im seventeen // EEEPPPPPP

August 27, 2016
Yesterday I turned 17. SEVENTEEN. I'm now forever cursed by being on of those "older" bloggers. Now I'm gonna get the college question and the job question and I'm like GUYS I WAS LEGIT JUST 16 and I'll give them this look O.o

 done ranting.

  Basically a lot of happened in one short year. A year ago yesterday, I drove for the legit first time. like WHAAA. Now I've got my license and haha yeeeeah. Last year I had vanilla cupcakes with lemon frosting -- this year I made a cheesecake with a lemon curd layer on top (what can I say?? I'm predicable)

 I kinda loved being sixteen - like just a little. I think it will forever be my favorite age.  I've grown and changed a lot too though. Just in blogging alone I've spread my little wings - but guys, I don't think I realized that I've connected with so many fantastic people until yesterday. I was out all day and once I got wifi again, my phone literally blew up and I wanted to cry cause I know you all and you all know me and GUYSSSSSSSS YOURE ALL SO SWEET *hugs and ice cream cones for you all but no cheesecake cause thats mine*

 I spent my entire birthday at the beach. cause that's me - and it's mine.

 So i'm seventeen -- *lifts soda can* here's to the scary age and to living another year and sharing it all with you. Thanks for sticking around with me - I don't know how you all do it. xD

What was your favorite age??
am I one of those older bloggers? (lololol)

sleeping bear dunes // in love

August 24, 2016

*shuffles onto blogger*  *types NEEDTOBREATHE on google*  *clicks on Happiness*  *sighs bc this is my happy place*

 hello people. It's been a long 8 days since my last post -- which seems simply dreadful because I've been so consistent since the beginning of 2k16. like uuhhhccck. But peeps, believe me, it was for a wonderful reason.
V A C A T I O N -- *nods* yup, I said that wonderful word. Brace yourself for more posts.

 *squeals* GUYS MY BIRTHDAY IS IN LIKE 2 DAYS AND IM FINALLY READY TO BE SEVENTEEN. sorry. just had to squeal for a sec there xD

 basically we went to sleeping bear dunes. it took forever to get there. i couldn't breathe once i did get there. and i forever fell in love.

 alright goodbye. end of post.

nooooooooooooooooooooo i'm joking. WELL SORTA. But everything I said was true. I did climb the dunes (but I didn't go down to the waterfront cause that would just be #CRAZY. 10 seconds down and 3 hours up, or so they say.) I did sit in the car for a forever amount of time and wrote poems, tried to sleep, listen to old time radio, and proved to my grandpa that I knew what riding shotgun meant. *smirks*

 and i did fall in love. forever. i don't think i'll be fully and completely and utterly happy until i return to my beloved. Maybe I'm being dramatic *shrugs*

Where did you go for vacation??
What do you do in the car? (bc no wifi ya know)

i've got a surprise // twilight to dawn

August 16, 2016

I've recently been writing more and more poetry. Like so much. I finally decided that I needed a place to share it all. The thought of another blog was like ACK WHAT IN THE WORLD JULIA STOOOOP THINKING YOU ARE CRAZY

 ahahaaahaa apparently I don't listen to my own advice. #thelifeofme

I've decided to embrace the craziness of me and start a poetry blog *points downwards in a silly fashion* *covers eyes with hands* *peeks one eye out* 

 what do you think???? *squeals in a teenager way*

oh and guys Sarah helped me with the name and I bought the design BUT STILL I PUT IT UP AND CONNECTED EVERYTHING AND IM SO PROUD *wipes tear*

 I'm afraid I've always been the person who vowed to never have more than one blog in my sole care. *cringes*  But gee wiz, what's a girl to do? heheee

 So,  Twilight to Dawn is basically my poetry sibling blog to The Barefoot Gal. I'll be posting whenever -- I plan to be spontaneous and random. bc that's me (well Sarah said that I'm also grumpy and Bree threw in loud LIKE THESE SISTERS OF MINE.)

 Head on over to Twilight to Dawn  -- let me know what you all think *squeals again*

egg-venture // 200th post

August 13, 2016
i squint in the sun....uh, strangely.
The sun was scorching hot. blazing hot. unbearably hot. cook an egg on the sidewalk kind of hot. jump in the pool kind of hot. (alright i'm sorry, i apologize for all the metaphors.)

 All summer,  I keep on thinking about how 92 degrees was hot enough to COOK AN EGG  on the driveway. I told Sarah to do it once (hahaaaaaa) and then we forgot or something. #mydorybrain

But then, my Dory Brain acted kindly, and I remembered. *fist bump* I asked my mom for an egg, grabbed some foil -- cause my mom said it would be gross to have an egg on the sidewalk "just in case you want to eat it" -- and begged Sarah to take photos of the venture.

 I decided to leave my experiment on top of the car because you know -- cats.  After swimming around in the blessed pool for about 2 hours, I broke down laughing to find yellow yolk (which was at least COOKED) running down the side of the car.

yes, I cleaned it up. no, my parents weren't mad. yes, it tasted fine. no, I didn't reallllly taste it. actually I did. whatevs 

 p.s. ITS MY 200TH POST LIKE WHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAA? *throws whatever is closest to me into the air* *laughs at the strange looks from my family*

Ever cook an egg on the sidewalk??
Whats the hottest its been for you this summer?

cup towers // im serious about not growing up

August 10, 2016
I just do a lot of things that make me look like a little kid -- like a lot okay??

 Like running -- full fledged running and dodging book shelves  -- around our library with a nerf gun in hand and a fist full of ammo in the other. (head on over to Sarah's post to hear more about THAT)

 Or swinging on the swings with your twin (yeah, I found my long lost twin #bestiesforlife) and then racing to the tire swings and feeling sick after the many spins. hahaaaa

And building towers with your siblings out of cups. I've been watching my siblings play with these red cups for a few days now and finally decided to sit down with them.

 Apparently, they've got the rules all set up. You've each got an equal amount of cups (I got 11 the first time and 20 by the end...the kids got and you each build a tower. Whoever builds the tallest and holds a book on the top for 10 seconds, wins!!

 my siblings are all so competitive. like all of us *laughs because its so much more fun that way*

yeah, okay, I'll be honest here, it took me a loooongg while to get mine to even hold the book. Sarah said was making a baby pout-y face. *rolls eyes* I'm starting to see why people think Sarah is older than me and are astonished to find I'm nearly 17.

  whatevs peeps. I'm off to Neverland *waves*

so, when do you plan on growing up??
ever build a cup tower?

i want to fly // running through a cornfield

August 5, 2016
i want to fly
to soar in the sky
like a bird with wings
i want to see the tiny people
living their lives down low
from above
to feel the strength of the wind
as i fly in speed
to breathe the air that clouds live in
to be high
closer to God
i want to whizz around
searching for a place unknown
looking down and knowing
that i am loved
to glide in the blue skies
sometimes grey
sometimes pink, yellow and purple
to live among the birds
where the inspired go
to be inspired
to see what im called to see
to fly
to dream
to try

do you want to fly?
ever run through a cornfield barefoot??

how i wrote 30k // camp nano

August 1, 2016


 I did it. I wrote 30,078 words in ONE MONTH. LIKE WHATTTTTT. how?? I don't even know!! Well, maybe I do. It was a lot of Jane Eyre soundtrack music, (PLEASE THANK ABBIE FOR TELLING ME WHO THE AMAZING DARIO MARIANELLI IS), water (i mean a lot), Sarah (guys i would have died without her -- okay okay??), Sarah's alphasmart...guuuuuys, alright let me just admit it here and now.

Sarah is like the sole reason why I did Camp Nano. THANK YOU SISTER *hugs

 I found out that I'm a night writer -- if its like 3 p.m. and I try to sit down and write its like *crickets
 then 9:30p.m it's like *click click click click click* *glances up at sarah who is also clicking away
 me -"Turn the music up." 
sarah -*glares at me* "PLEASE?"
me - *rolls eyes* "plllleeeeaaaasse." 

  basically I'm so in love with my characters right now that I can promise you that this story isn't stopping. 60k is my goal, and be sure, it's going to happen. I was legit about to cry today when a little girl was dying.. AND GUYS I WAS WRITING IT. like what even?!?! uhg #writerslife

 *cough cough* I'm road testing on Wednesday PPRRRAAAYYYYY

Did you complete Camp Nano??
Do you have a writing buddy?