May 23, 2018

“I LOVE BAREFEET!!!!” - little sis

guys it’s hit 82 on May 1st IM HAAPPY

I was early to work twice this month. The first day was sunny so I got a blanket out and sat on the grass in the sun reading letters and then the 2nd time it was pouring so I sat in my car journaling IT WAS AMAZING. Try it bros

we literally found a piano in the mall that screamed PLAY ME so we did and it was the beeessst

Wait. YOURE AN ADULT? You’ve got to be kidding me” - child I babysit
me :

literally was digging my hands into the earth and it started to rain then thunder
Me “how could i get any more earthy rn”

COMPLETED A 30 DAY AB/LEG WORKOUT. (Turned out to be like 45 days lol) but dudes I did a 2 minute plank OWWWW

also I drove home and got stuck behind a tractor
me "k. i turn left up here and you go straight PLEASE"
tractor *turns left*
me: -_-

I started to sew a dress and almost got it done in one day..sooo close

also this

BOUGHT A PAIR OF OVERALLS. I’ve been wanting them forever and then I went shopping and they were on sale

So like we bought a new grill and we stuffed in the back of Wilson.. lolololol as my dad said
“it’s a good thing you don’t have a small car with the things you do”
*starts a list of weird things I shove in my car*

Sarah “when I’m around books I get really thirsty”

Me : *is reading poetry* “but you cannot grow if you are bitter”
Bree : “Uhm excuse me tell that to spinach”


drove past farm depot at night and part of the sign light was out so it’s like  “arm depot”

obsessively journaling every spare moment I get while working a 45 hr work week just to cope

hahhahaha so I was sleeping and then woke up at 12:30 am like “oh time to get up”

so Sarah, Bree and me went to Olive Garden and the hostess is like “are you two twins?”
me and Sarah “lol no”

also 3 ladies at goodwill thought we were twins so we are fairly certain we are now

me in store talking and says “WHAT” really loudly
also me “okay that was awkward it just echoed in the whole place”


well, there you have it. May in a bunch of random moments XD so many more things happened + lots of work hours but super thankful for laughter and a mini vacation I'm sneaking away to this weekend. BRING IT ON (also if you have purchased/received my poetry book, comment below bc I'm trying to work on a project with all you peeps. thx!!!) 

thoughts on may going by super fast??
funny family moment? 


May 16, 2018

I kinda really really love a good ice cream cone lololololol (also baby leaves PEOPLE ITS FINALLY WARM OUTSIDE AND GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN) 
like guys if I'm grumpy or lugging around bricks for 2hrs straight (true story) and I think "hm I can get ice cream after" EVERYTHING IS A-OKAY LOL 

  1. THERE ARE LITERALLY SO MANY OPTIONS. like i bet if you didn't want to eat the same ice cream flavor twice for your entire life, you could figure that out. lololol 
  2. its creamy. its cold. its beautiful. 
  3. PERFECT BINGE FOOD. I've never eaten too much ice cream???? ya know how chips or candy or something makes you feel sick well NOPE ice cream has never done that to me 
  4. ice cream means CELEBRATION. think birthday, weddings, new job, anniversary, dates, parties - ICE CREAM IS THERE AND THE LIFE OF THE PARTY MMMM
  5. you can eat it any season of the year and its perfectly acceptable. hot cocoa just isn't a summer thing lolol
  6. there are ice cream stands, or the huge tubs, or the tiny little cups. they have healthy options. or not so healthy hahahahaaa #MINE. you can buy ICE CREAM BARS. or ICE CREAM CAKE. or a shake. or ICE CREAM PIE. or ICE CREAM CONES. or or or.....literally wow. 
  7. which, speaking of cones, they have waffle, "styrofoam" ones as my sister calls them but HeY i like them lol, cone bowls, or even better yet COOKIE BOWLS FOR YOUR ICE CREAM *dies*
  8. ice cream can be simple or extravagant. like k, lets buy everything in the store...caramel, chocolate fudge sauce, peanut butter cups, mini reeces pieces, or if you're like me, put jam on your ice cream yussssssssss. (p.s. anyone ever put nerds in vanilla?)
  9. THERE IS LITERALLY ICE CREAM MADE FOR PEOPLE TO EAT IN OUTER SPACE (now I've heard it isn't amazing but hello, that means ice cream is necessary to human existence
  10. ice cream isn't for one age. 0-eternity is the recommended age, I say. 

well, there you have it folks. now go eat a cone of raspberry cheesecake chocolate chunk in a waffle cone like I did. (and yes, I ate all of that.. o.O) 



May 9, 2018

I've always told myself that I wasn't artistic, that I couldn't possibly be put in the category of crafty...and musical?! LOL NO WAY. truly, I've seen myself as someone who can read, sing along to the lyrics of a good song..even quote the words of an author or philosopher but that be me? NO. it didn't fit along with the guidelines of who I was allowing myself to be. but recently I've seen something new.

I went to camp back in January - while there a guy was playing the piano like crazy impressively. I found out that he was self taught and didn't like to play sheet music so just jammed along. I am insanely jealous of that skill let me tell you XD

me: I wish I could play the piano like that - I'm more of a writer."
dude: "writing is just a form of music. Imagine if you could only read and never write...that's why I play the music I compose. I don't like being restricted to their guidelines."
me: "can I use that?"
dude: "sure"

I'm fairly sure I'll never forget those words. (also can we say hello yes inspiring?!) mainly so bc he spoke with such clarity but the biggest thing I heard was him saying in between the lines was "I'm a human being created by God with talents that He wants me to use and well, I guess I'm going to try."

since January, I have wanted to write this post. I just hadn't quite formulated my thoughts until now. Yesterday, I went to Barnes and Noble for the first time since I was a kid.. I KNOW CRAZY?! I was blown away and decided that's where I wanna be for like...forever. lololol ANYONE WANNA GIVE ME A GIFT CARD THERE FOR MY BIRTHDAY THAT WOULD BE FANTASTIC THX
annnnnyyyyyyways. Sarah found the poetry section and I was stuck there for like an hour hahaa

I truly don't want this to sound vain, but it struck me that "huh could I get a poetry book in here someday?" so folks, a little dream was born yesterday. 

this post is a jumbled mess of my thoughts. lololol basically what I'm trying to say is, I'm finding my art. I'm learning that filling my journals, and book shelves and cleaning my room, neatly shelving books or planting seedlings in the ground, or even reading + listening to other creatives. it's becoming who I am as an artist. hm. I like that word.


p.s. i know this might sound odd, but i can feel a wall that just crumbled inside of me. GUYS YOU CAN'T LET YOU RUIN YOUR OWN DREAMS AND ART. crush the lies you hear and write down the thing you've been afraid to be.