#teamwaffle // SnapsOfLife2016

May 29, 2016


- Donut Waffles (just looook up ^^ - thank you pinterest)
- Nutella waffles - what the?! *gasps for air*
- CHURRO waffles. Yes. I said churro.
- Pizza waffles. uuuuuuuhhh huh. I know you want those #teampancake. Admit it
- Cinnamon roll waffles. 'nuf said.

Pancakes (*BOOOO...choke...gag..dies*)

- oh look. "the only buttermilk pancake recipe you'll ever need" (you have to add words to make those things look good.)
- Nutella stuffed pancakes. I tip my hat to those on #teampancake for that one.
- banana bread pancakes. TRIPLE EWWW
- Lemon poppy seed pancakes. sure. let's crunch crunch this breakfast down.
- BLUEBERRY OATMEAL. we all know these are terrible.
- Strawberry cheesecake pancakes...I *cough* would eat those.......

 I realize this isn't the technical Pancake VS Waffle tag...but, hey. You got the delicious photos (say thanks to Sarah, peeps) and I think I got my point across. WAFFLES BEAT PANCAKES. 

How do you like your waffles?

oh, and go check out Sarah's photo prompt challenge here. Don't worry, she's on #TEAMWAFFLE - you can trust her.

2 weeks of NO SUGAR // blog revamp

May 27, 2016

 Often I get myself into little fixes because of my *cough cough* pride. I was watching the new documentary about sugar on Netflix called “Sugar Coated”. I was squirming in my chair because I started to realize that I was addicted to sugar. I told my friend that I was considering going on a no sugar diet. She was like “Good luck with that!” and me –being me – said “To prove you wrong, I am going to go TWO WEEKS without sugar.”

So far, so good. It’s been 3 days now. No withdrawals yet…although I did have a dream about needing to quickly buy sugar. I had like 60 seconds to shop in this gigantic store. Yes, I did watch Cutthroat Kitchen last night. *blush* I do miss my lemonade, mint gum, and ice cream. *sigh

 You may have noticed the new blog design. Welcome, welcome!! How do you like it? I have a few finishing touches to add, but my absolute favorites would have to be the instagram bar on the bottom of the page, my most popular post area and all the cool search bar thingys. xD Isn't it FANTASTIC?! (that's my new word of the week)

Have you ever gone for a period of time without sugar??
How do you like my new blog design?

people watching // stuck on the wall

May 22, 2016
7. hours. in. the. car. Thanks to traffic it took 3 extra hours to get home. urgh. BUT - one cool thing about sitting in traffic on the highway for a long period of time is that you're able to people watch. You know, like in the Jack Johnson song. There was Mr. Pear Eater in the car beside us, who literally ate 2 or 3 pears in a short period of time. Sleepy Dude was behind us, who looked like he had had a looonng day.

Then there was the car filled with boy scouts and their leader on their way to some remote camping site. One guy was eating, the other was reading. lol! But, the coolest of them all was Mr. Smiley. He was just sitting there grinning!!

"uuhh..WHY is he smiling?!" -Bree
"Because he is going to propose tonight! duh" -me

  Also. Note to self: do not - I REPEAT - do not climb up 9 foot walls that you can't get down from.

What's the longest you've been in the car at once?
Have you ever People Watched? 

i didn't save it // peeling potatoes

May 18, 2016
*moans* I just lost most of my blogpost...WHY DIDN'T I MAKE SURE IT WAS SAVED?! *regains composure..slowly* SO basically I was talking about how this marble post office rocks..and how all the new fancy postal technology just doesn't fit.  It's like you can imagine an elegant lady dressed in 1910 attire to walk through the door, but you turn around and see a lady wearing jeans and a sweatshirt come through it instead...

 I had to parallel park along side the road to get into the post office, and OF COURSE the only spot was rather tight. Let's just say that turning around in this majorly pot hole-y parking lot, and slipping in was. not. easy. #igottaworkonthat 

Bekah asked me to help make mashed potatoes just now -- "Okay, so are we using red or brown potatoes? 'Cause the red ones don't need to be peeled, but the brown ones do. Jula, why them don't need to be peeled?" Let's all just let the fact that she is only 4 yrs old soak in.......

Do you have a cool marble post office?
Did you know that red potatoes don't have you be peeled??

what is rubbernecking?? // instagram issues

May 13, 2016
I literally started to get butterflies in my stomach before I left to take the written test on Wednesday, but I was really calm during the test. Apparently so was the guy at the table behind me.. he fell asleep. AND HE PASSED WITH 100%. *rolls eyes* okay. Dear readers, today I come to you with a question. - please tell me - what is rubbernecking?

A) when you stare at a crash scene after passing it
B) when you maintain eye contact through rear-view mirror
C) when you talk to other passengers

btw, I got that question wrong on my test...

Hahaaaa...so once again I forgot my password to something. This time, it was instagram. :P And, to make matters WORSE, I didn't confirm my email address with them. *cough* AKA, I had no way of getting into my account if it ever logged out on the app. Thankfully, I found out you could change email addresses on your account...no, I didn't really go and make a whole new email just because I forgot my password.........
So, what is rubbernecking?!
Do you forget passwords too?

being impatient // country girl day

May 10, 2016
I'm well known for being impatient. If I don't get my password on the first try, I hit forgot my password.  When I paint my finger nails, I literally cannot wait for them to dry, so I stick my fan on level 3 and blast them dry. If a button is stuck, I click it 40 billion times until it is UNSTUCK. (which peeves Sarah immensely..hehe!) And let's not talk about bagels in the toaster. Patience just isn't my thing.

 I'm starting to see that my impatience is making me suffer in many areas, especially in my relationship with God. Grasping the concept that He has His own time literally kills me. It's easy for me to go "fine." and give up. But, what I'm trying to see is that, no..I cannot walk away and expect the treasures God has in store for me. It's hard to be still and listen..

 I woke up today and threw on my comfortable jeans and oversized (technically my dads....) white shirt. It is just one of those country girl days. Oh, and tomorrow I am taking the written test for my license. PRAY - please. lol

Are you impatient?
Do you have country girl days??

What I've Been Doing // DIY hair dye

May 6, 2016
I officially finished my 11th grade schoolwork a few weeks ago. I had mixed emotions about finishing. It meant I would get a whole free summer, it also meant that I will be graduated this time next year. Like YEEK. I really have had a lot of awesome free time -- and me not wanting to waste the moments, have been doing loads of projects. *smirks* They usually include paint, spontaneous decisions, and muscles

 I kept on having this dream of having a beautiful bed on the floor, all dreamy pinterest like. I literally took my bed frame apart and brought it up to the attic. THEN - I saw my old bureau, decided I needed to re-purpose it, and lugged that thing down to my room and now I have a gigantic mess. (BUT - my dad found me a pallet last night!! soon, I shall have my floor bed) 

 My dear friend, Clara, showed me how she dyed her hair the other day with peroxide and water. I've always been told by my mom that "Your hair MAY turn orange." Just hearing that alone, made me SURE that I wasn't going to do that. But, I did. Nothing happened. :P I'm not off to try lemon and green tea. I'm determined

Ever DIY dye your hair?
When does "summer" start for you??

being introverted // I need a pallet!!

May 2, 2016
Pinterest has a lot of interesting stuff on there. Like.. a lot. I tend to end up in DIY Land (hahaa..), but today I saw something intriguing about introverts. Annnnddd, being an introvert, I really agreed with it. ;P It was showing myths against truths of being an introvert.

#1 "INTROVERTS don't like to talk." *cough cough* I love to talk, people.
#2  "INTROVERTS are shy." Okay. I am sooo not shy. (I just have to have a reason to converse..)
#3 "INTROVERTS are rude." Rude?! I honestly hope not. lol maybe just blunt.... *cringe*

so, I guess I can see where extroverts can think us introverts tough nuts to crack. I am a rather odd person. lol

Why are pallets so hard to find?! I feel like some gold hunter. This treasure seems impossible to find, but I will strike it rich SOMEDAY. I really really really want to make a pallet bed. Menards doesn't give them away, Aldi uses them to death, and then when I finally did find one, I forgot to bring it home...... #juliamoment

Are you Introverted or Extroverted?
Do you know where to find pallets??