MARCH IS ALL OVER LIKE WOWOWOWOW // all the crazy things that happen to me in a month in one post

March 29, 2017


completely moving Sarah's bedroom around cuz why not

booking my first ever flight tickets EEEEEEPP

hiding in random places at the library with Ragen and just chatting and chatting forever and ever

Answering the phone when Emma calls and being like
"Hey! It's julia. I'm good, how are you?" ....before she even asks how I am....
#sorryemma #imsoweird

committing to 50k for April nano IM CRAZY

when i find out Sarah follows my blogs by email awwww

Plz explain why Spotify thought I would want this??

goofing off at the store with my sisters and then a lady being like "are you related?"
Uhm. I think we look alike?

helping Liz redesign her blog while facetiming for like 4 hours legit goals 

*me sitting and reading text book* *stuffs pen in hair for fun*
1 min later
"Where's my pen!?! Who stole it!? Oh *remembers it's in hair* whoops."

quickly eating a donut in the car and then going into store, shopping for 30 mins and coming out and my dad is like "julia there is donut on your face"

needing to find a cart bc I picked out like 8 gallons of paint whoops

starting a new 30 day challenge and ow squats hurt


when Sarah is making mint patties and I'm making pizza and I tell my little sis we are having chocolate pizza and she freaks *grins*

teasing my bestie on the phone *smirks*

driving along downtown and look out the window to see a teen runner dude trip and almost fall on the sidewalk

"My feet can't touch the ground when I stand on it..." - my dad

*grandpa falling asleep*
*me whispers* "hey you want ice cream?"
"Uh yeah!" - grandpa

when you reach for the chocolate sauce to put on ice cream but accidentally grab the worcestershire and legit almost dump it on the ice cream...whoops

"I like mud! It's so squishy!"Little sis

being in Walmart waiting for fabric to be cut and an employee offers me a stool???? I'm still so weirded out

"You're small for your age, julia." -little bro
"Actually you're big!" - little sis
Me- *glares*
"Never mind!!"

walking in the field with my sister and a pheasant suddenly flying away, making a really loud noise making her scream - I didn't even blink....


"Mom told me today that cows drink water and then they make milk...I used to think they drank milk and then it just came out!" - little sis
"But..then where would they get the milk?" -mom
"Huh! That's a good question!" -little sis

"Jula! What I have in my hand is maybe rare." - little bro looking at a rock

"When the thunder goes, im going to look out my window for the lighting."
" buddy, the lighting goes first."
"Oh...but why? I wonder why God did it like that?" - little bro

"Guys! Look! I found a LAVA can't believe I'm holding lava...." -little sis

"This know..squishy" *little sis holding rubber elephant toy*

*looks at picture of fancy yacht*
"are they pirates?" - little sister

"You know what today is?" - me
"...?.." - little sis
"It's Monday." - me
"*gasp* is that the green day!?"
"Green day....?.. OH. St Patrick's day. No, not today." - me


Going to bed with my hair in a ponytail then waking up in the middle of the night with the ponytail on my wrist - legit.??????

"You can eat the boullion cubes, Julia. They're 5 calories." - sare

having suppperr weird dreams after having spicy chili for dinner LIKE I COULD SPIN LIKE A DRILL THRU 4 STORY HOUSES??!

when you're on the phone with your bestie and she has a really bad foot cramp

suddenly realizing Nels and Nellie on Little House are basically the same name.....

having a strange urge!?

when I'm in town and there is a dude dressed as a Statue of Liberty and he waves at me?

waking up every hour bc I was afraid I wouldn't hear my alarm bc I was so tired which just made me even more tired uhg


"Ewwwww I just thought of a weird juice and whipped topping" - sare

Her :"What's O-D-D???"
Me : ".....odd...??"
Her : *bursts into realizing laughter*

when she's fixing her hair in the mirror and I just stare at her and then she glares at me

*sarah trying to make me laugh while on photo shoot*
"Picture a pink polka dotted chicken in the store on a leash and it's owner is wearing green pants."

"I was jump roping and I pulled something in my leg..not even kidding right now." - Sare

when you're on Pinterest and you get recommended a photo THAT YOUR SISTER (aka Sarah) TOOK WAHT

hehehehhee my gift for Sarah bc she's my sis

"Say something funny. I don't have a lot about you this month." -me
"Uhm, yeah, cuz I save it for my own blog."
*two blogger sisters*

"Julia. We should plot tonight.." -sare
*me moans*
"Julia!" -Sarah


cally spoke the words that everyone needs to hear 
erin wrote super inspiring post about living life with joy
mary took my breath away 
i wrote this but i wanted to share it again haha
sare took amazing pictures as usual like im dead k 
jon actually did it again (read this if you're a writer)
erin inspired me like majorly 

PLANS FOR APRIL and kinda May too :

  • ready for this? I want to try to write my entire novel by early May - I KNOW IM CRAZY. It's my goal to write 50k this month, and by mid May finish it at around 80k. I'm super scared and think I'm 100% insane cuz I've also got to graduate plus live life ya know. 
  • finish my new 30 day fitness challenge
  • come home from the dentist with all my teeth 
  • FIND OUT HOW MY POEM SOUNDS AFTER ITS TURNED INTO A SONG *crashes through savannah's ceiling*
  • get all my algebra done
  • go barefoot outside (I JUST NEED IT TO GET WARMER)
well that's it. another beautiful messy month complete. You know, I gotta admit, so far 2017 has been pretty great. 

btw, if there is one thing I've learned in March, it's this; one earbud dying should be illegal. also please don't talk to me about camp nano k thx

funniest thing in the post??
how is 2017 for you?


  1. ACK OMW this makes me laugh. XD So much funny.

    "Are they pirates?" Yes yes, they definitely are. XP

    OHEY JULIA, I JUST FINISHED MY PLOTTING FOR MY NOVEL AND EEEEK. *bounces* I'm so excited!! I actually know what I'm doinggg. (I KNOWWWW I'M TALKING ABOUT CAMP AND YOU TOLD ME NOT TO #SORRYNOTSORRY I'm just too excited.) My official goal is 50k but my internal goal is to finish the draft which will hopefully be at least 80k. BUT MY FIRST DRAFTS ARE SO WEIRD THAT I ACTUALLY HAVE NO IDEA. It could be anywhere between 60k-120k. *nods* Although...120k might be a little insane to write in one month... 0-0

    Going barefoot is super. That said, I can do it all year around because it doesn't get cold enough here. >.<

    Ooooh eeep poem into a song?? THAT'S SO COOL. Who's doing it?? *flails in excitement for you*

    1. eep I love making people laugh xD thanks!

      yup. Totally kid LOL!!!

      YOU ARE DOING CAMP NANO TOO?! Awww I wish you could have been in my cabin? I am planning on making my own for July if you wanna join me then?? WOW BRO YOU ARE LIKE SUPER INSPIRING OR SOMETHING I AM REALLY SCARED ABOUT MY GOAL WHICH SEEMS SMALL NOW *dies* you know thanks a lot for talking about it cuz now I'm freaking out brb i'm dying

      whhhhaaaaaatt. that's like...NO FAIR

      and yes!!! A friend of mine, Savannah, and her sister. IM SO EXCITED

    2. Yes I am slightly crazy. XD Eeep well, I'd /love/ to be in a cabin with you, but I'd have to check, 'cause I've got my cabin and I don't want to abandon them. Whose cabin are you in this time around? EEK THANK YOU! :D *gives you lots of pizza to keep you going* You can do this!!

      Yep. XD I love going barefoot.

      SO. COOL. *high fives you*

    3. ohhhh I see! Totally understand either way! Uhm, well, I'm in it with Sarah, Clara, Mic, and a bunch of my friends - kinda a big scramble xD *eats all the pizza cuz I need it*

  2. OH MY GOODNESS THE WONDER PETS YAAAAAAASSSSS MY FAVORITE SONG!! Kidding kidding . . . that was such a great show though. The turtle was my favorite. <3

    When you mentioned the earbuds I thought of my post lol. DID YOU SEE IT?? You inspired it. *winks* ;)

    Btw your gifs were so spot on, I'm sitting in my psych class trying not to laugh. <3

    1. OH GOSH I KNOW LIKE WHAT IN THE WORLD such weirdness. I haven't watched it in so long actually - maybe I'm subconsciously having withdrawals?!? now i'm scared.

      WAIT. I didn't...and I INSPIRED IT?!?! how?! I need to know

      *grins* thank you very very much. I make myself laugh *laughs*

    2. Ahhhhhh that's like the other day when we were driving to a soccer game and thinking HOW WEIRD IT WOULD BE if you could just think hmmmmm I'm uncomfortable and your seat in the car would adjust according to your thoughts :O SPOTIFY CAN READ YOUR MIND

      In my end of year survey for SKGfun I asked what I should post about and you gave me all these super random ideas lol, and one of them was WHY DO EARBUDS DIE?? ;)

    3. ACK NO DONT SAY THAT that's like super creepy. bro thanks a lot for creeping me out uhg

      ooooooohh gosh. I DID NOT REMEMBER THAT LOL Now I gotta go find that post



    I was reading it while getting ready this morning, and I was just giggling through the whole thing. Probably sounded like an idiot to my fam ha. Your siblings sound exactly like mine. They say the craziest things!! it's just so funny how kids think, it's really amazing. They really do see everything in a different light :))

    And TBH I laughed WAY too hard at the suggested song on Spotify. That was PURRFECT. AH.
    Oh and when your siblings were saying that you were small, and then big... seriously, happens to me ALL.THE. TIME. My siblings are constantly saying the wrong things and I'm just like *shakes my head*

    Thanks for making me laugh like an idiot! My parents will probably be sending me to an asylum for crazy people now. But thanks:))

    Jazzy @

    1. OH GOSH


      Hehee! Giggling the whole time?! I love to hear that! Oh I love that about them you know and yes yes yes the do see everything in a different light. Like pirates on a yacht ;)

      LOL!! I just stared and blinked at it like WHAT IN THE WORLD
      I love how you have a lot of the same sibling interaction as I do! Isn't it the best? I love them so much!

      You are very very welcome ;) Well, hey, you can join me there *grins*

  4. Sounds like you had an awesome month! Also, I just ADORE those Sound of Music GIFs!! "The Sound of Music" may just be my favorite movie, so . . . yeah. xD

    1. I sure did! and bro NO WAY ITS LIKE MY FAVORITE TOO!! Julie Andrews is fabulous in it gah xD

  5. I enjoyed this! You have such an interesting life. ;D
    The thing about you "losing" your pen, haha. ;P We seem to always be missing pens when I need one for school. Thankfully I think I found one right away today. lol. ;P Oh, and almost putting worcestershire on ice cream! *laughs*
    Oh wow! Good luck with getting your book done! :)

    1. whooaaa what?! I DO NOT XD But thanks haha!
      oh bro I know it's like WHERE ARE ALL THE PENS AND PENCILS. I honestly have no idea where they go! I have to keep mine safe lol!! and uhg I was like "JULIA OFF TO BED WITH YOU - YOU'RE LOSING IT" lol!!

  6. OMG YOUR SIBS ARE SO CUTE AND HILARIOUS AND GAH. Also whoooooooa, good luck with your novel! I could never do that. *runs away* And WHY do we have to get our algebra done??? Can't we just let it sit and rot there for the rest of life please???

    1. LOL!! THANK YOU I LIKE TOTALLY AGREE XD and uuuuuhgg thanks again, I need that! Oh I'm sure you could ;) AND WHY OH WHY I DONT KNOW YES PLEASE LETS DO THAT

  7. You booked flight tickets for the first time!!?? That sounds scary... I may be doing the very same thing soon. My grandpa just had open-heart surgery and me, my sisters, and cousin(s?) are thinking/praying about maybe going out to help my grandma take care of him and the house. Just thinking about it, so nothings for sure. ;) If we do go I'd get to meet my twin cousins!!!! =D
    Your grandpa loves ice cream too!!!???!?!? *laughs cuz mine would die without it*
    Loved this post! You make your month sound so fun!!!<333

    1. yessss!! scary and exciting! Ohhh wow, that's a good reason for sure to go fly somewhere! And meeting your twin cousins?! how sweet xD I'll be praying for you and your grandparents!
      yes hahah! Just like me - I think that's where I got it from xD
      you're the sweetest <33 and it was a great month!

  8. YO, THAT FOOT CRAM HURT! XD That was da best tho!
    And I hope you have fun on your trip! Send me photos! <3<3<3

    1. YO I BET IT DID and ikr I was laughing so hard
      eeepp will do! <3

  9. Julia -- I just got home from a trip to see family, and I read this post and I feel like I've never left. It was so great hearing about your life. :D Funniest thing? Oh, sheesh, don't make me choose. (...But just because, I love that gif of Dick Van Dyke laughing. xD)
    2017 so far is just brilliant. I've been going through those times with laughs and those times with angry comments, I've been learning some crazy life-lessons (the hard way, mind you ;p), and I cannot wait for April!

    Amelia xxx

    1. awwwwwwwwwwww you're going to make me cry or something!! AND I KNOW RIGHT GOSH I WAS LIKE YES THATS HOW I FELT. oh it was too funny
      gosh! I feel like the same way - and totally the learning curve thing. Thanks for always making me smile with your comments girl <3

  10. OKAY CAN I JUST SAY I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH??? Because girllll, your posts make me laugh SO HARD.

    Omw, your little siblings are the CUTEST. <3 "Huh! That's a good question!" Lol, too cute.

    THE GIFS, THOUGH. You slayed me with the gifs. XD (Especially the one of Dick Van Dyke laughing...THAT IS THE BEST. Can I please save that gif for later? *begs*)

    AWWWWW YOU LINKED TO MY POST? *collapses in a puddle of happiness* Thanks so much, Ju. <3


    1. OKAY WHAT AWWWWWWWWWW you know what i wish? I wish I could sit there and watch you read my posts cuz it makes me smile so hard when people say they laugh and EEP ITS JUST SO COOL

      and *nods* yup. I totally agree xD

      LOL!!!!!! I had GIF skills on this post - I was laughing so hard myself! (uhmmmmmm *shrugs* okay, just remember this for when I want one of yours *grins*)


      (I AM NOT EITHER GEESH bro who are we kidding. IM DYING)

  11. "Hey! It's julia. I'm good, how are you?" ....before she even asks how I am.... <-- LOL YES I WISH I COULD SAY THAT TO EVERYONE WHO ASKS ME HOW I AM XDDD

    YASS Sound of Music gifs

    wait how do you make mint patties? sounds awesome :D

    lollol where does milk come from?? Magic. Or else cows are just milk dispensers XDD

    I think the Statue of Liberty guy may do taxes (Liberty Taxes or something like that) because we have those on street corners here too!

    1. LOL!!!!!!! Do it. Then come back and tell me how they responded ;)


      uhm. ask sare - or pinterest. they know everything.

      hahahaaa!! You're the best xD

      Yup! I think so too - but legit STILL SO AWKWARD

  12. Your wrap-up posts are officially the greatest xD I just laugh the entire time.

    I think the funniest thing is a tie between the runner dude tripping and the Walmart incident. The strange things we see when we're out and about xD (I legit would have fallen over laughing if I had been you)

    and your little siblings. they're sooooo cute *wishes I had little siblings*

    CAMP NANO. YOU GOT THIS. *sends you a virtual package of motivation*

    audrey caylin

    1. awwwwwwww I laugh when writing them - so this is a win win situation I would say xD

      Oh gosh, I would totally agree! I had a lot of interesting public happenings this month! Like wow, AWKWARDNESS ALERT. (and uhm I was and so thankfully not driving bc I was laughing just so hard)

      awwww agreed and WOW sadness, you don't?! You can come over and play if you want ;)

      ACK YUP SO DO YOU LETS DO THIS THING *sends you lemon cheesecake bars cuz nutrition ya know*

  13. I always love your wrap-up posts, they're so funny!
    You're siblings seem so cute!
    As for Camp Nano, YOU CAN DO THIS.

    1. hahaa thanks girlie!!
      and YES they are for sure

  14. loved reading all of the stuff that happened to you this month!


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