How To Shop Smart // April haul post

April 26, 2016

(*looks up* those are my favorite purchases)

I'm often asked "How do you get THAT for such a low price??". It really is being patient and searching for the good deals. When shopping at Goodwill, I have this little strategy to cover the most space in a short period of time. I start out by scanning over books quickly (and try to avoid bumping into that dude because you were intently looking down and not up..), then rushing over to the tunics. I glance at the purses, and finally reach the shoes.

Then, I arrive at the shirts. This usually take the longest, but take your time. I have failed to see many a shirt (which the girls find on their comb through) because I was rushing. By now, I have a ton of stuff in my arms waiting to be tried on. Quickly go do that now. If nothing works in that pile, you may have time to go try again. I also go through capris, jeans, and skirts if necessary.

 I know, I know. I may have a spending problem. But, according to my calculator app, I've only spent 41.61 all month. That includes a few items that I don't normally buy; a birthday gift (not listed), my water bottle, and mascara (a bi-monthly purchase??) and spray paint. But, come on, that was fun!

How do YOU shop??
What is your favorite item that I bought?

$179.99 at the bottom of my purse // dandelion gold

April 22, 2016
I got my blue bike a little over two years ago. *cringes from looking at a old post...* This spring, I kept looking at the rust on my bike and inwardly moaning. okay okay, I've left it outside in the rain a few times - I admit it! the poor bike.. I consider it vintage because the little red sticker that I found says it was manufactured in 1978..that's vintage..right??

 I fell in love with a bike at the store the other day - $179.99 bucks!! Like oh yeah, I can totally discover THAT at the bottom of my purse. SAID NOBODY EVER. soooooooo, I grabbed a can of $3.98 coral spray paint and I DIY-ed it. (and yes, I realize the color looks very orange-y in the photos..I'm sorry. :P)

I often snatch Sarah's adorable fujifilm camera -- and she usually runs after me, which turns into a hysterical chase around the house and then into the yard where I'm laughing so hard I collapse into a fit of giggles -- and I take walks with my siblings. "JULA, look...DANDELIONS!!" They're gold to kids.

What do you consider vintage??
Do you borrow your sibling's camera?

the introverted mallard duck // written test

April 18, 2016

It was a beautiful 75 degree Saturday -- so what else do you do than go to a park?! Bree found some perfect trees to set her new hammock up in, so Sarah and I were sitting on dry rocks in the creek..because a hammock doesn't really fit 3 people. ;) We were just chatting and I looked over my shoulder to see this gorgeous mallard duck swimming towards me.

"BREE - SARAH - LOOOOKKKKK." Suddenly, it turned around and climbed up the bank, waddled through the forest, and then plopped itself back in the water once it had passed us. I joked that it was an introverted duck. :P My dad looovvves mallard ducks, so Bree tried to get a photo of it...that was her best one. lol

 It's time for me to take segment two of drivers ed! I have almost reached 30 hours of drive time, which means I get to go take the written test. I have two days of prep classes and then I have to take the final exam. I still have to get two hours of night time driving.......I'm scared. 

Did night time driving scare you??
Do you like hammocks?

phone in the sink // glorious cupcakes

April 14, 2016
HOW NOT TO START A DAY -- You wake up late. oh snap!! You look in the mirror. oh my gosh, I need to shower... You grab your phone to see the alarm had been going off. seriously!!? JULIA!!  Your sister comes in your room and you're like; "IS THE SHOWER AVAILABLE?!" thank goodness..if it wasn't....grrrrrr 

 You decide to get some music going. maybe josh wilson will brighten this day... You set your phone on the counter top, then your mom's phone rings. oh my word no, it's the dentist...not TODAY. You glace over at your mom, who is washing her hands in the bathroom sink and BUMP into the water it goes. gggaaaaaasssspppppp!!!!!!!! 

My speakers no long work...unless I put headphones in. Maybe I should have stayed in bed?? I've literally been feeling like that for that for the past week. I blamed it on a ton of stuff.  Finally, I decided to ask God to just SNAP ME OUT OF IT. He did! Even though today has been crazy, I'm actually doing great. 

 and, yes. I have to go to the dentist in..oh, 30 minutes. dumb tooth. lol

How do you handle waking up late?
Have you ever gotten your iPhone wet??

girls night out // broken iPhone

April 10, 2016
There is nothing in the whole gigantic world, like a girls night out. Just you, your sisters, and amazingly awesome, goofy friends. Ice cream shakes, clothes shopping, and sweet & sour tootsie roll pops. Yup. I really found those. lol!  At one point, I was laughing so hard that I was tearing up! oh gosh.

Maybe I should have recorded us. Orrr, maybe not. I can't even remember what made us laugh. It's just one of those things you just do. We went thrift shopping after, uh yeah, sometimes you can find *cough* intriguing items at Goodwill. Bree, Sarah and I always play a game where we find the most ugly piece. I think Sarah won..

 You know that button that you click when you turn your iPhone off/on? Yeah, that one. Well, it's stuck!! I tried cleaning around it with a needle, and then using my dad's powerful air compressor. Nope. Any ideas???

Any iPhone help??
Do you hysterically laugh?

wedding prank // battleship with my grandpa

April 6, 2016
April fools is such a lovely, lovely day. *evil chuckle* This year, I think I pulled my best prank yet. It just so happened that my friend was getting married on April 2nd, making April Fools their rehearsal and preparation day. The bride wanted to do some sort of harmless prank. To put it simply, I quickly agreed to anonymously text the groom all. day. long. heheeee

It went wonderfully. Honestly, the main theme of the prank was that the groom didn't know who was texting him these wedding tips. ;) I did not want to cause any sort of problem -  just a few laughs. The groom loved it and the precious bride adored it also.  We did end up telling him who texted him all day. His face was priceless. xD

  Playing battleship with my grandpa brought a whole new fun factor to it. We literally played until the last possible piece. I couldn't find his twoer (whatever that little ship is called....) and he couldn't find my twoer. haha! In the end, I did win. :P

 Have you pulled any text pranks before?
Battleship or no battleship??

farm house style // Sarah's negotiation

April 2, 2016
 I wake up on normal sunny days and just know that I need to use my hands in a useful way. Do something up my bedroom carpet!   Yes.  I really wake up like that.  Blame it on my ISTP personality.  *grin* 

 Sarah decided to help me. Apparently the idea is; "I'll help you, you'll help me with my floor." I then broke out into the Kronk's New Groove song "help me, to help you, to help him, and we will hear you say - HEY HEY HEY - we're living the milky way..." Sooooo.. I never actually agreed to her little plot. *smirk*

 The finished project is ammmaaaaazzzing. I searched for loose floor boards...'cause you never know what you'll find in a farm house built in the late 1800's. I actually did have to cover up two mysterious holes...they were probably just gas pipe lines. But, I'll never really know.......... 

ohhh, annnndd, for all you stalkers out there, check out my new instagram

Did you prank anyone yesterday for April Fools?
Have you found any mysteries in your home??