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January 14, 2014
Woah! Where did 2013 go? This is my first blog post in 2014. (Which is pretty lousy!) Hehe! I got really busy with Christmas, New Year, school, etc. I guess my poor blog was put off in the back burner. I am sorry for that! I feel so bad that I haven't given you all my first chapter of my book. I keep on getting on the wrong computer! So, I don't have it on hand at the moment.. BUT! I do have another short story that I just finished the other day. I am going to post the first page of it, so if you like it, then you can ask for more.

Locked Closet

Written by Julia Duffy

Isabel always checked the mail. Every day she would open the little “mouth” of the mailbox to see if she had any mail. Usually just her parents received the mail. When she brought the little white envelopes to them, they would sigh. Money was tight and the bills didn’t help much. Isabel always remembered what her mom said when they all worried. “God is always with us, in good times and bad.” As Isabel grew, the more she understood about money and why life was so hard. By the time she was fourteen they had moved twice and had sold many valuable things along the way.

Since Isabel’s family didn’t have much money she didn’t have many friends. To be “cool” you need money, phone, computer, bike and eventually a fancy car. Isabel didn’t have those things; she wasn’t included by many people, except the identical twins who lived down the street from her friend. Abigail and Amanda Carson understood what it was like to be teased. The three girls bonded quickly and Isabel prayed that she would never move again.

On a crisp autumn day the leaves were falling so gracefully that Isabel just had to be outside. After swinging on the old, wooden swing she remembered to check the mail. The crunching noises of the leaves were beautiful and calming to Isabel. She opened the mailbox to find a pink, flowery envelope and it was addressed to her! She opened the letter quickly and read, “Isabel, we would be honored if you would attend our small birthday party. The happy day will be October 9th. If you could come at 1:00, that would be great. Gifts are not needed, but welcomed! Love your giggly friends, Abigail and Amanda.” Isabel was so excited to be invited to a party! The last time she had been to a party, big or small, was for her grandmother’s birthday. Isabel couldn’t wait to tell her parents and ask their permission.

“Isabel! Perfect! I see you got our letter. We wanted to ask you,” started Amanda, but she was interrupted by Abigail. “Will you come with us to the little party store down the street and help us pick out decorations for the party?” Isabel really wanted to go, but she wasn’t sure if she would be allowed to. “I don’t know...I will need to ask mom.” Isabel answered slowly. “Oh! That is already taken care of. Our mom called your mom asking if you could go! She said yes!” So the three girls started down the road, but Isabel felt strange. She looked back at the house to see the front shade being pulled down. “That’s strange”, she thought out loud, but Isabel quickly shrugged it off. Maybe mom was just having a bad headache and that is why she is allowing me to go to the store. 


That is the first page! I really want to know all of your honest opinions. In my next post I will post the next page.

Love In Christ,
  Julia Ryan♥


  1. Hi Julia!
    I love it! It's great being a sister, I got to read your whole story already! I love all of your stories. :) I can't wait for more posts!
    Your sister,

  2. You did an AWESOME job Ju-Ju!!! You have such a gift in the area of writing!! I can't wait for the next chapter!!! I love you!!!

    1. Thank you, Abby! I enjoy writing very much and am very glad when it turns out. ;) Hehe! :D

    2. I just started writing a story, I'm gonna send it to you soon. So far, I've wrote 2 chapters (yay!) :)

    3. Abby! You won't believe it. I got your letter today, but it was the funniest thing! It was mailed to me, but the whole envelope was torn in half! The letter was fine, but the envelope...not so much! ;)

    4. Oh boy!!! That's pretty weird.... I'm just so glad the letter is fine!!!! My great grandma never got the letter I sent her, I wonder if that's related? :)

    5. Hmm! That is strange! :) I am just glad that I got it! :D

  3. Hi, Julia! Just to let you know, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! You can find out how it works at: http://homeschooledauthor.blogspot.com/2014/01/sunshine-award.html

    Thanks! =)


    ps. We haven't chatted in a while! I feel so distant! We need to reconnect! =D

    1. Thank you so much, Jessica! I'm working on my blog post for the Sunshine award now! :) I know what you mean, we haven't spoken in a long time. How are you? =)

  4. Hi Julia :)

    Your blog is so lovely! I just came across it and will definitely be checking in regularly for new posts ;) You're an AMAZING writer!!! PLEEEAAASE post the next page soon! I seriously can't wait :D

    Would you mind taking a peek at my blog? http://maiyamac.blogspot.com



    1. Hello Maiya! I looked at your blog! It is very professionally done! I'm very happy that you like the first part of my story. I am going to post it soon! I was actually awarded the Sun Shine award and I think I'll do that post first. :) Thanks for commenting!!
      Love in Christ,

  5. Julia! This is sensational!!! I love it, I want to read it over and over! :D You describe emotions so well, I felt as if I was with Isabelle the whole time. You are so talented! I am going to go read the 2nd part RIGHT NOW! ;) It is so amazing!

    In all sisterly love and awe,

    P.S: Is your teacher a Christian? If not, then this is such a great way to talk about Christ! Just image the kind of testimony you are by God to her!

    1. Hello Noemie,
      I actually don't know if the teacher is a Christian or not. I went to the library on Monday, but she hadn't read it yet. So, I have to wait until next Monday to find out what she thought of it. I am pretty excited. :D You are right though, I really do pray that this story might encourage her, or someone else in their walk with the Lord. Or, plant a seed into someone's heart. :)


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