LIFE UPDATE TIME : what i'm doing + what i'm NOT doing // got a job and college orientation

June 2, 2017
jsyk i wasn't driving - my dad was getting gas haha

W H A T  I ' V E  B E E N  D O I N G : 

  •  met with ragen for dinner at arby's 
  • got to pick a gigantic tub of ICE CREAM *dies of the yumminess* for my graduation treat hehe
  • started working at a local CSA -- guys its amaaaazzziiing. I love it already 
  • went to the library and found waaayy too many awesome looking books 
  • COLLEGE ORIENTATION AND TESTING all the nerves guys. all the nerves. 
  • started to prep for camp nano already -- this is going to be the best yet 
  • taking a walk with my mom and older sis. basically i kicked a lot of rocks and tore apart lots of leaves #idoweirdthings

W H A T  I  H A V E N ' T  B E E N  D O I N G : 

  • I uhmmmmmm DIDNT finish my novel last month. #devastated
  • still haven't gotten my own garden going yet BUT WORKING ON THAT.
  • started alpha reading Jesseca's novel (promise, I'm getting on it girl!!)
  • swimming?? ITS JUST BEEN LIKE WEIRDLY COLD UHG hurry up heat.  

W H A T  I  A M  T H I N K I N G  A B O U T  : 

  • truthfully? The fears of change. Like it's coming and haha once again this reminds me of my own poem .. I don't want to give up blogging or writing or reading or being a DIY-er, etc! I feel as if there is a song or something about the fact that change is in the air. IDK what it is tho
  • BOOKS. I found like 15 billion books I wanna read. 
  • summer reading too - that's coming up soon!! EEEP sadly I have to change my group to adult...but ohhhh welllllll 
  • the fact that I'm hungry but nothing sounds good at all
  • wanting to win this giveaway 
  • that my room is a major wreck and it needs to be cleaned but ehhhh

W H A T  I  N E E D  T O  D O : 

  • repaint my bedroom floor + the staircase. a lot of foot traffic happens lol
  • plant the flowers that my bestie sent me 
  • put all my senior year stuff away *sobs and parties* 
  • make a loaf of bread mmmmm
  • decide why i don't like coffee? Cuz coffee is part of college right???? idk
  • journal. oh my poor friend has been neglected! 
  • eat more veggies + fruits and less treats (except ice cream. always need ice cream) 

I feel like this is really strange and random and like why am I posting this? Because my blog is also like a journal, just one that you all read. I find stress relieving to write all these things down and its also fun to share whats new!

also jsyk Cars 3 is coming out really soon and fathers day is a few days later --- I think Disney planned this. 




  1. Okay, I want to eat more fruits and vegetables, too. (eaters -- UNITE!), I want to get to 70k for my novel (and if not that, at least write a lot more poetry), and I also want to practice singing more. <3
    What's been happening to me? Tuesday is going to be an incredibly busy day, our family likes to call 'busy days' -- 'Amelia-days', because I just adore them. xP

    This wasn't random at all, I really enjoyed it!

    Amelia xxx

    1. YES LETS DO THIS THEN ooooooooooooooohh 70k?!?!? you can do it!! And I still wanna read some of your poetry.
      haha! I know what you mean. I love busy days too. They can be tiresome, but still, they're good.

      really?! Maybe I'll do it more often then??

    2. You can read all of my poetry on my blog. Is the invite working...?

    3. Yes! the invite did work -- but I forgot to follow and then got busy.. I have to find the link again lol!

  2. MAN you just have this 'writing style' on your blog AND I LOVE READING IT AND SOMEHOW YOU STAY SO CONSISTENT WITH IT WHAT ARE YOU A SUPERWOMAN?? (yep you are no denying)
    Fun to here what you've been up to--and it sounds like you've been busy. Nothing much has been happening over here, because we're just getting over a cold (bleh), but at least it gives me more time to focus on things that really matter! ^_^
    Three things I wanna do this month...well, I would lovelovelove to do some photo-shoots with people this month! I haven't done any in FOREVER and I miss it. *sobs* I'm also doing a summer project called Project Love where me and some girls who read my blog are working to love others waywayway more than we normally do and to spread the Gospel at the same time. IT'S GONNA BE EPIC and I'm hoping to love on others a lot this month! I ALSO JUST WANT ONE REALLY GOOD STORM AND I CAN TAKE PICS OF THE FREAKY SKIES PLZZZZZ.
    Oh man, my brother's been talking about Cars 3 coming out! MAYBE WE COULD GO WATCH IT AT THE THEATERS. (haha, I betcha Disney planned it--gonna fill up those theaters ASAP! xD)
    I'm curious, what are you majoring and minoring in in college? Or have you not decided yet?

    1. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh stop stop stop STOP LIKE DUDE HAHAHA I AM NOT SUPERWOMAN NOT EVEN CLOSE. I am smiling like really big tho thank you <3333333333
      ooohhh colds STINK. literally. uhg. I am glad I didn't get the last one that went around at my house lol! I somehow won???
      Oh photoshoots are amazing -- I really need to do one too. Sarah and I haven't done one in awhile either. PROJECTLOVE SOUNDS SO COOL GIRL ACK ACK ACK YOU ARE GONNA ROCK THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EPIC EPIC EPIC
      and bro. stormy skies??? *sobs* can I please see these photos??
      hahaha! UHM MAYBE I SAY YES. I shall be there, promise. (I WOULD THINK SO)
      I'm looking into Paraprofessional Education as my major. It's not really a teacher but kinda a teacher?? XD
      LOVED THE LONG COMMENT ARIEL <3 you're the best

  3. I totally am with you on the fears of change thing. This year seems to be crazy. I graduated, so dad's getting me all these college applications, and I need to make sure I have all my records up to date and sometimes I'm just like "Hooolllldddd on a minute. I wanna go back to when I was little and didn't care about all this." ;P So yeah *hugs* We can do this.
    Ahh, you don't like coffee?! Coffee is like.. my life. ;) Though, my dad was born and raised in Brazil, so we've all grown up drinking coffee since we were about 6 months old. xD
    And... don't worry about the Alpha reading. I mean, you have all of June, soooo... ;)

    1. wow........yup. You totally do get it. and I was thinking the same thing today as I was driving to work - but at the same time this season holds so many good things and so many different opportunities to share the gospel... still tho, change. *shudders*
      haha!! really?! Idk - it's not really my thing. Give me a smoothie or ice cream and I'll love you forever. OHH DUD THATS COOL. my dad looovvees coffee too. but he didn't grow up in Brazil lol!
      aww *hugs you* TRUTH <3

  4. WAHHHH YOU TEAR APART LEAVES WHEN YOU GO ON WALKS???? I thought I was the only person in the whole wide world that did that! :p Ohhh thanks for linking my giveaway! That would be pretty cool/really weird if you won, cause thats like HOW OUR FRIENDSHIP STARTED! We will see....xD

    1. YESSS I DO AND APPARENTLY IM NOT THE ONLY ONE WOW I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER NOW dude of course and WOULDNT IT?!?! I still can't believe that's how our friendship started. God works is crazy cool ways <3

  5. Ooh, this was such a fun post, Julia! I loved it. ;)
    My brother has been counting down the days until Cars 3 comes out....and of course he's not excited at all.....xD He actually wrote what day it was coming out on our calendar, lol! Sometime I would like to do this month?? Celebrate my Birthday....Go to my piano teacher's graduation.......Meet a friend from blogsphere.....Yeah! So, how has your month been? Sounds great so far! Enjoy the rest of your day, girl! <3
    Jaidyn Elise
    And, literally- I don't even know if I spelled 'blogsphere' right. xD lol

    1. aww I'm glad you thought so! I felt it would be boring lol
      haha mine has too!! I'm actually looking forward to it as well??? IM LIKE THAT OKAY XD oooh those are some good goals! And you, that's right. Blogsphere is a weird word, I know xD aww you're so sweet thanks!

    2. Why would you ever think that!?? All your posts are awesome, and make me laugh. =D
      That's awesome. xD Haha, yeah, I totally understand. =) I used to be big into Cars 2 and 1 when I was little. ;) Thanks!! ;)
      You're welcome! ;) <3
      Jaidyn Elise

  6. Sorry, I didn't mean sometime, I meant something!! xD
    Jaidyn Elise

  7. I tear apart leaves when I walk too! So weird! xD
    Three things I want to do this month? Ummm...lets see. Well, I want to read and write more, have my piano recital, and go on a few bike rides. Not anything too exciting but things I still want to get done.
    You don't like coffee? I LOVE coffee. What's wrong with you, girl??? xD
    Loved the post!

    1. no way!! Why in the world do we do this?! LOL
      but all of those things are so amazing and peaceful. I want to do like all of those things too. Especially ride my bike <3
      I really don't! Like I'll drink a latte, or a mocha or coffee flavored something but I don't crave it?? I really prefer fruits lol
      aww thanks!

  8. Three things I wanna do this month?!
    1) write more in Chosen
    2) start Raindrops (I HAD AN IDEA FOR THIS STORY AND EEP #excited I want to write it so you can read it!!)
    3) SEE CARS 3 cuz um yes I really like Cars and we are SO going to watch it in theaters *nods*

    I've torn apart leaves too... XD Goodness girlie! You do SO MUCH all the time O.O I just read a book called "The Reluctant Godfather" - omw, Julia, I laughed SO MUCH, and the main character was sooooo sarcastic like XD It's a Cinderella retelling in a really cool unique way! I'm participating in the blog tour for that - oh btw, I recommended it to you on GR, SO GO LOOK AT IT. XD

    OMW HORSES. Where did you guys get to see those horses?! you don't...own them? BC if so HOW HAVE YOU NOT TOLD ME?!

      and I'm coming with you. Lets smuggle ice cream in k

      whhhatt?! You too?!? This is kinda crazy. hahaa!! I DO I KNOW but I love it <33 You did part of the blog tour?! That's soo cool! OOOH I'll have to go to Goodreads later ;)

      they're like 1/4 down the road! We often horse sit for out neighbors XD

  9. SAME about the whole change tell me again why I can't stay a teenager forever???

    I don't know if I've ever commented, but I've followed your blog by email for a while now and GIRL YOU'RE SO FUNNY AND AMAZE. ^_^

    1. *sobs* i kkknnnnoooww. Like I've always told myself that I would never grow up, but obviously I have to. You just won't catch me giving up playing on a playground or climbing a tree ;)

      ack! I don't think you have -- you made my day my commenting girl!! OHHH GOSH THANK YOU. I always grin when I have a long time follower comment for the first time. It's like HELLO OLD FRIEND <3

  10. NEVER STOP THE ICE CREAM LOVE. <3 <3 I will marry ice cream one day. And agh CHANGE. I hate it but I love it. Like why must I grow up??? I want to stay a kid forever. *wails* I'm sorry you didn't finish your novel! I haven't finished any edits either if that makes you feel better. XD

    1. take care of edits and brainstorming and writing stuff
    2. spend time outside and with the fam ALSO EXERCISE
    3. not slouch

    may @ forever and everly

  11. Three things.... 1. Get my Class 5-GDL (That'd be my driver's license), 2. Buy Exiles by Jaye L. Knight(hurry up and come out already....), 3. Get ready for Orchestra auditions coming in September.
    There. That's three, though to be honest I have like a billion more... I think.
    Just saying, I have never understood the whole coffee craze. It only appeals to me in hot chocolate. Makes it taste like Coffee Crisp, mhmm. I call it my fake coffee, so I can pass as a coffee drinker at coffee morning... hehe.
    Sounds like you're having fun!

  12. Girl, our to-do lists are almost exactly the same. Especially when it comes down to NOT doing stuff and all the college/senior to-do items. I'm so ready for summer and yet want to stay in highschool a little longer so I don't have to move away ha!

    This month I'm definitely going to the beach, practicing photography, and deciding what I need to buy for college.


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