THE CHALLENGE VIDEO // so embarassing

well guys, you voted and wh-a-la. HERE WE ARE. aren't we amazing. look we did this all for you. seriously tho, we got such an awesome response from you all -- thanks so much!! We're not going to tell you what won 'cuz that would just ruin the video and spoilers are the worst, right? well, what are you waiting for? GO WATCH IT NOW.

btw these are the results that wouldn't show up on the laptops screen ^^

Isaiah 6 // so, what about you, will YOU go?

I am doing a study on Isaiah for my school right now - and it had me start out by reading Isaiah chapter 6. It starts out...oh, normal. "In the year that King Uzziah died (see?? just wait tho. now it changes.) I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, high and lifted up, and the train of His robe filled the temple."

 read that again. IT. FILLED. THE. TEMPLE. like waht.

Apparently in those ancient days, the longer the train of your robe was, the greater a king you were. God's train filled the temple....God is always mightier, no matter what. *grins cuz that's my King*

 And, Isaiah, being human, declared the he was unworthy of seeing the King - the Lord of hosts. A seraphim (angel) flew down and took a piece of coal FROM THE ALTER and touched Isaiah's lips with it.

"Behold this has touched your lips;
Your iniquity is taken away,
And your sin purged."

....... still don't know what to say. For Isaiah, that feeling had to have been immensely overwhelming.

 then Isaiah heard -- literally, he heard the Lord's voice - God asking for someone to send, to go out as a prophet. Isaiah immediately responded;

 "Here am I! Send me."

And God replied - "Go."

so what about you? 
will you go??

my music // why I listen to Jane Eyre soundtrack 24/7

I believe in a good, healthy dose of music - every. single. day. GEESH every single second of the day. whhhhy not?? 

so literally I wake up in the morning and quickly load my spotify playlist. And, since I don't pay the $10 a month for premium, I'll just deal with shuffle play for eternity and savor my skips. #imonlyateenagerlikegosh

But, seriously, I didn't know what music was until that beautiful day when Abbiee was like;


 (she speaks in caps like always. its her lingo and we love her for it.)

The strangest thing was, I had already WATCHED the Jane Eyre (2011). GUYS please tell me you've watched that movie.....I'll cry buckets of tears if you say no. ANYWAYS (geesh I'm sidetracked today) I did as I was told and was basically transformed into....well... I GOT THE FEELS. THE EMOTIONS. HOW DOES DARIO MARIANELLI DO IT?!

I listen to the soundtrack every day that I write - and then, like guys, when I was at a gathering of friends, I suddenly heard my music (im stealing it) and I was like "WAIT WAIT WAIT WHO. IS. PLAYING. THIS.?" And apparently someone else I know loves it as much as me. I still think that's like the coolest thing ever.

 Just google "The Call Within - Jane Eyre - Dario Marianelli". Please.

have you seen Jane Eyre?
Do you listen to music all day like me??

btw, yes i totally am listening to the soundtrack right now

{EEEP} eShakti dress // i cant believe how cute it is

all my amazing bros I don't know what to say.... IM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS DRESS AND THE PHOTOS THAT SARAH TOOK OVERWHELM ME IM JUST SITTING HERE LIKE *jaw half open* 

 so I guess I should explain a bit. I woke up a random to an email from eShakti one day asking little ol' ME to review a dress for them. like WHHHAAA??! I MEAN HOW COOL RIGHT?? Bro...last time I. asked. them. *nods slowly at all your stares* *laughs*

 and I wanted to tell you all so badly, but I kept it a surprise. so.... SURPRISE *lowers voice and raises eyebrow*  are you surprised??

 let me tell you, I was ddyyyyyiiinggg to post these photos. #IHAVENOPATIENCE (literally just ask sarah - she has to deal with me *cringes*) bc like isn't it the sweetest?? I've got plans to Autumn-nize it even more EEEEEPPPP

 To choose the dress I wanted, I had to scroll through hundreds, which is really hard.. I actually almost did a totally different one -- but then, I saw this beaut. I declared I loved it, and the fact that it came with a belt AND POCKETS, sold me. I put in my custom sizing and ordered it and... waited. #IREPEAT #IHAVENOPATIENCE

 It came like two days ago - I put it on immediately *laughs at myself* and rushed outside with Sarah for the photo shoot. OHMYGOSH IM SO IN LOVE. like okay when's my next barn dance???

sooooo whatcha think of my dress??
how is your patience level? haha

You can check out eShakti's social medias here: (not saying I approve of them..It's just part of me getting a free dress soooo yeah)  Pinterest  - Twitter - Facebook

they were out of cider // so we went and bought some

 you know when you reeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaallllly want something -- like you're craving it -- just needing that fall flavor cuz it's the right time of the year, so you drive like 7 minutes just for it?? That's what happened to me. I wanted to ChaIDER (im guessing thats how you spell it bc it would be cool if you did) which is a chai and hot apple cider drink. #SOOOOOOOOOOGOOD.

 we walk in (oh BUT FIRST I ask where my friend is because she works there now and I was like "MYYYY FRRRIIIEENNNDD") and suddenly I hear;

 "we're out of cider...."
*loud booms* *crashes* *cries* *moan* *and all those other things*
 "w-w-whhhaaaatttt??? no. you're joking. right?"

 And, since we live in a small town and it's like the coolest thing ever, we were handed $5 and walked to the nearest store for a gallon of cider. PEEPS WE REALLY WANTED THIS AUTUMN DRINK.
so we get there;

"Uh...I'm sorry, but I'm not sure if we have any cider right now."
*wide eyes* *scoffs* *starts crying* *starts determined search for cider*

f i v e  m i n u t e s  l a t e r
*delighted sigh*

 so in the end, we got our ChaIDER (i'm just rolling with my way of spelling it still lol) fix. bros it was so much fun and so good.

would you go get the cider??
one thing you've been craving this autumn season?

and yes, I realize the photos have nothing to do with apple cider or anything but SOMEONE decided to not bring her camera so these will have to do *laughs*


dun dun duunnnnnnn. WE SERIOUSLY JUST DID A VIDEO FOR YOU GUYS YES WE DID. Okay, so, Julia's anniversary is the 27th of this month and Sarah's is the 28th. After watching the video go ahead and submit your answer in the form on Sarah's blog. ARE YOU EXCITED OR WHAT? totally.  It's up to you on which challenge you want us to be embarrassed on. xD

Okay, so, head over to Sarah's blog to vote: the introverted extrovert

btw we went to the library to upload the video 'cuz we have reallllyy bad internet. don't we love you guys. xD

p.s. we shot this video in one take--we just stared at each other like what that was great this was so easy are we superheros or what

{DIY} i painted our house // mr. LongArm

You never know what you'll find me doing -- hahaa -- I mean it. But, I would have to say painting the shingles on the front of my home tops it. Cuz it was high up there, and we bought Mr. LongArm (IM NOT KIDDING THAT IS LEGIT ITS NAME) to get up in the super high spots. You see that window?? That's the attic window. uhhhh huh. *walks away and lets that sink in*

 It all started because the first painter people we called said they would get back to us in a few days with an estimate -- they didn't. The second did the same. And the third declared that wouldn't happen with her, but it did. *exasperatingly throws hands in the air*


"alright, teach me. I'm going to paint some shingles on the front of our house - they're wooden, what do I need?"

 And, as it always happens, the guy will show me the different things I can choose from and proceed to tell me how to use the paint *sighTHANK YOU

oh and he told me about purple ceiling paint - which really is a thing. Apparently, he sold it to a guy who came back later to Menards declaring that he was sold the wrong ceiling paint. He promised him it would dry white...he never saw the other guy again. LOL!!!

what was your fall project??
do you have a place where you can just learn?

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