12 hours straight // chalk

September 29, 2015

Sometimes you're so tired you could sleep for days. I'm sure many of you understand that feeling - but I truly think that yesterday was the most exhausted I've ever been. I would usually listen to the saying " I could sleep for a week." and roll my eyes, like seriously, who ever did that?! After a full weekend, which included getting ready for a siblings birthday, I could barely get up Monday morning. But, the promise of driving woke me up. ;)  I slept for 12 hours straight that night. I was quite literally starving and lightheaded when I woke up, since the last time I eaten was like 18 hours before. :P Note to self: Eat a small snack before bed when you're that sleepy! haha!

 Part of that full weekend was going to a park with my family. It was really beautiful and relaxing. I think I took 100 photos. lol! ;) I've still got to delete some..my poor phone is stuffed. hehe! I brought a bunch of chalk and I did chalk art on the bridge with my little sisters, and then we all did paper boat races in the stream. I was glad that the whole event was going along smoothly - and just as we were starting to pack up - the rock, quite literally, made a splash.


  I stepped on rock (that had been there for YEARS and looked very safe) to grab my little brother's hand to help him up from where he was in the water. And, just as I started to pull him up, the rock gave way! I went tumbling into the stream -  and ended up soaked. I wasn't even in a swimsuit! lol! My whole left side was soaked, but get this, my right pocket WHERE MY PHONE WAS stayed dry. Yeah, I sighed a huge sigh of relief. ;) Believe me, I am never going to be stepping on any rocks close to rivers anymore. :D

Do you remember the longest you've slept from just being tired?
Have you ever had a close call with your phone like that??

Salt and Pepper // library card

September 23, 2015
The other day I went to a fall festival! The weather was perfect for what you'd expect for a fall day - slightly cool with the wonderful dark clouds that loom on such days. The festival was held at a park and it had over 100 booths! It was mostly a crafty place, somewhere for people who handcrafted things could sell them and get their product known. It was really cool to see different ideas! One of my favorites were the little birds that were carved out of wood. Some were salt and pepper shakers, others were Christmas tree ornaments and key chain accessories. ADORABLE! :D  And, the wood wasn't dyed or anything. I love that kind of art.

There was also a band playing and since I love music so much, you can be sure I was mostly paying attention to it. The music was a different style then I have ever heard. It was a mix between classical and a sort of rock. Now, I am NOT a rock kind of girl at all. Like nooooo way could you ever get me to listen to it, but this was really cool! It reminded me of the twist that the Piano Guys do. ;) I tried to record a video, but about 20 seconds into it, a lady noticed I was filming and started staring at me like "are you done yet so I can walk where I wanted to go?" kind of look. lol! I pretended like I didn't notice her and like I was turning it off anyways. ;) haha!

 I am such a library gal. I could be there everyday, all day, and I couldn't possibly get tired of it. Okay, I might.. but for one day I think it would be heavenly. ;) I have my favorite place at my favorite library. It actually doesn't involve any books..strange I know. But, in fact, my special place is the staircase. The architecture is fascinating and it looks out on the river. Another thing I love is that I can peak into storage room where the OLD OLD OLD books are kept. I really want to explore in there. Someday.

Do you have a special spot at your library??
Did you know today is the first day of Autumn?

undecided // carnival

September 17, 2015
haha I was smiling at my dad, he kept on giving me info on where Bree's ships were. ;)
September is just whizzing by! I'm trying to grab it and hold on tight, but it just keeps on slipping away. All I seem to be able to do is enjoy each moment God has blessed me with today. Of course, school has been filling up a majority of my morning and afternoons, but evenings, ah now those are entirely a different story. Like last night, my mom and I went on a lovely walk together. We chatted and laughed about how I didn't wear shoes even though we were walking on our dirt road. We soaked in the beauty of the sunset and I spent a majority of that time begging for summer to rewind. hehe! And, we kept track of our steps with our handy new pedometers! Do you know how fun those things are?? :D At this moment, I'm at 4,074. It may seem like a lot, but you're supposed to have 10,000! Like..uhh, how could I possibly do that? I really thought that I walk a lot, but I've had to throw that thought out the window. ;)

 A few evenings ago, my little siblings set up a carnival. It was so adorable! They had bowling, frisbee toss, darts, and they even set up a table with checkers and battleship. Talk about cute. ;) They also had tickets so you could play at one of the booths. They even got a quarter off of me. ;) lol! I beat Bree in a game of battleship..that game is either a blast or a complete frustrating thing! It's like Minesweeper. :P Its so fun to laugh and joke with my family though! <3

We started getting wood for the winter. Oh, the joy! ;) My brothers and I stacked the first load of it last week. It wasn't too bad, but you do feel a bit sore the next day. lol! I started writing in my new journal. If you could see how full it was already you probably would think I'm obsessed with it. Maybe I am. ;) Though, there is no way you are seeing any of those pages. :D haha!

Do you burn wood to keep warm in the winter??
Do you remember Minesweeper?
What is your favorite season? 

Oceans // New journal

September 7, 2015
See my new backpack there?!?! I LOVE THAT THING! :D 
I love keeping a journal. It's a joy to sit down and pen down my day, feelings, adventures, and dreams in it. I've actually kept a journal since I was 7 years old! My first one was a Strawberry Shortcake theme and it even had a strawberry lock. And, that lock that I thought was so safe..well, I found out you can open it with a bobby pin. Lovely, eh? Since that first little book (and yes I still have it! Boy..my handwriting though. lol!) I have always spent at least 3 nights a week journaling. I even went through a summer where I wrote EVERY NIGHT. I started to run out of things to talk about though so those entries didn't count for much. ;) Last night, I finished my last page in my latest journal.. I had it for over 2 years. Each page is full (I'm guessing there are nearly 200-250 pages) of such crazy stuff! If you go up to the top picture you will see my NEW journal! It is on the far right and says "SKETCH" on it. ;) Isn't adorable?! 

 I also learned how to play a new song a few days ago! I was so excited to actually find a song that I was able to play that wasn't over my level. Here is the link to the AMAZING band who plays it-- Oceans (Where Feet may Fail). Tell me what you think below! Oh, and I got to drive again today. It went really good! I'm glad to stay on the dirt roads though. ;) Drivers ed is in less than a month! You'll be hearing about that for a while..haha! Hopefully I'll have some funny stories for you all. :D
School is awesome, as usual! Geometry isn't as bad as I was imagining it to be.. oh the binds my imagination gets me in. ;) 

Do you journal?
Do you like music videos?? 
Have you ever heard of Hillsong United?

blue headphones // goodwill

September 2, 2015
Getting back to school is one of the hardest things ever. I'm sure a lot of you know what I mean. It's just SO tough to get into the mindset of "I need to get this report done, and my geometry and then history..." and getting up early?! Ohhh boy. Not my strong suit, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. ;) I usually wake myself up by listening to music when making my bed. If I could, I would open the windows, but it has literally been 90 and HUMID. Humid as humid can be. It is like swimming in a warm, sticky pool. Totally gross. So, I've been sticking inside, because that type of weather makes me grumpy. lol!

 My mom and sisters went shopping at our local thrift store a while ago. Actually we have gone quite a few times. Hahaa! You know, shopping IS fun. ;)  I prefer getting clothes for my fall/winter wardrobe rather than my spring/summer. I just love the long, comfortable shirts you can find. The adorable shoes and must I add, finding modest and covered shirts is A LOT easier than in the summer??! I had to be a little creative the last few months because of the little I found when shopping.. Am I the only one who has this problem?? But, anyways, I did find a beautiful blue lacy top and a few others. :)

 And I went and saw "WAR ROOM" in theaters with my mom, a friend, and her mom. It was such a good movie!! I laughed so hard at many parts and nearly burst out in a choking sob in others. And I never cry. ;) We all walked out of the theaters with a happy face. I was thrilled that the Kendrick Brothers chose to do a movie more from a woman's perspective. I want go on, because I don't want to ruin the movie for those who haven't watched it yet. haha! Now I'm looking forward to their next film! ;)

Have you seen "WAR ROOM"?
Is finding modest clothing hard for you?
Do you like humidity? 

p.s. I apologize for any crazy ramblings...I'm a little tired. hahaa