s) around me...well, I seriously doubt I'm the only one with neat finds! I've been living here for most if my life and never knew about this place. So, let's see if you can find a building, shop, or business that you've never noticed before. Take some photos, write up a blog post titled "My awesome small town!" Let's see how many shops we can all find! And I'd really like it if you would give me the link to your blog just in case I don't follow you. I love new blogs to follow! :D

What is your favorite Piano Guys song?
How did you find my blog?
Link your blog below!

Those Spring days...

April 13, 2015
 Hello everyone! Here is what I wore to the museum with my family for my youngest brother's birthday. I have been to this wonderful place before..so I knew I wanted to dress comfortable- yet cute. I actually had picked out a totally different outfit the day before..but being a girl, I changed right before we left. Haha!
 My outfit:
Grey shirt - Goodwill
Purple cardagin - borrowed from my sister
Jean skirt - Goodwill (borrowed)
Purse - Old Navy 
My purse is actually the first thing I've bought new in a loong time! I have been very happy with it though. I am able to hold a book in there even..which is very important to me. ;)

I would like to encourage everyone today that dressing modestly is easy. It may make you look like a freak or something..but I'd rather be a Jesus Freak than anything else in the world! I am blessed by being homeschooled..so I have no idea what it must be like to go to public school, but whatever you do, wherever you go, remember this - Jesus is right there with you. 

Dress modestly for Him! 

 Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.

Philippians 4:8

I also used this post as a Modest Fashion Friday post on Eden's Evaluations blog. Check it out here

On the riverside // 100th post!

April 6, 2015

For my youngest brother's birthday (back in March) we went to a museum. It was a lot of fun to watch all of my siblings running around and touching everything that says "touch me". They would gasp at the awesome airplanes hanging in the ceiling. Once in a while you would even hear the gigantic clock chime. We saw a real mummy..and a few fake ones. Everyone rode on the carousel round and around. We all shared some cookies and looked over the river. The planetarium was open and we all watched a sunset and looked at the stars. It was amazing! We walked in the "old town" and walked into the print shop where a man was using an old press! He showed us all how it worked..shall we say awesome?!

 This is also my 100th post! Sorry if it was a lame post, but I really wanted to post all of these photos before they got really old. lol! So, what's new with you? Did you pull any jokes on your family and friends for April Fools? I sure did! My most successful one was on my mom though. I hard boiled a few eggs, and when she went to bake something for dinner she found this..........

 What did you do for April Fools?
What have you been doing this month?