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May 6, 2016
I officially finished my 11th grade schoolwork a few weeks ago. I had mixed emotions about finishing. It meant I would get a whole free summer, it also meant that I will be graduated this time next year. Like YEEK. I really have had a lot of awesome free time -- and me not wanting to waste the moments, have been doing loads of projects. *smirks* They usually include paint, spontaneous decisions, and muscles

 I kept on having this dream of having a beautiful bed on the floor, all dreamy pinterest like. I literally took my bed frame apart and brought it up to the attic. THEN - I saw my old bureau, decided I needed to re-purpose it, and lugged that thing down to my room and now I have a gigantic mess. (BUT - my dad found me a pallet last night!! soon, I shall have my floor bed) 

 My dear friend, Clara, showed me how she dyed her hair the other day with peroxide and water. I've always been told by my mom that "Your hair MAY turn orange." Just hearing that alone, made me SURE that I wasn't going to do that. But, I did. Nothing happened. :P I'm not off to try lemon and green tea. I'm determined

Ever DIY dye your hair?
When does "summer" start for you??


  1. Ooh fun! I've been thinking about trying some DIY hair dyes recently just for the fun of it. My hair is kind-of a dirty mouse brown so I'd like to have it a little more blonde. I've heard that pouring water in which chamomile has been boiled will bring out the gold. Maybe I'll try that some day. ;)

    1. Really? So is mine!! I think I have quite a few natural blonde highlights, but I just wanted it to be more overall. ooh! I should try that too :D

  2. So glad you got your pallet :)!!!!

  3. DIY hair dye?! Oh boy, Julia. ;-P Aww, but that's kind of disappointing it didn't work! Huh.

    YOU FINISHED SCHOOL FOR THE YEAR. THAT IS SO AWESOME. Now you have freeeeeedom!!!! I'm sure you have lots of creative ideas for what to do with your time now, haha. I can't wait to be done for the year....when it gets to be May school always gets really really annoying. But I only have a few more weeks. I can DO THIS.

    P.S. I just read your email! Thank you so much!

    1. Haha! I'm well known for my spontaneity. :P I was disappointed! I think the lemon one I did yesterday DID lighten my hair though. It still isn't as great as I would have hoped though. :P oh well

      FREEEEEEDOOOMMMM!! Yes. BUT - I miss it too. lol! A few more weeks? That's great!! Can you believe that we will be graduating soon? eekkkk!!!

      Aw, goodie! Sorry it took me a while :P

  4. Wow, your hair looks great! Looks like the experiment was successful. How long does the dye last?
    I have dark hair with blond/red highlights so I don't really feel the need to dye my hair. I have joked about dying it blonde though. XD
    Congrats on finishing school! You are so lucky to be done! I don't know exactly when summer will start for me, but I'll definitely be done by mid-June. I've already finished up history and English, and am very close to finishing some other subjects so I'm getting excited. :)
    P.S. I've been meaning to ask you...did you get to go to the Josh Wilson concert? How was it?? And did you get to meet him? :D

    1. I'm actually not sure! Probably for not as long as an "actual" dye. :P Ooh, sounds pretty! I have these random blonde highlights that I love, so I wanted to being those out.
      Hahaa! I guess I am. I really worked hard to finish up. :P Then once I was done I was like "wait.what?!" hehe!

      Ohhh yeah. that. *sniff* no, I didn't get to go. Some huge snow storm came up on the same day that he was in town. It was rather depressing. lol! SOMEDAY.

  5. DIY hairdye?!?! thats amazing!

  6. Julia, I can't wait to see the finished product on your projects! Congrats on completing the 11th grade, only one more year to go!

    I've always wanted to DIY highlight or dye my hair. My hair is very dark brunette so I'm not sure how it would handle natural dyes and I have never colored it before, so I'm a little nervous to try. I'm interested in seeing how your DIY hair dyes effect your hair... :)

    Dani xoxo
    a vapor in the wind

    1. Awesome!! I will do a post on them too :D Oh thank you.. I know, it's scary. lol

      ohhhh, true. My hair does have more blonde to it than anything, but I've noticed the blonde taking over and I'm like NO. lol!! I think the most effective thing that I put in my hair was the lemon juice and loads of time out in the sun. I am going to try the natural essence dye though.. it was like $8 and comes out in 28 washes. ;)

  7. Congrats on getting a pallet, Julia! :) And a DIY hair dye? I've never tried one. I think I'd be nervous to try... ;) You're hair looks so nice! I think my hair color is pretty similar, actually, to yours...light brown, kind of blondish. I once got some highlights, blonde highlights, but nothing else since then. My hair has darkened a bit over the years. I used to be like BRIGHT blonde. It's strange... ;)

    Micaiah <3
    P.S. Summer kind of starts for me in July. I mean, I just feel like that's summer. Actually, we're gonna take August off of school and start again in September. Not that I really mind though. A month is good. ;)

    1. Thanks, Micaiah!! I was a bit nervous, but I figured "what are hair salons for?!" lol!! Oh how cool! Did you like the highlights? I'll probably try that sometime. ME TOO! My hair was literally "white". :P

      A month off of school actually is great! I had that last summer and enjoyed it so. I think I'm going to end up missing school A LOT this summer. ;)


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