wisteria tag // what does that even mean???

September 1, 2016
 wellllllllllllllllll -- HELLO. GUYS ITS THE FIRST DAY OF SEPTEMBER LIKE WHHHAA  --but I promised myself that I wouldn't rant on this topic so I WONT. *deeply moans in distress*

 The wonderful (and amazing and beautiful and epic and awesome and all those other cool names) Waffle Queen (Abbiee....but you know) tagged me for the Wisteria tag!! *races to google to find out what that means* *comes back confused*  Alright guys. I don't get it - a writing tag is named after a climbing shrub of the pea family WITH FLOWERS??? hahaaa. #stillconfused

 Now I have to list the rules *throws them out the window* *sulks out and picks them up* *rolls eyes* Here they are - blllahhhh

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you ^^^^ DONE
2. Answer the ten questions -- gotta work on that
3. Write ten questions of your own -- hahaa do i have to???
4. Nominate ten other people for the tag!-- ooh this will be fun *evil laugh*

01. What is your earliest memory of writing?
  Probably being 6 and starting my first journal - tho obviously I had before that lol

02. Girl’s POV or guy’s POV?
  OH MUST YOU ASK?!?! - both. totally both. But I actually have the most fun with a guy's POV hehe

03. What is your best motivation to write?
  All my writer buddies (SARAH IS THE BEST ONE THO), but probably the characters. They've given me a story and I feel bad for leaving them O.o (is this normal???)

04. Most words you’ve ever written in a day?
*cringes*  I feel so lame -- like maybe 2K?? I'm planning a 5K in one day tho..lol

05. Tea or coffee? (While writing…you know. The question is relevant.)
   Neither - I'm a water drinker *thumbs up* Wait until cold weather though, then it'll be tea.

06. Out of everything you’ve written, which book is your favorite?
  Probably my conspiracy theory of Nutter Butter bars. (don't ask) 

07. Who is your favorite character and why?
  Probably Dr. Grant Marshall - and Abbiee, you know why. 

08. Writing method: slow and steady or LIGHTNING! BOLTS! OF! INSPIRATION!
 Steady, actually! I can get 1,000 words written in 30 minutes as long as I've got Jane Eyre Soundtrack playing and Sarah typing away next to me. I'm such a baby lol 

09. If you had to burn one of your books, which one would you choose?
  GAHH ABBIEE HOW COULD YOU?!? Okay, this is actually easy. Probably my Amelia Rose story that I wrote when I was 12...can I please stop talking now?? (Btw I haven't come up with one book title in my history of writing...ever..please help)

10. Worst spelling fail and best spelling victory?
 hahaa no idea - I can spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious tho. Actually that's a lie. I had to google it. *walks away feeling stupid*

 Now I have to list questions and this is my least favorite thing uhhhggg.

01. Do you ever absolutely hate writing?
02. Have you done Camp Nano and/or NanoWriMo?
03. Format as you write or leave that until last?
04. Have you ever lost a major amount of a WIP? And what would you do if you did?? *cries for you*
05. Night Owl or Early Bird writer?
06. What inspired your current WIP?
07. What's your highest word count in a book so far?
08. Short stories or no?
09. Do you share your writing with friends or family?
10. Most embarrassing writing moment?

  SO GOT THAT DONE and now I legit have no idea who's been tagged or not so I'm just gonna ramble some of my favorite people and you can do whatever 

 byyyyyyyyyyyeee (I'm off to enjoy my last weekend without school *sobs*)


  1. Okay, so I wrote long comment with all the answers, and then it disappeared. GROAN ALIVE. Sorry. But thank you so much for tagging me!! I might come back to rewrite all the answers again, but I have to rush now... :-P Loved your answers, btw.

    1. OUUUUCCCHHHHHHHHHH thats horrid! I'm sorry :P That happens to me sometimes to and I just walk away shaking my head LOL Thanks!! <333

  2. Yeah... I have no idea why they named it the Wisteria Writer tag either, except that it made a good tag image?? Idk, but it was fun reading your answers! :D

    1. hahaa Bree said it just seems writer-y?? Like ooohhkay? lol! Haha I'm glad - they were fun to write so xD

  3. LOL! XD Bella from my collab blog created this one, and we're super glad it's gotten so far around! As for the name, I have no clue! Maybe because it sounds good with writer? Hehe! XD

    1. You guys did?!?! I didn't know that. HOOOWW COOL. Hahaa probably - you're right tho. It does sound cool with writer xD

  4. HEY!!! Thanks so much for the tag, Julia! <3 I'll just answer here:

    #1 - Um. I don't think so... Somedays I get really frustrated with writing, maybe even don't like it for a bit, but I never...hate it.
    #2 - I just did my first ever CampNaNoWriMo in July!
    #3 - Format as I go...I think.
    #4 - OH MY.....NOOOOOOO. That would be TERRIBLE. I have, very fortunately, never lost a huge amount of words. (Maybe a few hundred? But very rarely, and this is excluding everything but my WIP. ;)) One time recently my computer shut down while I was writing and I freaked out, but it was all still there when I turned it back on. *huge sigh of relief* If I did end up losing a huge amount, I would probably... cry and be very upset. Just... #writersnightmare
    #5 - I definitely think I write better at night. I sometimes get ideas when I'm thinking about my book and trying to go to sleep... *sigh*
    #6 - I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT INSPIRED MY CURRENT WIP. I literally do not remember. I have had this idea since I was like 11? and I don't know how I came up with it. I think maybe it was partially inspired by my love of adventure and deserted islands. And it was gonna be part of this trilogy I wrote the first novella of, but, yeah.... Not anymore. It has gone through so many changes it barely even resembles that first idea. XD
    #7 - I think my highest word count is around like 24,000 words in that novella I mentioned... I do have 26,000 words, however, in a document containing mostly scenes that I've written out randomly for my WIP. ;)
    #8 - I USED TO WRITE A TON OF SHORT STORIES. When I was younger, that was all I wrote. I decided to write my first novel when I was ten *turned into a novella* but before that it was all short stories! Now I wonder if I could even pull a short story off because I'd go into too much detail... XD
    #9 - Speaking of family and short stories, Jesse once made me write a short story about a boy who wore a bowl for a hat. NO JOKE. It is still floating around on our backup drive. LOL. And yes! I do share my WIP with family and friends! I've read my multiple openings and most of what I've written so far in my WIP to my younger brother (who likes it! :D YAY!) and my sister read it once (in one of the really early versions of the beginning)... That is all so far. Oh! And friends! Yes to friends! ;)\
    #10 - I don't know...really. I mean, I've never been that embarrassed? I was a little embarrassed having Jesse read that story about the boy with a bowl for a hat, but... And one time I asked for help coming up with a word my younger brother came up with something (*cough* sludge *cough*) and I was like 12 and totally didn't think it was a word and I looked it up and it was and it was EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED. (I don't think he'll ever let that go. Really. He occasionally wants to re-tell the story of how he came up with a word Micaiah didn't know. XD LOL Brothers...)


    This is a rather long comment I know. Yeah... Um. *grins at you and waves goodbye*

    1. oh my gosh. I think I'm gonna have to come back to this LOL!!! Seriously, you're amazing!!!


    Although, winter isn't fun (until December because Christmas) but... STILL.


      thats why i have an issue

      *nods cause yes im deeply hurt by snows impact on my life*

  6. WAAAA! Why did you have to use that scene from Captain America????! Like, jeeeeeez. It's already heartbreaking enough!!! XD
    Fun questions and nice answers! lol


    1. hahaaaaa *stops laughing* that was in Captain America?? never seen it so I didn't know!! LOL

      thanks ;)

    2. I dunno if I wanna tell you..........if you haven't seen it......
      Well anyway, that lady is Captain America's love interest and something sad is about to happen..........WAAAAAAA!
      Np, I don't blame you!! XD ;)

      Amelia xxxxxx

  7. I love this tag so much- I can't wait to complete it!! NOW THAT THE BLOGIVERSARY IS OVER I GET TO YAYYYYYY!!!!!!

    1. EEEP! I can't wait for you to do it!! <33333333333 Looking forward girlie ;)

  8. I understand growing attached to your characters and not wanting to leave them all alone lost in the pages of your book! HAH, Oh same here! WATER. Right now I decided to try something a little different and made this weird odd kind of huckleberry lemonade? Its good!

    1. ACK THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING. I needed to hear that <3333333

      MMMM! That sounds good - where did you come up with the idea?? I throw frozen blueberries into my water #totallyweird

  9. You can say "don't ask" all you want. But I'm still asking.... Nutter Butter bars?!

    1. ahaaaahahaa!! I know - I shoulda known. OH WELL guess you're going to have to wonder *runs away laughing*

  10. Wow, you tagged me! Thanks so much. Hopefully I will get to it soon. :)

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading your answers! I'm a water drinker too, and I don't think I've ever written more than a couple of thousand words a day, either.

    And, I'm pretty curious about this conspiracy theory of nutter butter bars - you are going to tell us someday, right? ;)

    1. OOOOFFFF COURSE - you're a writer! And you're a fabulous human so I JUST HAD TO <33333333333

      haha! Alright alright, I may - cause so many people are asking about it now. It's all really stupid and I don't even think I can find that short story anymore..now I have to *rushes upstairs to my old notebooks*

  11. It is an odd name for the tag, but Wisteria is so beautiful and the smell is heavenly!I like your answers I have not written much more than 2K words in one day before.

    1. It does??!?! How cool! I haven't ever seen it. lol Does it grow around you??? Wow! Okay, I guess I feel more normal now haha!!

  12. ....but I want to ask about the Nutter Butter bars conspiracy theory. :o

    Thanks for tagging me, Julia! Enjoy your last weekend without school. :-)

    1. ...............OHHHHkay. Fine - I'll probably end up telling you all about it and you'll give me this look O.O over the phone and I'll just know that you officially think I'm off the charts WEEIRRD.

      ack! of course :D I can't wait to see your answers xD

  13. Nutter butter conspiracy theory is YES. Because I have a strange interest in weird things. And ah, Jane Eyre! I NEED TO READ THE BOOK!!!

    *cries about burning books question* SAME. I only made one good WIP title, and everything else is just, "Oh, it's the novel about bees." xD

    xoxo Morning

    P.S. I may be getting fairy / Christmas lights for my birthday to put in my room so I'm really happy about that! aaaaahhhhHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

    1. Nutter Butter conspiracy theory is a NO *moans* I am deeply regretting even saying anything about it anymore LOL! I wrote this thing when I was 7 people! SEVEN LIKE ITS HORRID OKAY????!?!?!? *cringes*

      oooh! lights!! EEP! They're the best ;)

  14. MUAHAHA EEEEP YAY YOU DID THE WRITING TAG!! *dances around happily* bro call me Waffle Queen all day. (psst some day it'll be my name on Twitter and Instagram like I won't even call myself Abbiee anymore becauSE EVERYONE WILL KNOW WHO THE ONE AND ONLY WAFFLE QUEEN IS!!!! *blasts Hall Of Fame and starts break dancing on my bedroom floor* AHEM.) SOOO YES THIS TAG WAS FABULOUS. <3

    Gah it's so cool that you and your sister write together!! THERE IS REALLY NOTHING BETTER THAN HAVING A WRITING PAL FOR A SISTER. :''') IT'S SO FAB. AND YES! I! KNOW! WHY! DR GRANT! IS! YOUR! FAVORITE! *flailing and fangirling for the next 200 years* <33333333 *allll the heart eye emojis* he is glorious and beautiful. :'''') ALSO I HAVE A REALLY HARD TIME COMING UP WITH NOVEL TITLES SO DON'T FEEL ALONE. *cries and makes us chocolate chip waffles of comfort* Soundtracks (especially ones by Dario obvs) + writing = LYYYYFE. LIKE I NEED NOTHING BUT THIS SIMPLE PLEASURE. :')

    1. oh my gosh that's like the best idea!!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD TOTALLY DO IT xD Hahaa I think it would be so cool - wonder if the blog domain is taken??? *throws idea to you*

      IKR?!?!? soooooooooo true. Seriously I probably wouldn't write if it wasn't for her and my competitive nature. :P I KNOW I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT CHAT FANGIRL WE HAD AT LIKE MIDNIGHT CAUSE IT WAS SOOOOO FAB. he's forever more my fave. YOU DO. THE GREAT WAFFLE QUEEN HERSELF?!?? wow. I feel much better. <3333333333333333333333333333


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