just a wee update

December 28, 2018
a few of you wandering souls might be wondering where did I vanish to. yeah lol me too. 
sorry...journaling kinda has taken over. 315 pages from Jan 1st 2018 - Dec 24th, 2018. I haven't done an updated count since lolol 
 we had a christmas party. the first of many. it was such a blast. meatball subs. cheesecake. secret santa. intense game of spoons.everyone fighting over bluetooth rights for our new speaker. all the laughter and chatting. playing nurse twice (inside story lol sorrry). idk, memories to keep for ever, I assure you.
 we had about 3 days of sun all of December. this was one of those evenings. Sarah and I ran out each evening and watched the sunset. I about cried. I was so thankful I didn't have to work those nights. ah. sunshine, please, come back.
 the library I work at collected 342 gifts for seniors in our community which I was honored to bring to the location that they would all be distributed at. IT TOOK 4 CARS TO FIT THEM ALL. xxx
 well. i am going to go make pizza.
1 annoying thing: was running out the door to work this morning and dropped my breakfast on the driveway. was shaking so hard by 3 when I finally got food in me.
1 beautiful thing: all the patrons i've made friends with lately and the fun conversations we have. the holiday season brings people close and i love love love that.

p.s. what inspires you?


  1. I love your holiday pictures and I'm always inspired by other people! I'm glad you had such a fun Christmas! ♡

    1. aw thank you!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well <3

  2. Love the photos, especially that one of the sun shining. :) That's so cool that you got to help deliver gifts to seniors. Very sweet! Looks like your Christmas was lovely, hope you have a great 2019! Something that inspires me is listening to writers share their advice on podcasts or in thought pieces. :)

    1. ah. I wish I could feel that sunshine again. It makes me realize how I quickly take it for granted all summer wow... Thanks! I hope you have a wonderful 2019 as well. <3

  3. Love the gifts for seniors! <3 And I feel you on missing the sun. Ugh.

  4. Juliaaaaaaaa how are your pictures always so beautiful

  5. Loved this post! Spoons is such a fun game! :)

  6. u guys r literally QUEENS at the aesthetic thing and i'm sort of mad i'm not as skilled as you :/// ;) HAHAH. but geesh. love this. love the update!!! also lowkey jealous u got to deliver all of those gifts... ;) xxx

  7. yayyyy an update :)))


  8. I'm /super/ late to this post, but oh my goodness, HOW ARE ALL YOUR PICTURES SO PRETTYYYY???

    Uhg, dropping breakfast when you need to leave is seriously the WORST! :(

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year's, sweet girl! <333

    Liv // livkfisher.blogspot.com


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