first time doing this // goodbye to the 11th month of 2016

November 29, 2016

- realizing when you get home that the coat you bought a week ago from Walmart had the price tag still in it....and you just got home from Walmart....... #gladthealarmdidntsetoff #oops
- trying to learn how to cartwheel
- apparently I was tired cuz I kept repeating that I found my snow gloves to Sarah *nervously chuckles*
- almost passing out
- seeing a guy in the store who looks JUST like someone you know and you give eye contact at the same time and it's like *crickets* "KEEP WALKING...awwwkkkwaarrdd."

- almost falling through the ceiling (don't ask)


- Grapes of Wrath (am still upset with how it ended LIKE WHHYYY *sobs*)
- Finding Dory
- Life with Elizabeth (black and white oldie SO MUCH FUN)

- Can you Canoe / Saddle Up / Along the Trail (kids show - legit fave)

Morning - the blogger year book -  guuyyyss!! YOU GOTTA DO THIS.
Jessica's post - on vulnerability -- basically a legit post
Olivia - just like that -- believe me. You'll relate, you'll understand, but most of all, you'll wanna cry.
Clara - epic shakespeare insults -  laughed SO HARD. You gotta see these.
Elizabeth - my air force man -  OH MY GOSH GUYS *cries* this post..
Emma - on going and coming home again -  somehow she put into words what I always feel
Mary - HACKED (she reached 50k) - *nods* yup. I was one of the hackers *grins*


- writing 11k in one day
- making so many awesome friends this month <33333
- walking into the library bursting out into laughter and nobody minding
- surprising a friend at work + the hug I got
- laughing so hard on the phone with my bestie
- making brownies randomly at 11pm (no joke)
- reaching 70k in my novel!
- roping people into going sugar free (heheeheee)
- "hacking" into Mary's blog
- going antiquing

- reading Jesseca's books (EEEEP)
- putting a bottle with notes in it beneath the floor in our old house (SOMEONE WILL FIND IT SOMEDAY) 

- Jon's typo in his post AND NOBODY FINDING IT *can't stop laughing*
-  me thinking my mom meant "turkey IN ham?" *lowers voice* that isn't going to work.. (btw, that question mark shows she was even questioning herself. hahaa)

- looking at old photos
- how I can't remember passwords
- touching my laptop screen AS IF IT WAS A TOUCH SCREEN o.O

- quite literally taped individual light bulbs on strings of Christmas lights so we could spray paint the string gold

- wrote this poem
- finished my first book in pre-med, took the exam, and actually passed!
- legit talked with the guy at Menards for 20 minutes about paint

- went off sugar for two weeks
- learning how to actually talk and sell things to people...
- pushing Sarah around in Menards as she stood on the edge of the cart

- peeled two huge bags of apples for my gigantic pie 

- the rain and all the leaves that are falling
- not being able to fall asleep until 2 am :|
- that my dad almost got in a car wreck...
- THAT IT SNOWED ggrrrr that little white stuff is so BLAH

- having one bathroom in the house hahahahahahahahaaahahaaaaa......... . . . . *dies*
- bad hair days

- to reach 30 followers on Twilight to Dawn
- go 2 weeks off sugar 
- finish Christmas shopping by the 2nd week of Dec.
- learn the Star Wars Melody on the piano
- go to bed earlier/exercise daily
- catch up on school

btw, keep your eyes peeled for a new some stuff to tell you about *squeals* 

how do you like my monthly wrap up?
what did you laugh at??

can i juggle everything?? // how i'm trying to do it

November 25, 2016
this month, November, has been one of the most stuffed, yet, most wonderful I've known. It's been legit hectic though. *laughs cuz my mom teases me for saying legit*

  • NaNoWriMo (my goal is 30k, need 1,000 more words!)
  • GiveThanks Challenge
  • The Christmas event (more coming up!!)
  • Thanksgiving
  • 5k1Day x2
  • Blogging
  • Complete bathroom redo (post coming up *squeals*)
  • Senior year 
  • Christmas shopping
  • Keeping up with friends
  • Mowing leaves up/winter prep

And, that's just things I can fit into a category! What about spray painting books, making a meal here and there, a phone call from my bestie, watching a movie with my sibs, playing basketball, taking a walk, oh, we have to go shopping, photoshoots/editing photos, commenting on blogs, and *gasp* I CANT FORGET TO CLEAN MY ROOM.

I mean, can I juggle it all? Can I somehow write 30k AND do everything else? 

 Yet, I don't want to compromise laughing. I don't want to lose my moments of poetry writing, and reading before bed...nor, do I want to lose my relationship with God through all of it. I've had to pick and choose what I can do without running myself into a hole - and, I have.

  • I haven't written in 9 days
  • I do have some school catch-up to do 
  • Online Christmas shopping will have to work this year
  • Texting has been more sporadic..I'm sorry, friends! *frowns cuz i miss you all*

I've had to decide what was more important in a lot of situations, one of which was SARE'S AWESOME BIRTHDAY POST. #solegit Also, multitasking has become a MUST this month. lol!!

 I keep on saying "I can't wait for just curl up and read." but GEESH, I think I'm kidding myself. It's not going to slow down xD And...that's okay, because, I'm learning a lot.

plus, BLOGGER CHANGED?!??! thoughts?!?

what are you learning?
what are your top priorities??

{DIY} spray painted books // laughter in the library

November 21, 2016
Bree, Sarah and I have been planning for a Christmas craft show event that we decided to do a month or so ago.... #nojoke 

Which meant A LOT OF QUICK PLANNING. What do we want our booth to look like, colors we wanted, items we were selling...etc! It was so much fun though. I love goofing off, while having a serious goal in mind. ;) Also, finding Christmas gifts while you're out is P E R F E C T.

We were walking around and saw the spray paint isle --


 *nods* *points at my sister* that's her. Everything with gold sparkles and she'll adore it.

Within seconds we had declared that we could spray paint Christmas lights, old books, leaves, pine *laughs* 

So, we stop at our library on the way home, where they have been giving out free books. We walked up to the door and Bree said something to me which I didn't process, and just as I opened the door, I got what she said and..... burst. into. laughter.


JUST AS I OPENED THE DOOR I LAUGHED.  IN A LIBRARY.  The librarian looked at me, gave me this look of "why are you laughing?" and I couldn't help it, I giggled again. o.O 

librarian : "Are you girls laughing in the library???"
me : "uhhmm... yess??"
librarian : *laughs*
me : *sigh of relief* 

Sarah and I then spent a looooonggg time taping each and every light bulb on the sting of lights. Bree painted them AND THEY TURNED OUT SO COOL. Then, we go inside to show my mom, plug them in and only 1/4 of the lights turn on. o.O #shouldatriedthemfirst #ohwell

 and yes, we probably spray painted over 30 leaves. heehee! THEY WERE SO FUN THO xD

btw, thanksgiving?? ITS IN 3 DAYS *nervous laughter* 

ever spray paint leaves??
are you in the Christmas mood?

i need book suggestions // HELP im on goodreads

November 15, 2016

My friend, Micaiah, sent me an email waaay back in January asking me to do this book challenge with me (which I then sent to like one or two of my friends hehee). I literally was like SURE I can do this. I also liked the idea of stretching my book genre variety. BUT GUYS HELP YES SURE IVE BEEN READING A LOT ALL YEAR 

*coughs* *squirms* *dies*

but hardly got any on this list.......


1. A book over 400 pages long.
2. A book set in a place you want to visit.
3. A book with royalty in it, real or fantasy.
4. A book that is under 150 pages long.
5. A book that intimidates you. 
6. A nonfictional book.
7. A book set in your favorite time period.
8. A book that has a main character that is your opposite gender.
9. A true story. 
10. A fictional book about a historical event.
11. A book written by a New York Times bestselling author
12. A book your friend recommends (and loved).
13. A book that you read with/to a sibling or friend. (is working on)
14. A book set in a country outside of America.
15. The first book in a series.
16. A mystery.
17. A book (going to be) published this year, 2016.
18. A book you own but have never read.
19. A book you started and never finished.
20. A book you’ve already read once.
21. A book with a beautiful cover.
22. A book that was made into a movie.
23. A book written at least 100 years ago. 
24. A book about/set in the outdoors. 

obviously the crossed out ones are the books that I've accomplished PLZ comment below and give me some ideas. Like I've got a few ideas.....well..... #notreally #imtrying

*impatiently waits for you to tell me what to read*

btw, did you see that blogger now has emojis!!???!

oh and also, I'm on Goodreads. basically, everyone in my nano group cornered me and I got on it again after a year...haha it's dusty. I also don't get the place..... BTW BTW I'm at 28k for NaNo ANNNND my novel? It just hit 78,000 words. o.o 

ever get yourself in a bind? 
got any book ideas for me??

how i budget time // THINGS IVE LEARNED AS A SENIOR

November 11, 2016
btw, this is so going to fill up. haha just wanted you to see what it looks clean
basically, you're only a senior in highschool once - right?! (or at least you had better be....) so a bunch of us senior bloggers got this idea share what we've been learning this year. *ques dramatic music*

- That being a bed head is okay -- like legit, sometimes, you don't have time to deal with the mess xD

- Your closest friends matter the most. You know who those are when you're able to call them at midnight and they answer. When you can text and get a reply immediately. The person you can complain with and then leave feeling inspired cuz they said that one thing that made you think.

- You've got to budget your time. It's hard to juggle the mess of that history report that is due, that book that you're supposed to be reading (but are only one chapter into...), the blogging, the family, the social media, etc into 24 hours! It usually leads to you feeling stressed.

But, think.

How much time did you spend on Pinterest earlier? It can be called your "deserved down time" but, truly, was a whole hour needed? *glares at myself*

That's when budgeting your time comes into play. It's not easy, but it's oh so valuable.

So, would you like to know how I budget my time? *waits for answer* *goes ahead anyways*

Since January 1st of 2016, I have been keeping a monthly planner. I make the calendar at the end of each month, including an a page or two just for blogging records. There, I keep how many comments, views, and followers I've gotten in that month. I also write down my blogpost which were published.

Just having that one thing (blogging) kept on track, is a huge deal for me. I also plan out my schoolwork each week, what I have to accomplish on a daily basis, etc. It changes each day obviously as each day is different. But, having a sound idea of what I should accomplish puts me into "get it done" mode.

what type of planning do you do?
what's your biggest time killer??

we are twins // photoshoot with my fren

November 7, 2016

basically I'm an ISTP. Which means, I'm pretty introverted, I am super bold, kinda bossy, and VERY VERY VERY *smirks* passionate.

And, Tia? She's an ESTP. Which basically means, she's extroverted, is super bold, rather bossy, and VERY VERY VERY *laughs* energetic, which makes her sooo much fun to be around.


Quite literally though, we get together, I steal her DSLR camera and she takes my coat (she's the cold twin) and we walk around town without a place in mind to go. Except that coffee shop...which wasn't open...but we didn't want coffee anyways cuz we are twins who don't like it. BUT IT WAS SO COLD AND WE WANTED SOMMMEEETHING WARM *cries*

Also, it was super depressing that I am not 18 yet cuz the library there lets you rent out bikes if you're 18 *sobs* I was like;
"I'm allllllmmmmmoooooossstt 18."
Lady - *shakes her head* *raises eyebrow* "when?"
me: " *puts on puppy face* Next......summmmmmer......"
Lady - *laughs* "Sorry, rules are rules."

Something about walking around and just finding neat walls to take pictures by is legit fun. We are so twins tho guys. When we first met, we kept on throwing questions at each other, of height, likes and dislikes, etc. We literally were the same on everything until it came to hair and eye color. BUT WHATEVER

And the antiques that I found. OH MY GOSH wait until I post pictures of them!! 

also, I taught Christina what sea foam is. *grins* She liked it 

what's your favorite photo?
what's your personality type??

11k words in one day // "YOU'RE ON FIRE"

November 3, 2016
dudes. On November first, a bunch of my crazy frens and I got together (via hangout chat haha) and were challenged to write 5k1day. 5,000 words in one day. To me, that was INSANE. 

October 31st 11:58 -- *silence*
November 1st 12:00 a.m - *chat room blows up* OH MY GOSH WE ARE CRAZY!!! LETS DO THIS THO.
-Mary "mmmmyyyy document won't open! WHHY MEEE?!?"

12:10 a.m - YAHOO GOT 381
I got 226
I got 226
I got 226 
 - let's keep going!!

1:01 a.m --
Me- Uhm. guys. how do you spell stretch? I think it's time for bed.....

Wakes up:
Then, I was introduced to MyWriteClub and the word sprint on there. Uhm. something magical is in that type as many words as you can in 20-25 minutes, while everyone else does and you can see their word count go up. So, for me, as a competitive person, it set me on fire. like, once, I had 1,004 words written in one sprint. 
me: told ya, no sugar works *while shaking cuz adrenaline rush*

12:56 p.m. -- me: DUDES GUESS WHAT I JUST MADE IT 5,326 WORDS!!! I'm going to 7k. *still shaking*
Abbiee *peeks in* wow you all deserve so many waffles

1:26 -- IM AT 6,330!!!!!!
Hannah R. - waht did julia do

*me, goes takes break, has baking battle with Chloe, plays basketball*

4:00: I MADE IT 7K! I'm going to 9K.

8:20 - me - waht. *flops in chair* I did it. I'm at 10,006 words. I'm...done. *brain feels like moldy jello*
Mary- JULIA literally just got an email saying you crushed a goal
Me- *cries*

Then, the best part, Sarah gets this major writing burst and gets to 11k. like waht? SO BEING ME I went into my room, and just before midnight, wrote until I reached *points down* *screams*

are you doing nano??
if so, how many words are you at?

btw, guys, this post is dedicated to all you wonderful aliens in that group chat. like HUGS *cuz if i wouldn't have been challenged, i woulda sat there for a long time* and to Abi, who literally started something bigger than she thought