June 23, 2017

my life at the moment is a major blur (aka why these photos are in this post) of "I'm so busy." "I'm so tired." a feeling I'm sure you all know/feel. also, I must admit, being graduated has affected me more than I had thought. Like, okay, my bedroom is set up for the julia-who-had-school. My planner worked better then because I would actually SEE it when I sat down. Now?

well, basically I've got 3 out of my 4 drawers in my dresser half open with stuff hanging out of them. IM TRYING TO FIND THINGS. My desk has layers and layers of papers -- legit. also books, cds, pens, random wrappers (mmm i want more licorice now). ITS LIKE WHAT NOW. And, all of this is because of work/life. I mean, lets face it, we allll rush into our room .2 seconds before leaving the house looking for that shoe.



I'm constantly forgetting what I'm supposed to do, where I need to go..like twice now I've returned library dvds WITHOUT THE DVD IN IT. #sorrylibrarians My mind is rather...messy. so as Sarah calls it, I'm trying to "get my life organized". (TOTALLY NOT WRITING THIS POST AND RESEARCHING FOR A PLANNER WHILST MY ROOM IS A WRECK *nervous laugh*) I think I actually found a planner which will help me tho???
Here it is : PLANNER.

The one thing its lacking tho is  -- BUDGET HELP.  I really want to be able to work, earn money, splurge once in a while, but also set aside said money. I MEAN THATS SMART RIGHT?? I'm still searching for something on that... any ideas?? 

yesterday Sarah and I picked 56 quarts of strawberries. just thought that was random enough to share.

AND YES YOU READ THAT TITLE CORRECTLY. A FEW COPIES OF MY BOOK ARE GOING TO AUSTRALIA. all of my friends are so amazing i love you all. AND UHM like *sobs* aliyah wrote a review for my book!!!!!! SHE MAKES ME CRY. read it here : POST

Yesterday I was at Menards for the 2nd time this week (yes more projects hehehe also why i am busy wow) and one of the employees looked at me and said "wow you are like living here now!" I laughed and said I loved the place. also, there was an adorable little girl holding her daddy's hand who's name was Julia there, so yes, this place is gold right. 

btw, sometimes I sit down and posts are written about things I'm thinking about and other times? Well, sometimes I just write, as if you were sitting right next to me and we were having a conversation. This is one of those posts. 

Thanks for being my friend, friend. You're always here to read these wacky things I call blogposts. I'm sorry for being such a nut sometimes.

[oh and i still haven't seen cars 3 but wanna, hbu?]



  1. Well, I never do planners actually - xP I kind of just have a notepad on my dresser and then I write down goals for the next day/week. It works seriously nice for me. <3 Moneywise, I don't work except for babysitting neighbors and doing chores sometimes that don't need to be done often. Also, holidays we get some money and also birthday, obviously. I am a huge saver, though, I have even huger aspirations and if there's something I'm not DYING to have then I save like nuts. Splurging occasionally can be fun, but I personally I like to think through it otherwise I don't really enjoy the product as much as I thought I would. A couple questions I ask myself are 'Do I really need this?' 'Will I really use this?' 'How many times will this be in use?' 'Will I enjoy it?' It makes me sound like this super stingy grandmother but it's actually true. XD

    I actually just got back from New York two days ago, so I didn't do much except FaceTime my bestie (the one who lives in NY and the one I had to leave) because I missed her so much. Also, yesterday I volunteered at the library and (super weird/funny story coming up on that on my blog soon) am doing it again today. I really enjoy it!! Otherwise, I don't have much else except trying to get back on track when it comes too life + blogging + school and also starting exercise goals. (I LOVE PRE-ALGEBRA!)

    I love the posts when it's like you're talking to me. It makes me feel more connected and not just one in a billion followers who follow you cause #you'reawesome

    Amelia xxx

    1. wow, and that works for you?! That's great tho! I need a planner or else I'll lose :P oohhhh wow, I wish I was a huge saver! I need to work on that. Those are some really good questions to ask myself! Thanks!!

      lol! and NEW YORK HOW NEAT!! ooooh volunteering at the library is amazing cuz obv libraries are goals duh. YOU LOVE PRE-ALGEBRA WHAT. wow. good for you!!

      awwwwwwwwwww and you're not. Nobody is! You're all my pals XD

  2. Like living at menards 😂. While mama and I left Wal-Mart last week, we heard someone tell our door greeter, "See you next week". We got outside and busted out laughing, as mama said, "I wish!!!" Haha! We may go more than once a week... Lol...

    1. oh my gosh!! that's so funny! That sort of stuff happens all the time XD #lifesometimes

  3. Uhhhh...this post <3 so relatable. Just got to clean my room today and it was a mess. Yesterday I was so mentally and physically tired I totally forgot how to do some skills in gymnastics. and I'm hanging on this bar while others are waiting patiently for me and I'm like, "how do I do this again?"

    So yeah life is crazy right now, but what helps me is to know that someday (haha someday...hopefully) it'll slow down. Anywho, hope all this makes sense. I don't know if I'm speaking English to you. XD


    1. gosh really?!? I thought it was a big ramble of boringness LOL! ooohhhh boy, I do that sort of stuff all the time! Sometimes its strange to be like "why was i walking here" XD Focusing is hard when you're tired :P

      hahahaha someday is for sure! ;) yup totally made sense...which means you might not be speaking english. that's okay tho ;)

  4. I LOVE PLANNERS SO MUCH! I feel you on the post-grad messiness cycle, man.

    1. IKR LIKE ALL THE PLANNERS PLEASE!!! dude. thank you. I'm not alone <3

  5. I think I already flailed on Instagram, BUT YOUR POETRY IS AMAZING OMW. I finished reading it the other night and was like "WOW." You rock <3

    Ha, funny you should ask what I did this week xD Our garage door broke on Tuesday, and we have an extra bolt on the front door so we were LOCKED OUT OF THE HOUSE COMPLETELY. Then my mom went around to the back of the house and told me to climb up to the kitchen window (our house is tall and skinny), and that window is like 15 feet off the ground. idk how I did it, but I made it up there and ripped the screen and fell ungracefully into the kitchen sink. But we got in the house and the garage is being fixed, so mission accomplished xD

    audrey caylin


      oh. my. gosh!! GIRL LOL I LOVE THIS STORY. you have to do a blogpost on it! I told my dad and he laughed so hard. and dude, I LOVE stuff like that! So adventurous XD Call me next time, k ;)

  6. lol I relate to this so much. Life is a weird blur of everything. so much. I cant.

    I want to buy your book so bad; I saw it on instagram. you and another girl I follow just made books and I WANT ALL THE BOOKS TO SUPPORT MY FRIENDS. so once my life is more or less organized, Im hoping to get my hands on a copy <3

    also, how were you able to do publishing? I've been thinking about doing the same but Im not sure if I want to go the self-publishing route or what.

    (and congrats on graduating!!)

    1. thank you for relating my friend!

      awww! you're the sweetest! oh, it's so neat when you friends get books out there. I really hope you can get a copy gal!! <3

      I did it through LuLu! It was fairly simple? My sister helped me a ton tho lol!

      (aww again, thank you!!)

  7. Whoa it sounds like your life has been crazy. <33 Mine has been too actually. >.< Lots of stuff that I'm trying to get finished before July Camp NaNo, and school and volunteering and ack. So much. *goes to eat ice cream and revive*

    Budgeting. Okay so my dad brought up all us kids with an excel-spreadsheet where we entered in all our pocket money/earnings. Basically it was a three-group layout: Giving (for missions/church stuff), Spending (for normal buying use) and Saving (to, well...save xP). And we'd choose how to split everything up between those things and ugh. This is hard to explain in a comment. XD #fail But it's a really good method and I highly recommend using it.
    AND IF YOU WANT ME TO TRY EXPLAIN BETTER I could email you and give it another go. XP

    I'M STILL WAITING FOR MY PACKAGE. *flails in excitement*

    1. *nods bc yup totally* gah you understand then! And, bro, same. I don't think I'll be finished with as much as I would have liked tho.. *moans* OH WELL. Guess I'll have to get really good with major multitasking. WE CAN DO IT

      ooooooh THAT SOUNDS REALLY NEAT. My dad had us to envelopes when I was little with all the same categories.. hmm, I am really interested! Shoot me an email if you can XD thanks!!


  8. Clearly I need to post more blurry photos, because that's my life too.. (And we won't mention what my room looks like.) I hope you settle into the school-free life soon! But don't worry, it's totally fine to take your time.

    And yes, I can't wait for your books to actually get to Australia! :)

    1. clearly, yes you do! (hahaha its okay, I understand and would have posted a picture if it wasn't THAT horrible o.o) aww, thanks, I'm trying to figure this out!

      EEP ME TOO!! I am so so SO excited to hear your thoughts <3

  9. Oh gosh, I completely understand. After graduating, it's like there's nothing to do but there's also so much, you know? Congratulations on selling your book to Australia - that's so exciting!!

    1. YOU DO?! *sighs* good. thank you, I'm glad. And actually... I don't know the nothing to do feeling..more like how can I get everything I need to do DONE and OMW IM SO GLAD I DONT HAVE SCHOOL RN. that would legit be impossible. gahh thanks <3


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