camp nano excitement / / i know i'm weird

June 27, 2016
why is it such a scary thing
to be
with their story, with their love
with their hearts
they're as real as living flesh
they're as alive as could be
and i'm entrusted
to tell their tale
why is it such a scary task
to sketch out their characters
to draw their emotions
to explain a love which is new to me
even at 6:47 in the morning
i lay here, in awe
it's like God gave me new friends
more family
another world to belong to
people i get to introduce
because i am the only one who knows them
because i am the author
why is it such a daunting thing
to show you my new family
you need to see
that they're not just normal
they have a passion
a heart
a goal
and i only have words to describe them with
but words can be enough
they can change a nation, right?
they can sketch a dream
words can soften
or harden
a heart
i'm entrusted with this job
it is a scary thing
to think that i'm good enough
because guys
i'm not really a writer
i'm a realistic teenager
for now
but maybe i'll change that
and you'll see
that these characters
are more than just characters
they're telling me their story
their heart
their set goal in mind
and God?
He's holding my hand
while i'm holding the pen

Are you doing Camp NaNo?
Do you write poetry??

strawberry jam // i won a cruise

June 23, 2016

GUYYYYYYYYYYYYYSS. look. it's strawberry jam!!!! I love strawberry jam, okay?? It's like summer..but with STRAWBERRIES, and sugar (WHICH I STILL CANNOT EAT *sobs*) cooked down to this amazing consistency. You slather it on bread, or over vanilla ice cream, OR just eat it on a spoon. okay guys, who am I fooling? I want sugar *walks away sadly*

got this phone call the other day -- "HEY IT'S JOSH FROM CUSTOMER SERVICE HERE - CAN YOU HEAR ME?" (he literally boomed his voice so loud)
*silence* -me
"ooooooooooohhhhhhhhkay. ( I think he was sad??) WELL you've just been chosen for the cruise --"
*hangs up phone and rolls eyes* "THAT'S LIKE ONE OF THE OLDEST JUNK CALLS -- EVER." -me

"ha. how about this one?" - then my dad mimics two guys talking on the phone
"Is your fridge running?" (1st guy)
 "yeeah" (2nd guy)
 "better go catch it!" - (1st guy) then my dad laughs 
*me: moans and walks away*

That's like one of the oldest Dad jokes ever.  lol.

How is your no sugar thing going?
How many days are you into it??

when you write a poem at 7 am // i'm in a gang

June 19, 2016
they are so simple
these siblings of mine
one of their most used lines
would have to be
and sometimes it bugs me
but a lot of times
it tugs at my heart
they love me
even though i'm tough
i call it tough love
i just want to melt and cuddle
and they let me
they love me for who i am
their messy
often grumpy
outdoor loving
big sister
i like to say
that i'm a big sis to many
because i am
lemon cake is what they vote for
when i make a dessert
that or popsicles
because i literally love those
and they know it
like a kid
i am a kid
not just at heart either people
i live like a kid
because i can
i can still sit down on the floor
play train tracks
watch winnie the pooh
and clifford
i can still play house
and chalkville
i am able to splash in the pool
play marco polo
and dark hide n seek
i don't want to grow up
i don't want to leave them
they're so young still
i want them to stay that way
they're my little gang
we do a lot together
bike rides just to name one
countless bedtime stories
"imagicnary" ones or not
i kiss their soft little cheeks
snuggle and watch
nothing cares
slip away
often i want to fall asleep
right then and there
but i get up
because i am older
i have things to do
and i played all day
sometimes that stresses me
But then i think -- WHY
they'll grow up someday
and i would have missed out on these moments
so i'm gonna cherish them
whether i get that article written
or not
whether my room gets cleaned
or not
and in that moment, where i want to hide and melt into the walls
i'll remember hearing "JULA come swim with us!"
And i'll go
because i'm the gang leader
and they're my gang
gangs don't separate
they stick together

byeeeee. I'm off to go swim

how to make $10 go a long way / / FINAL BEDROOM TOUR

June 15, 2016
FINALLY!!!!!!!! Here I am - with my long promised BEDROOM TOUR. *throws imaginary confetti* 

 I got my paint (dramatically named "Driftwood") at Menards - WHICH IS LIKE THE MOST FANTASTIC STORE EVVVVEERR. Grey paint is super hard to pick. I DID NOT WANT IT TO TURN PURPLE OR BLUE OR WHATEVER. it had to be grey. And, I think it turned out perfecto. 

 ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDD *drum roll* did anyone notice something different about my bed? YES. YES. YES. I do indeedy have my pallet bed - and for frrrrreeeeeeeee. I do love that word. *grins* Making the bed was super simple, thanks to my dad. I figured out how the pallets needed to be laid, he brought his handy hand saw and I quickly was testing my new bed frame out. I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH

Let's talk about my square prints here for a second -- *screams* -- GUUUYSS square prints are like pinterest  BUT on your walls. YESSS PLEASE. 

I was so encouraged by the fact that my paint only costed $10. It brought SUCH a face lift to my room. If you're willing to dedicate a day in your room, watching random period dramas and I Love Lucy marathons, wearing paint clothing and covered in said paint -- ITS SO WORTH IT. 

What is your favorite part of my room re-do?
Square prints - yes or YES??

(and, say, if you want to see how my bedroom has changed - here are some before posts 1 - 2

why i don't want to graduate // 40 hours

June 10, 2016
Once in a while I'll get asked the question "wait..are you graduated?" I'll smirk and say "not yet," then I'll frown and be like "I actually don't want to graduate." OH THE LOOK I GET. "oh. why not? I mean, it's school. And you can always go to college. it's not like college isn't school. you can still learn at college." I usually just shrug it off because people - you just don't understand. 

 I'm homeschooled (if you haven't already guessed that...??) and being homeschooled it like a precious treasure to me. People can't grasp my meaning. I LOVE LEARNING PEEPS. I thrive on randomly wondering "huh, what really does A- blood type mean?" And, then I can quickly go look it up and learn something. Being in high school has brought a new level to my learning aspect. and this fall I'll be starting my last year of that. A senior. I'M A SENIOR. 

 Today I reached 40 hours of drivetime!!!!! *screeches because I'm almost there* Nearly ready to road test. My dad isn't thrilled that he'll have another licensed kid. He say's it makes him feel old :P poor guy *wink*

How do/did you feel about graduating?
Any tips for me while road testing??

how i lost 7 pounds // join me, will you?

June 6, 2016
Today is officially 13 days of no sugar.  I honestly only had a few times when I had a strong urge to pick up that cookie dough and shove it down my throat without a second thought. But no. Going without sugar didn't kill me - in fact I'm way healthier. I lost 7 pounds. SEVEN STINKING POUNDS. I didn't want this to become some expensive diet, so I stuck with what I had;

-eggs. Eggs for breakfast. Eggs for lunch. Eggs for a snack, eggs for dessert. just eggs
-WATER. Being addicted to sugar is stupid, but being addicted to water? do it.
-fruit. I cannot stress the fact enough that you NEED TO EAT FRUIT during this challenge. It's like sugar but not.
-potatoes. baked potatoes. mashed potatoes. potato salad. potato fries. potatoes..potatoes.. just eat the potato, okay?
-POPCORN. preferably not out of a microwave bag.. like ewww.

I'm going two weeks without sugar again (though, I will be taking Saturday's off to splurge hehee) -- so WHO thinks that you will do it with me?! You know, accountability buddies. I've set up a page with all sort of tips (loooook up! ^^) on going sugarless. It's a breeze - join me, will you??

*UPDATE* this starts June 8-10th. Your two weeks will begin on the day that YOU sign up!

will YOU beat the sugar????

i stepped on a frog / / pool set up

June 2, 2016
I hate slimy, goopy things. I really really hate snakes. You may not have thought that of me..but snakes creep me out to the core. Maybe it was from all those Disney movies : The Jungle Book (lean on me..............), Robin Hood (remember Sir Hiss anyone?), and *shivers* that creepy snake on The Brave Little Toaster 2 (THAT ONE IS BAD). I MEAN - you know me, I'm the barefoot gal. I WAS JUST WALKING WHEN SUDDENLY  *SQUISH* 

 I screamed. like my whole body shook and I screamed. My family turned and looked at me. I literally started to blush and covered my face. "I thought it was a SNAKE." Bree then bent down and picked up this harmless little frog "aww..poor thing, you stepped on it!" 

 We set up our pool this memorial day weekend! ITS FULL - SO SPARKLY BLUE. full. cool. water. ahhhhhhhhh.  ta-ta. off to swim

What are you AFRAID of?
Have you gone swimming yet??