Adventures at college

July 27, 2015
This is going to be a short post.. I know, odd for rambling me! lol! I don't know what my problem is, but I've recently went over my blog posts and realized I ramble a lot. Yeah, like I am now. Ohh well. So! My family and I went to a college which has a historical village that you can walk through and enjoy at any time. We went a few years back (like when I was 9...) and there were people dressed up in the time period appropriate dress and everything. It was really cool! But this time it was completely empty but the buildings were still fully furnished. I took so many photos, buuut I figured 25 pictures would be extreme. ;)

 All of my siblings and I played at the school playground. They had a merry-ground of sorts..goodness, what are those things called?! Oh well! There was also a huge slide. Like, it was soooo crazy tall! I screeched when I got to the top. lol! Heights and I don't mix very well... hehe!

The other day Bree and I drove over to our friend's house. It was so much fun! And, her adorable baby boy kept me giggling and smiling the whole time. :D I had such a lovely day! <3 I took so many pictures of him and then I keep on changing my iphone screen to different photos I took. haha!

Do you like historical places? 
Are you afraid of heights?? Like me.. lol!
Don't you just LOVE babies?! :D 


  1. Oh I really like historic places!

  2. That sounds like a really fun trip!
    My family is planning on going to Colonial Williamsburg which will be fun:)
    Actually I'm not afraid of heights. And I like roller coasters.
    As for babies, I seem to have a natural touch with them; I went to the library yesterday and some baby boy crawled into my lab when I was reading a book.

    1. It was great fun! :) Ohhhh, envious here. I would love to go there! :D I have never been on a roller coaster..but even though I am slightly nervous of heights (I'm mainly scared of being above water and then falling), I am pretty sure I would go on one. I am quite adventuress. ;) Aww! How sweet! I think I need to hang out at the library more often. ;) Thanks for your comment! :D

  3. Ooh, I think I know what those merry-go around things may be! Maybe? Is it one of those things that's like a rotating circle and on the top are these metal bars for you to hold on to, and the only way to start it is either by pushing it to start or kick it? I don't know what those are called either, but I've always seen them but never actually rode on one.

    Historical places are fun to visit! Heights... Well, after flying on multiple airplanes I would like to say I've mastered that fear, but it's not certain, because hiking up steep trails just scare me. And babies?!?!? YAY! My friend and I on Sunday visited another friend's house briefly and her baby nephew was there. He was so cute when we gave him the soccer ball to play around with for a bit! xD

    xoxo Morning

    1. Yeah!!! Yay! You understood! XD This was an older model if it, and so you actually sat down on a bench and went around in circles. I guess some smart person found out you go faster when you aren't sitting up. ;) I can't believe you have never gone on one! The first time I remember was when I was 7..I went to a park for my birthday and had a blast! Then I went back to that park a year ago, had a blast, and younger brother got a bit sick. :P I guess I had too much fun.... hehe

      Oooohhh, you've flown?! That's awesome!!! I really want to fly...even though I said I'm afraid of heights.. Okay, let me explain this. I am afraid when it comes to; being above water, when I think I can fall backwards and land on my head (like on the slide), and when I overthink something too much (like I did when I went snowboarding this year). So...yeah. Like, I don't mind climbing trees, climbing sand dunes, or that whatnot. :D Awww! That must have been fun. I LOVE babies! :D

  4. Love historical places, not afraid of heights, and yesss love babies!! ;) Sounds like a really fun time! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ohhh, you sound like a lot of fun! XD I TRY not to be afraid of heights, but seriously, I have to be in an utterly crazy mood to do something that I wouldn't do in a normal mood. ;) Thanks for commenting! :D


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