MARCH IS ALL OVER LIKE WOWOWOWOW // all the crazy things that happen to me in a month in one post

March 29, 2017


completely moving Sarah's bedroom around cuz why not

booking my first ever flight tickets EEEEEEPP

hiding in random places at the library with Ragen and just chatting and chatting forever and ever

Answering the phone when Emma calls and being like
"Hey! It's julia. I'm good, how are you?" ....before she even asks how I am....
#sorryemma #imsoweird

committing to 50k for April nano IM CRAZY

when i find out Sarah follows my blogs by email awwww

Plz explain why Spotify thought I would want this??

goofing off at the store with my sisters and then a lady being like "are you related?"
Uhm. I think we look alike?

helping Liz redesign her blog while facetiming for like 4 hours legit goals 

*me sitting and reading text book* *stuffs pen in hair for fun*
1 min later
"Where's my pen!?! Who stole it!? Oh *remembers it's in hair* whoops."

quickly eating a donut in the car and then going into store, shopping for 30 mins and coming out and my dad is like "julia there is donut on your face"

needing to find a cart bc I picked out like 8 gallons of paint whoops

starting a new 30 day challenge and ow squats hurt


when Sarah is making mint patties and I'm making pizza and I tell my little sis we are having chocolate pizza and she freaks *grins*

teasing my bestie on the phone *smirks*

driving along downtown and look out the window to see a teen runner dude trip and almost fall on the sidewalk

"My feet can't touch the ground when I stand on it..." - my dad

*grandpa falling asleep*
*me whispers* "hey you want ice cream?"
"Uh yeah!" - grandpa

when you reach for the chocolate sauce to put on ice cream but accidentally grab the worcestershire and legit almost dump it on the ice cream...whoops

"I like mud! It's so squishy!"Little sis

being in Walmart waiting for fabric to be cut and an employee offers me a stool???? I'm still so weirded out

"You're small for your age, julia." -little bro
"Actually you're big!" - little sis
Me- *glares*
"Never mind!!"

walking in the field with my sister and a pheasant suddenly flying away, making a really loud noise making her scream - I didn't even blink....


"Mom told me today that cows drink water and then they make milk...I used to think they drank milk and then it just came out!" - little sis
"But..then where would they get the milk?" -mom
"Huh! That's a good question!" -little sis

"Jula! What I have in my hand is maybe rare." - little bro looking at a rock

"When the thunder goes, im going to look out my window for the lighting."
" buddy, the lighting goes first."
"Oh...but why? I wonder why God did it like that?" - little bro

"Guys! Look! I found a LAVA can't believe I'm holding lava...." -little sis

"This know..squishy" *little sis holding rubber elephant toy*

*looks at picture of fancy yacht*
"are they pirates?" - little sister

"You know what today is?" - me
"...?.." - little sis
"It's Monday." - me
"*gasp* is that the green day!?"
"Green day....?.. OH. St Patrick's day. No, not today." - me


Going to bed with my hair in a ponytail then waking up in the middle of the night with the ponytail on my wrist - legit.??????

"You can eat the boullion cubes, Julia. They're 5 calories." - sare

having suppperr weird dreams after having spicy chili for dinner LIKE I COULD SPIN LIKE A DRILL THRU 4 STORY HOUSES??!

when you're on the phone with your bestie and she has a really bad foot cramp

suddenly realizing Nels and Nellie on Little House are basically the same name.....

having a strange urge!?

when I'm in town and there is a dude dressed as a Statue of Liberty and he waves at me?

waking up every hour bc I was afraid I wouldn't hear my alarm bc I was so tired which just made me even more tired uhg


"Ewwwww I just thought of a weird juice and whipped topping" - sare

Her :"What's O-D-D???"
Me : ".....odd...??"
Her : *bursts into realizing laughter*

when she's fixing her hair in the mirror and I just stare at her and then she glares at me

*sarah trying to make me laugh while on photo shoot*
"Picture a pink polka dotted chicken in the store on a leash and it's owner is wearing green pants."

"I was jump roping and I pulled something in my leg..not even kidding right now." - Sare

when you're on Pinterest and you get recommended a photo THAT YOUR SISTER (aka Sarah) TOOK WAHT

hehehehhee my gift for Sarah bc she's my sis

"Say something funny. I don't have a lot about you this month." -me
"Uhm, yeah, cuz I save it for my own blog."
*two blogger sisters*

"Julia. We should plot tonight.." -sare
*me moans*
"Julia!" -Sarah


cally spoke the words that everyone needs to hear 
erin wrote super inspiring post about living life with joy
mary took my breath away 
i wrote this but i wanted to share it again haha
sare took amazing pictures as usual like im dead k 
jon actually did it again (read this if you're a writer)
erin inspired me like majorly 

PLANS FOR APRIL and kinda May too :

  • ready for this? I want to try to write my entire novel by early May - I KNOW IM CRAZY. It's my goal to write 50k this month, and by mid May finish it at around 80k. I'm super scared and think I'm 100% insane cuz I've also got to graduate plus live life ya know. 
  • finish my new 30 day fitness challenge
  • come home from the dentist with all my teeth 
  • FIND OUT HOW MY POEM SOUNDS AFTER ITS TURNED INTO A SONG *crashes through savannah's ceiling*
  • get all my algebra done
  • go barefoot outside (I JUST NEED IT TO GET WARMER)
well that's it. another beautiful messy month complete. You know, I gotta admit, so far 2017 has been pretty great. 

btw, if there is one thing I've learned in March, it's this; one earbud dying should be illegal. also please don't talk to me about camp nano k thx

funniest thing in the post??
how is 2017 for you?

look! look! the blog looks different eeeppp // ALSO SENIOR YEAR BUCKET LIST + ITS A BAKE OFF DAY

March 25, 2017

Okay, so long story short, I've had this spring cleaning desire for my blog and last night Sarah helped me change my same blog design up a bit! Now, if you need to find previous posts, my instagram feed, follower button, etc, it'll be at the way bottom of the blog. We were able to get rid of the entire sidebar, centering my post area and EEP I just really love how it feels!! We also widened everything which means I get to talk a lot more in each post *smirks*

Not so long ago, Sophia from THE TEENTREPRENEUR messaged a group of us senior gals prompting us to remember something mega important. That being a senior doesn't have to overtake your life. The same goes for any level of high school, or even college -- it doesn't have to be everything. 

The fact is, these are the early years of our lives. You can't go back, so you've got to learn how to balance the things you NEED to do with the things you WANT to do and then of course, there are some things you just HAVE to do. (i.e clean that room, wash those dishes, put those clothes away)

So you guys, this is my Senior Bucket list. I'm going to list them here and sometime after I graduate, hopefully I can come back with a huge grin and some check marks. *crosses fingers* 

  • get my poetry book available for purchase
  • at least 3 big DIY projects 
  • finish my next novel (am dying but guys i really wanna do this) 
  • trryyyyy to play one new piano song (like the UP married song *starts to sob*)
  • get my garden started 
  • buy a bike
  • go on a graduation trip (adding this so i know for sure i will get at least one check hahaa)
  • spend major time outside with my siblings + friends 
  • sew a dress

You see, these are things that I would really like to do, added on top of my graduating - which is like really scary. But the thing is, if I limit myself, that will be admitting why even try if that's the case? Sometimes the harder the goal to reach, the harder I'll push for it. 

also also also - you guys have probably heard of the bake offs that I usually do with a group of friends? Well, Micaiah and I often do them. Like, for awhile there we were doing one every weekend. Then, we both got super busy. *laughs cuz we were just talking about that* 

Today, at like 1:00 p.m EST we decided to make these gorgeous things.  I'm actually a bit nervous bc I legit have never been able to make a soft pretzel in my life. They're always uhm..dough balls or doughy rocks. *nervously laughs* BUT I'm gonna try bc she persuaded me and also Sarah say's that a true bake off is only a true bake off if we both have never made the thing before

which I guess she is right............ but she always is 

actual footage of how i feel sometimes (jk...ish)

sooo if any of you join us that would be like really fun. Just comment below if you want to join! You can even do a blogpost with photos if you like. Baking can be a blast and hey, like I was saying above, let's live life in the moment! As Ms. Frizzle would say "take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!" 

*nods* yes, I still watch magic school bus. #lovethatshow btw did you hear that they are going to possibly be making more episodes with a lot of the same voices actors? yup, there's your random thing for the day

also guys. try to not get salt into your laptop keyboard like uhhhgg.



March 21, 2017
 I'm here to tell you something very important *puts on announcer voice* YOU CAN MAKE COOKIES ON YOUR WOOD STOVE. i repeat YOU CAN MAKE COOKIES ON YOUR WOOD STOVE. 

*nods* I am very serious here. I MEAN LOOK at the photos would you? This is photo proof of something REALLY REALLY nifty. and dude, I'm like so proud of the fact that my cookies even turned out because there are two things I struggle with.

Pancakes (which my last ones actually turned out???)

and cookies.

they just don't work for me!! idk why, they just are always too runny, thick, unbearably crunchy, or just everyone is like "uhm. yum?" *pouts*

Displaying ms-JPkYil.gif

so the power was out like almost two weeks ago or whatever and I was like "I want a cookie". Sarah bravely suggested that it might work on the wood stove which basically is the go ahead for me. I made the dough cuz I figured if the first pan didn't turn out we would just eat the dough. like hahahaaa no loss here right?

And LET ME TELL YOU this was an adventure. Kinda like my egg that I cooked on the sidewalk last summer?? Hahaa yeah that was interesting.... ANYWAYS first of all, standing that close to a like 400 degree stove woooooooahhh ITS HOT. secondly, make the foil that you put on top to keep the hot air from escaping more like a bubble and less like a sheet on top... *dies* that's what I did at first, please don't ask me why. 

let's just say those didn't turn out. *nervously laughs* 

The second try? THEY ACTUALLY DID. ^^ as seen in photos, they look yummy and they actually tasted yummy. everyone was so surprised -- but I don't think anyone was more surprised than me *laughs at the crazy things i do*

just another fun adventure of me and my randomness.

"these were made on the wood stove?! they taste..normal!" - my mom
"i knnnoowww" - me

also thanks to Sare for helping me take some of these photos, for lending me her camera and for test eating the cookie. you're brave

also GUYS CAMP NANO IS COMING UP IN LIKE 11 DAYS OR SOMETHING and i just decided upon my word count. 50k. 50,000 words. hahaha nah, don't worry about me, I'm totally sane. 


would you try the cookies on a wood stove?
are you doing camp nano??

i was gonna work at a camp this summer but..... // LEARNING HOW TO ACCEPT CHANGE WITH A SMILE

March 17, 2017

okay so summer plans. Everyone is making them right? I was too, except I was trying be a grown up about not get my hopes up to high and to remember to not set them in stone before a definite answer was given.

You see, I put in an application to work at a Christian camp that I really, really love. I had to fill out a ton of paperwork, get references, find out dates, etc. It was a learning curve for me. A few days after my email went through, I got a super positive response! An interview would be happening sometime in March. Like, talk about scary and exciting.

I was encouraged to contact previous volunteers who did the same thing I was interested in - so with the help of my friend *waves to shelby*, I was able to do that. basically that was the best bc wow I got really pumped up to work with these peeps!

Just the other day, I got a phone call. I'm not going to the camp. Basically, they had an overflowing amount of young adults willing to stay the entire summer and since I wasn't able to commit to that, they decided to only have to train their volunteers once. (which makes total sense) 

but like.. wow, talk about disappointing. I had been planning a lot of things for camp, even though I tried hard to not to. I thought about chapel meetings, how much I would miss blogging and my family, the experiences and hard stuff I would go through.

but you know what? I was also relieved. There were a lot of reasons I wasn't looking forward to being gone for so long. Truthfully, I'm introverted and that alone scared me.  *sees all the sympathetic looks out there* 

so now I'm left on this verge of mixed emotions and the realization that I'm not going to work at the camp and I'm beginning to see how exciting that is in a way. I'm graduating in early May + planning a trip (shhhhh nobody is supposed to know yet) which is leaving me with an "empty" summer.

It won't be empty though. I will have so many opportunities - things I can do. I can just as easily serve my family and friends as I could the kids up at camp. I can garden here, be a lifeguard at our own pool, enjoy my last true summer reading, not miss out on so many amazing people's birthday's and graduations also JULY CAMP NANO HERE I COME.

I can just be. and geesh guys - I'm so excited for that.

also I finally cleaned out my inbox uhm *cough* it was bad. Also, I apologize if you're one of the effected people by the blizzard that hit the east coast... like i pray you've got a lot of books :P

oh and wear green today or else you'll get pinched ;) just warning you *pinches you anyways* 

p.s. this post makes me think of my own poem I wrote a few months back if you wanna read it

what are you doing this summer?
when was the last time you just...lived?? 

UHM GUYS I JUST PRINTED MY POEMS INTO A BOOK AND IM DYING // help its so pretty and wow its mine k

March 13, 2017

I don't even know what to say at this moment. the surprise is here - FINALLY. like *is squealing so much right now*  it's my poems. in book form. published. and mine. ACK

BUT REALLY GUYS LOOK AT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the best part? This is my test this means I'm working on opening it available to purchase to my closest friends + all you amazing blog readers YES I MEAN IT.

*is still hyperventilating* okay - here, let me give you the back story on this beautiful thing. I decided I wanted to print all my poems into a book bc GEESH HOW COOL RIGHT. So, with the amazing help of Sare, we formatted all my poems from Twilight to Dawn into a manuscript and kinda just left it for like a month? We ran out of time to work on the cover...

then one night we literally just started to do it and had ordered it in like 3 hours flat. LEGIT. I was dyyyiiinngg bc wow so exciting. Bree and Sarah designed the cover AREN'T THEY MAJESTIC HUMAN BEINGS?! you can't have them, nope - they're mine. 

The book is 152 pages -- that's like a lot of my poems *squeals again* All the photos are inside - just like on my blog. PLUS my "to dance" short story is in the way back and omw ITS SO CUUUUTE.

also *smirks* there are like a few poems you guys have never seen before hidden in the book xD

basically I adore it. and last night I dropped it and picked it up and hugged it cuz wow how could I do that? #sorryprettybook

also we went to goodwill today and omw i found some adorable stuff plus the power is back annnndddd we are supposed to get like 5 inches of snow or something waht. 

oh and you guys? I love all of you amazing people.... I read through and replied to each and every single comment you all left on "why you follow my blog". *sobs* let me just tell you, I'll try to keep it up... you guys are THE BEST K. just remember that on this Monday morning *waves to go catch some sleep cuz wow it wasn't nice to steal that from me yesterday mr. clock*


p.s much love and ice cream and chocolate for my sisters. they did so much for me + sarah took these photos like wow (also this post is scheduled the evening before jsyk)

why do you read my blog??? - really curious here // NO POWER AT MY HOUSE UNTIL SATURDAY HELP

March 9, 2017
I was sitting at my desk the other day, doing school (no joke guys graduation is sneaking up on me!!) and I was like "wait. Why do people read my blog!?!"

then I just kept on reading my pre med text book about how the eye can see 9 million times better than THE BEST camera on the planet. *nods*

But anyways --- why do you read my blog? it just cuz I post often and you can easily click on it, scan the photos and for any specific thing that grasps your attention?

Or just cuz we are friends? Or the fact that I'm always embarrassing myself so you're like DID SHE TRIP ON THE STAIRS RIGHT AFTER SHE MET THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND or something

(I would never do that tho jsyk)

Or maybe you just think I'm cool??

so LET ME KNOW DOWN BELOW plus link your blog again just so I am 100% sure I follow you wonderful peeps CUZ I DONT WANT TO MISS OUT.

Also as I write and schedule this post, we don't have power. Aka we don't have wifi - so I won't be able to publish comments for awhile... unless that changes by Saturday PLZ PRAY THAT IT WILL COME BACK SOON


expect the post up soon tho *grins*

Oh, and I found out that on my moms library card alone, we've checked out 5,374 items from the library since like..the year 2000?? #weloveourlibrary

p.s. when the power is out in the whole town and everyone meets in mcdonalds - it's funny 


A QUESTION OF HONOR BOOK REVIEW // why i loved it + i cried + meet Jesseca (she rocks) also WIN IT

March 4, 2017

Book reviews are not really my I know how to do the correct book review, but goooshh they get so boring ya know? so here is my take on a book review xD

A QUESTION OF HONOR by Jesseca Wheaton. okay okay okay *takes deep breath* SO MUCH HAPPENS IN THIS BEAUTIFUL BOOK IDK WHERE TO START.

A man. A child. A war. 

When German soldiers invade France during World War II, young Joyanna's perfect world is shattered. In the hands of those who hate her, she battles to comprehend why people can be so ruthless and cold toward those whom they have never met.

David Sullivan, pilot in the Royal Air Force, was certain he would never hate, but a painful loss forces him to either reconsider or do the inconceivable—forgive. He is suddenly challenged by the realization that doing God's will is not easy, but most important. With the lives of freedom-fighters relying on him, he must learn the difficult lesson that he is not in control, but merely one who must surrender his heart of obedience to One greater.

A sudden turn of events lands Joyanna and David in the same country—but for far different reasons. When their paths cross, David finds he must make a decision that will affect them both for the rest of their lives. 

Will he choose vengeance, or will he let his life be ruled by a higher standard? A standard of Honor.


her characters. omw omw omw OMW. legit, the growth and depth you see as you read along with her people are ammmmaaazzzing. You feel a tug at your heart when something goes wrong, you smile when they smile, and when you have NO idea what is going to happen next, a wild card is pulled and you just sit there like

"wow. i need to process this"

no joke


ITS ABOUT WORLD WAR II - like duuuuuuhhhhhh. Honestly though, Jesseca took such a different aspect of a World War II novel, when I was reading it, I was like "this is stuff I never thought of!" which is really good xD xD

( actual footage of me being blown away )


ITS SO REAL. Jesseca is 100% on top of her research (something all of us historical writers understand and detest lol). In one particular scene, I was reading it and FELT LIKE I WAS IN THE AIRPLANE TOO. it was all so real and alive.

Jesseca is an 18-year old daughter, sister, and a child of God. Her days are spent reading, cooking, spending time with siblings, or playing piano.  And writing, of course! At an early age words fascinated her, and her love for the printed page has only grown. She lives with her parents and seven siblings in the sunny state of Kansas, and she’s convinced there’s no place like home.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

so GET YOUR HANDS ON THIS BOOK BC ITS AMAZING also guys she's writing her next one and I'm dying to read it gahhhhhhhhhhh *sighs bc wow good books*

annnndddd. SHE PUT ONE OF MY POEMS IN THE BEGINNING OF HER BOOK *squeals* srsly guys, I feel so honored. gah.

p.s. my surprise is coming really soon and im dying over that too so help me plz 

favorite world war II novel?
will you enter the giveaway??

{ VIDEO } here ya go - we answered all your random questions // BLOOPERS + TRUE SISTER LIFE

March 1, 2017

(omw hurry up and click play i look so weird k)

LOOKIE LOOKIE LOOKIE HERE IS THE VIDEO!!!! You guys all legit asked some of the best questions wow now you guys know if we would rather be a slug or snail, eaten by a shark or crocodile, and whether or not we would want to live without smelling or feeling. 


also im dying bc I've got another surprise coming soon IM WAITING AND WAITING and you guys know patience isn't my thing uhg. 

soooooooooooo enjoy the video *smirks* thanks SO much everyone for asking the questions!! also tell me, have you ever tried Jones Soda? 

thoughts on the video?
like the bloopers??