August 29, 2017

B A S I C A L L Y  S T U F F S  D I D / D O N E :

I was driving home and legit a giant buck jumped like really close to the front of the car *nervous laugh*

so I kept jabbing the credit card into the chip area thing but apparently there was no chip area?? And then I signed my name....and proceeded to erase it. I'm tired k

I think I subconsciously turned off my alarm bc IT WAS SET and I woke up late to find it wasn't?????
i wore a hat all day just to see what it is like

had a sleepover and did this charcoals seaweed face mask..Uhm. Yeah. That was fun

basically chickened out at a free yoga in the park at my library. Legit chickened out

so the pool turned green on me again

brought cherry tomatoes to the library cuz PLZ TAKE THEM
am facetiming with my bestie like every single day before she leaves for college

I beat my grandpa at chess WHAAAOOO

I made a funnel with a styrofoam cup so that I could pour half a liter of soda into another liter of soda. WHY EVEN TRY TO COMPREHEND ME

this is me.
so much road trip driving!! Man - 4 hours of sitting and driving = being sore lol

actually let Audrey, Jane, Clara, Jon, Savannah and Sarah alpha read my book gahhhh ALSO YES I GOT IT PRINTED AND IT CAME AND ITS SO PRETTY

i broke my home button on my phone and somehow locked myself out of my laptop all in two days. Electronics hate me.

K I D D I S H  G O O F S :

"Ouch that lotion stings." - sis
"That's not lotion. That's hand sanitizer." - me

"How old is great Grandma?" - little sis
"91" - me
*jaw drop* "she's old!" - little sis
"Yup. And in 9 years she'll get a letter from the queen!" - sister

*little bro at park* "this place isn't as fun as i imagined."

*me in kitchen before going to work*
*little sis enters* "those socks are beautiful."
(They were vibrant green and yellow with purple peace signs on them??)

"You're a good person to lean on Julia." - bro

Sarah to little sis "you've got something sticky in your hair!"
-little sis "oh. It might be sap. Sometimes when I swing on the swing it drops on my nose even!"

bro packing for week vacation - "I have two backpacks. One for clothes and one for necessities."
Sarah - "clothes aren't necessities?"
bro - "uhhh.."

little bro before leaving for vacation "BYE DOOR."

"Can you please get Cinderella movie?!" - little sis
"Oh fine. I guess I can stand that for a little bit." - little bro in background

Sarah playing Life "aw man. I wanna be a secret agent but being a video game designer pays more."

- little sis "what kind of boat are we going on tomorrow?"
- me "a ferry."
- little sis "a fairy?!?!!"
- me *bursts into laughter*

O H  T H E  L A U G H A B L E S :

*littles playing in the other room*
-little bro "are you satisfied with those places?  Because, no more trading."

okay so I burnt 6 pieces of toast in one morning don't ask

ah my friends

filling up 804 water balloons in a kitchen sink at our library MY POOR ARMS

then being dumped with a bucket of water at the summer reading party and having the best time ever
so I was facetiming with my bestie and I told her when my phone died I would disappear right? It died when I was choking on a muffin.  Don't ask. please.

finding a foosball ball in my pillow??


also this lol
cleaning/cutting 2,000 bulbs of garlic. Wait. Maybe that isn't funny

Sarah told me that this fan is for me
- *watching movie* *kid calls for mom in background on said tv show*
- my mom "is that one of your siblings??....."
- me and Sarah *breaks into laughter*


E N D  T H O U G H T S  F O R  A U G U S T :
  • this post is very long
  • andy griffith show is fantastic until season 5. then something happens and its not the same
  • IM 18. WHAT. guys you all surprised me so much with that blogpost with the messages THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm honored to be your friend. I mean that..I honestly do. <3
  • i'm perhaps addicted to ice cream? maybe? hahhaaa
  • also i put ketchup on my ketchup 
  • i'm 18. WHAATTT. *its still sinking in* 
  • I bought a record player omw IM SO EXCITED FOR IT TO COME IN THE MAIIILLLL 

thank you again for all the birthday messages. I'm trying to reply to them all --- you guys rock. I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO REACT. but jsyk, I slept past my alarm on my birthday (legit the time we were supposed to be walking out the door) but I sat there and read all your messages. I laughed so hard and almost cried and cracked up and grinned and was like "how. how do I deserve these people?" I DON'T. that's all....I can't explain my emotions. 
thank you <3


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BAREFOOT GAL!! // (hacked by her sis + friends) + special notes + JU IS EIGHTEEN WHAAAA

August 26, 2017
HEY ALL. this is Julia's sister, Sarah. sooooooo Julia's friend, Clara, came to me with this awesome idea and well, if you are wondering why I am here, basically, IT'S JULIA'S BIRTHDAY AND WE'VE HACKED HER BLOG!! (hopefully she has no idea about this post but we'll see hahahahaa)

SO HAPPY BDAY JU. a bunch of friends and I got together and each wrote a little something for you - each answered these two things:
1. what is your fav thing about the Ju?
2. and then add a personal note

(note to others reading this: sorry if I didn't ask you personally, either I couldn't find a way to contact you, or simply forgot/didn't remember everyone. xP regardless, I would love it if everyone reading this post would answer those same two questions in the comment area. thx, guys!)
soleil -
Fav thing about Ju: how she can be so carefree and goofy one moment, but then be deep and personal the next.

Ever since we met from NaNo last year, it's been so awesome getting to know you, and to read your writing. Your poems have encouraged me so many times, and I love getting a peek at your life thru your blog and other places. Keep being the amazing light you are.
- - - - -
autumn -
favorite thing - Julia is an awesome person in general and she's always willing to talk and listen.  Plus she has the best sense of humor and her posts are always so aesthetic and funny and PERFECT<3

Jules, I don't remember how I met a lot of my blogger friends, but I'm pretty sure that I'll always remember how I met you.  It was on Eve's blog, and she had a live open chat and I left my blog URL on it and you replied back -- "Do you really read and write all day, Autumn?" (And I think we know...I definitely don't ;) But I'm honestly soo glad I met you and you're probably one of the only bloggers who I've known for a very long time :)) Glad to call you my friend!
Happy birthday, Ju <3 Here's to a great year! YOU GOT THIS. -Otto ;)
- - - - -
aliyah -
What I love most about Julia? She's REAL. I love that I can always count on her for relatable advice and wisdom. She's wiser than her years. Her blog posts are sweet and funny and authentic.

Julia, you've stood by me (virtually) while I went through seasons of not quite knowing who I was as a blogger, writer, photographer. That alone brings tears to my eyes and I am so grateful for you. Thanks for doing what you do and never giving up. You show me that I can do everything through Christ - because you can and have.
- - - - -
elissa -
My favorite thing about Julia is her love and joy for life. I love her heart for Jesus, and her constant grace for others. The way she so warmly interacts with her readers inspires me to judge less and love more. I know God has BIG, POWERFUL, AMAZING, WONDERFUL plans for her life, and I'm honored to watch what happens next.

Love you, and HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY birthday!!
- - - - -
Sare -
HELLO YES I MADE MY APPEARANCE *nods* *cough cough* well. you went and grew up on me. YOU TRAITOR. I thought we had talked about this thing called growing up *squints*

thanks for being a pretty awesome sis most of the time anyways. i'm sorry we can't stay mad at each other for any long and i'm sorry people think we are twins (beginning to think so myself though lol) and I'm sorry for the time I dared you not to talk to me and I started changing your music to bug you and you only lasted ten minutes XD #notreallysorryhahahhaaa

my fav thing about you? gosh, what a tough question cuz like THERE ARE SOOOO MANY THINGGSSS *sarcastic tone* I guess one of my favorite things about you is that you aren't afraid to be an older sis - idk if that sounds weird, but I know some people who just don't really like having their younger siblings around and you aren't like that, so, yep XD

and lol, honestly I will never remember "meeting you" like some of these people cuz gosh, I was just a baby and you were a toddler and since then we've basically always been together. like, always. anyways, you are just an overall cool bean and HAAAPPPYY BIRRTHDDAAAYY TOOOO YOOOOUUUUUUU
- - - - -
hann -
Happy happy 18th birthday, Ju! I remember the first time we were introduced—last November in the 5k1Day chat hosted by Abi. At first I wasn't sure what to think about you, lol, because you intimidated me a little bit. But as we got to know each other a bit better, I learned that you're an amazing, sweet, God-loving gal. And a fantastic writer!

I think my favourite thing about you is your humour. You're so quick-witted and hilarious. So many times I just watched you interact with some of the other members of our chat and laughed XD
I hope your life as an ~official~ adult goes wonderfully, and that you never lose your sense of fun.
- - - - -
jane maree -
Julia = sweet, thoughtful, most precious bean ever. <33

Dear Ju. I randomly stumbled across you…somehow. I don’t even remember exactly, but what I do remember is that the first comment I ever made on your blog, you replied to it like I was your long-lost life-long friend (shh that totally makes sense. XD). And that was the coolest thing ever for this distant Aussie writer. <3 Thanks for being a super cool person.
- - - - -
micaiah -
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JU!!! Yes, we did indeed hack onto your blog. *smirks* (Sarah did the actual hacking business, though.) GIRL, you're the best. Seriously. I am so incredibly blessed to have you as a friend! You're so thoughtful and kindhearted - and SO lively! Translation: You have such an outgoing personality and are so fun to talk to. You encourage me when I'm down, you push me when I'm holding myself back, and you participate in virtual snowball fights (a.k.a fantastic). You're a joy, and legit - the day we started talking on Pinterest, I was like "I LIKE THIS GIRL." AND I'm still like "I LIKE THIS GIRL." XD I love ya, bestie! <333
- - - - -
jesseca dawn -
My favorite thing about Ju? Her love of the little things in life. Things that go unnoticed by most people.

Hey Ju! I'm not even sure how I found you or your blog, but I have to say I'm so glad that I did! Your poems never fail to make me stop and think, and your blog posts always bring a smile to my face. I've enjoyed getting to know you through your poems, emails,  NaNo and chatting.  I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and welcome to adulthood! ;)
- - - - -
savannah -
My favorite thing about Ju is that you're NUTS and so much fun, but you're also an awesome friend at the same time <3

Julia – totally would never even know you existed if I hadn’t popped into the Google Hangout for a #5K1Day during my First NaNoWriMo Ever, and it was SO FUN meeting you through that! You were such a great motivator + friend + word war extraordinaire (and you still are, actually xD). Someday you will publish your book and be a BESTSELLER (who am I kidding - you've already published your poetry book and EVERYONE LOVES IT  ❤  ❤  ❤), but until then I’ll continue to stalk your very epic blog and hang out in the comments section, whilst also bugging you for word wars in the Google Hangouts now and then (admit it, word wars are the best). You’re so much fun, and even though I only know you over the internet, it’s pretty obvious that you’re a really sweet girl with an awesome personality. Have an amazing birthday, Ju!
- - - - -
audrey caylin -
Favorite thing about Ju: her energy. It's contagious and makes me smile.

From the moment I started coming to your blog I was like "this is someone who is a light in the world." Your humor and the way you look at things positively yet deeply -- a way I think everyone really needs -- brightens my day. You bring hope and energy and laughter to whatever you do.
And you've inspired me to one day share some poetry with the world -- though it will never be as good as your amazingly profound thoughts. You are seriously one of those people who is going to make a huge difference in the world. Happy birthday <3
- - - - -
mary -
*bursts onto scene with glitter* My favorite thing about Ju is probably that she always finds a reason to eat ice cream. Wait, does that not count? *crosses arms and pouts* Ughhh, okay then... :P

Actually, my favorite thing about Ju is that she's so full of life. She lives so freely and fully, and I love that about her. (She's also just the sweetest and I WUV HER SO MUCH. <3)

She may have a bit of an issue with taking off people's heads (Sare, you better hide), but she's a genuinely awesome human bean whom I'm grateful to call my friend. Plus, she loves ice cream. So you know. ;)

Happy birthday, Ju!
- - - - -
clara -
Julia, Your the best. I mean it. You're funny, beautiful, encouraging, talented, passionate, full of life and just the best girl I know! But most importantly I know you love Jesus, and you constantly inspire me to stay close to Him. I am amazed at how strong your relationship with Jesus is, and how you are such a great Christian role model for all those around you! Everyone that comes in contact with you can just see that you're passionate about life, and you want to make a difference.

One of my favorite things about you is that you're not afraid to just be you. There have been several times in the past, where I have had struggles fitting in with certain people or being myself at school, and I'll always remember how you were such an encouragement and inspiration to me during those times! Your the best! Oh my gosh, and all the memories!!! Even though our relationship has had to deal with being 1,000 miles apart we have still had so much fun together. I love it when my phone lights up with texts from you or a FaceTime call. I still love going through all our letters we sent to each other when we were 12 and 13. We were the most hilarious girls ever! Ohhhhhhhh, and I laugh so hard at all those inside jokes we will probably still remember when we are 80.

Today you turn 18. *freaks out* You're an actual adult! Even though everything will start to change in your life as you transition into adulthood, and things might be hard and confusing at times, remember life is still amazing! Just think. You have your whole life canvas ahead of you to paint what you wish on it! I'll know whatever you decide to be you'll be a great one! I believe in you! Happy 18th Birthday, Jules! *winks* Love, Clara - Jeremiah 29:11
- - - - -
michaila -
Okay so my fave thing about you is either #1 your a great blogger and actually make me LAUGH (ya know, like the kind of over-the-internet laughing where it's like an odd giggle-snort) which basically means you have a good sense of humor. Or #2, your relationship with Sarah (stop laughing girl) because its something I think every girl wants. You both have this funny, quirky bond that's adorable. Trust me, you'll never have better friends than yourselves. You'd make an amazing couple ah book characters.

Happy birthday, girl! Hope it's the best!
- - - - -
elizabeth -
Julia-My favorite thing about you is how easily you can bring joy into someone's life. I met you because you texted me through Instagram one November morning, and since then we've talked every day ­čÖł Your support through all life's struggles, jokes when I need a pick-me-up, and never ending stream of photo bombs, I can't express how many times you've made my day.

YOU'RE 18, CONGRATS sweet girly, I absolute adore you ;) Go eat cake, you know you deserve it.
- - - - -
amanda -
My favorite thing about Julia is that she has THE BEST ADVICE. Like whenever I freak out about stuff, I know i can tell her and she'll put it all in perspective. She just has this wisdom about her and always has.

I met Julia via the grand internet. ;) I found her blog and wrote her and she wrote me back this huuuuuuuuuge email. I was shocked because I'd never met someone who loved writing as much as I did! We wrote for about half a year and then moved on to texting. I've also never met anyone who took texting so seriously. We had so many amazing, SERIOUS discussions. I mean, don't get me wrong, we also had our share of goofiness. But I loved debating things from the Bible or talking about her desire to help the women of the world. Now that we're older we can't text as much but those conversations will forever be in my heart.
- - - - -

hannah -
Favorite thing about Ju:
I love how dedicated and hardworking she is, like, PAINTING YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE? And basically all her DIYS, she doesn't give up easily. Which is awesome. Also how energetic she is and the fact that she can basically become friends with anyone.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA. Having known you my whole life I can honestly attest to the fact that you are pretty much just as insane in real life as on your blog. You're definitely never boring to be around. XD
- - - - -
chloe -
Julia - I don't even remember how exactly I found your blog (probably had something to do with either Mary or Jon) but I'm so glad that I did!

Your posts are always bright and happy (with a healthy dose of sarcasm and dry humor) I love reading them!

So you're turning 18, huh? Woohoo! Happy birthday! *confetti*

Anyways, my favorite thing about you; idk, your mind is pretty fabulous. Because somewhere in there, you're able to make up these fantastic stories and record them so that other people can read and remember them. You, Ju, are awesome!
- - - - -
ragen -
Julia is a go-getter--once she has an idea, it gets done. There is no opposition that stands a chance once Julia starts working on something.

Julia is a fun, bright, hardworking, and adventurous friend. She isn’t afraid of deep convos or long walks. She knows when it’s time to shop and time to stop. She is responsible, beautiful, and my role model. I couldn’t have been happier meeting her a second time in the same coffee shop, reconnecting to a place of sweet, beautiful friendship. Happy Birthday Julia!
- - - - -
bree -
Happy birthday Ju!!!!  How has time flown by so quickly?!  I seriously cannot keep up anymore....you're 18??!!  Wow.  (Stop it now.  I really mean it.)  You're making me miss the days of chalkville, makeshift covered wagons, singing silly veggie tales songs while riding our bikes in circles, mashing dandelions, making movies, eating snow-cones galore, bouncing on giant balls while enjoying dried fruit and pickles.

Childhood was great, wasn't it?  Welcome to adulthood.  Yep, that's it.  I don't have a grand speech of how wonderful it is.  The transition is hard -- there are still days when I can't decide if I'm a kid or an adult, lol!  But, you know what?  Soak it in, miss!  Because, you'll only be 18 once!  And, who knows what adventures God has in store for you this year!!  (Insert private sister joke regarding Alaska here, heheeheeee.)   No, seriously, I'm so glad you're my sister!  I don't know how to thank you enough for everything.  For just being you.  Keep being amazing.  I don't have to tell you that though.  You apparently already know you are, lol!  Just teasing.  ;) Love you!

- - - - -
emma jane -
Julia is the girl who calls my house and leaves messages with my dad. She's the girl who's so hyper and all over everything that she almost freaks me out (just a little). I don't remember who said hi first - me or you - but I told you I liked your picture of a cornfield and you told me I was good with words, and I learned what a good sister you are and what an enthusiastic friend, and you rubbed off on me; your easy way of talking, your love for your family, your obsession with pallets, and your desire to live all out, just like you do everything, for Jesus. You are one special Chick and I'm glad to be your friend. Happy birthday!
- - - - -
brianna -
My favorite thing about Julia is her enthusiasm for everything, ice cream, crashing ceilings in, word wars... everything. I'm so glad I got to meet you. <3 Happy 18th birthday!!
anyways, happy 18th birthday, Julia! (but ha, like you will ever really be an adult *rolls eyes* XD) thanks for being an awesome sis and an awesome friend - love from your sis, Sare <33

so, 'cuz it's Ju's bday (and since all of you are her friends xD) DO THE THING:
what is you fav thing about ju??
and, a personal note in the comments below

IDK HOW TO REST LIKE AKA I DON'T BREATHE VERY WELL // i'm on holiday (#totallyambritish) + PRETTY PICS

August 20, 2017

I'm getting older. I admit it bc it's truth, right? and it feels like as every second passes by, I'm speeding along with it, unable to keep my head very high above the water (jsyk there will probably be a lot of water metaphors in this post #beeninthelakeallday) I want the best of each moment. I want to live and live and live without burning out (oh and fire metaphors #campfire) but here is the deal 


bc i get tired and grumpy and exhausted and last night I slept for 9 hours straight. Guys, that was the most I've had in...like...i don't even know how long. the fact is, I don't know how to rest, relax..chill. at all. 

Right now, I'm on a spontaneous holiday. *grins at shelby* legit, not even two full days to plan for a week away in a cabin on the lake so ya know, we threw some bags together and left. Just like that. and my mind was screaming WHAAAAAAT HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN bc I plan things. I have a massive to-do list. I work all day and then cram things I want to do at night and it's like..is this good for me? probably not????? *sits quietly and blinks* 

so what do I do? I DO IT EVERY DAY. 

I was sitting in the dock tonight just sitting - I was thinking about how often I am quiet and legit how rare that is. (i have problems talking ok?) Quiet hurts. We all know this...it's a strange mixture of nothing and volumes of loudness. I admit it. I don't like it really...which is why I just go and go until I can't anymore. but, I need to stop that. from what I've heard, resting is pretty nice.

tomorrow is the solar eclipse. I must admit, I find it kinda scary. I don't think I'll be looking at it...I saw an article of an guy who has permanent damage in his eye since the solar eclipse in 1962. no thanks, lol.

Right now, my family is watching the old Ma and Pa Kettle episodes. They are wonderful and make me laugh. My hair is wet bc sarah and I went out on paddle boards at dark to watch the rest of the sunset and my face is sunburnt. I'm full with s'mores and hamburgers and laughs. It's beautiful to learn how to rest. 

I'm going to end this post short for today. I think it seems right, don't you? perhaps we all need to relax for a bit. It's surprising how lovely it is to sit and stare into the middle of nowhere for once. (except I can't help but think about my garden at home lol) 

also. packing is weird. You pack a billion things then just end up wearing the same few items over and over again. I need to learn the tricks. help? + what's your favorite photo???



August 14, 2017

I was looking through my phone notes and there was legit this ; 

I burst out laughing and then was like "okay this actually deserves to be a post " so here we are. so like WHAT IS IT?! Generally, there are two different ways of spelling favorite or favourite or grey vs gray or neighbor or neighbour but these are like bc of the British or Canadian English versions.

Donut or Doughnut? Nope. They are just...well...two ways of spelling the same word everywhere. They both are even considered incorrect by spellcheck. It's quite literally a word which you get to D E C I D E  how you want to spell it *grins* 

also I guess there is a lot of disruption over which way it should be spelled so lets not do that but legit just say how you generally write it XD I can't even remember how I do.... I'm normally a doughnut person tho?? WHICH I AM VERY PROUD TO SAY IS ACTUALLY HOW IT IS TRADITIONALLY DONE HEHEHEE just ask google. 

RANDOM DONUT FACTS *julia spells it the opposite way just to be kind* 

  • julia had a doughnut today (k so that's not really an important fact. roll with it) 
  • the largest donut ever made was an american made jelly donut weighing 1.7 TONS. it was 16 feet in diameter and 16 inches high in the center. OH MY GOODNESS RIGHT
  • canada has more doughnut shops than any other country (sarah said we should move there)
  • June 1st of 2018 will be national doughnut day PREPARE YOURSELF 
  • there are real taco, grilled cheese, and seaweed donuts. 
  • you would need 253,440 doughnuts on a string to reach across the grand canyon 
  • and only 3,660 to reach the top of the statue of liberty 
  • there is something called a cronut which is basically a croissant-doughnut. well. it has 1,330 calories in one. an adult should only eat about 2,400 in a day......................
  • people say that bakeries are never robbed bc the police officers hang around so often 
  • Entenmann’s bakery turns out 100,000 doughnuts every hour, 15 million every week, 780 million every year

I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to walk around now after finding these facts out. WHO KNEW DONUTS COULD BE SO WEIRD?!?!? I mean. gosh. but let's admit it. they. are. so. good. *moans cuz i want more* 

so yesterday marked 1 entire year of my poetry blog's existence. THAT MEANS ITS BASICALLY A BIRTHDAY PARTY SO *gives everyone doughnuts* also yesterday I posted my 1 0 0 T H  POEM NOT EVEN JOKING. can I say I'm proud of myself? I mean...yeah that's vainly weird but it's also honest. I didn't really ever think of myself as a poet and now I'm slightly unable to stop?? SO YES VOLUME 2 OF MY POEMS ARE IN PROGRESS EEEP. 

also idk what my obsession with sky photos is. sorry... guess you're stuck with them. 

p.s. i wrote this post at midnight sunday night....then scheduled it for 6 am the next day. WELL GOSH OH GOLLY JULIA IS DUMB BC SHE FORGOT THAT WHEN MIDNIGHT HAPPENS A NEW DAY DOES TOO. so here i am, posting this after working all morning. you're welcome


NIGHTTIME SKY LOVE + what do you do when you are scared out of your wits?? // #thoughtsoftheju

August 9, 2017

I just cleaned my laptop screen for the first time since purchasing it and HEY GUYS? ITS PRETTY AMAZING. go clean your laptop. I'm sure it needs it. *becomes human who obsessively removes smudges now* ahem. But, let's move onto more important topics. Like  f e a r 


a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc, whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.

I'm actually kinda curious here. I almost don't want to make this a post filled with advice and stuffs...but hahah lets face it. It'll probably turn out that way. I would really like you to ask yourself before you read any further one question though. Write down the answer in the comment box if you want...but here it is - WHAT ARE YOU SCARED OF????? 

Because admit it. There is a lot to be scared about today. like

  • what we are eating/whats in it/what happened to it/where it came from/how it was made
  • that time is slipping away and it'll never come back
  • government. (not going any further but ikr) 
  • going back to school or leaving for college (PLUS ALSO TAKING A GAP YEAR. thats scary too k)
  • walking into walmart. am i the only one? 
  • the dark (wait is that just me?..... jk jk jk *nervous chuckle*)
  • meeting new people #introvert
  • THAT BIG THING CALLED CHANGE *runs away in utter fear*
  • not being able to find those two dumb pennies at the cash register AND THERE IS A LINE

That's hardly even a list. It took me a few seconds to compile that. We are humans and GOODNESS we have fears. It's natural. Now here is the second question I want you to answer... WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU ARE SCARED? 

  • run away in fear?
  • face it and yell for it to go away?
  • learn to not be scared anymore? 
  • flop onto your bed and scroll on pinterest? 

Don't be scared to be honest here. I've done them all. there have been days where fear takes me a hold so strong. There is a legit thing called the fight or flight reaction. IT IS REAL. I've experienced it. I never really thought I would be the type of person who would run when afraid...but yup. And, fighting? I've done that as well. 

there is just one thing. I get so beat down sometimes and its like "that's it. this is the end." #dramatic BUT TRUTH YA KNOW. It isn't just me who feels this way. i know it. So....what do I do? 

I do it again. and again. and again. which is basically failure....another one I should have added up on that list blah. But, being afraid is a trap. Listen to what God has to say about fear.

Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name. You are mine. (Isaiah 43:1)
For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (2nd Timothy 1:7) 

There is truth in these words. And, strength. We've got power in Christ to shake away from fears which holds on tight. You can hold onto only one thing, I'm afraid. I've seen it in myself.

F E A R S  V S  C O U R A G E  

I believe I would find it hard to grasp if you told me you enjoy being afraid...bc nobody does, k? Let's be real with each other. GUYS WE DONT HAVE TO BE AFRAID. JESUS HAS SET US FREE. Don't hold onto fear when you can hold onto something so much better with so many more exciting things ahead. Let's beat the things which have a grip on us. 

plus. There are only so many days left. Live them full. 

btw. here is another things I'm terrified about. I SENT MY BOOK OUT TO ALPHA READERS PRAY FOR ME. 

WHAT DID YOU DO THIS WEDNESDAY?(whoops its thursday now?)


August 4, 2017

I absolutely love camping. Like roughing it would totally be my thing but I live in a family of mainly planners, so its kinda like you get out there in the forest (i mean campground) and its like "okay I somehow have to flip this pancake" *goes to look for stick* *sister runs up with metal spatula* LEGIT. oh well. someday I can camp like Miss Meg does. SRSLY GIRL YOU LIVE THE COOLEST LIFE. 

but still. It was the best. I ACTUALLY READ 80 PAGES OF A BOOK IN ONE SITTING I DONT EVEN KNOW THE LAST TIME I DID THAT gooooosshh. like I said -- amazing. I also ate a few hotdogs and a lot of marshmallows + I got to stargaze under a sky full of the most amazing sparkling holes i've ever seen. 

sarah + me in camper : *both have soda cans* *me put mine down and goes back to reading* *sarah is reading and picks up soda can* *.3 seconds after slurp* 

We also went hiking. We've been to this park loads of times before but never have been on this part of the trail before. GUYS. IT. WAS. AMAZING. like the elevation was spectacular. *dies at the photos which i didn't include* It's crazy to realize there are so many little hidden spots never seen before ONLY MOMENTS AWAY HOW EVEN. 

also lets all acknowledge the fact that it is now August. *runs away crying* 

But truthfully, camping was in part stressful because it was during the last weekend before NaNo ending and I still had 3k to write, which let's admit it, THAT IS STRESSFUL. I ended up getting back home to an incredibly torn apart bedroom (i had to re-paint my bedroom floor #longstory) and just plopping down on my bed to publish comments. Then, I heard a ding from hangouts and saw Savannah asking for a word war. I typed "I can't right now..but maybe later because I have to leave in 10 minutes." then erased that and was like JULIA JUST DO IT YOU'VE GOT 10 MINUTES. 

Before I knew it, I was writing super fast and had met my goal + went 500 words over within 1 1/2 hours. *is still blown away* so yes. I AM A 2017 JULY CAMP NANO WINNER. *fist bumps* 

I guess that was just one of those times that moved me to realize that I have to stop telling myself that I CANT do something when geesh, I CAN. same goes for you, k. 

It's like 66 degrees and I think it is the 4th of August? Not sure. #summerliving (also deep apologizes for all of you who are going back to school very, very soon. I almost wish I were joining you...)

I'm off for an adventure of nerf library fun. Not sure if I get to play or have to walk around supervising -- either way, I'll have fun.