overcoming my fears // leap year

February 29, 2016

I am very introverted. You really know that is true when you sleep for 12 hours straight after a 4 hour bridal shower... *cringes from the incredulous stares* I think my introverted self has overcome my extroverted bubbly self, cause it's down there! I just let my fears win. Now, I see that maybe I've missed out on a lot because of that.

At the bridal shower, Bree was her normal self and I felt like I couldn't do that. lol My mom tried to make me wear a name tag with "Julia" plastered on it. I crumpled that in my fist because at that moment, I wasn't me. "Fear" should have been labeled on the sticky piece of paper. God knew I wanted to go home, so He helped me to feel at home. The blessing of a smile and one certain amazing woman turned my fear into dust! *poof* just like that and it was no longer ruling me. The difference was startling!

Caleb: "Jula, (my 2 youngest siblings call me that)...if..um, some people are on the moon at night and then morning comes, will they fall off?"
Me: *chuckles* "No buddy...you see, the moon doesn't leave. We just can't always see it in the day."

 2016 is one of those odd years - we got an extra day! Leap Year is seriously something that never crossed my mind. I never thought that someone may have a birthday on February 29th, a day we only get every 4 YEARS. *jaw drop* just let that soak in...

What does it take to come out of your bubble??
Do you know someone with a Leap Year birthday?

broken wind shield // car wash terror

February 24, 2016
Back in October, I had my first car accident.....
I guess I wasn't looking. It was a quick moment. I was going over a hill. A pickup truck came whizzing over the opposite side of the hill, kicking up a rock or two from the newly grated road. The second froze and then, I heard the CRACK. My heart skipped a beat because I was still reacting to that truck! I had honestly only driven about 4 times - and already ruined something - I was devastated. 

 My mom saw the quarter sized dent in our wind shield first. I was ready to cry lol!! It all ended well..who knew men came to your house and repaired wind shields in the driveway?! *giggle* Now, I have a little over 12 hours of drive time - towards my 50! :P 

 After MAJORLY embarrassing myself during the oil change, my dad had me maneuver over to the car-wash. For a split second I thought I could do it. HA! I then noticed it was one of those get-one-wheel-on-the-track-shift-into-neutral-and-we-will-take-over kinds. like no. I parked the truck, glanced at my dad, and jumped out. The Car Wash Man (well...what would you call him?!) laughed at me and exclaimed "you drove over the pit! come on! I'll just guide you in." My brain quickly examined the thought..and the letters N O flashed before me. "uhh..I just know this will be a bad thing..thanks though!"

Do you want more driving stories?
Ever crack a wind shield??

the real deal room tour // cloulds

February 20, 2016
"There is almost too much to write about in this post...." - Sarah
Oh hello there!! Um.. *shoves shoe into corner*.. well, yeah, it's kinda messy in here. Sorry about that. ;) Let's see here..where to start! As you see, I have this wall filled with post-it notes, mirror, lights, cork board(s) (soon to be 2! working on getting sticky stuff lol), and a "J" which has pictures of all my favorite movie characters (and some singers)......it was an awesome gift - hahaaaa moving forward! I call it - My Abstract Wall. *moves hands in a royal way* 

 Yes, my bed is unmade. I promise, that is not normal! ;) My fancy lights encircle the whole room...like little fireflies dancing about. There is my book shelf, which will soon no longer be alone! My new shelves should be added soon...sadly they will push my Big Ben sketch off that wall - but I think it will fit perfectly on my Abstract Wall. Yes? I could go on a long rant about how I love my cork boards entwined with the black and Paris/European look I've got going, but I won't. ;) 

 sooooooo, you. *points finger* Did you notice?? I posted on my Google+ about how I loved this verse in Nahum; "the clouds are the dust of His feet", and showed my drawing of it. Sarah pointed out something to me that I didn't see - that my dad didn't see - in fact, nobody saw it. 

Do YOU see it???
How do you like my room?

grey hair // star wars poster

February 16, 2016
You know when you're just walking in the store, simply minding your own business and suddenly - you stop. Right there, in mid-step. There it is...amazingness, and gosh people, you've just got to...*sigh* I carried that thing around the whole store. I felt like a little kid who was about to buy those moon boots you've seen on TV. But alas.. I did not walk out of the store with my poster in hand. You see.. I remembered something else kinda important to me. heehe 

  Josh Wilson's concert. *points finger at everyone who rolls theirs eyes* *fist pump to those who didn't*
I'm going to that thing, so every dollar counts. ;)

I honestly can't stand having dry hands. I was working on a project this weekend which included sanding dried plaster on the walls. it drove me batty! I got dust EVERYWHERE. My hair literally turned grey.. I felt so gross that I kept on washing my hands and lathering the lotion on. My dad was like "Julia...don't take this wrong, but why do you smell good?!"  Apparently, when you work, you are supposed to stink??? *grin*

Do you hate dry skin?
Posters?? like them or not?

driving over the pit // 6 foot boards

February 12, 2016

 My parents are really good at tricking me into doing things that scare me. When I first started driving, my mom told me that if I got up early one morning, I could drive into town with her. I did NOT realize she meant driving our huge van! :P Have you been with your parent when they get the oil changed in the car...you know that pit that you have to drive over??

 yup.  I did that yesterday. The guy who directed me in jokingly gave me hard time, saying that he thought I was going to run him over. Believe me, I was going SLOW. ;)  I was all flustered because I still don't know all the ins and outs of the new truck. He's like "okay, what's your mileage?" *moan at dad* "Now, can you put your high beams on?" I don't know where those are! I still haven't driven in the dark!!!! 

   And, no, I didn't hit the windshield wipers on accidentally. ohhh no, I did not. :P

I got the boards to make my new books shelves!!!!!!!!!! I already have my 8 foot long one, now these two will nearly complete the whole wall...transforming it into a small library. #booknerd (and yes, Sarah, I just used a hashtag *rolls eyes*)

Do you want to hear about the car wash story?
How many books do you own?

thunderstorm in February // latte art

February 8, 2016
I don't know what I problem is, but I've been doing some pretty weird things when painting lately. I must be super duper tired when I watercolor because I, well... painted "Monday" instead of "money" on my receipts page. hahaaaa. I seriously didn't notice until I had finished the "Y". *rolls eyes* Sarah thought I should fix it, but I decided to leave it. I might as well remember how dumb I am all. month. long. right? ;)

 We had a huge thunderstorm the other day! Okay, well not huge, but big for February. hehe! I was up in my room painting when it started and Sarah came in my room to talk. She suddenly said "did you see that?!". I had apparently missed the lightening... so I went back to painting and dipped my paint brush INTO my latte that Bree had just made for me. My poor coffee turned blue....I don't think Sarah even knew. ;)

I did turn my light off to see if I could see the lightening though..waiting..waiting.. "I'm giving up in 3.........2..............I'm giving you a chance, thunder.....1!" *light back on* Sarah then said. "there it was!"  oh gosh. lol

 BTW, cinnamon sugar buttered popcorn is REALLY good. you have to make some!! And, my wallet was $1.99. ;) Good guesses, though gals!

Are you impatient?
Do you do crazy weird things when tired?

bird watching // finding magic glass

February 4, 2016
When you take walks with my sisters, you literally have no idea what will happen. One time, Bree and I ran across 4 dead deer in a pile together...that was sad. Yes, I took pictures, but I do not plan to turn my blog into a graphic one. ;) Then, another time, 2 POLICE cars just randomly stopped on our dirt road. The officers proceeded to talk, and one police car stayed there for another 20 minutes.......?? Bizarre 

 Now, this random walk was decided to be taken on a foggy day. It was really photogenic and gloomy. ;) 
And wet....anyways! I'm just walking with my head down, dreaming like usual, and listening to Bree and Sarah ramble about where they should take the photo and so on. "Uhhh..what is this??" Bree laughed and said, "the window pane!" Sarah then scrambled over to me and exclaimed that she had just wished the other day that she could somehow have one. Being me, I smirked and claimed it finders keepers. lol!

 It is now sitting in my room. I think I am going to write on it with a permanent marker, put it in a frame, be a nice sister and give it to Sarah on her wedding day. What do you think??

Btw... I have this really weird thing going on. I cannot STOP repeating this song OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Owl City - You're Not Alone. go ahead. you try it ;) 

Do you know what kind of bird that is?
What happens when you take walks?

new wallet // pure mud road

February 1, 2016

I'm the type of person that if something's working - don't fix it! I have had the wallet on the right for a looong time. I remember when I got it though *sappy grin*. It was like a garage sale purchase in a cardboard box with tons of odds and ends - because that's how 8 yrs do it - I saw it and fell in love with the denim. It was probably just 25 cents or something. haha! 

I found the Rosetti leather wallet today at Goodwill. I was really happy with the zipper design. Now, I won't be dropping all of my change everywhere, which is super embarrassing when there is a long line at the store and you had already looked like a dope because you were searching for that dime in the pit of your purse..

That's when you just. walk. away. xD

 It feels like I've been running errands a lot lately. Especially the library for some reason..which I am not complaining about. ;) I kinda came to the odd realization that I've been going to the same two libraries for 10 years collectively and SOMEHOW have never run out of books to read. And, since the snow has almost completely melted here, I get to drive!! I am almost to 10 hours of drivetime - wahoooo!!!!! but, with melted snow comes muddy roads... they are reallllly bad. LOOK OUT FOLKS - Julia is DRIVING ;)

Can you guess how much my wallet was?
Do you run out of books to read?