Random pretty pictures! ♥

March 12, 2014
 Isn't it a pretty picture? My older sister found it and thought I would enjoy it. 
She was right! ♥ ♥

Rose Wilder♥ 

We have these grow in our yard in the Summer! 
Oh... how I miss Summer and flowers..

A really neat, old, clock!

 Can you imagine using one like this?

So cool!!!!!!!!!
♥ Sigh...that is a little piece of heaven! ♥


Um...okay! I totally need this car for when I go to the library!
Or...to have come to my house every day. Hehe!

Love in Him,
  Julia Ryan♥


  1. This post is awesome Julia!!! Oh my goodness, love the pic of the rose and books! And I seriously should have that car come to my house once a week ♥♥♥

    1. Haha! I know! Wouldn't it be perfect to have a pretty, little car drive in with books?! :D

  2. My granny has a fan that looks really similar to that photo you have here! And guess what I'm looking forward to winter.... I've had enough of summer and the heat and threat of bush fires (I'm in Australia) :D

    1. That is really neat! I would love to see it. For Christmas my parents gave me a cool old lamp! It is like one you would see in the Waltons episodes. Have you ever watched those? Oh! If you want to trade lives, then I would be fine with that for a few weeks! :D


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