May 9, 2018

I've always told myself that I wasn't artistic, that I couldn't possibly be put in the category of crafty...and musical?! LOL NO WAY. truly, I've seen myself as someone who can read, sing along to the lyrics of a good song..even quote the words of an author or philosopher but that be me? NO. it didn't fit along with the guidelines of who I was allowing myself to be. but recently I've seen something new.

I went to camp back in January - while there a guy was playing the piano like crazy impressively. I found out that he was self taught and didn't like to play sheet music so just jammed along. I am insanely jealous of that skill let me tell you XD

me: I wish I could play the piano like that - I'm more of a writer."
dude: "writing is just a form of music. Imagine if you could only read and never write...that's why I play the music I compose. I don't like being restricted to their guidelines."
me: "can I use that?"
dude: "sure"

I'm fairly sure I'll never forget those words. (also can we say hello yes inspiring?!) mainly so bc he spoke with such clarity but the biggest thing I heard was him saying in between the lines was "I'm a human being created by God with talents that He wants me to use and well, I guess I'm going to try."

since January, I have wanted to write this post. I just hadn't quite formulated my thoughts until now. Yesterday, I went to Barnes and Noble for the first time since I was a kid.. I KNOW CRAZY?! I was blown away and decided that's where I wanna be for like...forever. lololol ANYONE WANNA GIVE ME A GIFT CARD THERE FOR MY BIRTHDAY THAT WOULD BE FANTASTIC THX
annnnnyyyyyyways. Sarah found the poetry section and I was stuck there for like an hour hahaa

I truly don't want this to sound vain, but it struck me that "huh could I get a poetry book in here someday?" so folks, a little dream was born yesterday. 

this post is a jumbled mess of my thoughts. lololol basically what I'm trying to say is, I'm finding my art. I'm learning that filling my journals, and book shelves and cleaning my room, neatly shelving books or planting seedlings in the ground, or even reading + listening to other creatives. it's becoming who I am as an artist. hm. I like that word.


p.s. i know this might sound odd, but i can feel a wall that just crumbled inside of me. GUYS YOU CAN'T LET YOU RUIN YOUR OWN DREAMS AND ART. crush the lies you hear and write down the thing you've been afraid to be.


  1. Aw, I loved this! <333
    That guy..... those words were just amazing. They left an impression on me.
    I play piano some, but nowhere near as well as my cousin Denny, or my Great-Grandpa Orville, or my favorite pianist, Jim Brickman.
    But I do it because I love it, and it relaxes me. (as long as the piano is in tune. if it isn't forget about stress-relief)
    And writing.... I always feel down about my writing. I pour myself into all those words, but they never seem to satisfy.
    You reminded me that it is an art, and art cannot be rushed, or perfect. You take the mistakes and turn them into something beautiful. <3
    And it's ok to be ME. *hugs* Thanks, girl.

    Two words that describe me?
    I guess: deep, insecure. Not very good ones, but they are the first ones that came to mind. Naughty me.

    What makes me feel like creating?
    Music. lol
    Is that odd? I hear music, and I have the sudden desire to take that emotion and turn it into something. Whether it's a scene for my book, or a drawing, or painting.
    Another thing could be....
    Pinterest. lol Yeah, that one is pretty lame, but I see pins of people remodeling homes, painting furniture, or sewing some project, and I feel the drive to try it.
    I'll try anything once.

    1. aw I know, me too. I was like "uhm, k, that was beautiful"
      I play the piano a little too, but its all self taught or memorized from youtube tutorials. I really would love to learn how to read notes. hmmm yes, I relate. awwww of course it's okay to be you.. in fact, that's the best way to be!!!!! xxx

      wowowowowowow. those are two powerful words

      NO ThAT IS NOT ODD. I get that!! tho for me its often silence, but I totally understand where you're coming from. it's a whisper of emotion or something and I literally tear strange
      btw, you saying you'll try anything once is a super great outlook to have *hugs*

    "GUYS YOU CAN'T LET YOU RUIN YOUR OWN DREAMS AND ART. crush the lies you hear and write down the thing you've been afraid to be." <-- This is gold :-)
    ~Skylar Reese


  3. You are so awesome!

    First of all, just from what I've seen on here, you are so artistic.

    Second, you are inspiring to me, so thank you. :)

    Awesome post. <3

    1. oh Ivie, shhhhh! YOU ARE


      *uncontrollably sobbing*


  4. This was an amazing post. I need to pin that quote to Pinterest, but there isn't a picture here. ­čśé I am dreaming of becoming an NYT Bestselling author, and want to someday have a book in the bookstore. *fist bump* Yay us!

    1. aw thank you! hahaa! I guess I should try to make a graphic or something XD Oh what a beautiful dream - I hope to someday see your books in Barnes + Noble <3

  5. SO TRUE this was gold. Sometimes I try to put my creativity into a small little box because I feel like if 'I just do what they all did' it'll be good but I always have to catch myself and get out of it xD
    Two words that describe me are probably SENTIMENTAL and also ARTISTIC if I'm being honest lol xDDD I mean, I like to consider what I do at (e.g. photography, painting, writing ect....)
    You are such a good writer!!!


    1. hmm yes, I relate to that for sure!! In fact I DO THE SAME THING ALL THE TIME !!! kinda done with it though, if you get me?
      aww I like those two words. You are artistic!! Truly, I'm learning that we all are in our own way <3
      *hugs* you're so sweet!

  6. wow this is so inspirational <3 sometimes we are our own biggest stumbling blocks, and it's scary to think about that. and you're right, ultimately we should just be focused on if we're doing the best we can for God. great reminders!

    also, i believe in you! one day you'll walk into b&n and find your book there :) keep working for it.

    1. aw my dear Autumn you are inspiration - remember that <3 AND LOL YESS literally me to myself 24/7 blaahhh. I really think that is a wonderful thing to keep in perspective!

      darling girl you're going to make me cry xxx

  7. wowowowowow this was crazy inspiring.
    i have such a problem with comparing myself to others and thinking things like "well, i can never be a real writer, because i'm not as good as so-and-so" or "i'll never be as good of an actress as -blank-, they're so talented". it can be really discouraging, and honestly, i we tear most of our confidence down with our own thoughts. we are our own biggest enemy.
    but two words that describe me? hmmm. probably wanderer and wonderer. tis me.
    i'll keep scanning the poetry section in barnes and nobles, because i know one day i will find your book there.
    keep dreaming.

    1. SRSLY I AM OVERWHELMED WITH ALL OF YOU SAYING THIS WAS INSPIRING literally have no words *hugs you*
      lololol #me I understand sooooooooooooooooo much girl. It's incredibly easy to compare when, let me assure you, they are also comparing. I try to keep that in mind bc then I realize that we are all on a journey and nobody is really far ahead or far behind, but where we were placed at the moment and dude its all art and its amazing <3


  8. YES TO ALL. I can list off half a dozen talents "I wish" I was born with, but that I don't have. And that sometimes gets me down because it seems like the talents I do have, are somehow less worthy of being developed because they're not "hand-picked" by me. But they are hand-picked by the Person who knows - knows exactly what tools and talents to give me so I can be the best artist that I can. So…

    You are seriously not alone in this, because I've meet people who can play piano like nobody's business and when I ask them how they do it, they shrug and say something like, "well, I listened to the song and figured it. I don't like reading sheet music." *sighs*

    thank you for this post.
    and the inspiring words.

    1. hmmm yesssssssssss! for real tho, like if I could paint and play the piano I WOULD BE SOOOO HAPPY LOL. but you're right, God gave us certain talents for reasons..and well, maybe we just have to work harder to do the things that come naturally to others and that is OK.

      *hugs* thank you for saying that Keira - truly, it means a lot. LOLOLOL that is a real and deep and honest sigh right there ;)

      aww, no, thank you

  9. Oh my goodness, thank you so much Julia. This is something that I needed to read today *hugs* YOU BE THAT ARTIST THAT GOD CREATED YOU TO BE <3 Much love friend <33

    1. oh Ashley *hugs in return* I'm so blessed to hear that!!! LITERALLY CRYING THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING SUCH A SWEET YOU

  10. It's so awesome that you're finding your art! I'm slowly losing mine (always used to be a writer), but I've noticed I'm more drawn to paiting and drawing every spring and summer.

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

    1. aww wow, that's finding a new art though, which is so cool!!!!! follow your art girl <3

  11. I'm not sure how to comment on this post because it's so good and thought-provoking, as usual. Using our gifts and talents has been something on my mind a lot lately, and it kind of scares me to be honest because art requires vulnerability. But thanks for sharing your thoughts, and the inspiring piano dude's statement, and girl, yes! You chase that dream! xx

    1. oh Jess, you always know how to put my long posts into a simple sentence and I'm like SHE UNDERSTANDS. bc you always do and it amazes me. <3 lol I have a feeling he would be very honored to be called that

  12. yes yes yessss, don't hold yourself back Julia, don't limit yourself to just one kind of art when you could be doing so many amazing beautiful things. <3

    1. k sweet Hannah girl I'm crying...thank you so much for being so uplifting, truly <3

  13. I love this! This is so, so inspiring and encouraging!

    (also Barnes and Nobles is the best place in the world. even if I'm broKE).


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