{DIY} i painted our house // bye bye brown shingles

You never know what you'll find me doing -- hahaa -- I mean it. But, I would have to say painting the shingles on the front of my home tops it. Cuz it was high up there, and we bought Mr. LongArm (IM NOT KIDDING THAT IS LEGIT ITS NAME) to get up in the super high spots. You see that window?? That's the attic window. uhhhh huh. *walks away and lets that sink in*

 It all started because the first painter people we called said they would get back to us in a few days with an estimate -- they didn't. The second did the same. And the third declared that wouldn't happen with her, but it did. *exasperatingly throws hands in the air*


"alright, teach me. I'm going to paint some shingles on the front of our house - they're wooden, what do I need?"

 And, as it always happens, the guy will show me the different things I can choose from and proceed to tell me how to use the paint *sighTHANK YOU

oh and he told me about purple ceiling paint - which really is a thing. Apparently, he sold it to a guy who came back later to Menards declaring that he was sold the wrong ceiling paint. He promised him it would dry white...he never saw the other guy again. LOL!!!

what was your fall project??
do you have a place where you can just learn?

He Will Hold me Fast // camp thoughts

I disappeared because I went to a Christian woman's retreat up in the north woods of my home state. It was wonderfully...peaceful. My initial thoughts revolved around the fact the they had a zipline, and kayaks, a hay ride and some pretty scrumptious food.  And, those things were fantastic. I did zipline for the first time (4 times in fact!), I learned how to paddle board, I kayaked..and I did eat. 

 But, if you asked me what my favorite thing of all was right now... I would honestly answer the singing at chapel. We had two chapel services each day all weekend...I eagerly waited for the moments when we told to sing. My favorite hymn of all was He Will Hold me Fast...each night I fell asleep humming it and woke up to it still. 

 I went down to the lake in the morning before breakfast - alone. Somehow I was the only one who decided to do it... I don't know how, but it was so special for me. The fog literally danced off the lake and I would sit on the dock listening to the quiet. 

 The speaker encouraged us all to have a small goal for the weekend, and to write it down. Then, after the message was given, she threw us a loop by telling us to tell the two people beside you what your goal was. My goal for the weekend was to cry... And, technically, I didn't meet the goal, but I guess what I should have written was SOB bc I think that's what I really meant. But still. 

 I met some wonderful ladies, adopted a grandma for keeps, learned some things, but mostly, saw that He will hold me fast. Christ will hold me. I'm precious in His sight, and so are you.

 So, these were my camp thoughts.....

did you go on a retreat this year?
what were your thoughts??

p.s. sorry for the iphone photos...I didn't want to use the camera lol

i reupholstered a chair // DIY for $1.50

bree did that..likeeee??? can i cry?
mental image of what its like here *its 80 degrees out right now with a perfect breeze, windows are open, ive got headphones on listening to OPEN THE CLOUDS by Unspoken, the sun in shining, my siblings are reading new library books*

Dudes, I wore through my chair covering. It's called a lot sitting there and doing school, reading, painting and what not. and add to that fact that its an ANTIQUE chair!! OH, and my little siblings use my chair as a stool cuz they're short still. hahaaa Basically I really needed to reupholster it. 

 I got the fabric at Walmart for $1.50, it is cotton, which I wouldn't recommend. I knew it would dirty faster, but I really liked how the pattern fit with my room decor, so I snatched the 3/4 yard up. BROS IT IS ALREADY DIRTY AND I DID THIS ON SATURDAY. *covers face with hands* *tries to explain that im literally the barefoot gal so DUH feet get dirty* 

 *sigh* oh well. The project was fun tho and I wouldn't mind doing it again. Bree and Sarah helped me out bc this was actually my first reupholster job! DIY stuff is thrilling to do -- AND it brings such a satisfying face lift to your room. 

 welllllllll, I'm off to mow the lawn. guys, please, keep summer forever. I got my mom to buy popsicles and chalk today bc I WILL NOT LET GO. 

would you reupholster a chair?
are you willing to have summer for another month??

liebster award // fresh grapes

whenever I get tagged for an award or something I instantly scroll to the questions section bc if they are funny and exciting and different GAL GIMME TO ME CUZ IMMA GONNA DO A POST.  so here I go

 The AMAAAAZZZING Leah from Chasing Passion (pronounced like Princess Leia in Star Wars, got it dudes?) tagged me A LONG TIME AGO back on August 6th..hahhaaa...but hey, I'm here so *shrugs cause i can*

1// What is your favorite song at the moment?
NEED YOU ASK?!?!?!?!?! Happiness by NEEDTOBREATHE cuz its just my jam

2// What are three things that you want to buy right now?
hahaa..this always happens, my brain goes blank. urgh. Probably white nail polish, aloe water, and like boho bracelets lol (i like weird things??)

3// What is the best compliment you have ever received? 
"You don't look homeschooled." HAHAAHAAA THANKS??

4// Dream hair?

5// What is one talent that you don't have but wish that you did? 
DEFINITELY MUSICAL TALENT. oh to be able to sing. oh I wish I could play the violin or guitar...urgh. I'm learning the piano BUT STILL i wish it was instant or something haha! 

6// Describe your perfect day?
goooooooosh. Probably going on a hike somewhere with a camera and a book and lots of snacks and water. But it has to be green around me, and then stay out until its dark and the stars come out. Then getting ice cream after it all. Yup. Who wants to come???

7// What is your style in all things, hair, dress, home? (example: minimalist, bohemian, classy) 
Bohemian Modern...is that a thing?? hahaaa

8// Ocean or Mountains? 
MOUNTAINS - ive never seen but i will

9// Do you collect anything? If so, what?
Hahaaa! I collect books probably mostly...like I just reached 153. But other than that, probably memories. I have what I call my memory book and its basically full of junk that I love stuffed into a folder which I've had since I was 6...

10// Do you like to drive, or be in the backseat better?
 loooooooooooovvvee to drive. But the backseat is fun for longer car trips lol


1. If someone handed you a puppy, what would you do?
2. Would you rather camp in a tent with nothing for a month, or be snowed in a log cabin with everything for 4 months?
3. Your most used word? (i.e. dude. yo. bro. huh. uh. whatevs)
4. If you HAD to move and got to choose the place, where would you go? 
5. Are you involved in any Instagram group chats? If so, include a short and utterly goofy snippet.
6. Would you rather have poison ivy or chicken pox?
7. What do you do when you're nervous? 
8. Do you write poetry? If so, include a poem.
9. Can you remember passwords??
10. What are you looking forward to right now?

 you dudes have fun!! 

what 3 things would you by right now??
drive or backseat?

like i couldn't decide // malt shop

We went to this cute old malt shop a bit back and you see THEY HAD OVER 50 (says 24 on the sign but there was another sheet....gahhh) FLAVORS OF SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM. like how do you choose?????!!!! I couldn't. I listened as each of my siblings picked theirs cause you know maybe I COULD TASTE AND DECIDE *evil laugh*

 "ohh that sounds good. will you share?
"eeeeeeeeehhhh." O.o

 THEN Bree comes over and is like "JULIA THEY HAVE NORMAL ICE CREAM TOO."
normal???? okay. great. 

6 minutes later --

 My mom is like "okay we are going to order now." 
I stood there, leaning on the super high counter unable to decide. My mind went blank. ITS JUST ICE CREAM RIGHT BUT NO 50 DIFFERENT FLAVORS HOW DO YOU PICK
 "Uh I'll have the black raspberry." 
"cone or cup?" 
" uh. cone."

 I ended up with salted caramel in a cup because Sarah changed her order last minute and a mix up happened. *glares at my sister cause i can* You know, I can handle the mix up. It was good actually! BUT THE STYROFOAM CUP. oohhhhhh but that noise of the spoon scraping the edges *cringes and covers ears*  

 I think this whole thing happened cause I was tired.......

What kind would you have?
Cup or CONE??

p.s. I updated my about me page -- go check it out would you?? *gently pushes you*

3 things you need for LYFE // back to school

yes my hair is often put up into a bun...#badhabit
 guys it happened. school officially started like WAHT. PLEASE STOP TIME AND LETS GOOOO BAAAACK TO SUMMMMMER *dodges junk you fall lovers throw at me* *realizes that i have fall lover friends* *looks at aaliyah* * runs*

 I decided that I'm a pro at doing school since I'm a senior *laughs cause I just decided this* so I can give you all pointers on how to get schoolwork/homework done WITHOUT dying. (im really not kidding. death doesn't HAVE to happen)

T I P #1 (and guys that wasn't a hashtag) -- music *yanks your arm cause we are moving on bc ENOUGH SAID*

T I P #2 --- pens or pencils that legit make you happy. They have to fit in your hand, flow nicely, have the correct coloration..like you need the right tools to get a job done AND PENS ARE TOOLS RIGHT??!!

T I P #3 --- comfy clothes, coffee and/or tea and a snack which crunches cause IDK about you but crunching helps get out my frustration at algebra jumbo

 and dudes I know that school is hard to adjust to cause I'm feeling it. THAT ALARM CLOCK IS STARTING TO GET ON MY NERVES -- but at the same time, I'm taking a mile walk each day in the morning. That's one thing I love about school, having a schedule and getting things done *fist pump*

What do you like about school?
how is school going??

the terribly large spider // artistic park day

we went to a park and it was a normal sunny day. all was well. we ate snacks (aka junk food) and i goofed off as usual. BUT THEN *dark clouds rumble loudly* A HUGE AND DEADLY AND TERRIFYING SPIDER JUMPED OUT OF NOWHERE AND BIT ME IN THE ARM

(I thought of this pin...haha)

 actttuuuuaally it didn't but I'm a goof nut and that whole story came out of nowhere. BUT ANYWAYS there really was a scary spider LOOK! PICTURE PROOF. *shudders* And I thought I was scared of those little jumping spiders.. #nomore

 Oh and you know what else we did? There was this bridge by water and it echoed under there and so we all sang. It was just kinda cool. OH AND PEOPLE CLAPPED LIKE????????? It was fantastic and all but I realized that I need to memorize more songs - I mean I KNOW A LOT -- but you run out after a while. so *laughs cause i lost my train of thought*

 guys I really lost it so i'm gonna end it here *hugs and waffles*

are you scared of spiders??
are you a goof nut like me? hehee

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