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December 14, 2015
cause sometimes, you just want an awkward photo of your sister for backup. ;) 
ITS THE CHRISTMAS SEASON.... and the FLU SEASON. Yeaahhhh....we all got the flu, well, actually I only got the aftermath cold part of the deal, but uhg. I really didn't want to get it, especially since my grandpa was planning to bring Bree, Sarah, and I Christmas shopping! Sadly, Sarah got sick and couldn't go...but that made shopping for her gift extra easy. ;) And, you want to know how I got the cold?! My younger brother USED MY TOOTHBRUSH!! He was the one who got the flu bug first, too.. That's what I get for picking the same color toothbrush as he has. :P I have now moved and cleaned my toothbrush thoroughly. ;)

 My grandpa took us to Hobby Lobby (which IS SO AMAZING!!! Like isn't it?!!) and out for lunch this past weekend. I just about die in that whole store, but don't even get me started on the canvas pictures. xD I love finding cool deals and going..ohh this is only $12... ;) Why is it so hard to go Christmas shopping... I always find something I want instead of gifts for someone else! lol! I had to talk myself out of quite a few items. ;) But, as of yesterday, I have completely finished Christmas shopping!! Yippie! :D

 Its been super super rainy here lately. I am so happy! It kinda scares me to think that all of this rain would normally be snow... but but but, I can drive because of the no snow!! Yesterday I drove to the is fun! I've finally gotten over the nerve part, and just do it. I DO NOT like it when someone passes me though. A few weeks ago someone did that for the first time, and my mom was like "are you okay???". I think I turned a bit white and besides,WHY SHOULDN'T I be scared?? Cars aren't supposed to be side by side like that anyways. ;) lol!

 off to make rice crispie treats. ;)

Did you get the flu??
Hows the shopping going? 


  1. I have not gotten the flu! I'm sorry you guys did. :/

    I almost completely done with my personal shopping! Just one more item for my older brother, and maybe two things for my nephew (two things because his birthday is next Monday! He will be 5.) :) But my siblings and I are also going to go shopping to get mom some more gifts. ;) I'm so happy to be almost done!!!

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Oh, I am glad you haven't gotten it! :D That's great! Christmas shopping is a lot of fun when you know what you want to get. ;) Aww, how sweet! My siblings and I always enjoy spoiling our mom too. :D lol

      Merry Christmas to you too!! :)

  2. I really liked this post :) i actually need to get most of my shopping finished up now...i'm a little behind :) But that weekend sounds SO fun! the food looks scrumptious, and Hobby Lobby is definitely a store i could spend hours in too ^_^ there's just so many creative things. although, it has been a while since i've been to one. it's been sort of nice that there's no snow, but i guess we won't be getting a white christmas either...that's sort of sad, but oh well. we'll probably get lots of snow in jan. and feb. probably :)) i didn't get the flu (maybe i did) but i just got really dizzy and faint and stuff :( glad to hear you're better!

    1. aww, thanks Autumn! Hahaa, I know what you mean, I literally was panicking about a week ago, and now I'm done. So there is hope. ;) It was a blast...and the food. I was seriously going "mmmmmmmmm!!!!" the whole time! haha I don't think that we will have a white Christmas...oh well. Hmm, sounds like you got some bug! That stinks.. :P What else is new?

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  4. I hope you are feeling better. I have just about finished my Christmas shopping.
    Wishing you and yours a Blessed and Merry Christmas.
    Marilyn and family

    1. Oh, I'm so glad! Merry Christmas to you too :D

  5. We went to Hobby Lobby yesterday afternoon! And I think now I've got everything I need in the way of Christmas presents :)!!! Now I just have to finish making up a few :P. Haha! I think I'll have them done in plenty of time though :). My main worry is that I won't finish a gift, that has nothing to do with Christmas, but has to be finished about the same time anyway, for a friend who is moving, haha.
    I kind of go nuts looking at all the goodies while I'm out and about, too, haha :). But I rarely buy anything, because I'm a skinflint unless it's for my Etsy shop or to give to someone else, haha :). Yesterday I splurged and bought a candy bar and some elastic to finish a skirt I'm making out of some scraps that were left from some skirts I made my sister and I a few years ago, though ;). I enjoyed the chocolate during my bible study this afternoon, but I think I'll wait until after Christmas to finish the skirt, haha :). Too much else on my plate!
    Merry Christmas, Julia :)!!!

    1. You did!! of those weird cool things. ;) That's good! Haha, I try to stay away from buying myself stuff, but once I get in Goodwill - and by the books - its HOPELESS. hahaa!! Ooh, the skirt sounds like fun! :) Merry Christmas!

  6. You're gonna be sad to hear this, family doesn't live near a Hobby Lobby. :P I was super close to going into one while we were on vacation a few years ago, but by the time we stopped by they were ready to close, so we didn't go in.
    I'm sooo sorry to hear you all got the flu! Definitely not fun at all. Although I do think the way you got sick is kind of funny. ;) And no, I haven't gotten it yet---I'm rarely sick. :)
    My Christmas shopping is going well---in fact, it's all done! I keep feeling like I still need to buy more gifts, though. Glad to hear you're done too! :)

    1. Aw, I'm sad for YOU! lol! You will have to go sometime, somehow. You'll die a slow and crafty death. ;) Yeah, colds are NOT fun at all. :P Haha, I'm glad to be done. Only 6 more days!


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