{DIY} MY BULLET JOURNAL // gel pens + laptop + spotify = happiness

basically I asked on my instagram if you guys would like to see how I bullet journal and uhmmmmmm A LOT OF YOU SAID YES AND GAHHH THANK YOU *feels really special rn*  this all started for me bc Sarah was doing bullet journaling and also KATIE GRACE DOES IT SO OBV ITS COOL and so i was like "okay I'll give it a try"

 Sarah's first suggestion was DONT GET ON PINTEREST - but I did it and died but to save you, here is my pinterest board with some of my most faves. If you're brave, you may go off yourself *coughcough* wouldn't recommend it.......

then I ordered THIS notebook with THESE  gel pens off of Amazon. The spinal bound notebook was like YES OKAY IM BUYING THIS LIKE RIGGHHHTT NOW. cuz I need my bullet journal in sight, open and on my desk.  Otherwise, I promise you, I'll never use it!!

When it came to actually writing in the book, I WAS SCARED K. To calm myself down, I grabbed my laptop - at first I was thinking "oh I'll just listen to music and give this a try" but then I opened the pinterest pins I liked and basically sat there copying and EEP before I knew it MY BULLET JOURNAL WAS COMING TOGETHER.

you need

  • music + headphones
  • notebook and pens
  • good black pen that doesn't bleed 
  • and like some time (HA I KNOW RIGHT)

and even tho I thought this thing was going to be so stressful NOPE. not even close. I LOOVEE sitting there are doing this artistic thing each weekend. 

So, what I'm doing right now (bullet journaling is AWESOME LIKE THAT you can change it up whenever you want) is a monthly calendar with goals and a dotted fill in the blank what I've completed each day. (pic 5)

Then I make up a weekly planner each week (pics 3-4). That's where I'm allowed to be the most free in whatever I like. I have a sleeptracker, DIY projects I want to do, blogpost ideas, what's going on each day, appointments, birthdays, movies/books each week, the weather and also IF I EXERCISED. hahaha

 and I promise you the only way I'm getting it to look this nice ARE BC OF THE DOTS. It's all counting and dividing, ending up with rather straight and clean lines. obv my journal isn't perfect. but eeeeeeeeep I LOVE IT SO MUCH. also all the colors from the pens are legit awesomeness.

GUYS I ALSO JUST FINISHED SARE'S BOOK - im dead thats all k 

any questions??
do you bullet journal too?


gahhhh homemade apple pie // also WAITING ON GOD (Jer 42-43)

basically I really love apple pie and then I've always wanted to make a legit butter crust, so I did. *laughs* AND GUYYYYYYSSS *flails* THE CRUST WAS YES YES YES. *gives you piece of the pie and walks away to start talking about waiting on God* 

ready? Yes. Ready.

I'm back in Jeremiah again in my Bible study - just reading along about the how the Jewish people were being captured by the Babylonian's. They had been warned, and did not heed. like..of course. blah. They then asked Jeremiah to go between them and God to ask Him if they should try to flee to Egypt.

they promised that they would do ask the Lord willed. Jeremiah then went and prayed, asking God for guidance.

I had been reading a lot of stuff like this for a while now (like I am 42 chapters in Jeremiah, right? lol) and then it goes "and it happened, after ten days that the word of the Lord came to Jeremiah." (verse 42:7)

*blink* *blink*

waiiiiiiittttttttttttttt 10 DAYS? *nods* 

can you just imagine the people of Israel waiting and waiting and waiting. like legit, this is a scary time. PEOPLE ARE COMING TO TAKE YOU CAPTIVE OR KILL YOU EVEN. maybe...hurry God???

but no. God has His own set of time. and even tho I think that is one of the toughest things for people to accept, it's the truth. You gotta wait on God, bc if you don't, you're doing what you want.  and. uhm. I wouldn't recommend that.

also, He said that they were to not go. *coughcough* THEY WENT ANYWAYS and forced Jeremiah to go with them. like bllllahhh

and can you guess the outcome? They were punished in Egypt. That's what happens when you directly go against God....

ON A HAPPIER NOTE: i'm reading sarah's book and GUYS IMMA DYING CUZ TRREEEYYYYYYYYY *flails* 

soooo are you waiting on God?
apple pie or cherry pie??

{DIYish} LEGIT GOT A NEW HAIRCUT // im flailing so hard rn

I've kinda been looking in the mirror like ; "uhg my hair is getting too long again." I started twisting it into my continuous bun and braids to get it out of the way and was like NO MORE. then I remembered the $25 that my haircut costed last time and was like *coughcough* nope

 Then Bree was like "oh I could cut your hair for you!!" *squeals* 

I knew I wanted it shorter, so I looked up online the style ideas and totally fell in love with the lob *laughs at the completely weird name* then ordered the $4 scissor comb that I remembered the lady at the hair salon used to thin my hair and give it layers. like OMW $4?! so yes. 

 It came in the mail and I kinda nervously laughed at the thought of doing it, shoved it away, then woke up with a weird courageousness and asked Bree to do it.


*sighs* basically I really like how it turned out hehee

my parents were out while Bree and I were working on my hair with Sare's help of showing me pics of how it was looking. My mom came inside like;

"LET ME SEE! awwwwwwwwwwwww"

my dad:  "huh, I didn't know you were planning on doing that."

Yup, that's my parents right there. lol!!! I have this continuous question tho. what does "that's so Julia" mean? PLZ SOMEONE ENLIGHTEN ME. 

also my grandpa brought over moosetracks ice cream so excuse me while I rush off to go stuff my face with it. that's what you're supposed to do after you cut your hair...right?? *shrugs and does it anyways* 

whatcha think??
what does your hair look like?


plz ignore how embarrassingly awkward i look (BUT WOW I WAS SO TAN)
ohhhhhhhkkayyyyy. so this is legit like A REALLY REALLY DELAYED POST. but you see, I kept on putting it off for other project posts that I wanted to share, and finally I was like JULIA YOU ARE SO PROUD OF THIS ONE POST IT ALREADY. 

so here I am. *giggles*

In June of 2016, I took on the largest task that I had ever done in my parents master bedroom. The ceiling had water leakage stains (plus it was that fabric-y ceiling), the carpet HAD TO GO, the walls had these funnily patched up places, the green color was horrid. And, since my mom's birthday was coming up, I was like "okay this is your gift."

I had a lot of troubles with this project, starting with the ceiling. I painted over each and every square with a paint brush at first, because of the grooves, then rolled over it. After a solid 4 coats on the water stained areas YOU COULD STILL SEE THE BROWN. I was soooo frustrated, but was thrilled to find a spray paint that would solve it. (WARNING: it stinks really bad + spray evenly or you'll get bubbles)

 Then, I made the HUUUUUUUGGGGE mistake of getting trim and wall paint in the same brand of paint. hahahahahahahahahaaha. guys the cans looked the same *moans* After two of the large walls, I realized I had been painting the walls white and not the mega soft cream. #iwantedtocry (also poor sare, she was in the room when i found this out *cringes*)

 During this time, I would not let my mom see the room. I wanted a complete surprise reaction, which I still think was the best part. OMW THO the guy with the staple gun for the carpet was staple gun crazy. #plzcalmdown

 In the end, my mom saw the room and let me tell you, all those exhausting moments were worth it. Plus, we went to hobby lobby for the decorations hehehe AND I MADE MY PARENTS A PALLET BED FRAME *grins* 

also. I only had 4ish days to do all this plus i was off sugar. 

tho....sometimes I walk in the room and shudder from memories *nervously laughs*

how do you like it??
any big mistakes when doing a project?

I FAILED THE 2016 BOOK CHALLENGE // try try again

I failed. Even though I read 74 books in 2016, I still somehow managed to not read something to fit in each category. Honestly, looking down at what I have listed... I FEEL LIKE I READ BORING BOOKS. I need way more variety in my book diet. wait. not diet, but whatever. YOU UNDERSTAND. 

1. A book over 400 pages long. Keeper of the Lost Cities - Shannon Messenger (eh it was not my fave)
2. A book set in a place you want to visit.
3. A book with royalty in it, real or fantasy. The White Dove - Christoph Van Schmid (*blinks*)
4. A book that is under 150 pages long. Surviving the Angel of Death - Eva Mozes Kor (this book *shudders* so sad)
5. A book that intimidates you.  Fitzwilliam Darcy (1st book in series) - Pamela Aiden (uhm. cool, but Mr. Darcy is very wordy)
6. A nonfictional book.Hope In Front of Me - Danny Gokey (also sad but sweet)
7. A book set in your favorite time period. They called her Mrs. Doc - Janette Oke (GUYS THIS BOOK MADE ME CRY ITS MY FAVE SO CUTE)
8. A book that has a main character that is your opposite gender. The Giver - Lois Lowry (almost as cool as the movie)
9. A true story. 
10. A fictional book about a historical event. So Little Time - Al Lacy (neat view on Lincoln's shooting..)
11. A book written by a New York Times bestselling author
12. A book your friend recommends (and loved). Wonderland Creek - Lynn Austin (interesting and slightly cliche at times? hahaa)
13. A book that you read with/to a sibling or friend.  Everest - Bill Boyle (EVERYONE MUST READ THIS BOOK LIKE RIGHT NOW SO COOL)
14. A book set in a country outside of America.
15. The first book in a series. Love Comes Softly - Janette Oke (basically a classic)
16. A mystery. Footprints under the Window - Franklin W. Dixon (*coughcough* yeah no)
17. A book (going to be) published this year, 2016.
18. A book you own but have never read. The Calling of Emily Evans - Janette Oke (ooh liked this one too)
19. A book you started and never finished.
20. A book you’ve already read once. 
21. A book with a beautiful cover.  Girl in Blue - Ann Rinaldi (loved the perspective!)
22. A book that was made into a movie.   Death Comes to Pemberly - P.D. James (eeep yesss)
23. A book written at least 100 years ago.  
24. A book about/set in the outdoors.  Messenger - Lois Lowry (uhm. not my favorite out of all the books)

 The thing is, I probably could have actually accomplished this book challenge. 

except for one thing... I was getting super stressed out. *cringes* IM A SUPER COMPETITIVE PERSON. even with myself, legit. I couldn't stand the thought of not finishing. so I basically was reading like a zombie and not even enjoying the books I was reading. 

 like that Hardy Boys mystery? plz. don't ask me what it was about. 

So, I gave up, and read what I wanted to read instead. and srsly I READ LIKE 11 BOOKS IN DECEMBER (4 of which I used for the book challenge). Giving up was actually the best decision for myself. And...*nods* Sare is going to tell me she told me so, cuz she did.

also i know lets all sob 

BUT GUYS IM NOT TOTALLY GIVING UP. bc I'm doing the book challenge again in 2017. My friend, Micaiah, amazingly throws this thing together. We've got a huge group of us doing it if you want to join!! This year is going to be easier too. Only 17 categories (hehehe for 2017 - get it? lol)

Honestly, I'm ready for some new stuff to be read this year. Shoot me your top 3 favorite books PLLLZZZZZZ and I'm serious - wild books count. I'm ready for this (though I don't want *coughcough* bad books lol ya know) 

Do you wanna join the book challenge?
top 3 favorite books??

{PHOTOSHOOT} cuz she's a gorgeous gal // BEST FRIEND ALERT


I met Ragen at the coffee shop in town. She was doing a singing concert to raise funds for a mission trip she was going on - Bree dragged me along because I was having this majorly introverted time. #istpproblems 

 We chatted, goofed off a little, and I kinda left the place like "well bye" cuz I didn't think I would see her again. Then, Bree and I went to another concert and she was there - and this time, we couldn't stop talking. I just felt this deep connection and was like "that's it. I need to talk more with this girl!!" 

(and can i say right now that deep connection was Jesus? yup. thank you)

  Now, honestly, I can't imagine not knowing Ragen.  She's got the spunkiest, sweetest, outlook on life. You can ask Ragen a question and she'll think on it, giving you the answer you never even thought of. Plus, she's an amazing listener. 

Displaying photo.PNG

Also look at her sense of humor ^^ i mean YES GOALS


And now, we've played foosball so a deeper part our relationship has opened up (like *coughcough* we are competitive). Also, raced up the stairs and she beat me. bllahhhh We've read poetry and giggle over random stuff, ate banana bread in her kitchen, and sang songs.

to sum it up, Ragen is a gem.

AND GUYS WAHT ITS 2017?!?!?! I'm so ready for this. bring it on. *grins* 

tell me about your friend
goofy story of you two??

ALL THE WHACKONESS IN ONE POST // 2016 over #inshock


- wake up on DEC 1st and tell Sarah there is a foot a snow outside and she just gives me 😒 yeah... that look.

- drenching apples in lemon juice and then turning around to your sister eating one and then she screams "AHHHH"

- losing my flashdrive and having my writing buddies try to help find it #lovetheseguys 

- putting grape jam in your hamburger mix and your little sister be like; 
"*wide eyes* Julia I thought you were joking...you always joke..."

- moaning to death when you finish formatting your novel

- when you ask Chloe if she cries and she goes "Uhmmm..sometimes..when I'm cutting onions?.."

- Sarah coming in my room at 1:48 am; "I hate you. You had a wonderful ending" then hugging my book and sighing

- Jon finding a typo in my novel post (we are totally even now k?)

- that all my siblings trying to lip sync now lol

- over thousands of miles away - finding out we are watching the same show at about 5 minutes apart

- waking up early on Christmas morning with Sare... #7:30am

- waiting until midnight on Christmas Day to see if the radio station is so rotten to turn off Christmas music right away 
12:01 -- 80's MUSIC waht. THEYRE AS HEARTLESS AS I THOUGHT *hears Sarah sobbing in the background*

- hearing my fave kids tv show on..... *totally was not upstairs*

- Amanda texting me this;


- your friend driving to your house for the first time and getting.....lost....hahahaa 

- trying to do ballet stretches 

- your dad saying "here's a leg" and then throws a plastic cap at you to catch...????

- being smushed between the sink and the bathtub for hours..THOSE PIPES UHG

- Sarah rushing in my room going "got a towel? Thanks!" without me saying a thing lol

- Sarah stuffing her face with a chocolate we were supposed to share 😑

- when Tia declares you have a white hair in your head and you tell her to yank it out and it ends up being paint #thelifeofme


- gashing your finger while scraping paint off a board 

- going off sugar for a week WHEN YOU DONT WANT TO #thescariestthingyoucando

- parking the truck and van in our tiny garage for the first time AT NIGHT

- cutting your brothers hair for the first time 

- Sarah losing my flash drive AGAIN

- typos in my book - "both of them looked at the dough that was dying on their hands" GUYS BLAME NANO

- my dad letting me cut his hair 


- eating baked apples on vanilla ice cream

finding an ADORABLE sweater dress at goodwill

- going to the library and texting friends with "any book suggestions?" and walking out with a bunch of stuff to try

- babysitting your little sibs and your little bro is like "Jula..I love you." 😎

- being able to FaceTime with my bestie

- wrapping presents with my sisters

- having a continuous tournament with your family on the google "there is no internet game" (i've got the high score right now 2240 #ohyeah)

- painting popcorn ceiling for the first time. My hair was white people - white.

- watching old family videos on Christmas Eve at like... midnight (so I guess it was Christmas?)


- my little bro saying "I got you two gifts. Don't worry though, you were good. You deserve it. I was naughty, only get me one"

- when Sarah tells me that she tears up from my poems *melts*

- my siblings calling footie pjs "froggys"

- *listening to Santa Claus is coming to town*
Little sis - "no he isn't. Dad is!"
"Wow..depressing little child" -sare

- little sis watching my lip sync video and going "you are VERY pretty in this"

- 7:47 CHRISTMAS MORNING - "*squeals* we are going to have a white Christmas" -little sister


elizabeth anne rocked with world with this
don't ask me what she did
basically she wrote down my feelings
how i feel when i antique shop
i. love. these. NAOMI HOW ARE YOU SO FAB?!
a little too amazing


- to reach 30 followers on Twilight to Dawn  YIPPIIEEE as of the 29th, I hit 30 followers (thx Faith ;)) 
- go 2 weeks off sugar   i did one week *rolls eyes*
- finish Christmas shopping by the 2nd week of Dec.  hahahahahaa why did i even say this
- learn the Star Wars Melody on the piano  not at all
- go to bed earlier/exercise daily  i can touch my toes now ????
- catch up on school I DID IT!!!!!! 

well guys I promise you I did a lot this month.....just not what I had listed above *coughcough*

2016 --
- I created Twilight to Dawn and discovered poetry is my thing
- first camp nano + nanowrimo
- i met all my amazing writer buddies *wipes tear*
- got my license *squeals*
- met you guys
- found my voice in blogging + grew 65 followers GUYS I LOVE YOU <3333 (also 3 VIDEOS)
- did like 58929458952 DIY projects
- wrote + published my book

andddddddddddd since the whole goal thing didn't work out so well, I'm not doing it this time around. Also, I've decided I won't have any set expectations for myself for 2017..that will only lead to a disappointed me... no, instead, I'm going to run into 2017 with a grin and take what comes, cuz that's what I learned in 2016. 

hello 2017

any big hopes for 2017?
what made you laugh from above??

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