IDK HOW TO REST LIKE AKA I DON'T BREATHE VERY WELL // i'm on holiday (#totallyambritish) + PRETTY PICS

I'm getting older. I admit it bc it's truth, right? and it feels like as every second passes by, I'm speeding along with it, unable to keep my head very high above the water (jsyk there will probably be a lot of water metaphors in this post #beeninthelakeallday) I want the best of each moment. I want to live and live and live without burning out (oh and fire metaphors #campfire) but here is the deal 


bc i get tired and grumpy and exhausted and last night I slept for 9 hours straight. Guys, that was the most I've had don't even know how long. the fact is, I don't know how to rest, relax..chill. at all. 

Right now, I'm on a spontaneous holiday. *grins at shelby* legit, not even two full days to plan for a week away in a cabin on the lake so ya know, we threw some bags together and left. Just like that. and my mind was screaming WHAAAAAAT HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN bc I plan things. I have a massive to-do list. I work all day and then cram things I want to do at night and it's this good for me? probably not????? *sits quietly and blinks* 

so what do I do? I DO IT EVERY DAY. 

I was sitting in the dock tonight just sitting - I was thinking about how often I am quiet and legit how rare that is. (i have problems talking ok?) Quiet hurts. We all know's a strange mixture of nothing and volumes of loudness. I admit it. I don't like it really...which is why I just go and go until I can't anymore. but, I need to stop that. from what I've heard, resting is pretty nice.

tomorrow is the solar eclipse. I must admit, I find it kinda scary. I don't think I'll be looking at it...I saw an article of an guy who has permanent damage in his eye since the solar eclipse in 1962. no thanks, lol.

Right now, my family is watching the old Ma and Pa Kettle episodes. They are wonderful and make me laugh. My hair is wet bc sarah and I went out on paddle boards at dark to watch the rest of the sunset and my face is sunburnt. I'm full with s'mores and hamburgers and laughs. It's beautiful to learn how to rest. 

I'm going to end this post short for today. I think it seems right, don't you? perhaps we all need to relax for a bit. It's surprising how lovely it is to sit and stare into the middle of nowhere for once. (except I can't help but think about my garden at home lol) 

also. packing is weird. You pack a billion things then just end up wearing the same few items over and over again. I need to learn the tricks. help? + what's your favorite photo???



I was looking through my phone notes and there was legit this ; 

I burst out laughing and then was like "okay this actually deserves to be a post " so here we are. so like WHAT IS IT?! Generally, there are two different ways of spelling favorite or favourite or grey vs gray or neighbor or neighbour but these are like bc of the British or Canadian English versions.

Donut or Doughnut? Nope. They are just...well...two ways of spelling the same word everywhere. They both are even considered incorrect by spellcheck. It's quite literally a word which you get to D E C I D E  how you want to spell it *grins* 

also I guess there is a lot of disruption over which way it should be spelled so lets not do that but legit just say how you generally write it XD I can't even remember how I do.... I'm normally a doughnut person tho?? WHICH I AM VERY PROUD TO SAY IS ACTUALLY HOW IT IS TRADITIONALLY DONE HEHEHEE just ask google. 

RANDOM DONUT FACTS *julia spells it the opposite way just to be kind* 

  • julia had a doughnut today (k so that's not really an important fact. roll with it) 
  • the largest donut ever made was an american made jelly donut weighing 1.7 TONS. it was 16 feet in diameter and 16 inches high in the center. OH MY GOODNESS RIGHT
  • canada has more doughnut shops than any other country (sarah said we should move there)
  • June 1st of 2018 will be national doughnut day PREPARE YOURSELF 
  • there are real taco, grilled cheese, and seaweed donuts. 
  • you would need 253,440 doughnuts on a string to reach across the grand canyon 
  • and only 3,660 to reach the top of the statue of liberty 
  • there is something called a cronut which is basically a croissant-doughnut. well. it has 1,330 calories in one. an adult should only eat about 2,400 in a day......................
  • people say that bakeries are never robbed bc the police officers hang around so often 
  • Entenmann’s bakery turns out 100,000 doughnuts every hour, 15 million every week, 780 million every year

I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to walk around now after finding these facts out. WHO KNEW DONUTS COULD BE SO WEIRD?!?!? I mean. gosh. but let's admit it. they. are. so. good. *moans cuz i want more* 

so yesterday marked 1 entire year of my poetry blog's existence. THAT MEANS ITS BASICALLY A BIRTHDAY PARTY SO *gives everyone doughnuts* also yesterday I posted my 1 0 0 T H  POEM NOT EVEN JOKING. can I say I'm proud of myself? I mean...yeah that's vainly weird but it's also honest. I didn't really ever think of myself as a poet and now I'm slightly unable to stop?? SO YES VOLUME 2 OF MY POEMS ARE IN PROGRESS EEEP. 

also idk what my obsession with sky photos is. sorry... guess you're stuck with them. 

p.s. i wrote this post at midnight sunday night....then scheduled it for 6 am the next day. WELL GOSH OH GOLLY JULIA IS DUMB BC SHE FORGOT THAT WHEN MIDNIGHT HAPPENS A NEW DAY DOES TOO. so here i am, posting this after working all morning. you're welcome


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