March 21, 2018

I've been "okay" a lot in my life. I'm sure you have to. Lets face it, we've hit that auto response button when you hear "how are you doing?" 
"I'm good." "I'm okay" "I'm tired" "lol don't ask. hbu" are a few options. last summer I decided to get rid of the instant "I'm good!!" when in reality I was exhausted. my grandpa now thinks I'm always tired lol which basically yus? but that's beside the point.

a friend sent me a text today after I told her that we were gonna be ok. she replied
i guess for me i'm just worried what "ok" is

and I was like OH PRECIOUS FRIEND bc uhm that is straight honesty right from an aching heart. it's true and raw and real.  And, I can relate. I have written poetry on how being okay is perfectly good and how being not okay is too.

it's okay to be not okay
a line i hear so often
and it's true
but what about the people
who are okay
the people who have given their depression to God
and have come to a transition place
where it is okay
to be okay
it's just as poetic
just as beautiful 
as it is to be not okay

I just wonder does "okay" mean you've settled or that you've finally reached the resting place of "I can accept this change". in my daily life, I have honestly decided that I have to brace myself to waves and just take a deep breath, go under and come back up. I've decided that I'm not the only one with problems and that HEY ITS TOTALLY NORMAL TO BE "OKAY" AND HEY ITS TOTALLY OKAY TO CRY AND HEY LIFE IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT/EXPECT IT TO BE BUT
hey. being okay means that God is shaping you more and more. it means that you're growing to be stronger and that hey, God is love, remember that.

Never ever take for granted breathing and life and the blood raging through your veins. go outside for a moment on this Wednesday in March and spread those arms high. I dare you to cry out to God, opening your heart to His and connecting.

I tell you, that being okay is okay, but I want you to know that state of being is not where you have to stay. 

so friend, maybe you don't feel like you've got this pain rn but our radical God does.
CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?!?! xxxx

how are you doing my friend? (p.s are you doing nano?)
ITS SPRING NOW like EEP. any new life sprouting near you? 


  1. AMEN! I needed this. Beautiful post. <3 <3

    ~Ivie |Ivie Writes

  2. JULIA THIS IS SO AMAZING!!!! I cannot even begin to count the times I've said "i'm okay" when people ask how I'm doing even when I'm NOT okay at all. Sometimes it's a bad thing bc I would really like to talk about how I'm feeling, but other times it really helps me. Like, it reminds me that my problems actually aren't that big and YES I truly am okay on the inside bc God is with me.

    Beautiful post, girl <3

    1. AUDREY YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!! oh wow, do I get you or what! so much truth..and you're right. Somedays it helps and others, not at all. hmmmm AMEN


  3. thank you for writing this, julia :) your writing is so inspiring. and needed. I've been kind of going through a rough patch lately, so this is definitely encouraging <3 YOU'RE GREAT. God is doing great things with you. :)

    As for spring?? hehehe well...we're currently getting the biggest snowstorm yet this winter so that's fun :)

    1. dearest autumn *hugs* I'll be praying for you.. message me if you wanna chat. OH YOU SWEET THING SAME FOR YOU FOR REAL <3

      ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man! Its cold here but none of the white stuff. SO THANKFUL. I did see little plants growing today. I'm hopeful

  4. Ahhhhhhhh absolutely loved this Julia!!

  5. GIRL I loved this. Even though this isn't your poetry blog, every word was beautiful and came from your heart. AND HIT MINE RIGHT IN THE CENTER. Your perspective is so lovely.


    1. GIRL. and wow,
      LIKE IDK WHAT TO SAY but thank you xxxxxx

  6. So beautiful <3 Thank you, Julia! <333
    Way too often, I tell people 'I'm okay' when in reality, I'm not. But I don't know how to admit that I'm not okay. It's something I have always struggled with. Opening up.
    I keep it all locked up tight inside until one day it just comes pouring out, and everyone is staring at me like, 'What did I say wrong?'
    I guess a big part of giving your burdens to God is admitting, 'No, I'm not okay. I'm hurting.'
    And in the end, God will gather you in His arms and assure you, "It IS okay. I've got you."

    And as for spring, it's been sunny and green here, with flowers blooming everywhere, although at the moment as I write this, it's raining. *wink* Can't have flowers without rain, and can't love sunshine unless you get some clouds.

    1. aw Lakaysha...
      .... I get that so much. Opening up is hard and sometimes its so needed, when this might sound crazy, but others its not.
      lol MEEEEEEE (totally relate girl)
      hmmmm yessss

      AWW SO PRETTY but rain is my least favorite thing ever hahaaa you're sweet <3

  7. YES so needed this today, thank you dear friend <3

  8. these are good thoughts. I like them. <3

  9. This is great. I've definitely said "it's okay to not be okay" but what you're saying about how it's okay to be okay too is overlooked A LOT.

  10. I love this so, so much. Thank you for writing it!


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