Snow hills♥

February 19, 2014

Haha! is cold..and yes, we wore face masks. Not the best looking things, huh? Hehe!

Just remember this every time you go down a sledding hill! Hehe! Today, while I was in the library with my sisters, my dad took the younger siblings across the street from the library to go sledding. I of course wasn't wearing any snow clothes, but I wanted to go down the hill too! So, I took my brothers coat and sled (with his permission of course! Hahaa!) and sat down on my knees. I them tucked my skirt under my knees and pushed off! "Yahoo!!" It was so much fun! I went down three or four times. Yes..I live on the wild side!

And guess what. 

I love it!!!!

Love in Christ,
  Julia Ryan


  1. Oh what fun!! Sledding in a skirt!:D I've done that many times, I usually end up all wet!:D

  2. It gets so cold when I go sledding in my skirt, that my skirt freezes stiff!!!!!!

  3. Haha! That was why I sat on my brother's coat. I didn't want to have a wet skirt all the way home! :P


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