CAMP THOUGHTS 2017 + PHOTO CRASH // legit jumped in the lake in OCTOBER + wilson made it on the road trip

October 12, 2017

I told ya that Wilson (my just going to have to say this from now on cuz of what Gabby said in my last post LOL) and I + my older sis went on a road trip this weekend. It was to my legit most favorite place on earth, waaaaaaay up north in my home state.

It's a beautiful place, with a crystal clear lake, and pine forest around you, with a chapel full of hearts on fire for God and LIKE THE BEST FOOD IN THE WORLD. 

totally had to use this gif again 

We went last year. It was my first time  and, wow. I don't think I can even express how much I grew to love that in a short period of time. PLUS I MET SOME AMAZING PEOPLE. One of which, became my adopted grandma. She's the sweetest. We've kept in contact throughout the year and well... I really really really wanted to see her again. I sneakily asked her which weekend she would be attending the ladies retreat - she told me. Then she was like;

to which I replied "IDK I HOPE SO!"

legit. HEHEEE. My sis and I then signed up to go on that same weekend, asked to bunk with her + our gang of fantastic ladies, drove up there without telling them AND THEN SUUURRPPPRRIISSSED THEM. Legit we were all screaming. can I say awesome or what? 

Except now we can never pull that same surprise again *pouts*  

But to be 100% realistic, even that wasn't the best part. It's like this place is a piece of heaven and tbh a weekend is WAY WAY WAY WAAAAAAAAAAAY too short. like can I stay for a week PLZ. Also there is a zipline there. hello. yes. 

Bree and I decided to jump into the lake right before we left. It was 71 out and it felt warm enough. So, we did it. I THINK WE KINDA FORGOT IT WAS OCTOBER? no wait, we remembered. It's just that we do nutty things. ALSO WE FORGOT THAT ITS SPRING FED WHICH KINDA MEANS IT IS ALWAYS FREEZING????

oh. plus we forgot to bring towels. shhhhhhhhhhh. forget I said that

[DISCLAIMER: it was actually one of the best parts. doing crazy things sometimes works like that]

[DISCLAIMER: and when i say sometimes I MEAN SOMETIMES so beware]

btw can we forget that i had probably 10139851480158409583498 snickerdoodles???? thx

STUFF FROM OCTOBER 11TH, 2017 (aka today)

  • made 89 blueberry muffins today.
  • found 15 kids movies in the cd section at library again THIS ISN'T A JOKE ANYMORE KID
  • made applesauce (it's still cooking down mmmmmmmm)
  • drove in super intense rain 
  • had to remember what 49 degrees felt like
  • wore my menards shirt + menards sweatshirt at same time

must rush off now. tomorrow we are digging sweet potatoes and then I'm shelving books by night. aren't I an interesting gal? *walks off making books look neat and pulling weeds*



  1. Hahahaha! Man, I'm so glad you guys had a good time!!
    Me....? Yesterday me and my older sister went to a friend's house because we are doing high school biology together. (Even though I'm not in high school lol) The experiment involved Jell-O! We didn't eat it, though I took a pinch with my fingers and OHGOSHMIXEDFEELINGS. Then that evening I had Youth Group which was having their kickoff so it was a Fall Festival and super fun. :D
    I think the craziest thing I've done this month is decide that I missed dancing, so I jumped in on a jazz class that had started two weeks earlier with teenagers (I'm technically a teenager), and everyone there already knew jazz steps and stuff, so for the dance they were doing it was a crazy big stretch. I told my mom I didn't want to do it, then WHAAAAT? I kept practicing the dance over and over again all the time, so I did it again and it was a lot better. But it was terrifying jumping in, because I hadn't danced in seven years except a teensy bit on Mondays. But I'm glad I did!

    Sorry, super long comment. You're just so friendly!!!

    1. awww! SO SWEET - it was the best time
      okay. so basically a jello experiment HELLO WHY WASN'T I INVITED?! that is so interesting!!! I bet you had a blast. ALSO I AM CRAZY ABOUT FALL FESTIVALS
      girl LOOK AT YOU! You're doing that one thing that scared you a month thing too IM SO PROUD. Keep going and keep me updated <3

      *waves* no prob. I love them!! And awwwww that just made my day <3

      I know, :( I'm such a bad blogger friend. xP I was seriously considering "Why don't I invite Julia??? She always spices things up!" LOL KIDDING was honestly terrifying and flat-out intimidating. But God placed this one girl in that class that is so encouraging and always helps me out. The teacher is a really strong Christian, and we pray before or after class, and it's becoming a blessing. It's really satisfying my need for exercise and dancing! (xD) I'm doing swing-dancing every other Saturday too, and that was such a BLAST!! (It's at a Church, and the boys's LEGIT ASK THE GIRLS TO DANCE AAHHHHHHH.)

  2. I LOVE YOUR PICTURES!!!!!!! They're all SO BEAUTIFUL!!
    It has been SO HOT here for it being October. Mid 80's and one day this week was low 90's. WHERE ARE YOU FALL WEATHER??? It was cooler in August than it is now.
    One crazy thing I did this month? Probably ride a big ride at the state fair!!! I hadn't ridden any rides since I was like seven, so any ride above the merry go round was a big ride for me xD
    Oh, and on your last post you asked me if I had any other ideas for a name for my car, and I think I've finally settled on Richard. It seems to fit him!!!! xD
    And once again, lovely photos!!

    - Maddy |

      i know! same!! I don't know what to make of it tbh. LOL SAME!!! today was 56 tho. like. HELLO FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      oh man that's fun!! I have never really ridden on any big rides either. Was it a blast?
      Hey!!! awesome! I love AND I MEAN LOVE IT when names just fit things. Like my jeep is totally a Wilson. Even my boss calls him that XD
      oh goodness thanks girlie <3

  3. This sounds like such a great time!! I'm glad that it went well for you!!

  4. Crazy thing I did this month? Like ... waking up at 2 am to read Wuthering Heights on the same morning I had to catch a 6 am plane??? Does that count? XD

    1. k so you like set an alarm to do this reading on purpose?!?! GIRL YES IT COUNTS GEESH o.o

  5. AAACK those pictures are so gorgeous. <3 <3 Also it sounds like sooo much fuuuun.

    This week I've been building a bookshelf. Which has been tiring and time consuming, but super duper exciting anyways. Eep. I can't wait for it to be doooone.

    1. ACCCK GIRL YOU ARE FABULOUS K and yes. it really was. A weekend for the books <3

      wooooooooahh!! Have you been taking pictures?! I wanna see what it look likes!!! DO A BLOGPOST PLZ

  6. HOLD UP. 89 MUFFINS. you are a true legend.

    That camps sounds like so much fun dude I'm glad you enjoyed it <3 Also those pictures? AH. gorg.

    One crazy thing I did? Decide to ride my bike home from school. Up a hill. 2 miles long. In 43 degree weather. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE.

    ~ Noor

    1. *falls onto floor laughing* bro ikr

      IT IS FANTASTIC. like I forgot to mention doing archery for the first time too + staying up late playing games. SO AWESOME

      tbh I laughed really hard bc uhm why can I totally see you like huffing + puffing then getting home, falling on the couch like " I AM NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN." XD XD

  7. lol this is the only time of year where highways are pretty. xD
    lovely lovely photos!!! those hammocks *heart eyes*
    oh gosh you guys always make mass amounts of delicious sounding food. 89 blueberry muffins???!!! i'd eat them all!!!! :D

    this girl

    1. basically 100% agree with you ( I was driving and was like yelling ahem kindly asking my sister to take the pictures XD)
      awwwwwwww *hugs* that's a lot coming from a fantastic photographer like you!!!
      IKR (its for work) and dude ya know what, I'll make you 89 blueberry muffins if ya want ;)

  8. What a fun weekend that must've been!! (nice pics, btw)
    What did I do yesterday? Drove my mom and a couple younger siblings to look for a nearby Amish store. We found a building where they were selling all kinds of produce and such, so we bought a bunch of stuff. :D Then we went to find the store. Which led me to driving down a dirt driveway or something with a bunch of potholes in it, where a couple Amish homes were... and no store. I don't like feeling like I'm infringing on people's privacy. xP But anyhow, we did find the store. ;) And then later me and my little sister made a couple apple pies. *hearts*
    Hmm, I don't know if I've really done anything crazy this month. I did kinda rock out in the car the other day... in the store parking lot. ;P That's not crazy tho, haha. If I fill out and bring in an application for Chick-fil-A a fellow homeschooler recently gave me, THEN I will be doing something crazy! o.o I kinda want to do it, but I don't know if I dare... ?

    1. oh it was a blast!! (and girl thank you *hugs* ALSO I GIVE YOU ICE CREAM CUZ ICE CREAM IS GOOD)
      ohhhh!! I love going to those. Bree and I actually stopped at the one along the way home, but it was closed :P OH well... hahah!! What an adventure!! I love those kind of days <3
      OH WOW A JOB APPLICATION DUDE YOU'VE GOT THIS let me know what happens!!

    2. (OOH, ICE CREAM, THANKS!! xD)
      Yea, it was neat. Especially with the fall air. :)
      YESS! I think I'm going to do it. I've filled some of it out, but gotta figure out the rest. I hope I get hired, 'CAUSE I'VE WANTED A JOB FOREVER! And I'd be OUT OF DEBT! xP xD

  9. Glad to hear the retreat went well again! Gorgeous photos! (my thought process on pic #1 was literally this: "If Julia's taking that picture, she's letting Bree drive Wilson. No way. Bree must be taking the picture." LOL Tell me it's true.)

    1. aww! <3 (GRACE YOU MAKE ME LAUGH SO HARD. do you legit think I wouldn't let Bree drive my car?!? Well, I did XD She drove half of the way and I did the other half ;) AREN'T YOU PROUD!?)

    2. LOL. Good for you, Julia. ;) I'm just thinking of how it MIGHT have gone if one of MY sisters got a new car. ;)

    3. HAHAHAA. "No way. Bree must be taking the picture." Truth! lol, love this.

      Yep, it was hard for Ju to hand over Wilson's reins....she only counted the minutes and miles and make sure that I wasn't driving more than she was. lol! ;) Riiiight, Ju? (Totally teasing, btw.)


  10. Haha, oh, sorry, I think I just ruined your car's name. :P

    (These pictures are awesome, btw.) (Now I'm craving chicken nuggets.)

    October 11 was already 2 days ago for me, haha. Um... I made a cinnamon teacake and it turned out perfectly (considering I'd never made one before).

    One crazy thing I've done this month? Went to a ball, went to bed at 3 am and got up at 7 the next morning. Never realized I could run on so little sleep!

    1. Nope! Not at all. It makes me laugh every time XD

      (goooooshh thanks) (LETS GO GET SOME TOGETHER)

      oh hahhaa!! already?! man time flies!! WOW THAT SOUNDS SOO GOOD can I have some??

      dude. I bet you were still tired tho right?!? Cuz 4 hours of sleep is like my absolute limit o.o


      Haha, well, we are in different countries and I'm ahead of you already. XD And no, you can't have some of my cake. Because I've already eaten it all. :P (Well, to put it more fairly, my 7 other family members were more than happy to oblige. In fact I think I only got 3 pieces of it! >.<)

      Yeah, I had a half hour nap that afternoon, but I went to bed at 11 pm that night and the rest of the week I didn't have any more sleep than I normally do. :P I have to get up at 3am on Tuesday for our long drive to our holiday place... that'll be the 6th time I've had to get up at 3 this year!

  11. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time! <3
    What happened on the 11th for me??? That was Wednesday right?
    well, I went to work - my sisters went to the mall without me *pouts* - and when I got home, I spent my day writing a letter. *nods* that's all.... oh, and I ran to the library on the way home from work, and stopped at "the Trading Post" (that's for real what it's called, which I find really cool!) and I bought myself an iced tea... because I was too lazy to drive through the coffee shop and get a coffee... like parking and actually GETTING OUT of the car, and walking IN THE STORE isn't as much work as a drive thru... *shrugs* *laughs at myself*
    A crazy thing I've done this month????? I must not be a very crazy person...
    I just now got a mystery package in the mail............... THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING MEEEEE!!! but still i think i shall wait till tomorrow to open it... because that's my actual birthday. but what I really want to know is WHO IN THE WORLD SENT IT!!?? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *is dying from excitement*

    1. awwwwwwww!
      hahahahaaha I think so?? tbh I don't know?
      omw that's the adult life :P IM REALLY HOPING MY FAMILY DOESN'T GO TO THE ORCHARD WITHOUT ME gahhh (oooh i wanna shop at the trading post)(which is actually the name of the store at the camp i went to lol) *cracks up* I would have gone to the drive thru just cuz I wanted the tea ;) No coffee for me :P
      also happy early birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  12. OMW your month sounds AMAZING, your writing style is so fun...I always enjoy reading your posts. AND Your pics are so beautiful <333 GAHH YOUR AESTHETIC GIRL.

    And I love your car's name xD 10/10

    1. XD XD girl you made me grin so much. I LIKE DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY BC THIS WHOLE COMMENT IS LIKE A GIGANTIC COMPLIMENT you're the best

      <3 <3 <3

  13. You know the most annoying thing about the CDs are? Take something like Pokémon or Veggie Tales, which should be in order. Maybe even take something like Barbie movies. They’re supposed to be in numerical or alphabetical order but they’re not so you spend twenty minutes at that one section sorting everything out. IT’S UNBELIEVABLE. Also, THAT TRIP IS SO PRETTY I CRY.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs

  14. That sounds like so much fun (especially the jumping in the lake part)!! I love doing strange spontaneous stuff but I don't often get the chance to do it.
    89 muffins? I don't like making 12 muffins, much less 89. And then you've mentioned hundreds of cookies too! That sounds time consuming. :P What's next, fifty cakes? XD
    Hmm... October 11th... I know we did something. Well, I finally got some books from the library, but that was about as exciting as it got. And one crazy thing I've done this month? Not sure. Nothing as great as jumping in a lake. I suppose it would have to be running through my friend's house yelling battle cries. Or eating a twig.
    P.S. You have inspired me to name my car whenever I get one. I'm not sure what I'll name it, but it shall definitely be called something other than "megan's car".

  15. Why did you only eat the snickerdoodles????? There were so many other kinds of cookies!!

    (btw, I tried every kind...except the snickerdoodles. hehe.)

    And, yup. We do crazy things, like swimming in OCTOBER. And, hiking that really long way (up that hill) back and forth to our change into our pjs, 'cause we didn't bring swimsuits. lol.

    So glad we were able to go again this year! Annnnd. Archery was so awesome, especially with you -- Miss Competitive. ;) Next year, we are going to have to do it again! Thunder Express too (or is it Lightning Express??).

  16. Love love love this. also i want some nuggets


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