Awesome photo Friday (5)

February 27, 2015


Do you know if these are apricots or peaches? 
Do you have any fruit trees in your yard?
What is your favorite fruit?

America || dontknowwhyItitleditthat

February 23, 2015
Oh, hi! Random me here...are you ready for a bit of randomness? Okay, here we goooo!

 1. I like sleeping.
 2. I don't like onions.
 3. I've never gone skiing nor snowboarding. (but I'm going to change that on Friday! Hopefully post later)
 4. I love books.
 5. Tea and I mix sooo well.
 6. I have many blogger friends! (Hey Autumn, Jessica, Clara, Abby, Micaiah, and Eden!)
 7. Sometimes I like talking - other times I love talking.
 8. I have the best parents in the world. (I may be bias though ;) )
 9. I finally decided on what to buy with my Christmas money. (post later!)
 10. I prefer mowing the lawn to plowing snow.
 11. I rarely cry.
 12. Parks, museums, and libraries make my eyes shine and my vocabulary lengthen.
 13. Either I like bright fingernail polish or none.
 14. Schoolwork is a blast to me.
 15. I like playing word games. (like Scrabble, Words with Friends, Banagrams)
 16. I like ice cream in the Winter!
 17. I can forget things easily..that's why I write things down!
 18. You can find me randomly singing often.
 19. I love telling stories to little kids.
 20. I don't like washing dishes...until I start washing them - then I love it!

 Okay, yes, I seriously took 8 minutes to write those. 
Yes...I'm tired..
Yes..I am random..

Are you allergic to anything? (see random!)
Do you think I should redesign my blog? Or no?
Tell me 5 random facts about you - now! (woah, that sounded forceful..)

Awesome photo Friday (4)

February 20, 2015

Some people say that God made such a beautiful world for us to enjoy. 

 Others say it was to show His power. 

Yet, others say the world was made by two rocks crashing together.

But, truly,
"The heavens declare the glory of God;
And the firmament shows His handiwork."
Psalm 19:1

Thank you, Lord!! ♥

Back in time..

February 15, 2015

My Dad took my two sister's and I to a restaurant and Antique shop for an early Valentine's treat! It was sooo much fun! I spent a great deal of time looking at the old books..there were so many to take in. :D I actually ended up buying 7 books for the grand total of $7! Yahoo! If you scroll up, you will see pictures of all 7 books that I bought. The "Mother's Encyclopedia" set was soooo awesome to find. I was jumping for joy when I found out I could purchase them for a $1 each! I also bought a book called "The Pathfinder", but I really only got this book for the cover. The awesome quote on there was priceless! (that is the grey book above a bit).

 The building is actually a Bed&Breakfast now! It used to be a hotel back in it's day. The lady who worked at the antique shop told me stories of when she was younger. She actually worked in the hotel with her best friend making around $2 every Sunday serving meals. She said that once in a while she got a tip, and that was fun. :D I had a great afternoon!

  Did you do anything for Valentine's Day?
Do you like buying old books?

Congress Street

February 8, 2015
 Do you know how many little roads there are in the world? 
How many streets we drive on daily without even knowing the name??
 Streets like these are magical. They have a history..and a story. People live in the houses. Play in their yards. Think back to the little town not far from your house..the main street once filled with horses, families dressed in the 1900's wardrobe, and little growing trees. Now we see, zooming cars, modern outfits, and strong trees. One day, those things will be known as old. One day, we will be the ones telling stories of the 'old days'.

 Okay..okay..okay. Yes, that was all started because of a street name and a photo. I'm weird. Actually, I took a random test online and my results were 63% odd. I was told that I was 'undoubtedly odd'. I think that about sums me up. But, that leaves 37% of normalness right? ;)

 Do you know of a cool street name?
Did you take the quiz? How odd are you? :D


*Photo credit: Bree