SAYING GOODBYE TO THE 5TH MONTH + things that Sare said + COLLEGE ACCEPTANCE // get ready to laugh

May 28, 2017
oh look. my "lol" got cut off. guess I'm only half way laughing ????

how am I supposed to wrap this month up? How am I supposed to say goodbye to it? I can't even attempt to explain to you all everything that happened in this beautiful month. like

I can't.

all the moments and memories captured, the people I miss, the leaps I've taken - the glimpses of heaven. It's like every day gets better, even with the messes. God's on the move, guys. 

T H E  T H I N G S  I  D O :

I woke up an hour before my alarm and made breakfast/potato salad for lunch and then my alarm went off and I just laughed

thinking I could even write on vacation HA

dropping my phone on the plane floor  - suddenly the sky felt a lot closer
having to wake up at 3 am for a 5 am flight and then 3 in the afternoon rolls around and I'm like THE DAY IS SO LONG

drinking this aloe honey water drink and legit there are aloe chunks in it?? Kinda slimey but somehow good?

trying to pack my blue fluffy blanket lololololol

took the little house character test and I'm Mary my older sister is Laura and Sarah is Harriet Oleson THIS IS GOALS

yes I have candy stashes why do you ask

planning July camp nano cabin mates on May 1st hahaha

legit I put my item in someone else's shopping cart omw omw omw IM SORRY LADY

being obsessed with David Dunn's newest album YELLOW BALLOONS

C U T E  K I D S :

- little sis "hey sister when are we going to use those new birdies?"
- me "Uhm *is confused* what birdies?"
"You know! Like on Robin Hood, what they used and played."
- *me bursts into laughter* "you mean the racket birdies? Tomorrow. We will use them tomorrow"
- little sis "yippie!"

*little bro in store*
"I'm going to buy my own things with my own money...*nervous giggle* I'm kinda nervous"

Me - "did you have a dream last night?"
-little sis "yup. But it was short. I was like 80 and riding a bike then it went THE END."
"Guys be careful what you say - julia might write it down on her blog!!" - little bro

- little sis "on Friday we should have french FRIes get it."

*washes little sis's hair with shampoo*

"Are you on that no sugar race?" - little bro

"What does rude mean?" -me
"That you shouldn't burp." - sis

"When will I get married?"
"In a long long long long long time." - little sis
"When is that?" - me
"Like 15 days." - her

"I wish that toothpaste was like whipped cream" - little bro

*actor guy on tv* "hi my name is rob"
*sister gasps* "IS HE A ROBBER"

M O M E N T S  T O  S A V E :

listening to records on a real record player

suddenly feeling so explicitly happy that you just wanna cry

randomly having a campfire and eating hotdogs with ketchup and an apple with strawberry in this foil bake thing cuz I'm off sugar

Kaya reading my book and loving it nah I'm fine only sobbing here

Watching the sun set with Ragen after her graduation party (also the volleyball games were amazing) *so much love*
Making a 4 layered coconut cake for my parents wedding anniversary

not seeing my uncle for like 9 years and he walks in the door and goes
and then gives me a hug *laughs*

playing fun games with my cousins

THATS MY BIRTHDAY just like a lot of years ago AND MY FAVORITE MOVIE GAH *points down* 

So I was cutting my dads hair and the razor wasn't working so I handed it to my dad to fix and he twisted something and then tested it on my arm welllll uhm it's working now (I laughed so hard with the patch of hair gone on my arm and I think he was worried that I would be mad but I wasn't?? #me)
watching alllllllll the British shows (real rescues, the great British bake off, etc etc etc)

getting accepted at my college !!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!

setting up our BRAND NEW and really really realllllly deep pool

S A R A H  S A I D / D I D  T H I S :

hehehehhe she forgot her password like I do all the time

Me - " why are like 8 dried apricots so expensive?"
"Cuz sucking the life out of something takes time"

throwing a package of plastic cups at her and she didn't catch them haha

"Ooh Oreo chocolate candy bar LOOK AT IT.....Or buy gorilla glue - you know, to get your life back together."

{and i promise you, she said a lot more funny things this month but I was too busy enjoying them and laughing about them to write them down sorry your loss. }

B E S T  P O S T S  O F  T H E  M O N T H :

Liz took amaaaazzzziiinngg photos
clara killed me with this poem
ava ava ava ahhhh *dies of the beauty in her posts*
tane *hugs you* wow this is so good

(also I'm REALLY REALLY sorry cuz what in the world only four posts IVE BEEN SO BUSY SORRRRYYY)


onto June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh saying that makes me so happy. BRING ON THE HEAT AND GARDENING AND TAN AND LATE SUNSETS WITH ICE CREAM AND NO SCHOOOOLLLLL *walks off grinning* 


DO WE UNDERSTAND THE POWER OF THE WRITTEN WORD??? -- that includes novels and YA // i got fishes

May 24, 2017
annnnnnnndd yes if you look closely you can see my calendar still says "april" just showing you all real life here 

I don't normally get time to read in the day..especially during the school year. So, I end up staying REALLLY REALLLY late reading...and that can have side effects cuz crazy dreams. But, today, I actually had a lot of spare time and read. and read. and read. It's just the natural thing for me to do...and then when I was in the kitchen, I was thinking about the book.

and you see, that's the point. I WAS THINKING ABOUT THE BOOK. the point it was trying impress, the way it was written, the errors of thought, if I agreed or not...etc

a book is a powerful thing kids. Don't ever underestimate the responsibility you have while reading - like okay, YA these days. ohhhhh my word. I have steered clear from YA for years now, and then a few weeks ago I saw this book about some avalanche and I was like "oh cool, this sounds interesting." 

5 pages later. BAM. swearing.

and I'm just thinking this has got to stop *inserts emperors new groove quote here* 
I don't think I can go into this without majorly's wrong. that pretty much sums it all up. But, that book, after a much needed slam shut, got me thinking. 


I'm often asked "are you going to try to publish your novels??"
and I'm always like "ha. that's way too hard." 

But then I see the dirt that's laying around and I'm like "hhheeeeyy. who cares if it's hard, maybe I should try."

Because what's accepted and has become normal, doesn't have to be accepted and become normal. 

We have a say. We have the power. We are the young adults. We are the people being changed by what we read. So, what if we actually tried to do something about the content being published? Do you realize the power of the written word? 

Newspapers were started because the words could be read and the news would then be passed around. Also, those words which are printed have strength - they last. Why else have books been burned? Why else are people afraid of them? 
We may not all be writers - in fact a lot of us are readers. (which is a majorly important thing for us writers haha) sometimes I just want to ditch the thought of novels and stick to poetry and short stories - cuz they're easy. *thinks of my own poem and cringes* 

And, of course, I'm not going to leave the Bible out. If God chose to have His words written down, we should all take that into consideration. duh. 

My brother is reading over my shoulder and just asked me a question;
"who are you talking to?"
I shrugged and said "Who do you think I'm talking to?"
"the whole world?"

And, maybe that's a bit of a jump. But, hey, why not? We've all got voices - we all have a choice. 

ooooooohhh and also LOOK I GOT TWO LITTLE MINI GOLD FISHES - they are apparently called "gold dust" which is actually really cute. and their names? Gil and Fin. (at first they were Lewis and Clark which I still really like.....but then Gil and Fin are such fishy names ya know) 


glimpse into humanity // a poem from things i've seen + pretty shadows

May 20, 2017

i saw a homeless man

he was sleeping on the streets of boston

cement for a bed and the sky as his ceiling

i saw a man older than my grandpa

he was checking out a clifford book

he saw the books in my arms and smiled

the man beside him said

"you'll be reading like that soon. real soon."

and you know what

maybe there is no parallel here

i just saw something

pain and beauty

and perhaps

that's how it was meant to be

for now


okay so, these things are not fictional in the least. I don't think I would have ever even thought to write them down if I hadn't seen and heard both situations with my own eyes and ears. It's strange - the world that is. You see, I have always had this mentality of my world. The one that I live in, with the people who I see on a daily, weekly, etc, basis. It's what we all know - the plans we've made and the things we need to accomplish. 


Yet, I didn't plan on these situations. It was out of my normal and that's why they stood out. 

And you know something? Maybe we all have become a little too comfortable in our own world's and forget that other's are living in their's as well. They have humps to overcome and need prayer and love and friendship too. 

so, this is what I've been thinking about and some things I've been learning. 

btw we just got our pool filled and GUYS DID YOU KNOW THAT LIKE 7,000 GALLONS OF WATER CAN BE PUT IN IN LIKE 10 MINS??!???!??! 


WE ARE GONNA DO THIS PHOTO THING AGAIN this time mansions + ocean + pizza // graduation trip #3

May 16, 2017

this concludes my graduation trip post series. i think the last photo majorly describes an ending. (yes i fell asleep on the couch and my little sister missed me i think cuz i missed her too)

also i had legit the best time of my life. it was such amazingness i don't even know what to say

A LOT MORE PHOTOS BUT THIS TIME OF B O S T O N *squeals and dies* // graduation post #2

May 10, 2017

no words this time cuz no words exist. 

and dudes that is a legitimate thought and sentence and feeling. don't try to tell me different.