MONTHLY WRAP UP POST goodbye to february // a lot of randomness like wow

February 25, 2017


*little sis shows me green bean while eating it* "I don't like the taste..but I do like the I'll eat it"#toocute

when you're waking up and can hear people talking in the hallway, and realize it's your little sis explaining last nights imaginary story to mom

at the eye glass place and an elderly lady is called up "uhm...Mary lou?" Like awwwww! Then her husband is like "have a nice trip darling"

Little sis in other room "I wish I didn't cry so much."

"It's true! I heard it on the radio with my own two ears" - little bro 

so I went shopping with my dad and got to help pick out my moms valentines gift and then was shopping with my mom and helped pick out my dads #romantic

*watching a black and white tv show*
"Why is it all grey?" - little sis

"Did you just throw away your sandwich??" - me 
"Noooo - just the skin. " - little bro 


6:30 am : *is asleep* *hears little bro crying in the hallway bc he's sick* *wakes up and jumps out of bed in .5 seconds to see sare already there* 
"Wow. We are sister goals."

saying it's 1 degree inside when I meant OUTSIDE

"Bree...I almost threw up on your bed." -me

waking up 2 minutes before my alarm goes off for like 9 days in a row #whatsup

majorly music jumping genres and my mom is like "woahh"

Sarah's camera bag biting me 

pulling a muscle while snowboarding blah 

"Ewwww spaghetti went flying" - me
"Spaghetti can't fly, Julia." - Bree 

when I was eating my apple and it slips from my hand half way thru and then I legit catch it in mid air 

driving around town while chatting and realizing "whoa I'm driving rn"

finding a can of soda in my drawer from like..two years ago?


Rushing around finding everything turquoise and wanting to buy them all

*me watching tv* "That's a lot of money" 
*guy on tv* "that's a lot money"
*sarah and I both laugh*

Being "one of those people" while having a coughing fit in the store IM SORRY


Me: "what's your favorite color?"
Sare: *walks away*

When she's in her room with headphones on and I just walk in and tap her on the shoulder 
" I said hi!!"
" you didn't." - sare
*me rolls eyes* 

"It" - me

Displaying unknown.png

when she's in the kitchen putting syrup on her waffles at 11:20 pm and the lid snaps her finger and she's like OW

"Wait...there's a outlet in the closet!?" #welivedherefor12years

Displaying unknown.png

"I want a cracker....Polly wants a cracker!!" - sare

when we both sneeze at the SAME time uhhhhhh??


livvy wrote such wow-ness
clara ouch ouch ouch
liz slapped me with her words
aaliyah  made me remember something and then idk wanna cry
em explained prayer in a way i had never thought of before <333
jon was right blah
naomi showed me something about myself


Getting interviewed for Aliyah's blog with Sare 

talking on the phone with Clara - then Amanda, then Liz randomly face timing me with Elissa, then Chloe messages me that Christy is over and we could video chat - ALL IN ONE AFTERNOON LEGIT

sledding with the sibs

<<<Hannah>>> commenting on like 585852826725290026 of my blogposts - like legit binge reading wow girl you're the best k

clean laundry + clean blanket 

being SUPER sick and Ragen drives over to my house and brings oranges and pineapple bc GUYS SHES JUST AN AMAZING PERSON K

when people notice I got a hair cut and sweetly say something about it

reaching 151 followers EEEPPP


*watching little house on the prairie* "uh oh...Nellie's got an evil plan" - younger sis

"I feel like I can see..for a long..period of..time *starts laughing at her own words*

Seeing a man walk down the sidewalk with a guitar and a bubble container in his hand???

I'll be okay. maybe? ^ #had2gulpsbeforeseeingit

Saturday goals. legit.

when it's been like 65 degrees and then have a thunderstorm and then a few days later you basically wake up to a blizzard #srsly

watching a lot of dick van dyke and ma + pa kettle 
FEBRUARY IS FINALLY OVER GEESH. I just want summer. lol! 

also wow guys my last post?? SO MANY QUESTIONS. I think I might do a video to answer them? thoughts?? 

tell me 1 thing about your month
should I do film a video??

QUESTION : WHATS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR???? // rollerblading with ragen + sarah's fall

February 22, 2017
I do this utterly quirky thing at least 5x a day - I'll be like;

"sarah - what's your favorite color?" 

I always get varied responses --- " grey." "blue." "STOP ASKING THAT." "julia honestly." "be quiet please." "blue" "wow you're annoying."

and I keep on asking it bc either I get a laugh out of it, we goof off from there, or whatever - legit, I don't plan on just sitting there and asking Sarah what her favorite color is all the time, it just happens. It's hilarious how she answers or gets annoyed so I just keep on doing it.

but, I realized I've never asked my friends this question! like - never. So, what is your favorite color???? 

also you probably saw from Sarah's blogpost about her rollerblading adventure *laughs bc wow that fall of hers* guys. her fall from my point of view?

*me rollerblading* "uhhh sarah - what are you doing on the floor?"

everyone has to go rollerblading...humans are weird tho. You strap this wheels on your feet and go in circles for hour??? idk. 

Ragen came rollerblading too and EEP that was so much fun. she had been out of the state for awhile and I had been sick - so legit it had been a month since we had seen each other so we just keep going around and talking and it was just the best.

also it's February and 65 degrees like howwwwwwwww??? and *high five to clara for talking on the phone while writing this post* 

p.s. ask me a random question plz in the comments and I'm going to make some weird blogpost with them in the end - so just one k?

is it warm for you??
what is your favorite color?

19 day abs challenge - WANNA JOIN??? // ft. MY ADORB LITTLE SIS also im sick again

February 16, 2017
I'm just the type of person who is always up for a challenge -- mainly to prove to myself that I CAN DO IT.  (like uhm...remember the no sugar challenge?) this is bc I'm a highly competitive person. then I saw this 30 day abs challenge and was like yessssssss I'm gonna try this. 

I wanted to test my own strength, endurance, but also the idea of having a set amount laid out for my in a daily form was doable to me - something I could tackle. I just completed 19 days yesterday. Yes, guys, I did 85 sit ups, 120 crunches, 50 leg rises, and a 75 second plank. *dies bc omw that plank* 

BUT YOU SEE. I did it. I was sure that I could never complete a 1 minute and 15 second long plank bc WHOA THATS REALLY LONG K. but i did it. which totally means that you can too!!! 

I noticed that the last few days have been a struggle for me..not sure if it's bc I'm sick again for the 2nd time in like 3 weeks, or that it's just getting too hard? So, that's why the challenge has been cut down to 19 days. It's what I've completed and recommend. xD

I even got my dad to do this *laughs* It's really fun to yank my yoga mat onto the floor and be like "daaaaaaaddddd it's time for your exercises" #imdaughtergoalsk

tho often I'm like *points down* 

And yes, I've found myself being like NO I DONT WANNA DO THIS. but I have to. It was a struggle at first to complete the sit ups, and now? they're a breeze. I think the best part is about this, is the slow but sure progress that you make. It's way better than trying to speed through something. Results don't happen that way. 

also GO LOOK ALIYAH INTERVIEWED SARE AND ME. like it was a live one hahahaa #watchoutforcraziness -- so like, go follow her bc her photography is amazing and plus SHE'S JUST A DOLL <333

and yes, I'm aware that my little sister is so adorable. GUYS I SHOWED HER HOW TO DO A PLANK AND SHE CAN DO IT. like. wow. advanced kid.

did ya follow Aliyah's blog??

DARE TO BE BOLD + gifs // your heart is the size of your fist LEGIT

February 12, 2017

Evolution - it's everywhere. In TV shows, books, games, etc - to the point to where people get confused as to what is what. Did dinosaurs roam the earth? Was the flood real? Was the Ice Age really 800,000 years long?

All these questions, and more, can lead to a lot of confusion - or understanding. But, you have to do a little of your own digging to find truth. Don't just accept what you hear as to being fact - I dare you to search, seek, and then decide.

Your heart is an involuntary muscle. You don't have to sit there, making sure it beats 115,200 times a day. LEGIT. (btw if you live to 80 years of age, your heart will beat 3,363,840,000x)

*nods and walks away bc whoa*

Your lungs are also involuntarily filled with air. Sure, you can "take charge" of your breathing for a short period of time, but after a few moments, you forget. AKA - you would die. 

The human body alone is so complex. There are still things unknown to modern day doctors. It screams design.

 Can you imagine a rock slamming into another rock, and then suddenly, there are these white fluffy clouds, filled with water that keep a cycle of clean rain going. like..because of a BAM there are hundreds of thousands of different animals? Or, the fact that we humans have are blessed with the ability to read, make music, speak, invent, grow food...the list keeps on going

I'm sorry, but no. There is a Designer behind all of this - and that being





also i'm going rollerblading in like 20 minutes so EEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP CANNOT WAIT *dies* 

p.s. did you know that it's february 12th? like whaaa ALSO VALENTINES DAY IS IN 2 DAYS *nervous laughter* uhggg #notmyholiday

do you like to rollerblade?

*disclaimer* these are only my thoughts so ya know toss them to the wind or whatever - just rambling here. 

waking up late, bake offs, facetime + phone calls, plotting // ALL ABOUT MY WEEKEND 02/3-5/17

February 8, 2017
I legit can say last weekend was one of the best ones EVVERRR in my life -- and guess what

NONE OF IT WAS PLANNED. ready to hear about it? read on. oh, and guys I'm so proud of that night sky photo *sobs* 

Friday - 3rd of FEB 

i know this really isn't the weekend truly..i mean yes, and no. I had already gotten by schoolwork done SO I GOT TO PLOT MY NEW NOVEL WITH SARAH EEEEEEEEPPPP and then I took a walk and we watched "I am David" which left me crying *nervously glances around*

Saturday - 4th of FEB 

wow okay - so you know the blogger bake off thing that kinda got started (I say kinda, but legit, we started it) in our writer group chat last October? Well, now it's kinda this thing I do with my friends - and Micaiah and I challenged each other to make these Orange Cinnamon Rolls and GUUUUUUYYSSS MAKE THEM NOOOWWWW. they were sooo good. *decides bake more soon* 

also we plotted this majorly depressing scene in my book. Be prepared for a broken heart you all. *grins* 

then I went sledding with my siblings and hopefully burned the cinnamon roll off?

Sunday - 5th of FEB


legit woke up and Sarah was like "what are you planning on doing today?" and I was like "uhhhmmmm maybe clean my room?"

HAHAHA nope. 

so I called my bestie at 1ish for about an hour, then Amanda called and we goofed off for a solid hour and next thing I remember (I PROMISE YOU LIKE I DONT REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED maybe I went sledding again??) I'm in the kitchen and my pocket starts buzzing and I'm like "uhhh I don't have an alarm going?" #mythoughtprocess

It was Liz - calling me on Facetime randomly. like we hadn't set this up - so I answer it and she's at Elissa's house! *sobs* they were even drinking tea and I wasn't but legit that was just too amazing

then not even an hour later - Chloe messages me and is like "CHRISTY IS OVER YOU WANNA VIDEO CHAT?" like yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

that day. wow, it goes down in history for I have the most adorable friends in the entire world and geesh I love them day (and Sare said that doesn't make sense, but it does to me? so?)

but then I had to do my abs challenge at 1 am bc I forgot to do them earlier uhhhggg #me (a post will be up on the challenge later *squeals*) like rly tho 60 sit ups? wow

what did you do this weekend?
will you make those cinnamon rolls??

WHY I WRITE WORDS DOWN // also win a go teen writers book

February 4, 2017
for the longest time as a kid, I declared that I was a writer. I said it made me felt free, that it was what i LOVED doing, basically that I was going to live my life doing it. Like John-Boy Walton, but different, cuz I'm a girl. 

 Then, I hit twelve years of age. I got busy - but something else happened. I guess I became self conscious and decided my writing wasn't good enough. I attempted a little something once I hit fourteen, but nothing happened, so I thought I had forgotten how to write. 

 I did start my blog tho sometime in there! It was actually really hard at first for me - I wanted to post the thousand pinterest pins I thought were cool, until Jess (STILL LIKE THANK YOU GIRL) told me to "write what you do. Just tell me about it!" so I did - and have been ever since. 

Sarah got me into Camp Nano last July, which was ammaazzing! I started "for who he was" and finished it after an attempt at NaNoWriMo at the end of November 2016. It's now a legit book sitting on my shelf. 

Poetry happened upon me last summer, as well. I had this urgent urge for a week at least to write a poem about my siblings and it happened one morning - and now, I can't stop. my poetry blog is still flowing and now EEEPPPP I'm working on publishing them as well. xD

 but you see, books surround my life. actually WORDS DO. I end the day reading my Bible and a few chapters in a book, my morning is spent doing school, I read A LOT of children's books to my sibs, text friends, write blogposts, listen to music and talk, journal, scribble aimlessly, write poetry --- basically IT DOESNT STOP.

and I can't. 

and I don't want to.

bc someday I'm going to be that old lady with a house with more books than clothes - more notebooks than plates, etc. Just no cats for me lol! 



annnnnnnndddddddddddddddddd bc I'm talking about books and words here GO ENTER SKG'S GIVEAWAY TO WIN A GO TEEN WRITERS BOOK (i really want this thing so why am i sharing it whatever)

why do YOU write?
gonna enter the giveaway??