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October 27, 2014
So, today is my one year blog anniversary! Thank you everyone for a wonderful year, I never would have thought that I would gotten to having 41 followers.. Seriously, you all make me so happy! :D I wanted to think up something really fun and different for my one year anniversary and I thought, why not have you take a quiz to see how well you have really been reading my posts! *wink wink* There will be NO reading over past posts..please. :D

Are you ready? 

Get set....


  1. What are my feelings on dogs?
  2.  What book do I go to for comfort?
  3. What did I do for my birthday?
  4. Who won my giveaway in July?
  5. Do you remember the first blog post that you ever read?
  6. What is my favorite food?
  7. What kind of cake did I have for my birthday?
  8. What happened to me on my camping trip in September? 
  9. What is my favorite hobby?
  10. What is the weirdest food I've ever eaten? 
Comment below with your answers!!! 


  1. I definitely know the first one! You hate them, right? :) Congrats on one year! I love your blog soo much and it's been awesome to get you know you as a person. Especially our conversation about books ;)

    1. Hahaa, you were right on the first one! :D Aww, thanks, I really enjoy your blog and your wonderful comments. Yes..haha, it really was a conversation about books. :D Ohh! I wanted to tell you! I went thrift shopping last week and found "The Trumpet Swan" and "Stuart Little" for $0.99 each. I was so excited and bought them right away. They are in real good condition; I love adding to my library. ;)

  2. Oohhh Congrats Julia on your Blogs one year anniversary hehe! Love your blog hope to read more in the years to come :) I would do your quiz for ya, it looks awesome, only I wouldn't be able to answer them because have only been following you for a few weeks! But.. hopefully will get to know ya better! Blessings, Riarna xx

    1. I am so blessed that you enjoy my blog! That is totally alright! Maybe next year you will get all the answers right to my 2nd blog anniversary post? :D How long have you had your blog?

    2. Happy Birthday to your blog! I love your blog so much! A quiz! What a smart idea! I think I know them all except the last two!

    3. Really? You don't remember my favorite hobby?! :D Well...I guess I do have quite a few. ;) Do you remember your answer to #5?

    4. Yes of course I remember! :) The first blog post I read on your blog was your beautiful story Locket Closet. That is when I fell in love with your amazing blog! :)

    5. Awww! Really? :D You have really been following my blog for a long time. :) ♥

  3. 1. You don't like them, at all.
    2. The bible.
    3. We went to lake Michigan!
    4. Uhh....hmmm, Sarah?
    5. The first post!
    6. Potatoes, in any form.
    7. Chocolate with fresh raspberries.
    8. Which thing are you thinking of? ;) Was it something, embarrassing?
    9. Reading? Does that count as a hobby?
    10. heheee, it was so gross. Ham, cream cheese, and..........smarties. Ew..

    Your loving big sister,

  4. Congrats on one year of blogging, and best wishes for many more! If I recall correctly, the answer to 8 was you were quite cold!

    1. Thanks, Bethany! Hahaa, that wasn't the one I was thinking of, but that is true also. :D

  5. Happy Blogiversary Julia!! So exciting to have 41 followers! :)
    I don't know the answer to any of the questions except for #2. Is the answer The Bible? And I'll guess on #1. Do you love dogs??
    Have a blessed day!
    Love your sister in the Lord,

    1. Your answer to #2 is correct, but on #1 is actually that I don't like dogs. :D I am allergic to them, so we just don't mix well. :P Thanks for commenting!

  6. Awesome! Happy late blogversary! :D I've only been reading your blog for like two months, so I'm not sure. :P

    I nominated you for an award: http://disneyfans4ever2.blogspot.com/2014/10/owl-city-and-other-stuff-p.html

    ~Lydia~ <3

  7. Don't worry about it! :) Thanks for awarding me, I'll have to work on the post soon.

  8. Hi Julia!
    Happy Anniversary (a bit late ;)!!! Now... on to the questions... ;)
    What are my feelings on dogs? -- You're allergic to them!
    What book do I go to for comfort? -- THE BIBLE!!
    What did I do for my birthday? -- Umm... Oh! Went to Lake Michigan!
    Who won my giveaway in July? -- Hmm... I'm not sure.
    Do you remember the first blog post that you ever read? -- No.
    What is my favorite food? -- Potatoes? Ice-cream?
    What kind of cake did I have for my birthday? -- Chocolate raspberry
    What happened to me on my camping trip in September? -- You crashed your bike.
    What is my favorite hobby? -- Reading?
    What is the weirdest food I've ever eaten? -- I don't know. :D

    Have a glorious day and again, happy anniversary!!
    Your Friend,

    1. You got almost all of them correct!! :D Great job, Lydia!

  9. Happy REALLY late blogversairy! =D Wow, one year! Hard to believe! Love ya! <3

    I look forward to many more years as bloggers together. <3


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