RIP JULY 2K17 WE SHALL MISS YOU DREADFULLY // join me in my long post of silly stuffs i did (that includes nano)

July 29, 2017

M Y  B R A I N :

gardening and listening to Sarah plain and tall audio drama and being like "woah this sounds like Glenn Close" and then reading back of case to see IT IS GLENN CLOSE

thinking the eggs were going bad soon so I made like a lot a lot then seeing the expiration date was was for the end of July hahaa

i cracked up so hard over that cactus ^

I really really thought the librarian left the H off of "through" on the Break Out event for a reason but really it was a typo

being in Walmart and a guy just jumping on a bike then riding off

okay so apparently I can't pump ketchup at Wendy's hahahha

my dad asked me to get wrapping paper when I went out that day - I wrote down this note to remember. then I read the note that afternoon at the store and knew to get wrapping paper. I just now realize what it actually says. ^

*am walking* *am thinking* *is thinking oh boy I feel like I know this lady* *isnt watching my feet* BAM *trips over large cement object* *lady glares at me*
me - "I didn't see that."

so I was at a restaurant the other day. I helped clear the table cuz the waitress was really tired - after I did that this guy came over to me and was like "Miss, could you get me a fork?"
-me "I, um, don't work here? *laughs*"
like I wasn't even closely dressed as an employee and no name tag uhhh?

M E M O R A B L E  S T U F F S :

having a campfire for the 4th with hot dogs and smores and kit kats and peanut butter cups

okay so I went to goodwill, found this skirt I loved, but didn't wanna spend the money. For some reason I slipped my hand into the pocket AND FOUND A $5 NO JOKE. Needless to say, that skirt is now in my closet.

cars 3 idk what to say i'm slightly affected by this growing up with disney thing

my dad coming into my room to say goodnight and then ends up practicing with my nerf gun legit #guysnevergrowup

going to Starbucks for the first time this month!!! (No I didn't get coffee haha)

running into your friends at the library and hanging out until the event

so i looked out my bedroom window and am like "ah it's so pretty." Then I see something in tree WAY WAY UP and realize it's a jump rope #lifewithbrothers

*phone rings in car*
"Its yours grandpa!"
*grunts* "it'll be a nobody. Oh wait it's Wards boat shop."

running into Wendy's and getting frostys for my siblings - they were so excited <3

W H A T  T H E  S I B L I N G S  S A Y :

Me - "how was your nap?"
Little sis - "nice. Except everyone had to wake me up. *huff*"

"We are getting out of the pool in 3 minutes okay??" -  me
"Aww man I don't want to! 5 minutes?" - sister
"2 minutes?" -me (with pretend threatening tone)
"Fine! 3!" - little sis

*my dad to my little bro who was complaining of some minor/made-up pain*
"Everything hurts more at bedtime. It's a well known fact of parenting" #omwtruth

*me sitting at table and suddenly feels a hand on my face* "WHA?!"
- little sis "you had paint on your face!!"

*picking up sticks* *little bro runs up* "here, let me do that. Let the man do it."

*sister in restaurant* *picks up kids menu* "how does she know I'm under 11?"

"Julia is a crazy driver. She killed an ogre on the way to the library." - little sis
"No way! Is that true?" - little bro
"*laughs* no...but we did see a squirrel!"- sister
(Oh. My. Word. Siblings)

"Does your eye hurt?" - me
"Yeah when I blink. But. Well. I have to do it. Can't exactly stand there with my eyes open that would be creepy." - sister

"I don't trust the washer. IT EATS SOCKS." -sarah

P O S T S  T O  B E  P R A I S E D : 






AUDREY ALSO SPOKE TO ME IN THIS POST (hehe good blogging this month girl)


T H I N G S  T O  B E  N O T E D : 

  • twilight to dawn got a makeover!!!!!!! I AM SO SO SO THRILLED wanna see? Jump to this link! 
  • I lowered my goal for nano twice...failure yes or no? idk. I mean, in a way, it really really stinks but THATS OKAY. I mean.. I still got 15k done. 
  • CAMPING. (I'm actually roughing it at this moment THANK YOU BLOGGER FOR SCHEDULED POSTING)(thats why your comments won't be published right away jsyk)
  • my grandparents brought over 4 BOXES OF RECORDS (i didn't count them but THERE ARE A LOT OF GEMS IN THERE) 
  • I SURVIVED kayaking for like 4 hours without water or snacks INSANE
  • nerf battles. that's it. 
  • my garden is actually thriving????? dudes. I'm so excited IVE GOT BABY WATERMELONS so much cuteness i can't handle it 
  • i bought this amazingly fluffy soft miracle of a blanket. 

W H A T  I S  N E X T ?????? 

  • Wrapping up my novel + designing its cover and printing the first copy THEN SARAH CAN READ IT OMW IM SO NERVOUS 
  • realizing that summer is semi ending which means fall is coming and IM GRADUATED (and taking a gap year) SO WHAT IN THE WORLD THIS IS WEIRD 
  • my birthday? idk how to even think about this 
  • RELAXATION. I'm trying to take this summer thing seriously from now on. 

so here we are. JULY IS GONE. just here is one thing that I've learned this month -- I can do a lot more than I thought on 4 hours of sleep. *nods* 



  1. YOU KILLED AN OGRE. HOW COULD YOU. XD XD That cracked me up. XP Ahh little siblings. *huggles them all*

    OOH OOH YOUR BIRTHDAY??? *screams* THAT'S SO COOL. *prepares lots and lots of confetti for whenever it is* xP

    ALSO YES. Making your novel physical. Yaaas. <33 That's so cool. You must show pictures. *nods*

    And I legit right then remembered that I said I'd email you my pie recipes. D: I forgot allll about that. *facepalms* I shall hopefully remember to do it on Monday morning. *writes self a remembering note* Hopefully. XD

    1. WELL OF COURSE I DID JANE MAREE WHAT DO YOU THINK I WOULD DO? just let the ogre eat my siblings? NOPE. XD XD I cracked up so hard and the funny thing is? They didn't know I was listening *smirks*


      goodness gracious I'm excited. And bro. I WILL SHOW PICTURES <3

      Oh!! I forgot about that too. AND LOOK I GOT AN EMAIL ON SUNDAY EVENING (your monday morning boy you're some futuristic human) SO YOU REMEMBEREEEDD Thanks girl. XD

  2. Well I lowered my nano goal twice too so HAHA SAME xD. I might actually have to lower it again because I DON'T THINK I'M GONNA MAKE IT. But anyways - your post was epic! I always love reading your wrap-ups!

    ~ Savannah | Scattered Scribblings

    1. ACK *wraps my twin in a huge* THAAANKK YOU. I feel so much better. BUT GIRL YOU CAN MAKE IT WE'VE GOT THIS THING CALLED WRITING XD Goodness, thank you so much... I am so glad everyone enjoys them bc making them is a BLAST (if you guys didn't like them, I'm afraid I would do them anyways XD XD)

  3. You went to Starbucks for the first time and didn't get coffee?! What did you get?

    1. *nods* Welllll some fruit smoothie freeze thing?? I actually forget what it was called. Something with prickly peaches BUT IT WAS RED IDK PRICKLY PEACHES WERE RED?????

  4. My July was seriously nice. I enjoyed it so much!! ONE, I went on a Summer Mission Trip, TWO, I went on a vacation to Oregon, THREE, I saw this awesome movie -- 'The Spiderwick Chronicles'. I hadn't read the books yet, but I'm going to! (You should read them + watch the movie. ;D) FOUR, I volunteered at my library, FIVE, I babysat with my sister for this amazing family. So it was pretty busy! Yours sounded great, I'm so happy for you!

    Splendid post, I always love the wrap-up ones!

    Amelia xxx

    1. GOODNESS AMELIA RUTH THAT IS ONE FULL MONTH. it sounds pretty epic tho. You need to eat some ice cream and then July will totally be complete ;)

      hehehe thanks girl. I love doing them

  5. (btw I loved this post)
    Here are five things I did this month: went to the lake, spent fourth of July with a wonderful family from our church (<3), actually came out of my shell and talked to some girls I had never seen before, watched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey for the first time (loved it), and successfully baked chocolate chip cookies (YUM).
    I seriously laughed out loud at what your sister said about you being a crazy driver. Haha! I love the things siblings say. XD

    1. (btw thank you)
      THOSE ALL SOUND LIKE SO AESTHETICALLY WONDERFUL LIKE HOOOOWWWWWWW. I can't bake cookies (like the one thing i don't do somehow please teach me your ways)
      I did too! And I'm not a crazy driver...?? She was totally just pulling his leg. I think she is hanging around me too much XD

    2. It was the first time I had ever baked a really good batch of cookies. Before, I had always done something wrong or burnt them (yikes).
      I can't wait to watch The Desolation of Smaug!! XD *flails*

      Seriously, your sister saying that you had killed an ogre on the way to the library is EPIC. XD

  6. Haha, funny moment: so when I read your header the first time, I read it: "I tripped over a cement barrier WHILE watching Cars 3." I was a litte confused but curious to see how you pulled that one off! XD Haha, also it was really nice of you to help that waitress. <3 It reminded me of a time when my brother wore a dark blue shirt and tan pants to Walmart...yeah, you can probably guess what happened. :D Poor guy.

    Also, I saw the new design for Twilight to Dawn! It looks great. :) Glad you had a good month, Julia! I hope August goes well for you too!

    1. Oh my goodness GIRL I broke out laughing just imagining myself doing that BECAUSE LEGIT I WOULD FIND A WAY. I won't tell you what I did at the theater after we watched Finding Dory. nope. shhhh. HAHAHAAAA what was he asked to find? Oh boy that's hysterical. XD

      Awww!! thanks so much. I hope you had a good month as well! <3

    2. Oh, man, I don't actually remember what he was asked to find. It was quite a while ago. More than one person asked him something/thought he worked there. I felt bad for him, but it was also pretty funny. XD :D

    3. I actually read it that way the first time too! Haha! I re-read it a couple of times trying to figure out how you did it... and then I realized what it really said and I had to wonder at how I had come to the conclusion in the first place.

  7. Your family is so funny! I love the skirt thing--wish that would happen to me. I lowered my NaNo goal a bunch of times too, and I think I'm going to end with 16k, which is definitely not where I wanted to be but honestly this month was so crazy I'm surprised I got even that much done. *shrugs*


    1. haha ikr?! and this, legit, isn't even half of it! OH GOSH. I check skirt pockets at goodwill allllll the time now ;) ;) ack. I feel a lot better now...its hard to keep up with the things you WANT to do with the things you HAVE to do. I feel like I did a post on that sometime ago... hahaha BUT GOOD JOB! I hope to hit 16k as well. only need 500 more words XD

  8. Hello! *waves*

    So. *coughs* *looks at ground awkwardly* If we haven't officially met - I'm Miss Meg! ;) (Please tell me you've seen National Treasure!)

    I've been reading your blog for many months now and recently followed you so I thought it was about time I commented. 'Cause you are pretty fun. *wink* Your style of writing is certainly very different to what I'm used to but I like it! And you know what, you're a pretty cool bean Julia. You certainly make me want to go out of my comfort zone and do some crazy things with my life! So congrats - you are inspiring people. ;)
    I guess I should add a little about myself. Well, I'm 16, I'm an Aussie, home schooled, child of God, musical theatre fanatic, avid reader and unstoppable writer, extrovert, weirdo who talks way too fast (and probably way too much), a neat-freak and loves organizing things, dabbles in everything and excels at nothing. Hello. :)

    Also, these posts are basically my favourite of yours. (Also your bullet journalling etc have me drooling. Seriously, I SO want to do that now!!)
    Did you enjoy your camping? ;) I like it if you're with very fun people. The best camping trip I've been on was earlier this year (coincidentally the most rough camping trip I've been on, also) - a bunch of over 20 young adults (I was the youngest by a few years, but I tend to hang around with young adults more than my peers... although, I hand around with everybody :P) drove for 8 or more hours, and camped for four nights at this place on a river. There were no showers and only 2 pit toilets, no electricity, nothing. (Oh, alright, we did have gas stoves.) The first night, while we set up, it poured rain and the camp was so close to flooding. We had to dig trenches in the mud with our hands to keep the water off our tents (and you soon found which were the sturdier tents, ha!) We rode the rapids in the river on a blow-up mattress, went exploring in some bush and got bitten by ferocious ants and insects (found some large snakes, too) and swung off a high rope swing into the river. We played card games past midnight and sang silly songs and it was GLORIOUS.

    Also, I have no idea how you get so much writing done. Gosh. :P I just can't find the time!! I haven't written in my stories for months and it's so sad... I guess I need to decide on what I need to cut down on. (It seems to be either music or... music.)

    Well, I like fun questions, so I'll answer them. :D My July was probably the quietest month this year so far, but this year has been crazier than all the other years of my entire life put together, so it was still crazy enough for me. ;) 5 things? Ok...
    1. Went on a family camp with those same young adults and had a blast playing cards and talking and eating and playing Ultimate Frisbee together.
    2. Our entire family went to the movies (sort of for my Daddy's birthday...) to see Cars 3 (there's 8 of us altogether) and basically took up the whole row and I thought it was the best thing ever.
    3. I made a video for the first time and experimented with my videography skills. (They're not the flashiest. :P)
    4. Bought the Original Cast Recording of Bandstand with basically the last of my pocket money and never looked back.
    5. Improved my driving skills (currently on my Learners).

    Alright. Miss Meg out. :)

    P.S. I write poetry too.

    1. HELLO MISS MEG! *waves*

      first off, I got this comment after a long day of VERY HOT WEATHER at work and legit plopped down on the couch and was like OH WOW THIS IS SO SWEET. So basically you made me very, very happy. <3 (and yes, I've seen both National Treasures ;))

      I'm basically blushing and dying because WOW YOU ARE SO SWEET AND THAT'S ALL I WANT TO DO. I want to inspire people...thank you legit sooo much girl! Basically, you telling me about yourself made me grin. We are a lot alike I would say!

      I CANNOT imagine camping in Australia! like...the whole experience would be different! But BOY I would do it in a heartbeat. Everything you listed sounds like an awesome adventure! We brought a pop-up camper so.... #campingcheater BUT IT WAS NICE LOL

      *ponders this* I'M REALLY NOT SURE. Camp Nano reallllllly helps me, that's for sure. Have you ever thought of trying it? It's really fun, plus you get to meet a lot of amazing writer buddies. <3

      I saw Cars 3 too. LOVED IT. and goodness, I'm sure you have amazing skills. Did you post the video anywhere??? I'd love to see it! and OOH driving is a blast! I love it lots. *grins*

      wait. Do you have a blog?? I've seen you comment on other people's blogs, but I'm not sure if I've ever seen you link a blog before. I'd love to see that as well! AND YOU WRITE POETRY. Girl, promise me you'll share some with me..plleaaaaseeee XD

      (btw thank you for this amazingly awesome comment. You're the best and have earned multiple ice cream cones)

      miss julia out XD

    2. Well, your comment made me giggle. XD (THANKS.)

      Haha, so many people cheat when they're camping! But the fact that you would try "roughing it" in a heartbeat makes up for it. ;D

      I have considered trying Camp Nano, but right now I don't think that would be practical. I'm still studying and 5 days a week I work on school from about 9 to 4 and the rest of the time I'm madly running around trying to get in some French, piano practice, singing practice, violin practice, reading time, practising a play with my siblings, exercising, going outside, spending time with my family, emailing and commenting, listening to musical theatre and who knows what else! So maybe I just need to let writing be a holiday project... ;)

      Haha, no, it was just a little video I made of myself, my home and family to send to some friends overseas. It was fun, but it was so time consuming I don't want to make anymore for another few months. :P

      No, I don't have a blog. (Everyone asks me that, and I feel a little bad in saying it! But I'm not allowed one as of yet, haha, and also, TIME.) (But I would really like to get one, at some point.)

      Haha, I'd be happy to show you some of my poetry. (I tend to do "the rhyming ones".) They're kinda long, and I don't know if I particularly want to type out the whole thing into a comment?? (I could give you my gmail in a separate email if you want, and you can delete the comment.)

      Haha, I was actually going to mention whether or not I had earned more than one ice cream cone! XD (Yay!)

    3. Sure!!! Comment with your email address and I'll delete it! Thanks <3 (sorry I can't reply to the rest of your comment right now... I READ IT ALL THO <3)

  9. It sounds like you had an AWESOME July!!! I did too!!
    Five things I did this month? Well, I celebrated the 4th of July with the best people in the world, I turned seventeen, I got my own car!!! EEEEEPP!! I wrote a letter to the President of the United States, I reached 45 followers on my blog, and I started learning the upright bass!!! So yeah! I had a wonderful month!!!
    Thanks for the post! I LOVE your monthly wrap up posts!!


      bro. YOU GOT YOUR OWN CAR? That's fab or something amazing like that goodness! Woooaaah that whole list sounds great. I'm glad you had a beautiful July!
      *covers face* thaaankkkkss XD

  10. You know what I love your gifs and pictures and updates *grins* I've kinda been an unofficial follower - but I just hit the 'follow' button so now I'll get to read everything you post. I must jump over to your poetry blog afterwards because I love poetry :D

    Anyway, hi :) (I'm doing things backwards, right?) Nice to meet you officially *offers hand*


    1. Aww goodness, thank you!! And WELCOME! I love seeing new friends commenting on my blog. You have been missed, for sure! I love poetry too *grins*

      well, hi to you as well! (i don't mind -- I love sporadic stuffs) Nice to meet you as well! *shakes hand* I hope you enjoy it around here XD *jumps to your blog link*

  11. Okay, I thought you were watching Cars 3 while tripping over a cement barrier. Commas. Haha.

    1. hahahaaa yeah basically I MEANT for it to sound like I tripped, watched the movie, etc. BUT LOL I AM TIRED XD

  12. Sarah Plan and Tall audio is the best!!! omw your siblings are hilarious hahahah.

    1. TOTALLY AGREED BRO!!! and hehee aren't they?! XD

  13. Oh phew okay good if you say I "pulled off" my lifestyle post then it must not have been too awkward

    1. *shrugs* yeah, I guess it wasn't tooooooo awkward.

  14. Awe Julia, this is such a cute way to write about your favorite July memories! My favorite parts were the little conversations you had with your younger siblings. they sound so cute! Btw, here are 5 of my favorite July memories:

    1. I spent a whole week in Chicago with my older sisters and ended up having a 4th of July picnic by the lake
    2. Briefly babysitted twins, a 3 year old, and a 1 year old with one of my sisters (they definitely keep you from being bored)
    3. Almost finished all my dorm room shopping (there is SO MUCH to buy!!)
    4. Turned 18 and I am slowly trying to figure out this thing called "adulting"
    5. Shadowed a pediatrician and other healthcare professionals (will I be a pediatrician one day? who knows;) )

    1. Awe Jasmine, thanks!! Hahaa they are seriously so adorable. I love how natural they are.

      2. I. want. to. babysit. with. you. please.
      3. AW MAN that's so cool too!1
      4. same. I'll be 18 at the end of this month. help. SOS. save me.
      5. GIRL. please. wow, that is the neatest thing! GO YOU

  15. Your July sounds so fun! And your siblings are hilarious. I especially like the one about blinking

    My July:
    - Helped in a camp outside of town and had two days that had absolutely no sun. It was so awesome that God still blessed it all :)
    - Attended a camp where I got to know a lot of people a lot better than I did before
    - My family threw a going-away party for my brother since he's leaving for college (he'll actually live close to where I go to college, which is really nice)
    - Went to a big waterpark with the whole family. Such a good day
    - Got really really sunburned, mostly on one day...

    Thanks for the post!


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