Never forget // top 5 posts 2015

December 30, 2015
I thought it would be super fun, and embarrassing, to go back into the top 5 posts of 2015 ;) But, have you ever wondered what was going on BEHIND the camera at the same time?? 

I'm well known for my fake smile. I am so sorry people, but you will probably never see my real smile, unless you know me in person. lol For some reason I can't just "turn on" my smile. this photoshoot with Bree, she used the sister tactics and teased me relentlessly. She teased me about my embarrassing moments, about how I wasn't sure if a 13x9 was the same as a 9x13 (WHEN I WAS 11 FOLKS! like uhg! lol), and the worse one of all, THE SISTER LOOK. only the true sister could understand the power. xD

 You never truly know what I'm doing when I take these random shots of my life. Such as watching I Love Lucy on our iPad...well, I was really making jam at the same time. My hair was most likely up in a twisted (and messy heheh) bun, and I'm sure that my apron was covered in red juice from the berries. Sarah was chatting with me about her novella (we both find the topic of writing so fun!) and I was also multitasking by texting with friends here and there. I can never do one thing at a time. lol! 

  RAINY DAY!! It was raining when we took these photos...I had literally just come home from the dentist after having my fillings done. Bree wanted to take these photos when I just wanted to go lay down. ;) I'm super glad she made me though. lol! I believe it was close to 45 degrees (which is warm to me now..haha) and I was soooo cold. And, since I didn't have to have my face in the photos, we just talked. I told her about what the dentist told me, we talked about her business stuff, and just plain sister gigging. ;) 

  Now THIS post is interesting. lol! I think it was a February night (YIKES is that already coming or what?!) and I was waiting for my turn to get ready for bed. The computer was telling me "you need to do a blog post!!" so I sat down and decided to be random. What better random then talking about myself?! ;) I woke up the next morning shocked at the response of my post! I think to this day it has THE most comments - ever. Should I do another one like it?? ;) 

 Can I say that I actually think that this is the most boring post EVER on my blog?!!! I seriously have no idea how it has stayed in the top 5 posts...other than that I wrote my "100th post" in the title. I'm guessing that's the reason. lol Anyways, that day was super duper special. We were celebrating my little buddy's birthday and so we did everything kid. I rode the carousal, ate cookies in the cafeteria, watched the space movie, and explored unknown territory (new exhibits..hehee, I have a good imagination once I hit museums). It was just one of those memorable family outings that you'll always look back on and smile. :) 

  So, that's 2015!!! (or a sliver of it, as Sarah says)I must say one of the biggest moments for me was the first time I drove on my birthday. I'll never forget that. Thanks a ton for helping make this year memorable!! 

 Favorite post for 2015?
Most memorable moment for you??

sweet potato pie // complete shock

December 26, 2015

This Christmas has surely left all the past in the dust. I've never been SO surprised before - like EVER. My whole family had such a wonderful day, but let's go back into detail. Christmas Eve was spent doing some baking (I made a cherry pie!), decorating the tree, playing card games, and my favorite part of all, watching the Nativity Story. We of course snacked on homemade chex mix. ;) It's always such a peaceful time to enjoy the movie...then off to bed! ;)
 I woke up yesterday at around 7.. lol! And surprisingly, I was the only one awake. xD I went back to sleep. heehhe! The next time I woke up, I heard all my siblings goofing off in the hallway. I joined them. lol My brother got a perplexus game...have you ever seen those? SO MUCH FUN IN A BALL. Anyways, we were soon downstairs opening our dining room, which was newly decorated for Christmas since we out grew our living room. ;)
 Once it got to my turn to open my gifts, I randomly picked one. IT WAS THE RED UMBRELLA CANVAS PRINT THAT I'VE BEEN DROOLING OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know, the one I copied in hopes of printing myself for WAY less? I know.. like I said "my life is complete." lol!
Merry Christmas everyone!!! I'm off to go paint a chalk board wall in my room with Bree - yes another one of my gifts!
Most surprising gift??
Favorite Christmas moment? 

empty library // TRADITION

December 18, 2015
Let's talk Christmas!! know, somehow Christmas becomes illegal to even think, let alone sing, about for the other 11 months of the year. :P lol! I'm not one for traditions - I like to mix something adventuress in with the old. I love the thrilling feeling of OH this is NEW! lol! I have always tried to rub that off on my family, but ;) And as to Christmas morning - I have had this weird thing for always having to be out of my pjs. My mom laughs so hard when she recalls as to how, when I was like 5, I would come down on Christmas morning all dressed and with my hair perfect (at least in my mind.). lol! I've always been the odd one. ;)

 I GOT TO DRIVE MY DADS NEW TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!! (and before Bree too. ha!!!) *victory dance* Somehow I got him to say yes, and I partially regretted that at first. Once I got in the big thing, I was like "wait..what am I doing???". But I made myself BACK out of the driveway, drive into town, and PARK the thing (more than once lol). xD I was also a bit nervous since it is rare to have my dad in the passengers seat. I think I did well enough to warrant me taking the wheel again. :D  

 I went to the library the other night. Okay, people, did you know that on Wednesday nights, libraries are DEAD?!! I walked in there and it was like.. *crickets*. It made the whole library experience.. extra extra EXTRA quiet. I felt like I was Arthur in the episode where he got locked in the library...only I wasn't locked in there. BTW, did you know that Christmas is in 6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) 

Weird fact about you??
Are you scared to drive big cars?

Merry Christmas!!!!

mystified // christmas shopping

December 14, 2015
cause sometimes, you just want an awkward photo of your sister for backup. ;) 
ITS THE CHRISTMAS SEASON.... and the FLU SEASON. Yeaahhhh....we all got the flu, well, actually I only got the aftermath cold part of the deal, but uhg. I really didn't want to get it, especially since my grandpa was planning to bring Bree, Sarah, and I Christmas shopping! Sadly, Sarah got sick and couldn't go...but that made shopping for her gift extra easy. ;) And, you want to know how I got the cold?! My younger brother USED MY TOOTHBRUSH!! He was the one who got the flu bug first, too.. That's what I get for picking the same color toothbrush as he has. :P I have now moved and cleaned my toothbrush thoroughly. ;)

 My grandpa took us to Hobby Lobby (which IS SO AMAZING!!! Like isn't it?!!) and out for lunch this past weekend. I just about die in that whole store, but don't even get me started on the canvas pictures. xD I love finding cool deals and going..ohh this is only $12... ;) Why is it so hard to go Christmas shopping... I always find something I want instead of gifts for someone else! lol! I had to talk myself out of quite a few items. ;) But, as of yesterday, I have completely finished Christmas shopping!! Yippie! :D

 Its been super super rainy here lately. I am so happy! It kinda scares me to think that all of this rain would normally be snow... but but but, I can drive because of the no snow!! Yesterday I drove to the is fun! I've finally gotten over the nerve part, and just do it. I DO NOT like it when someone passes me though. A few weeks ago someone did that for the first time, and my mom was like "are you okay???". I think I turned a bit white and besides,WHY SHOULDN'T I be scared?? Cars aren't supposed to be side by side like that anyways. ;) lol!

 off to make rice crispie treats. ;)

Did you get the flu??
Hows the shopping going? 

imcrazy // undetermined

December 4, 2015

see. da CRAZY 2nd layer

I don't get what my thing is, but I just LOVE doing different things. And, that doesn't necessarily fall under that bungee jumping and crocodile hunting category. ;)   I just love waking up and going "I'm going to rip old wallpaper off today". I don't do it for any particular reason. I just do it. I guess I just couldn't stand the green, yeahhhh I said green, walls anymore. Once I started pulling away the paper, I found ANOTHER layer of wallpaper. I literally moaned. Even though it really cute - and reeeeaallllly old - it was still a pain. hehe  I was hoping to find some sort of message from the past, but nope. xD I've always wanted to leave messages for people to find in the future, so I have. (yup, just keep reading below for more stories ;) ;) )

 I once discovered a letter in a library book over 50 yrs old, so I replied, and put the letter in the book along with it. I actually barely even remember what it said, I just remember it was a guys handwriting. Simple. Clean. I found a new world in the past that day. :D Also, probably 7 years ago, we were having a wall repaired in our living room, so Bree had the grand idea of leaving a letter in the wall about us! Who knows who will find it.. kinda cool to think about. I guess this is another reason why I journal. It's the people in the past who have affected our now..and we are part of the past. Yeah, real deep right? ;) Someday, someone, will look at my journal and wonder - isn't that awesome?

 Sometimes being a big sister is something that is unable to be explained. It means snuggles on the couch. It means asking for Diego books from the librarian. It means teaching them how to crack eggs...and how not to drop them. It means baths and clean pjs. It mean the grumpy and the happy mornings. It means Christmas shopping and birthday cake kisses. It means watching Barney when you hate it. It means putting your phone down and looking into their eyes. It all means something. 

What interests you?
Favorite thing to do with siblings?