ALL THE WHACKONESS IN ONE POST // 2016 over #inshock

December 30, 2016


- wake up on DEC 1st and tell Sarah there is a foot a snow outside and she just gives me 😒 yeah... that look.

- drenching apples in lemon juice and then turning around to your sister eating one and then she screams "AHHHH"

- losing my flashdrive and having my writing buddies try to help find it #lovetheseguys 

- putting grape jam in your hamburger mix and your little sister be like; 
"*wide eyes* Julia I thought you were always joke..."

- moaning to death when you finish formatting your novel

- when you ask Chloe if she cries and she goes "Uhmmm..sometimes..when I'm cutting onions?.."

- Sarah coming in my room at 1:48 am; "I hate you. You had a wonderful ending" then hugging my book and sighing

- Jon finding a typo in my novel post (we are totally even now k?)

- that all my siblings trying to lip sync now lol

- over thousands of miles away - finding out we are watching the same show at about 5 minutes apart

- waking up early on Christmas morning with Sare... #7:30am

- waiting until midnight on Christmas Day to see if the radio station is so rotten to turn off Christmas music right away 
12:01 -- 80's MUSIC waht. THEYRE AS HEARTLESS AS I THOUGHT *hears Sarah sobbing in the background*

- hearing my fave kids tv show on..... *totally was not upstairs*

- Amanda texting me this;


- your friend driving to your house for the first time and getting.....lost....hahahaa 

- trying to do ballet stretches 

- your dad saying "here's a leg" and then throws a plastic cap at you to catch...????

- being smushed between the sink and the bathtub for hours..THOSE PIPES UHG

- Sarah rushing in my room going "got a towel? Thanks!" without me saying a thing lol

- Sarah stuffing her face with a chocolate we were supposed to share 😑

- when Tia declares you have a white hair in your head and you tell her to yank it out and it ends up being paint #thelifeofme


- gashing your finger while scraping paint off a board 

- going off sugar for a week WHEN YOU DONT WANT TO #thescariestthingyoucando

- parking the truck and van in our tiny garage for the first time AT NIGHT

- cutting your brothers hair for the first time 

- Sarah losing my flash drive AGAIN

- typos in my book - "both of them looked at the dough that was dying on their hands" GUYS BLAME NANO

- my dad letting me cut his hair 


- eating baked apples on vanilla ice cream

finding an ADORABLE sweater dress at goodwill

- going to the library and texting friends with "any book suggestions?" and walking out with a bunch of stuff to try

- babysitting your little sibs and your little bro is like "Jula..I love you." 😎

- being able to FaceTime with my bestie

- wrapping presents with my sisters

- having a continuous tournament with your family on the google "there is no internet game" (i've got the high score right now 2240 #ohyeah)

- painting popcorn ceiling for the first time. My hair was white people - white.

- watching old family videos on Christmas Eve at like... midnight (so I guess it was Christmas?)


- my little bro saying "I got you two gifts. Don't worry though, you were good. You deserve it. I was naughty, only get me one"

- when Sarah tells me that she tears up from my poems *melts*

- my siblings calling footie pjs "froggys"

- *listening to Santa Claus is coming to town*
Little sis - "no he isn't. Dad is!"
"Wow..depressing little child" -sare

- little sis watching my lip sync video and going "you are VERY pretty in this"

- 7:47 CHRISTMAS MORNING - "*squeals* we are going to have a white Christmas" -little sister


elizabeth anne rocked with world with this
don't ask me what she did
basically she wrote down my feelings
how i feel when i antique shop
i. love. these. NAOMI HOW ARE YOU SO FAB?!
a little too amazing


- to reach 30 followers on Twilight to Dawn  YIPPIIEEE as of the 29th, I hit 30 followers (thx Faith ;)) 
- go 2 weeks off sugar   i did one week *rolls eyes*
- finish Christmas shopping by the 2nd week of Dec.  hahahahahaa why did i even say this
- learn the Star Wars Melody on the piano  not at all
- go to bed earlier/exercise daily  i can touch my toes now ????
- catch up on school I DID IT!!!!!! 

well guys I promise you I did a lot this month.....just not what I had listed above *coughcough*

2016 --
- I created Twilight to Dawn and discovered poetry is my thing
- first camp nano + nanowrimo
- i met all my amazing writer buddies *wipes tear*
- got my license *squeals*
- met you guys
- found my voice in blogging + grew 65 followers GUYS I LOVE YOU <3333 (also 3 VIDEOS)
- did like 58929458952 DIY projects
- wrote + published my book

andddddddddddd since the whole goal thing didn't work out so well, I'm not doing it this time around. Also, I've decided I won't have any set expectations for myself for 2017..that will only lead to a disappointed me... no, instead, I'm going to run into 2017 with a grin and take what comes, cuz that's what I learned in 2016. 

hello 2017

any big hopes for 2017?
what made you laugh from above??

jeremiah chapter one // HE HAS A PLAN SET FOR YOU

December 27, 2016

I do believe we have all seen and heard "before I formed you in the womb I knew you." It's one of those Bible verses that I thought I knew exactly what it meant. I mean........don't you? 

But in my Bible study today in school, I was asked to answer a question, which totally changed the perspective that I've been viewing this verse at.

 The verses were; "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you;
Before you were born I sanctified you;
I ordained you a prophet to the nations." (1:5)

Jeremiah responded with that he was only a youth..a young person, why he?!

The Lord replied firmly that;
"Do not say ; 'I am a youth',
for you shall go to all to whom I send you,
and whatever I command you shall speak
Do not be afraid to their faces
for I am with you to deliver you." (1:7-8)

 then the bomb was dropped. "When did the Lord choose Jeremiah to be His prophet?"

the answer?

Before he was even born, created...thought of by human. 

which obviously means that God has a plan for me....and He's had it set in place since before I was even formed by His Heavenly Hand.  As a teenager, as a youth, that's the most comforting thing I could possible hear.

 I'm constantly being surrounded by my friends who are about to graduate come this spring, same as me, and they're making plans. College, mission school/trips, camps they're going to work at, and me? 

I'm not. It's a lot of fear, waiting for a push in some direction, and also, I'm content. Right now, there is so much on my plate and the thought of rushing into college classes a few short weeks after I just reach 18 makes me shiver. I'm not ready.

 And, you know what, that's okay. Cuz, God's got it planned out.  I'll do what I need to do right now and take on the scary things when they get closer instead of freaking out and not accomplishing the tasks at hand.


also also you need to go check out my updated friends page - now titled "my goofy gang"

planning out plans?? 
tell me about your Christmas 

rocking around the christmas tree // I DID A LIP SYNC VIDEO

December 23, 2016

well....guys..THE SURPRISE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jumps up and down* We made another video for you today, with me starring in it *grins at the gif below*  Obviously I'm not singing it...or is it so obvious?  IDEK *smirks*

lol, but Sare did all the hard work.  Seriously, don't ask me to cut and edit the clips to make an actual video - plz, just don't.

and. PEOPLE DO YOU REALIZE THAT TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS EVE *freaks cuz i think im not going to be able to sleep* that black coffee works. I'm just so excited to do all the little Christmas traditions - ya know?!

but help cuz the snow is melting and I told myself snow was okay if that meant having a white, snowy, Christmas. HELP ME


also i'm trying to write a short story based off this poem  *stumbles and dies from words* 

should I do more videos??
favorite Christmas tradition?

I PUBLISHED MY BOOK // be prepared for lots of squealing

December 19, 2016

IT CAME GUYS IT CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies from lack of air cuz i can't stop screaming* I was expecting it to come today - so I was upstairs wrapping presents yesterday and Sarah bursts the door open like;


me? I reacted really oddly.

"WAHT. it wasn't supposed to come today!!!!" then I proceeded to stare at the package in Sarah's hands for a good 20 seconds, as if I didn't know what to do. (i tell you, shock) 

"OPEN IT" and she thrust it into my arms. I snipped the package open (Soleil uhm. how did you do it without scissors?!!?!??!) and immediately was shaking cuz ITS MY BOOK AND IN PRINT. Sarah took one copy while I was drooling over the other.

it's my novel. My characters are in there, my people. The story is now in print and I'm dead bc I CANT BELIEVE I DID 80K IN 5 MONTHS. (yes Mary did more than that in a month IDK HOW)

so now I have editing to do *cringes* BUT WE SHALL FORGET THAT. one of these copies is going under the Christmas tree for me to open on Christmas morning *laughs*

CHRISTMAS IS IN 6 DAYS. I'm all excited and jittery and if I lose that, I'm planning on drinking a cup of black coffee cuz I heard that does that to you? 

*waves cuz im off to go stare at my book*

also. many many many thanks to Sare. She did almost as work as I did on the cover and formatting at stuff as I did writing it...well maybe. Also, to my fantastic writing group - cuz you yelled at me a lot. <33333333333333333333

guys this is my 230th post *squeals again*
what do you think of the cover?
what are you doing on Christmas break??

Christmas is broken - help // ONLY 9 MORE DAYS

December 15, 2016

Christmas is in 9 days and even tho I have like every Christmas gift done, presents shipped to my long distance friends, have been listening to Christmas classics since October and am watching all the movies that involve Santa Claus on Netflix (thank my little sibs for this one) PLUS I EVEN HAVE SNOW

but im not unable to sleep at the thought of Christmas eve coming..

Christmas is broken. I broke it. what happened?

*doesn't want to hear that i grew up*  *folds arm in defiance* No. It's not that. It can't be that. Because, once Christmas Eve DOES come, I'm just as excited as all my little siblings are. They even come in my room early the next morning, cuz I'm awake too - waiting.


Last night I begged the girls to watched a cheesy, oldie Christmas movie, so we did. After the movie was done, I was left with the realization that I still didn't feel Christmas-y. Guys, it hit whapped me - FINALLY LIKE IT TOOK ME LONG ENOUGH - but really, it hit me. 

I didn't break Christmas. It's still the same. 

I was wanting the feeling of childhood Christmas, which is such a fleeting feeling. I just needed to fix my eyes on Jesus. that's the everlasting "feeling". also AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO STRUGGLES WITH CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS FOR YOUR GRANDPA pinterest saved my neck this year *laughs cuz not really but you know*

>>>>>> go here to see how to make your home smell like christmas <<<<<<<
look down for Christmas gift ideas for your grandpa xD

do you feel like I do??
what are you giving your grandpa for Christmas?

do you come back to see my reply??? // winter is here

December 11, 2016
IDK about you, but I love commenting on blogs. Like I'll read a post and be laughing the whole while and keep this mile long list of things I want to say.

then I hit that blank box and start going;

"OHMYWORD THIS IS SO PERFECT okay like i know exactly what you mean. I do that too. HOW DO YOU KNOW???

btw. that photo? adorbs"

*nods* that's about the gist of a majority of my comments lol!!! But -- my question for you today is; do you go back to the post to see the reply?  I mean, half of the fun of commenting on blogs, is getting to keep a conversation going with the blogger. And - for the blogger - A COMMENT MAKES THEM SO STINKING EXCITED *is totally not speaking from experience* 

I've just been wondering though, am I the only one? Does anyone else click that little box, sending them the email notification for EACH AND EVERY COMMENT FOREVER MORE - or do you just go "oh, I'll remember to check that" and then forget *also is totally not speaking from experience* 

Cuz, guys, just letting you know, I value your comments and reply. *nods* yup I totally do. also;

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EACH EVERY COMMENT YOU'VE EVER LEFT ON MY BLOG *throws ice cream cones around for everyone* 

we just got dumped with snow. I was excited....but ha. not anymore. :|

p.s I'm doing really well with the book challenge...IM TRYING TO MEET THE DEADLINE but geesh you guys helped me out so much with those book suggestions 

do you check to see if I replied??
excited about the snow?

{DIY} i painted the ceiling // ITS PINK

December 7, 2016
I heard of the pink ceiling paint and was like :

"WAIT DUDE YOU MEAN I CAN PAINT MY CEILING PINK AND IT'LL DRY WHITE yes BUT THE FACT IS i. get. to. paint. it. P.I.N.K. Yes, oh sooooo yes."

Also, I wasn't suuuuupppper thrilled at the thought of painting the bathroom ceiling. I have done 3 other ceilings is our house already..they were this weird fabricy substance I KNOW IT MAKES NO SENSE but it legit sucked the paint up and so I was constantly going up and down the ladder pluuuuuss it took WAY MORE PAINT. like ugh.

but this ceiling? *sighs* it was a breeze.

*starts to cry* BUT GUYS I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED. I really wanted the paint to be like hot pink. I wanted to look at the ceiling and burst out laughing at the color then watch it dry white. I REALIZE IM STRANGE BUT IT JUST SEEMED COOL OK?

it was like a baby pink. BABY PINK. The camera wouldn't even pick up on the tinge so I edited it so you could see the color. LIKE IKR?! laammmmme. *is still pouting* well, at least it dried white like it was supposed to. *laughs*

 also, this is the day where I almost fell through the ceiling. Don't worry, though. I survived. I even saved my little bro's life. You see, he opened the door while I was painting, and I raced to shut it, tripping on the board that was covering a hole and hahahaaa yeah it flung up and I just fell on the floor like "im dead" #myheartwasracing

ever paint a ceiling??
have you listened to the finding dory soundtrack?

I FINISHED MY NOVEL // nano is done + snippets

December 3, 2016

I legit did it. Not only did I accomplish 30k words in November, but.... I FINISHED MY NOVEL. It happened. I was just writing, and I was like "this is it. It's done." Then I felt like crying *laughs* THE FEELS ARE SO REAL THO.
(also guys i died and made this collage for you. You're welcome)

AND even though I reaallllllly want to show you all my book cover... I can't. IDK WHY NOT BUT I FEEL LIKE I NEED TO KEEP IT AS A SURPRISE FOR NOW *shields myself from rotten tomatoes* 

I finished "FOR WHO HE WAS" at 80,067 words!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *still is in shock* I'm planning on a sequel for it...but at this moment, I want to try to write something new. I'm SURE you all understand. I mean, I've been stuck in western 1800's for a while now and am like "I CANT EVEN GIVE MY CHARACTERS ICE CREAM this is sad." #yesimweird

now...for a snippet or two.

     “Doc. She’s gone.” 
    Grant looked up, seeing Eric holding a bucket that was rusted and beaten, but wet. He stood up, shaking his head slowly. Eric was somehow right. They quiet way he spoke the words penetrated through Grant’s near panic. His blood started to rage. Adrenaline raced through his entire being. 
     “I have to save these kids.” 
    Grant went one by one, checking pulses, temperatures. He tried to give them sips of water, but in their angered fevers, they couldn’t swallow. He feared that their throats had nearly closed tight; by the way each child seemed to gasp for air. 
       “What is it? They are bad.” 
   Grant didn’t reply. He didn’t know what it was. And, Eric was right. They were in bad shape.


The stage coach driver slowed his horses to a halt in North Platte, Nebraska. The whole place seemed similar to the other towns he passed through, but different. It was his business to know who was getting out at what stop, and this, was Eleanor Demmings stop.  
“Alright Miss Eleanor, this is your town.” 
Eleanor felt it odd for the driver to say it was her town, because it wasn’t. After all, she was just a new stranger. She quickly assessed the coach in which she sat, looking for any missed place items. 
There sat Alan Goodridge with his young son beside them. He had a smart, dark mustache which seemed to curl at the ends. His young face was dirty, just as all the other weary travelers were, but he even more tired looking. Alan Goodridge had told Eleanor of his wife’s recent passing and how he was going out West with his son, as far West as they could go. Eleanor figured he would never be able to run as far as he wanted to. 


“I – I’m not sure what to do. I think I need all the sick in one place so I can tend to them.” 
Aaron stood up suddenly. “Jake,” His eyes pressed urgency. “My ranch, they haven’t sent the signal, right?” 
Jake wanted to say no. His stomach tightened.  “It was one of the firsts.” 
Aaron sat back down, yanking his hat off and dropping it on the ground. He started to run his hands through his hair over and over again. Grant glanced down at his friend, who seemed to already be in the state of mourning.  “It’s alright. God is going to help us.” 
Aaron didn’t reply. Grant knew that Aaron wouldn’t, but at least he was still listening. He turned his attention back to the waiting man.

did you finish nanowrimo?
what do you think of the snippets??