Modest fashion show contest

July 29, 2014
Hello all!

 Do you remember my post I recently did about going fishing at the park? I wore the outfit below. =)

Well, I found out (a few days after I posted the outfit on my blog) that the Calico Sisters were having a modest fashion show on their blog and you could sent in photos of your outfit. With some encouragement from my sisters, I entered. I and four other beautiful young ladies are going for 3 different prizes and the voting is going on now. If you all would like to vote for your favorite outfit, go HERE. The outfits are simply charming! I'm hoping to win the "Growing up Duggar" book. I cannot wait to see who wins what prize! I believe the voting ends tonight, so if you want to vote for someone, do so now. =)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!! I don't know the results yet, but when I do, I'll let you know! :D

  2. Too bad I did not see this until it was over : (
    Hope you win the book!
    Elise Meggs

    1. Thanks, but sadly, I didn't win the book. I hope to get it somehow! :)


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