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January 10, 2016
Sometimes I just keep blogging along, forgetting that you precious readers really don't know the full me. My friend, Amanda and I, brainstormed this idea to change that. Check out her blog/website for her awesome "So Amanda" post! 

 You know you're Julia (hehee me!) when you....
  1. Read over 50 books in a year (*sniff* I only made it to 65-70 in
  2. Tend to do the opposite of what I'm told...
  3. Never tell people what I want for gifts
  4. Dream about Josh Wilson - like he was IN my house folks xD
  5. LOOOOOOOOOOVEEE having a cold bedroom. my fan is always on. always
  6. Can't stand having dirty floors. They must always be swept, constantly. ;P
  7. Are a huge procrastinator at everything except schoolwork. 
  8. Have a hard time NOT putting my hair up.. it's like automatic
  9. Always use percentages and graphs when making a point or sharing info
  10. talk talk talk talk talk 
  11. Would die without two things - music and headphones
  12. Think that having a broken bone would be an adventure
  13. Adore gardening and being outside
  14. Have SO many out-of-state friends that its sad..I want to meet them all SO badly!! 
  15. Yearn to play one amazing jazz song on the piano. quick and cool - that's me ;)
  16. Go on any errand JUST to get drive time xD
  17. Love baking bread and so challenged Amanda to make some too. sooo competitive
  18. DESPISE snow. that cursed white cold fluffy stuff. 
  19. Read westerns, watch westerns, dream of westerns - dreams of cowboys ;)
  20. and, must I say this again? DIES FOR RED UMBRELLAS 

Do you like being cold?
3 FUN FACTS about you?? 


  1. Ooh, this was so fun to read! And Josh Wilson in your house?? *scoffs* That's nothing. One time I had a dream that For King and Country was coming to our house AND I talked to one of them on the phone. Beat that. XD
    And yes!!! I absolutely despise snow!! Lucky for me, we haven't gotten any snow where I live yet.
    Anyway, here are three facts about me:
    1. I LOVE warm weather. (Obviously.)
    2. For some reason I really like weeding in the spring and summer. ;)
    3. I'm obsessed with, and forever addicted to, Christian music!
    P.S. Remember the dead spider in our basement? Well...I think he's gone. ;P

    1. Seriously?? no fair!!!! lol!! I had another dream where Josh Wilson started singing his songs with me at the store. ;) annnnddd he told me what his next big hit was going to be about, which was inspired by ME. top that. ;) hahaa! I agree with everything you said. I am addicted to it too.. obviously. ;) Oh!! Haha poor bug xD

    2. Oh gosh!!! *exhales* I can't top that, no matter how much I want to, unfortunately. You win! ;)

    3. *huge smirk* It's alright, the competition isn't closed. ;) hehee!

  2. Neat! This was fun to get to know the 'real' Julia a little better. :-)

    Gasp! You don't like snow? *wags finger* I LOVE snow. I also love westerns. *high-five*

    Three fun facts about me? I listen to movie soundtracks in the car, I call everything 'baby' (whether it's a cat or a bunny or a flower or a caterpillar), and I tend to make explosive, aggravated noises while reading Christian fiction. ;-)

    1. Aw - thanks!! Hahaa...sorry, where I live its just SO COLD. It's officially 1 degree right now. It's horrid cold. lol! Booya! I ADORE westerns!! ;) LOL! explosive voices? You should totally record audio books girl ;)

  3. No, I don't think I like being cold in my room. ;) I like it as just the right temperature at night so I want to snuggle up under the covers, but I'm not...terribly hot. Heehe... XD You don't like snow!? I mean, I guess it can get slightly tiresome, but I like it. ;D

    3 random facts:
    1. I think my top favorite type of movie is a romantic comedy. (Like Letters to Juliet - that movie is SO adorable! <3) ;)
    2. I rock climb!! (It's been my brother, Jesse's, hobby for quite a few years now... It can get scary! Haha...)
    3. I LOVE MUSIC. (Christmas music, of course!) And Stars Go Dim is my recent favorite! The lead singer's voice is UH-mazing! ;D

    Did you get to go to Winter Jam!??? :D

    1. Woah, you sound like you have so much fun with your bro! I would just DIE if I could go rock climbing.. I'm totally serious. xD Hehee! I think you and I rank very closely on music obsessions. ;) And no... I didn't get to go. :P BUT!! Josh Wilson is going to be here in March, so I'm planning on that..and you get a private meeting with him. so YES. xD

  4. Do I like to be cold? Ummmm.... NO! Haha! My Mama loves cool temperatures, so our house stays around 68 degrees. But I am naturally colder (my hands are usually icicles!), and this past year it's gotten worst. I don't get why, but since about June I have felt so cold! Like, wrapped in fleece blankets snuggling my coffee on a 90-degrees-outside day cold. It's not been as bad the past couple weeks, which I also don't get- unless it's just that heaters are more acceptable in winter! Haha :).
    3 fun facts... hmmm...
    1. Apparently I talked about cats in my sleep a lot. which makes sense, since I dream about them quite a bit. I do love kitties, very much.
    2. My sister thinks I have a friend for every day of the year. And that my life could be described as one big letter. Heehee :). I like writing and people!
    3. I have been described as having the bravery of a chicken nugget. Fairly accurate...
    Haha :). Blessings to you!
    ~Bri :)

  5. This is a really interesting post! Nice to get to know more about you. I also love reading, the cold (it being summer here is so hard), I hardly ever wear my hair loose (I much prefer braids and ponytails) and I adore music (both playing and listening. It feels wrong when I don't have headphone connected to my computer).
    Funnily enough, I should hopefully have a post coming out soon with some more info about myself. I promise I was working on it before I reading this post!

    1. aw thanks!! Woah, you like it cold? That's awesome! Not many people do. lol Woah, we sound so alike! hahaa! That's so funny.. don't you actually hate it when you had already planned on something? Sorry! ;) I'm looking forward to your post though :D

    2. Thanks! The post is actually up. It's a blog tag. I tagged you for it as well. You can check it out here:

    3. Oohh! I'll goo look. Thanks! :D

  6. Hi Julia! I have tagged you for the Liebster Award over at Mic's Room! Thanks a bunch ;)

  7. LOVED this post! :) Some of these I actually didn't know myself . . . like the percentages one?! You smart girl. Lol are they made up percentages? ;) And you can talk to Rachel about having a broken bone lol. ;)

    1. Woah, really?! I tried to think out of the box and go differently odd. I guess it worked. ;) Yes.. I totally love precentages as well as the word "totally". LOL! eeekkk - poor girl!

  8. Awesome post, Julia! I knew everyone of those facts except #9! Lol!
    Aw! That face! You still make that face!^^

    1. LOL! Really?? Hmm...well you know me well then. ;) Oh I do?!! Great! ;)

  9. Ooo, I love this post!! Here are three facts about me...

    1. I *love* music, dance, and photography!
    2. I have had my picture taken while holding hands with a dolphin.
    3. I met a famous gymnast once

    1. WOoah, I didn't know you held a dolphin! That is SO cool!!


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