Long awaited bike post!

May 22, 2014
Me! Hehee
 My bike!! ♥
My most favorite sound in the whole world! Dirt against tires... sigh

 Yes... I am now in a brace... For what is going to seem an eternity.
 Lilacs have one of the best smells out there.. so home-y! 
 Raindrops on roses (grass in this song) and whiskers on kittens (and we just had 6 kittens born!), brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things!
(one of my favorite songs)

Loving Summer,
 Julia Ryan♥

P.s. I am working on a new "Ladies in History" post! It should be up soon!


  1. Wow, your bike looks so nice!! I'm glad to finally see it! :D It looks quite like mine, except for the blue colour and handlebars. And I definitely agree, lilacs smell amazingly good!

    Are the kittens from your cat Eeyore?

    In all sisterly love,

    1. Yeah, I'm sorry I took so long to post it. I was waiting for the perfect day. ;) Yes, she is a wonderful momma cat! She is so loving and allows us, even the little kids, to be around her and her kittens!

  2. I loved your pictures! Haha, I giggled when I pictured you sighing over your favorite sound. hehe ;) Yeah, have fun with your brace. =P *sigh* I love the nature pictures. And, of course, extra points for finding a way to fit "The Sound Of Music" into your post. Bonus, BONUS points. ;) =D

  3. Gee, thanks! I am glad you like the pictures. I really like taking nature pictures! I love capturing God's handiwork. ♥ Hahaa, I am sure you did laugh over it! :D Yeah... I just realized I've been only wearing it for 48 hours!!! :O Oh my.... :P Well, thank you again! I must admit, I started singing the song while typing it too. How many more bonus points does that add? ;)
    Thanks for your comment, it made me smile! :)

  4. Lovely post Julia! Love the Sound of Music song :) Oh my, I hope your hand is doing a bit better!!!!!

  5. Thanks, Abby! It feels better at times and horrible at others. I can't wait to have 2 hands again! ;)


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