April 26, 2018
heheee you ready for a bunch of sporadic things??? K HERE WE GO 

"I found the calendar of when you have to work" - little sis holding my work schedule 

me in store "moooommmmmmm?"
Sarah "do you know how many moms there are in the world? Srsly"

*me scrolling thru my blog* *little sis sees pic of mayo* "what's with the mayo?"

a bird pooped on my car -_-

"wanna go on a walk? I need to lumber up" my sis 
"You mean limber up?"
"Lol yeah" - my sis 

me 24/7/365 

so I was working on my book cover at the library one day and literally had two teens stand behind the computer, commenting on it LOL

me "I'm craving cinnamon rolls" 
my mom "me too"

little sister with waffle cone bowl "I am pretty sure this is how willie wonka ate his cup"

me after working 13 hrs 
"mom thanks for dinner it was so good....did I already say that?? Oh well thx" 

so like I have 10 minutes between jobs on Thursdays and yes I totally spent it at the Arby's drivethru getting jamocha shakes 😍

Me "yo fam if I made waffles rn would you eat them?"
Fam "YES" 
Me "k" 

(so yes, I made a batch of waffles @ 10pm and we just sat there eating them right away. adding chocolate chips and syrup and laughs. it was good) 

*sarah going super deep into money info*
Me "you've been doing economics huh"

my dad : "why isn't the gps working?"
Me: "dad that's google maps" 

*me behind guy on motorcycle* “he looks like he feels on top of the world rn” 
*dude waves twice to friends and peace signs to another motorcyclist* 
Me: “lol thought so” 

"Hey sis do you know the password for this? Do you remember it??"
Me :


me "where is my water bottle?"
friend "in your hand" 
me "oh. lol i'm going home now"

driving into town after it snows on April 15th and all the signs are like


Me *puts water bottle down* 

me driving down the road “I FORGOT MY WATER BOTTLE” 

Everyone in town on 56 degree day : ITS SUCH A WONDERFUL DAY !!!!

me: *is eating cereal* *laughs* *chokes on milk*
Sarah :"hey Julia you see this movie" 
me: *still choking* 
Sarah : "you done yet?"


  • my family spent all of last sunday at one of our favorite parks. OH PEOPLE IT WAS LOVELY. lovely to be outside, to art with my sisters, swing, soak sunshine in xxx
  • RELEASING MY POETRY BOOK TO YOU ALL . (p.s comment below if you want a code for 15% off until midnight tonight!!) literally guys I'm blown away with the response + sales. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH (my ice cream fund is overflowing thx) 
  • officially can say Wilson my jeep is MINE. I worked hard to hit this point and it's just hitting me that its a big milestone to truly own my first car!!! 
  • ALSO SPEAKING OF WORKING HARD, starting April  30th, I'll be juggling 3 jobs for the month of May. prayers would be suuuper appreciated XD XD 
  • facetiming with my besties <3 <3 
  • literally am gonna say this again BUT WARM WEATHER. it was a long winter folks lolol

sorry this post is a day late... heehee kinda swamped and also kinda tired. but also kinda spending every spare moment basking in the warm sun *nods* 


  1. hahaha that pointless vandalism picture.

    april sounds like it was lots of fun!

    (also p.s. yes, do you still have the code for the poetry book? I missed the free shipping time)

    1. lolololol ikr?!?! it totally made us laugh

      IT WAS FOR SURE <3

      (aw of course. sorry you missed that! use FIFTEEN when you check out <3)

    2. awesome, thank you!!

      (another question: if I get your other book with this one together will the shipping be cheaper? or will it be the same? because if it's cheaper then I might as well get it too)

    3. no problem!!

      (so I just put my two books in the cart and it's saying the shipping for the two will be $5.24. Normally for one its $4.?? so it looks like that would be a deal!! do you have the link for that one? if not, jump to the page "BUY MY POETRY BOOK" on the side of my blog. I'm updating that page rn)

  2. LOVED THIS POST!!!! <3 Your monthly wrap up posts always make me laugh XD
    And I still can't get over how pretty your poetry book is! Sometime soon (when I get some extra $$$) I want to order myself a copy! I think it would be prettiest book on my book shelf.

    I have a lot planned for May. I get my braces off and I may have the chance to fly in a plane for the first time in my life!! I've always loved aviation, so this would be like a dream come true!
    I've also been really busy trying to plan for my high school graduation in June. And I've been hired for a job and I start in July!! So I have big times coming up!!

    maddy || little bit of sunshine

    1. AWWW THANKS MADDY. they always make me laugh as well..is that weird? XD
      thanks again! let me know if you do buy it sometime, I'd love to know!
      also what a sweet compliment <3

      WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW what a busy moth coming up for you! But congrats on graduating! that' huuuge!!!! keep going and happy summer <3

  3. Oh, your book is SO pretty!! <3 That must be awesome.
    And yes, please bring on the warm weather. And ice cream. That vandalism photo was hilarious too. ;)
    Looks like and awesome month!

    Danielle | silverphoenixwriter.blogspot.com

    1. Oh, thank you so much Danielle!!! It is really exciting, for sure <3
      hahhaa!! AGREED to everything XD XD
      amen - onward to May!

  4. Girl, congrats on being able to say Wilson is yours! That's huge! And 3 jobs?? That's hard. I'm praying for you. <3 Warm weather is here for me, but those signs sound so funny. XD Have an EPIC May! <3

    1. awwwww thank you so so so so so so much!!! I REALLY REALLY appreciate the prayers! <3 haha!! I KNOW RIGHT? We finally have warm weather too, but for awhile there it was starting to feel like the eternal winter (aka narnia)

  5. Your recaps always crack me up.

    Me: *sticks pencil in my mouth* *carries school books to my desk fr the kitchen*
    Me: *sits down*
    Me: where is my pencil
    Me: *looks all over the desk*
    Me: *almost checks the kitchen*
    Me: oh haha it was in my mouth for two seconds and I forgot

    Well this month I went through computer buying headaches and some really hard thinking and found great new movies and started a campaign to convert all my friends to hangouts which has been ... semi-successful lol

    Also trying to figure if I should redesign my blog. #conflict

    prayers for your may jobs <333

    1. lol!!! I'm glad

      OHHHHH LOLOLOLOLOL I'VE DONE THAT TOO. but I think I stuck it in my hair and was like SARAH U STOLE MY PEN and shes like julia. HEHEEEEE

      ohhhhhhhh computer buying STINKS. It's really hard... :P Sounds like a lot of memorable things to accomplish in a month tho!

      OH MAN *shudders* I know that feeling o.o

      *hugs* thankkkksss xxx

  6. I always laugh out loud when I read these posts! :P Also, your poetry book is beautiful!!!!!! <3 *heart eyes*

    1. lol!!!! I always laugh out loud prepping them and then re-reading them months later XD AWWW THANKS ASH!!

  7. I loved this post! Delightfully entertaining. :) (And I love your photos.)

    Ohhh... what are the jobs, may I ask? :) One is at the library... That's very ambitious of you! :D And gee, with that and your poetry book your ice cream fund should be set to last the year out, haha!

    My April was very nice! Autumn didn't even exist, so we basically got 5 months of summer... I just got back from a one week holiday near the beach, and we did all a bunch of fun activities - swimming every day, canoeing on a lake, multiple rounds of putt-putt, and lots of movie watching and book reading. (Oh and napping, of course.) I also got up at 3:30 AM one April morning, did an hour long mountain climb in the dark (with sisters and a friend!) and arrived at the summit for the sunrise. Only the sun didn't rise. But! We did get some spectacular misty mountains for our efforts, and went away happy. I also completed my final maths lesson for FOREVER this month, which is the best feeling in the world. Just two more exams and I will be done. the. wretched. subject. forever.

    Lots of exciting plans for May! A camping trip next weekend, a local show the following (at which we're volunteering as stewards and are also entering), two 21st birthday parties, a bush dance, a wedding, and a large games night and farewell dinner are all planned. SO. PUMPED!!! :D

  8. I love your monthly posts so much! 😃 They're so fun to read!

  9. YAYYYY I love these posts!!!! They're probably some of my favorites. xD

    April has been a whirlwind of getting things together for May. In May I have a huge audition, and I have my Beauty & the Beast performance, and I have my jazz recital, and my older sister's birthday so basically it's been a month of stressful preparation and I've learned so much of giving my anxiety to God.

    Girlllll you so funnyyy



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