Anne of Green Gables

January 30, 2014

Anne of Green Gables is my most favorite girl in book land! Along with Diana of course. No story is a good story without a bosom friend!

"What would you call this?" -Anne
"I was afraid that you would say that..."-Anne

No girl ever thinks of Megan Follows as Megan Follows. We always think of her as Anne.

Such a perfect quote! It never gets old because there is always a tomorrow!

"Hey! Hey! Carrots!" -Gilbert
"How dare you!"-Anne
crack- slate!

How perfect. I'm sure every girl dreams of going on a boat with her best friend. I know I do!

"I'm not scared of any boys!"-Anne
That says it all...
"Anne Shirley! what have you done to your hair?!" -Marilla
"I've...dyed it..."-Anne
What a terrible way to have to cut your hair!

How peaceful! Until...
"Congratulations on winning, Gilbert Blythe."-Anne
"Anne, Anne! Wait a minute! We tied!"-Gilbert

Anne's hair is getting longer!
Look how happy they are..♥
The second movie! Anne of Avonlea. ♥

I love her sweater!



I must apologize if some of these photos are a bit blurry. I enlarged them, so they are not perfect. But, hey! Did you enjoy that Anne post or what? I sure did! I love Anne! She is such a joy to be friends with. :D

Love in Christ,
 Julia Ryan♥


  1. Hi Julia! I loved this post!! I actually have never read the books, but I have watched most of the movies! When you wrote those quotes I could hear their voices saying it! Haha! Great post!
    Your sister,

    1. I loved this post as well! ;) I know, when I saw the pictures I could hear their voices! :D

  2. Oh Julia! I just love this post so much! :D You should do a similar one with Little Women or Men! You are making me want to watch Anne of Green Gables... Sarah, you should definitely read the books. ;) I also loved the quotes that you posted!

    In all sisterly love,

    1. Hey! Your are right!! I will totally get a blog post going about Little Women and maybe Little Men. Little Women is much more of a classic. :) Have you ever watched Anne of Avonlea? I like that one almost as much as I do the first. :) Also, did you know that Megan Follows is a Canadian actress? :)

  3. Hi Julia :)
    Oh my goodness!!!! I love Anne (with an e!!!) SOOOOOO MUCH! I've read the first book and seen all the movies ;) Thanks for nominating me for the sunshine award!!! I'll leave a comment with my answers as soon as I have time to write them :)



    1. Haha!! I thought I was one of a few who LOVES Anne! :D I have read all the books. Well, actually I have almost finished the last one. :) I cannot wait until I see your comment! :D

  4. Anne!!!! I have read all the books but never watched the movies... She's awesome! Just sayin'..... =)

    1. Oh my!! You totally need to watch the first and second movie!! I wouldn't recommend the last one. It was terrible! I could only watch the first 20 minutes of it before we had to turn it off! :P But, it you watch the 1st and 2nd ones you will think of Anne in a totally different way! :D

    2. In a different way? I might have to see if the library has the movies... then I will have an excuse to read the books again, to compare them to the movies! =)

    3. Oh yes!! You will have to check your library! :) Please tell me if you watch it and if you do think of it in a different way. :)

  5. Great post Julia! I've seen part of one of the Anne movies, but never read the books. I'll have to see if the library carries them ♥ I can't wait for a similar post featuring Little Women!!! I love that story!

    1. Did you like the parts of the Anne movies that you did watch? Haha! I actually have the whole Little Women post ready. That will be posted soon!

    2. Yeah, I did, but I don't really remember too much of it, and it was turned down real low. I actually saw it at a work bee at our friends house !!!

  6. I love Anne Of Green Gables too, Julia! I have never seen any of the movies, but I am reading through the first book right now. Looking forward to more posts from you! Keep up the good work! I'm so happy we share a name! <3

    Julia L.C.

    1. Hi Julia! Long time no talk! :D Did you see that I nominated you for Sunshine Award? I love Anne as well. :) I have read all the books! I love them! :)


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