JUNE HAS SLIPPED AWAY EVERYONE AHHH HELP HELP HELP HELP // monthly wrap up post jk mainly gifs

June 27, 2017

W H A T  I  D I D :

walking up the stairs in pitch black darkness then suddenly sneezing. Idk how I didn't die

driving to the park on a Saturday with the windows down and The Gospel blaring with my bros and dad like YUUS

taking senior photos!!

lugging couches down 11 floors in an elevator - just a normal day here

shopping at menards with my sisters and coming home with 15 gallons of paint don't ask. Just don't.

(one week later)
Yup. You guessed it - still painting

bought a HAPPY planner (post on that later) and ouch it was $23 LETS HOPE IT IS WORTH IT.


sitting on brand new couches and just looking at the hard work done getting it to look like this and ahh

walking around barefoot in the store (I CARRIED MY SHOES I PROMISE)

picking 7 flats of strawberries (aka 56 quarts)

(Two weeks later)

still painting bro.

uhmmmm ruined my bedroom floor bc of water ouch

S I L L Y  S A R E :

*is setting up camp cabin name* WHHHYYYY. EVERYONE STEALS MY NAME.

*is accepting camp nano cabin invite*
"idk. The people seem sketchy to me"

-me *brings new jacket into Sarah's room* "the only way I will be able to wear this is if I turn the AC up really high"
- her *bursts into laughter* "well you can save it for fall"
- me *walks away sadly*

- Sarah " we really need to prep for nano"


"Did you know that you can't splash under water?" - Sarah
"I'm writing this down." - me

*sare in store* "you know I could be an alien in disguise just pretending to be your sister."
*me slowly pulls out phone*
*sarah bursts into laughter*

"well, obviously we know if I ruled the world, it would be way more organized." - Sarah

H O W  L I F E  I S  R A N D O M :

driving along the road in town and look out the window to see a guy on his lawnmower riding down the sidewalk????

*my dad walking past bedroom door*
"jsyk you can't take a shower bc there is no hot water"

gardening until 11 pm to get the garden planted before 90 degrees hit

*sister in said garden with me*
"If I were a plant, I'd want to be planted at night. bc then you can wake up in the morning."

*driving home while the sun is setting*
"It's a full sun!" - my dad

being in the store all mature like (for once ha) and then this teenage girl is sitting in the cart with her 8 bro pushing her #whereismyshoppingcart

*in post office*
"Have a nice day, ma'am!" -lady at desk
*me and Sarah walk out to car silently* *me start engine then turns to sarah*
"Why did she call me ma'am?" - me
"Idk" -Sarah 

T H E  S I B S  S A I D :

*little sis licks finger and sticks into air*
Me - "what are you doing?"
Her - "checking the wind"

Me : "what's your favorite food?"
Little sis : what's my favorite food? CAKE."

"sister I need to tell you something. When I wake up..I smell like macaroni." - little sis

"Can I read your poetry book? I mean, why do you want your friends to read it but I haven't yet?" - bro
Me - "Uhm..idk"
"How much is it?"
"Oh okay. Well good thing we are siblings cuz I can just read it for free." - bro

*outside working on garden* *little sis runs out and grabs hose*
"Come on team! We can do this!"

*me at park with sibs*"This is my friend!" - little bro
"Do you know his name??" - me
*random little boy sarcastically* "it's Canyon."
*me bursts into laughter*

"Sister! When you go under you HAVE to close your eyes, mouth and plus your nose. Do like I do!" *little sis in pool talking to older sister who's been swimming longer than she's been alive*

*little bro taps my forehead while laying on the couch*

- me "please stop"
"Oh but I was just trying to see who's in there."


June is one of my most favorite months and now its slipped by HOW HORRIBLE OH SADNESS OVERLOAD. *pulls myself together* I know its dumb, but I really like how June looks when written? Don't even try to comprehend that. but no matter what WHERE DID THE MOMENTS GO. still tho, I wouldn't trade where I am at for anything -- each day is crammed and each day I sleep sound and hard bc this is life and this is good. 



  1. Allll the Wizard of Oz gifs!!!! I loved reading through this! Your siblings are pretty awesome. ;)

    1. YESS I KNOW I COULDNT HELP MYSELF XD aww and yup. Truth there!

  2. Dude, how is it almost July?!?!! And your little sis giving swimming advice made me laugh soooo hard!!


    1. dude, I have N O idea whatsoever! It's actually really horrible.... LOL! IKR ah siblings XD

  3. Ha, we've been painting too. ;P It takes a long time to paint all the walls in a house, plus all the trim... plus a bunch of doors. Oh, and windows too. I'll be glad when we're done painting! ;P
    Yes, I'm looking forward to July. I'm leaving in just a few days for a missions thing! I'm going with a few friends of ours, and we'll be doing home maintenance sort of work for people in need. It's a week long thing, and I'm excited! I'm not looking forward to working in the heat though. *dies*

    Enjoyed reading this!

    1. I KNOW I KNOW. While reading your comment I was like "OH WOW SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS !!!! "
      oooh that's exciting! I will be praying you have a really good time <3

  4. OMW THIS WAS GREAT. I rly like how Sare has her own section. Her ruling the world and being more organized #yes XD THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVE OF YOUR WRAP UPS YET. *hugs* July? IT'S MY BDAY MONTH and also Camp, so yes looking forward to it! XD *runs off to do school and a review so we can go CAMPING* pics to come ;) lol

    1. HAHAHA IKR IKR IKR idk why but it happens. She just says funny stuff ;) WHAT REALLY OMW WHY??! oohhh yes your birthday!! GOOD MONTH INDEED. *squeals cuz i can't wait to see pics*

  5. This was fantastic, LOL! XD My favorite one was when your little sis said she was checking the wind and I was just like -- KINDREDSPIRITS! I can't even believe that June is nearly over. I mean, I didn't really realize it until I started reading your wrap-up post and I'm whawhawhawhat? I'm really looking forward to July because we'll be going to Oregon, I'll be volunteering at the library and also babysitting!
    It sounded like you have a great month, thank you for making me smile every time you post!

    Amelia xxx

    1. haha!! thanks girl! omw I KNOW I WAS LIKE I HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT ONE. srsly. she's so adorable. wow girl you travel a lot!! Sounds like a good month coming up ;)
      awwww gosh *blushes* HAVE A GREAT DAY GAL

  6. I swear you are always painting something... but then again, if you lived in my house I would make sure you were constantly painting/decorating/designing something sooooo...
    June is a perfect word and I WANT TO HEAR ALL ABOUT YOUR PLANNER. NOWWWW.
    love love love

    1. i think i would have to agree but honestly if I was a your house i wouldn't paint or decorate. I'd just eat ice cream is that ok?
      HAHAHA OK I SHALL MAKE A POST ON IT (when i get time jk what is time)
      love love love u

    2. uhhhhhhhggggggg, I guess I would settle for ice cream and fuzzy socks and late night chats and giggles...

  7. I love reading these posts! The funniest part was what your brother said about getting your poetry book for free :-)

    1. eep!! IM SO HAPPY! and, gosh, my bro is the best, isn't he? ;)

  8. Something that made me laugh this month:
    *Me teaching a class at a small public school*
    Girl: How old are you, Miss Jane?
    Me: I'm 15.
    Girl: *stares at me with her mouth and eyes wide open*
    Me: ...but like I'm turning 16 in a month.
    Girl: *continues staring in shock*
    Me: ...
    Girl: ...
    Me: Bet you thought I was older, right?
    Girl: *nods silently*

    Every time I think of it now I crack up remembering the look on her face of such utmost shock to discover how young 'Miss Jane' actually was.

    JUNE WENT SO FAST THOUGH, I STILL CAN'T KEEP UP HELP. And it's almost July already. (and it's only twenty-something days until my birthday *flails* and getting my driver's license and I'M NOT READY YET PLEASE NO.)

    1. JANE YOU'RE GETTING YOUR LICENSE?!?!? You must tell me how that goes. My parents want me to get mine right when I turn 16 too and I'm terrified *dies*

    2. *screams* YES I AM HELP ME. I really really need to read the rules book and do a few practice tests but life has been so darn full I can't seem to get the time. And my older sister is being /so/ encouraging and saying "If you don't read the book...you're gonna fail, you know" and I'm just screaming internally every time I think about it.

    3. *laughs bc Audrey replies to Jane's comment before I do* SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS I LOVE MY FRIENDS LOOK AT YOU HAVING CONVERSATIONS IN MY BLOG COMMENTS. *hugshugshugs* YO ARE THE BEST.

      and both of you? YOU CAN GET YOUR LICENSE I PROMISE !!!

  9. idk but I'm cracking up at all the Wizard of Oz gifs xD

    Ha, someone called you ma'am?? For some reason store clerks call me "Miss" all the time as though I somehow look like an adult???

    audrey caylin

    1. idk either but i did the same so you're okay girl <3

      YES. I about bugged my eyeballs out or something XD XD

  10. Your family is too funny!



    but wait how did you garden till 11 p.m.? HOW COULD YOU SEE IN THE DARK? :P (I also feel like this month I've talked to you about gardening and stuff more than anything else lol)

    Wow that is a lot of paint! xD But then again you're probably a pro at painting by now. Now I just need to drag you over here and help me paint half of our house that's been primed for like half a year and still not painted :P



      wellll we had to use a light at about 10? also we were listening to this southern baptist hymn group and it was THE. BEST. (hahaah #mylifern)

      uhh yup. AND A PRO? ha. never. still always covered head to toe in it. Whhhhhaaat! GIRL GO PAINT THOSE WALLS BEFORE I DO COME OVER AND DO THEM. gosh. I would die. o.O


  12. Oh, wow! Sounds like you had an awesome month! Then again, these posts are always hilarious. :D I think the laughing was a pretty constant thing throughout the entire post, but I think the part where I REALLY laughed out loud was when I read the part where your sister told you she smells like macaroni when she wakes up. #kidsareawesome #wheredotheycomeupwiththisstuff XD
    Happenings this month: (Keep in mind we are missionaries in Africa, just in case some of this stuff doesn't make sense to you.) :D

    My older brother and I sitting in car leaving gas station (someone else was driving):
    Bro: Why did we just come in the exit?
    Me: Because we're part African
    Bro: *nods as if that's a completely legitimate answer*

    Having a print/cursive penmanship war with your family and laughing SO hard because, even though Dad finished first, no one can read his writing.

    My big brother taught me to mow the lawn. I was so awkward for the first few minutes, like, how do I run this thing? I kept looking back at him to make sure I was doing it right. I think he found it humorous. I'll have to work on it, but I think it's coming along lol.

    I started school and got rid of a lot of old elementary school workbooks that we had saved. Going through all my old work was so fun. (Like, stuff all the way since first grade??)

    Let's see, looking forward to in July? Well, it's not technically July, yet, but tonight I'm going to see my BFF for the first time in almost a year. I'm really nervous and really excited. On Sunday, I'm singing a special in church and I think having a welcome home party for my best friend and her family? That's in July, so I guess I'm excited about that. :D

    Thanks for letting us read about your life, Julia! These posts always brighten my day. And the gifs are awesome. :)

  13. why are you so cute and how are your monthly wrap ups always so flawless? dude stop.



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