January 27, 2018
^^^^ SNEAK PEEK TO MY BEDROOM TOUR (tbh it's the only part of my room that is sorta clean so?.....) 

me talking with my mom "yeah..ikr tries not to think about it"
my mom "did you just do one of those blogging things?" (she means speaking in asterisk)
me "uh. Yeah. *breaks into laughter*"

legit spent two days thinking The Greatest Showman was The Greatest Snowman. Even I'm confused with myself sometimes
me : 

-family "HAPPY NEW YEAR"
*15 mins later*
- me *stubs toe* "ow!"
- family "great start to 2018 Julia"

so you know it's cold out when you just leave the ice cream on the porch

decision made

- little sis " can I have the other half of our candy cane that you're never going to eat?"

bro - "did you know it's bad luck to eat a banana on the boat when you're fishing?"

ALSO LOOK WHAT I DID so mad I didn't hit 7 miles tho legit

little sis *is eating popsicle*
"Mm I love blueberry"
Me: "that's grape"
little sis: "mm I love grape"

dude I've read 311 books in 3 years

I couldn't fall asleep until 4:30 am one night..fun. Not.

went to the movie with friends and there was this lady who legit was like "ohhh!" And "now what?" And then "awww" and legit. Legit. Legit. It was okay bc literally it was everything we were thinking. LOL

me *gives Sarah ice cream with plastic spoon*
Sarah *two minutes later comes in kitchen with broken spoon*
me " you're savage"

reason 1030592094851784 why amazon is awesome

took a princess bride which character test are you thing. I got buttercup and my older sister got miracle max LOL sarah got Westley

- little sis "it would be cool if we could have a dinosaur pet"
- me

me "bro! Your hair!"
little bro "that little piece is being grumpy."h

DUDE. @soleil bought my poetry book and now her sister is reading it. I'M DYING *sobs*

I love my town

me " I think my hair is getting longer finally"
my mom *looks at sunset* "it's really beautiful."
me "thanks mom!!"
her " lol"

i worked 5 days a week this entire month. it was basically awesome...except when I got SUPER SICK and had to call in for basically a week.... (including a weekend in there) but like. I LOVE MY JOB 

@sarahmargaret is a bully

went to chick-fil-a for the 2nd time in my life and GUYS. it was packed. ( in case you were wondering I got waffles fries and a shake ) 

so I got a new laptop this week. I'm going to flail here a second so watch out IT HAS WORD LIKE LEGIT MICROSOFT WORD I. AM. SO. EXCITED. 


so it actually feels like it took forever + 1/2 for January to be over......I'm hardcore waiting for spring. xD But tbh I LOVED THIS MONTH. perhaps since it's snowed and then said snow has melted 4 times but hahahaaa not sure. I've got some HOPEFUL ideas coming up for February in creativity world. Can't wait to see what comes. 

keep smiling ( i think this is my new saying. thoughts?) 

name 2 unplanned adventures you had? 
an LOL moment that happened to you ??? 


  1. Great post! Sounds like your month was filled with a lot of great things!
    Have an awesome February. :)

    Ivie Writes

    1. aw it was for sure!!! Hope the same was for you <3

  2. Love love love your real and hilarious posts❤️! And all your gifs, they just make everything better!! One unplanned adventure I had was a short notice babysitting, it was such a blast and love the kids I watch! Also an amazing impromptu meeting at a coffee shop❤️ Thanks so much for all this joy and encouragement, have an amazing February and enjoy every bit!

    1. aww! I'm smiling! LOL! I do love including gifs. XD That sounds like so much fun. Also that you enjoy spontaneous things. WHICH IS SO MUCH LIKE ME. they are the best, for sure! awwwwwwwwwww. You too Lydia <3

  3. Replies
    1. lol! Yup. I've actually never read it? Its just a pretty book XD XD

  4. Your end of month posts are always great XD

    Hooray for a new laptop!! I just got a new one (for Black Friday/Christmas) and it's the first I've had word in a couple years and IT'S AMAZING

    1. haha! I had a hard time with this one bc it didn't feel as long as usual? but I guess that comes from working a lot. OH WELL

      HORRAYYYYY FOR SURE. I'm in the process of naming it. I'm pretty sure it is a he. XD XD gahhhhhhhhh. YES FOR WORD <3

    Okay...umm...I met this stranger-lady at our local park while I was babysitting, and I got me and my sister a job!! I'm so glad that this month was good to you. <3333

    1. AWWW YOU'RE A DOLL. also these are my favorite as well? so TWINNING.
      ohhhhhh that is so cool!!! CONGRATS!
      thanks, Amelia! same for you

  6. Okay I just gotta say I'm so glad I'm not the only person that thought "The Greatest Showman" was "The Greatest Snowman" #awkward

    1. well I legit thought I was the only person on the planet who messed that up so THANK YOU LOL

  7. It sounds like you had a great month! =D And YES, waffle fries! And shakes! Sounds like a successful Chik-Fil-A trip! =D

    Micaiah @ Notebooks and Novels

    1. I did. Lots to add to my memory list XD XD mmmm the waffles fries were good. haha!! 100% agreed

  8. But WHY did you give her a plastic spoon to eat ice cream with? Honestly, that would turn me savage, too. The unlawfulness!
    I hate plastic silverware. Lol.
    Also, my mom broke two plastic forks eating rice one time, soooooo... hahahaha!!!!
    I love your wrap up posts, thanks girl! I know they can be work, haha :).

    *takes my ice cream cone from your comment section*

      rice?!?!?!?! LOL I LOVE THAT
      awwww so glad you enjoyed it. This one probably took the least amount of my time to put together lol but thanks so much <3

      *eats ice cream too*

  9. I can't BELIEVE January is over already! But ah well... let's see what February has in store for us!
    Sounds like you had a good month!

    Two unplanned adventures...
    1. I learnt how to play Poker while on a camping trip for the Australia Day weekend. xD (Not with real money, obviously.)
    2. I explored Limestone caves on said camping trip! It was a legit cave - JUST LIKE YOU SEE IN MOVIES AND READ IN BOOKS! Pitch black, cold, echoey, and small bats flying around. I didn't have a torch, I just followed the people that did. Good thing I haven't got a problem with claustrophobia.


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