December 7, 2017

well gee its getting really really really close to Christmas. like 18 days. ARE YOU READY?!?!?  (like I'm sorry for starting this post out with a shocker..can't really help it)

and btw, these pictures are from the christmas parade that we went to. it was so much fun - cold, but fun! we got hot cocoa and cookies afterwards too. LIKE THERE WERE GIGANTIC SNOW PLOWS LOL #thingspeopleinstateswithsnowlove 



  • watch all the christmas movies -- it's a wonderful life, polar express, the nativity story, the grinch, charlie brown christmas
  • my siblings and I always try to decorate our bedrooms during the holiday season. this year they got super creative and made paper chains that legit go around their entire room o.o 
  • LISTEN TO CHRISTMAS VINYLS (new tradition bc we just got a record player this year) 
  • we always move our tree from our smaller room into the larger on Christmas eve so we can have a lot of space for the morning (plus we re-decorate it!) 
  • My grandpa takes me and my sisters Christmas shopping. then we eat out at olive garden MMMM and this year we are going to see THE NEW STAR WARS IN THEATERS AFTERWARDS EEEPPPP
  • when actually opening presents, we take turns. youngest to oldest in circles until the tree is emptied 
  • ham is for christmas obv 
  • my little siblings always come into my room early on christmas morning and we wait together until my parents wake up. srsly they are so cute wrapped in their blankets and sleepy eyes and morning breath XD

so as you can see, I really like traditions. like our birthday one of singing screaming at the top of your voice. it's fun. it's weird. but its family. AND THE BEST PART IS EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT ONES (tho probably everyone watches charlie brown christmas lets face it.)

SO EEEP TELL ME WHAT YOURS ARE. cuz I kinda want to add a new one to my list. (btw sarah wants to be all christmas-y this year (shhh she's growing up and doesn't like it...just like me last year) and so this is me trying to be christmas-y lol) 

also this is the first time in my existence that I already have all my gifts wrapped + only have to find 2 more presents this far out from Christmas (btw how many times have I written Christmas in this post? lol) 

so remember when you guys asked me all sorts of questions? I decided a few of them will probably be turned into blogposts with my new series EXPAND + GROW and then some others, I will answer at the end of some random posts until they're all replied to!! SOOO TODAY I PICK FROM THE WONDERFUL JANE MAREE'S 

*dramatic pause*

H A V E   Y O U  E V E R  B R O K E N  A  B O N E  ??? 

lol about this one. TO BE SURPRISINGLY HONEST - no. I haven't. which I think is crazy insane. I've climbed our taller than our house pine tree for years..and have always been the dare me type personality. and it's not like I have crazy strong bones are something weird bc I don't drink milk?? XD

BTW random tid bit about me. I am really bad at wrapping gifts. *coughcough*

talk to you all later XD



  1. I LOVED THIS POST!!!! And those pictures are GORGEOUS!!!!
    I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT CHRISTMAS IS IN 18 DAYS!!!! I only have to buy one more gift! YESSSSS!
    And I love your family traditions! Some of my families traditions are:
    - making Christmas cookies (each member in our family normally picks a kind of cookie they want to make)
    - watching Christmas movies
    - eating cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, and (as we call it) "old" ham (I think some people call it "country" ham too though. SO GOOD!!!!) on biscuits on Christmas morning
    - taking a day to look at Christmas lights
    - decorating our house while listening to Christmas music
    - taking a special night to eat summer sausage, grapes, crackers, and cheese while watching a Christmas movie
    - we all take turns opening presents

    and I cant think of anymore at the moment. But I absolutely LOVE hearing about different family traditions!!!

    - Maddy | littlebitofsunshineweb.blogspot.com

    1. DUDE I LOVED YOUR COMMENT and awwwwwwwwwwww thanks <33333
      YEAH NOW ITS LIKE 15 HELPPPPPP MMEEEEE XD XD I only have one more gift left as well ;)

      I also loooovvee orange rolls. I wanna go make them right now legit.
      thanks for commenting Maddy!!

  2. bro like i got the fun part of being your twin..i broke a bone (playing tetherball) stop laughing ;) and i fell out of a pine tree when i was high up...that was fun..i am also awesome at wrapping presents ;P

    some of our xmas traditions are a lot like yours except we do presents where oldest to youngest pick out a gift and then whoevers name is on it gets to open it :) we do cookies and caroling and fun stuff

    miss u twin <3 text me k? also let me know what you think of starwars cuz like i'm scared to see it ;)

    1. dude i'm not laughing. it sounds painful :P :P pine trees make awesome climbing trees!! YOU'RE AWESOME? well you totally stole that from me geesh.

      hmm I think we should do oldest to youngest around here ;) ;) caroling is fun but I'm not really good at singing sooo

      miss you too! AND TOTALLY WILL XD

  3. We do ham and take turns opening gifts, too!

  4. I loved this post so much! <3
    We watch a Christmas movie on Christmas Eve (usually It's A Wonderful Life), and eat lots of yummy food. Last year we did a puzzle, and I think that may become a tradition.
    We all go pick out the tree at the farm together. (we plan to do this on Saturday)
    Ham of course. <3
    We don't open presents till after dinner, and boy that was a hard tradition when I was a kid. LOL (we open stockings as early in the morning as possible)
    We also take turns opening gifts! Oldest to youngest, but we only open one gift at a time usually, going in circles.
    Christmas music always. (my uncle Casey, John Denver, Reba McEntire, and Clint Black make it Christmas. also Alan Jackson -- though we actually don't have a CD of his. somehow.)
    This year we went to the local Christmas Tree Lighting, and I think that may become a tradition.
    This is Felicity's last Christmas at home, so we're also going to another Christmas event at the local fort. that should be fun! And who knows, that could become a tradition too. XD
    I'm trying to be all Christmas-y this year too. Maybe because it's Felicity's last? I don't know why I decided I wanted to do a lot of Christmas-y stuff this year, but Felicity getting married could have had something to do with it. I even wrote out a Christmas To-do list. including a list of a bunch of movies I want to watch. :D

    1. duuuuuude you're sweet!!
      It's a wonderful life IS AWESOME. I loovee Jimmy Stewart. ooh puzzle? that's fun!
      AWWWW TAKE PICTURES FOR A BLOGPOST (also it snowed here today)
      wwwwwwwhat?! I COULD NOT DO THAT. even as an adult. like. hahah nope :P
      AWW this whole list tho. SO MUCH CHRISTMAS LOVE <3
      and dude......it would be so hard to have your older sister getting married. I WOULDN'T LIKE THAT :P :P :P but I mean..its sweet but stilllll ;) Sarah has a to do list too with movies as well..hmm I wonder what started this ;)

    2. Jimmy Stewart is the BESTEST!! <33333 I love watching his movies :D
      I DID I DID. not very many, but whatever *laughs* (snowed in NH too and I was all jealous but my cousin was complaining HAHA)
      but, the main reason I'm replying: I forgot to answer the question about the donut and the library!
      I was thinking about it and I realized that THE LAST TIME I HAD A DONUT WAS IN NH!! yes. In May. And guess what! Felicity actually ate most of it. Her and LaKaysha sent me to the store to get stuff and since I had to run the errands, I bought myself a donut (with their money). I ate a little bit but decided to save it for later. I sat it on the table at my grandma's and forgot about it until the next day. I was just like, "Uhhhh what happened to my donut? I haven't seen it in a while??"
      Felicity- "Oooohh. Was that yours?? I ate it."
      So apparently she found a half eaten donut on the table and ATE IT. WHO DOES THAT!?
      Yeah, so that was the last time I ate a donut - or part of one ;P
      And as for the library. That was last week. Me and my bro jumped in the van and he drove us to the library to get "Father Knows Best". In the dark. Brother bonding moments :D

  5. My family opens our presents in a circle too, all taking turns so that it will last longer. And we love watching all of the Christmas movies together!!!! We love polar express. <3 <3
    I ate a donut for this youth retreat I went on because they were serving them for breakfast, and I went to my library sometime last week and got like seven books xDDD

    1. isn't it fun?? it can take about 4 HOURS at my house XD XD and legit got the polar express today at the library
      mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what kind of donut?? xD and EEP ARE YOU ENJOYING THE BOOKS?

    2. I KNOW RIGHT I LOVE MAKING CHRISTMAS LAST LONGER!!!! YES polar express it the best. *smirks because I made a rhyme*
      It was just a glazed donut, which are some of my favorites, but I couldn't enjoy it because I had just brushed my teeth lol!!!! xD However, my grandmother's staying here and whenever she does we get lots of treats and we just bought some more donuts and YUM I LOVE THEM!!!!!! Yes, the books are super fun. <3

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  7. Some of our traditions are...
    SLUMBER PARTY on christmas eve! ALL the kids!
    eat pizza on christmas eve and watch "elf"


    1. ohhh what a fun tradition!!!!
      sounds yummy too ;)

  8. Christmas traditions. <3 We usually go to our relatives' place for Christmas. This year we're going to the farm and argh, that's the best Christmas. I normally sleep outside on Christmas eve and wake up super early to the sound of chirping birds and then me and my older sisters open the presents in our stockings together and they're always the same thing basically so we have to make sure we don't spoil it for each other. xP
    And then once we've all opened them we can go and look at each others and squeal and talk and have fun together.
    And then sometimes on Christmas day we go swimming or have a waterfight, sometimes get sunburnt because it's so frying hot outside.
    We have ice cream and cool drinks and board games and much fun times hanging out.
    We all take turns opening our presents too so we can enjoy everyone's.

      like here, it's snowing. and legit no way you could possibly sleep outside. And birds??! IDK WHERE THOSE THINGS ARE LOL
      and sunburnt? ha. more like frostbite.
      SRSLY SO COOL. thanks for telling me about it!! <3

  9. We watch Christmas movies, listen to Christmas music, watch the carols on at night, all the grand kids perform the nativity story play in front of the extended family (one of the most embarrassing times of the year, but also hilarious) and we always have the same special dinner Mummy makes with the same silverware and table cloth on. ;D

    (Also I've never seen Charlie Brown Christmas.) (Just thought you should know that.)
    (But I'm not American, if that has anything to do with it.)

    I haven't broken a bone, either! I mean, yet... And I've done some crazy stuff in my life. :P

    Also, I'm REALLY bad at wrapping presents too. XD

    1. you perform the nativity story?!?! ohhh I love that!! We did that once..when I was like 4 years old. XD XD I was the cute little cotton ball sheep. ;) also mmmmm feed me XD XD

      (what.) (wow. thank you)
      (hmm it might but still?????)

      hahahaa!!! Same --- sooo so soo same

      yeaaaaaah and I did it for two hours at an event today o.o XD

  10. I think my favorite family tradition is buying one sibling a present. I have a family of 9 kids, so while my mom does most of the christmas shopping, each year we pick a name out of a hat and we get to buy that sibling a gift. they're usually super cheap but its really fun.

    that and we all eat frozen pizza for dinner on Christmas day and lay around in pajamas :)

    1. aww that's the sweetest! And you're actually able to do that? I always want to but then end up finding a way to get everyone gifts lol!! srsly tho gifts from sibling ARE the best <3

      oh. man. can I do that plz?? IM COMING OVER

  11. We share a couple traditions--watching the Nativity Story, and opening gifts youngest to oldest, one by one. We open our gifts Christmas Eve morning. And we go for a drive as a family and sing Christmas carols on our way to see Christmas lights.
    We also used to have this set of black China that we'd use on Christmas only, and we had just enough place settings...but that was back when it was just four of us kids. :)
    Well, Julia, you've officially warmed my heart by making me think of Christmases past and the one coming up, bless you. And tell Sarah I feel for her. Shall we all go move to Neverland? I think we'd be quite comfortable there. ;)
    Way to go on Christmas shopping!!

  12. So many fun traditions, I love this time of year! I think my family's Christmas is pretty average? Like, we go to church on Christmas Eve and come home and watch a movie, and then on Christmas morning we open gifts and eat food. XD I LOVE it though. And this year we have a new puppy... who is probably going to eat our tree and all our gifts? Anyway. I've never broken a bone either!


  13. Our Christmas tradition is to go to a Christmas Eve service, then come home and get in our jammies, eat some snacks and open presents. We sometimes watch a movie afterwards. We've been doing this for years.
    I've never broken a bone (Split my chin and scarred myself with a pin, but no broken bones...), and the last time I was at the library was Tuesday. *dies from happiness of being surrounded by books*


  14. Some of our Christmas traditions:
    -Walk around a HUGE light-display in our town sometime in December and have dinner afterwards
    -Make Christmas sugar-cookies
    -listen to Christmas music ALL. THE. TIME.
    -My sister and I always stay up late on Christmas Eve talking and being excited together
    -Go to my grandparent's house on Christmas Eve for dinner
    -Have a special breakfast on Christmas morning and stay in our pajamas/comfy-clothes all day and watch The Nativity Story

    I have come close to breaking a bone many times, but never have, thankfully. I AM HORRIBLE AT WRAPPING GIFTS TOO!!!
    Last time I ate a doughnut was in October. Last time I went to the library was sometime around then too, strangely.


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