March 14, 2018

I think its time I did a little update on whats keeping my days occupied lately.

  • lots and lots reading (prob too much? idk...I'm already at 6 books this month *cough*)
  • sleepless nights aka why i'm reading a lot
  • I tried to survive without spotify premium for like.....3 days. I DIDNT COPE TO WELL LOL and then caved 
  • started babysitting twice a week. he's the sweetest little kid who loves books as much as I do XD it's been good xx
  • the snow dumped again and then melted lol!! 
  • MY OLDER SIS + I WENT ON A 4 MILE WALK YESTERDAY. it was like 8,300 steps in 1 hour. 
  • fell asleep on the couch watching aristocats 
  • lots and lots of group chat texting / cracking up in laughter 
  • also lot of walking and started another abs workout. aka trying to balance a little haha
  • rewatching the great british bake off and BBCs Emma.....theme there? yes? [ oh also somebody feed phil and the kindness diaries if you're looking for some netflix binge watches ]
  • i am gonna do camp april nano which is C R A Z Y  but like i desperately wanna write again. small goals are better than no goals. i'm going with it xD 
  • family dance parties with pancakes + sausage on saturday morning xxxxx also card games and laughing fits x148714875981475
  • planning my travels for this year / budgeting for that. anyone know where I can find a billion dollars so I can go to Switzerland tho? bc lets get real I WANNA GO THEEERRRE
  • journaling like mad. never too many entries right 
  • SOMEONE WENT WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY BACK IN MY BLOG AND LOL I am totally hyperventilating rn yes
  • trying to learn how to play the piano...again. BEING YOUR OWN TEACHER IS HARD LOL
  • also *fingers crossed* avoiding the cold going around
  • lots of heart to heart phone convos + texts with besties. watching people spiritually mature. so much <3
  • also 10000000000% waiting for warmth XD XD XD 

well, tbh, IM EXHAUSTED RN. tell me what's going on your life - the random stuff, what's making you laugh, what are you craving, what book made you angry or cry?! I GET THOSE FEELS I DO. btw, went to walmart tonight and uhm lol lots of weird things. DID YOU SEE THE VANILLA MINT (and green) MILK?!?!?! idk about that combination lol 

oh. and I still need to change my car clock. HOW DID I EVEN DO THAT
any new book / movie recommendations?
whats new with you? 


  1. Haha, I have to change the clock in the truck I drive, too. No clue how to do that. I need to get my dad to do it. XD

    It's always nice to see what other people are doing and it's awesome that you've been reading a lot. I'm hoping to catch up on reading a little since I finished this round of editing. Only a little more to go before it gets real. *jumps up and down*
    As for book recommendations... Have you read The Blood Race by K.A Emmons? It's awesome!

    ~Ivie| Ivie Writes

    1. lol! I have yet to change it. I almost did this morning but I didn't have a pen to fit in the tiny hole XP XP
      aww thanks! IKR! I am soaking up all the books before I get too busy to read in the summer. OOOHH YAY
      I haven't actually! Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Fun post, Julia! I'm so jealous of the snow....we got three inches max this entire winter. *sobs* Switzerland! *heart eyes* I would love to go there, but sadly, I'm a broke high school student. :P
    Book/movie recommendations: I just read "Unbroken"--which is such a powerful, moving story. I'm also reading "A Time to Die" by Nadine Brandes--I LOVE it so much. :)) Movies, uh, idk. :)) I'm waiting till "The Greatest Showman" comes out on Redbox--it looks SO GOOD!!! (and the trailer for "The Crimes of Grindelwald" dropped yesterday and yes, I'm still geeking out over it #notsorry)
    I love reading your posts, Julia! They're the highlight of my Wednesdays. :))

    1. aww man you can have mine! tbh the snow we've gotten hasn't stuck around for too long, but its still freezing and I'm done with that. ;) LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO XD
      Oh, I've heard of both of those! thanks for the ideas <3
      awwwwwwwwwwww Allison thanks so much xx

  3. This is SO FUN Julia!! I love reading all the little and perfect things ;) you do! Also the Aristocats?!?! Looovvvvvve that movie so much <3 It never gets old.
    Also seeing others mature & grow up in Christ and in general is the best.ever.
    So exited for warmth and spontaneous adventures and hoping to travel south this Spring!!
    Thank you for all the fun and life you put in this!

    1. Lydia *hugs* THANKS!! ooooohh you love it too!! I've realized how much I thought Edgar was a bad guy when I was little but truly how wonderful of character he is lol!!
      agreed <3 Yes! WARMTH LETS GO WHERE ITS WARM!
      aw wow, thank you Lydia you made my day <3

  4. Lol I went way back in your blog to make your photo book lol back in what . . . December?? SUCH A LONG TIME AGO. I was wondering if you'd notice but I don't think you ever did so BLESS UP!! Also, this is a quality post. I don't care what other people think lol.

    1. OH THAT WAS YOU!!!!!! I did notice but didn't catch a general theme or anything LOL don't worry I'm an oblivious blonde. XD XD awwwwwww you rock friend ;) <3

  5. Oh my goodness, I love the sound of how your life is right now!! BBC Emma (2009, I'm assuming) is awesome, I love it. <3
    Ah yes; Spotify, Spotify, where would we be without Spotify! XD
    Pancakes and sausage... yummm... :) Thank you for sharing, Julia! I love hearing about what you're up to.

    1. LOL YOU ARE PRECIOUS GIRL <3 yussssssssssssss quite literally watching it rn ;) ;)
      hahaha idk! I would be empty of music
      mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm thank you Kendra!! <3

  6. Pancakes and sausage?! Together?! Oh. I'm not sure how I feel about that. :P

    Also, I was unable to get out of the cold passing around our house at the moment. I was doing so well, too... >.<

    I'm reading my first Jane Austen novel - Emma! :D

    1. yes yes yes! Its a HUGE thing here in the states XD
      blllahhhhhh FIGHT THAT COLD GABBY - fight it! also enjoy Emma!! <3

  7. If you find a billion dollars and go to Switzerland, let me know, ok? ;P

  8. Haha, sounds pretty busy there! We're preparing for little cow bebes here *squeals*, and I'm pretty excited about that.
    I'm reading Munich Signature by Bodie Theone, and it's really good... but sad... and I'm ready to jump in and kill some mucky mucks in the governments... but I will control myself. It's hard to read because it's on WWII and it deals a lot with the Jewish situation in Germany/Germany takeovers and the whole Aryan philosophy (basically one of the characters is a 5yo German boy with a cleft palate and everybody seems to be chasing him, Germany especially because they can't have that little secret get out that they have imperfections in their race), and it's like does nobody care at all? Makes me mad and sad at the same time.
    Books? I LOVE the Ilyon Chronicles by Jaye L. Knight, the Blades of Acktar by Tricia Mingerink,Shadows Over England and Ladies of the Manor by Roseanna M. White. SOOOO good!
    Have you ever seen Friendly Persuasion? That one is hilarious.
    What's your favorite kind of music? I really like movie soundtracks (I believe my last count was like 10 albums...O.O) and some poppy stuff. It depends.
    And the car clocks? I hear it's best to just wait 6 months.

  9. I really need to make peace with the fact that my wanderlust will never be equal to my checkbook. *sighs*

    books / movies - uhm.
    Between Shades of Grey - ruta sepetys // the writing is pure poetry
    Denial // great film + true story

    hope your day is lovely,

  10. Awww!! Awesome post. Umm...I got like three books from the library but haven't started them cause I'm so RIDICULOUSLY busy. Like, really. Theater, dance, youth group, biology + school and LIFEEEE. Yep. God is good. xxx
    Love yaaaaa <3


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