Blueberry jam || camping

September 4, 2014
Who likes blueberry lime jam?? (Comment below and I know you are my friend! ;) ) Mmmm, yes, I made 8 quarts of blueberry lime jam after I finished my schoolwork today. I love making jam and this was a new kind for me. I also made some raspberry jam the other day.

I sent this photo to a really dear friend of mine and she asked me if I was going to eat the foam off of the top and I of course replied yes! It makes up for the steam, hard work, berry stains and little burns you get from boiling water. ;) 

Guess what I am might be doing this weekend with my dad and a few of my siblings? 

 Camping!  Yahoo!!

 I've never been actual camping before. You know, roughing it. ;) There is nothing like the hard ground, smoky smell, Mosquitos and *shiver* whatever else there is... Hahaa! Don't worry, we are bringing a camera! 

  Do you like camping? Or are you more of a stay at home type of person?
   Have you made jam lately? 


  1. Blueberry lime jam.. sounds interesting! Does it taste good? My Mom and brother made some apple jam recently, but it didn't turn ou :( Ooh, raspberry jam is my FAVORITE!!!!

    1. Oh Abby, it is delicious!!!!!! Oh...I'm sorry, I've never tried apple jam. Was it like apple butter? Hahaa, my dad loves raspberry too. :D I have made a total of 16 quarts of jam so far this year. I hope to make some applesauce as well.

    2. No, it wasn't like apple butter, it was like a sticky syrup because it didn't turn out :( I love apple butter though!!!!! Wow, that's a lot of jam! Yum!

    3. Uhg, that is too bad. :P I love it too! Haha, I know, I just love making it so!

  2. mmm yum yum blueberry lime jam sounds delicious!
    Must have been hard work making it...
    Have fun camping! I'm not actually an outdoor person haha, I'd rather stay at home:3
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

    1. It was!! No, actually, it wasn't much work. I LOVE canning! It was a little hot, but, not hard work. Now, stacking 3 cord wood is hard work. ;) Ekk... I've got to do that soon too. :P I had a lot of fun camping! I'm going to work on a post soon. :) Hahaa, I almost states home, but I forced myself to go. ;)


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