HATE VS LOVE PERSPECTIVE // a post in which julia shows you the pretty sky + randomness [camp nano day 1]

July 1, 2017

there is one thing i hate

that i can't eat all the ice cream i want

that i live so far away from so many people i dearly dearly love

that some books are too long and some aren't long enough

the fact that airplane tickets cost so much

also the fact that i can't flap my arms and fly

that i have laughing fits randomly

knowing that winter always comes again

and also there are things i love

that i can eat ice cream often

that i have people that i love so dearly near

that books are books no matter what

yeah airplane tickets aren't cheap if they were nobody would value them as much

that i can't flap my arms and fly that would be weird

the fact that i do laugh a lot

and knowing that summer will also always come again

you see

it isn't really about the thing or how you feel about it

it's about how you look at it 


btw, I'm entirely apologizing for this post ahead of time. I am on paint fumes (i did the bathroom (was in there all day) BUT YES I AM REALLY REALLY HAPPY WITH HOW IT TURNED OUT AH #chalkedpaint)


  • am dying over how today is day 1 of camp nano how how how idk
  • also am eating filled licorice
  • and listening to amazing music -- go look up Emile Pandolfi k and 
  • mary poppins is on so i want to go watch it bc i am mary poppins k

try looking at things a little differently tho. I think you'll be surprised.



  1. That was so beautiful. I needed this. There are some things coming up that I have to do, but they are really quite awful. I need to remember that I have more good thing happening right now, than bad. Thank you Julia!

    ~ Pip

    1. ohh really?! Those are the hardest. I'll be praying for you. <3 Yes yes yes..truth there!

  2. Wow, perspective changes everything. That was so good, Julia. And all the best with camp NaNo (licorice sounds like great way to get started)! :)

    1. Doesn't it?! Idk why but I'm obsessed with it..and writing poems about perspective! aww <333 thanks girl! (and mmmm yesss)

  3. That was so beautiful!
    Good luck with Camp Nano!

    1. oh man, thank you! <33
      *moans and remembers I should write*

  4. Yes yes yes! I have thought about this before but you basically unscrambled my thoughts and put them into words.

    1. *looks at my own scrambled thoughts* DONT KNOW HOW I DID IT XD

  5. No, I've never tried chalk paint before but I've definitely considered it for hand lettering. ;D
    I loved those words -- they were so true (as always) and very thought-provoking. I always tell people that it's all a matter of perspective, so I guess I have a pretty broad one. *shrugs*
    Camp Nano!! You can DO IT GIRLIE!!

    Amelia xxx

    1. Really?? I never thought of it for that before!
      oh wow, thanks girlie!! Perspective is so important - like so so important.
      aaaahhh YES I CAN *cringes*

  6. This is sooo true! I get your feelings....you are so far away, but I am so glad that we can still have a long distance relationship that is precious, and dear to my heart. <3 Miss you girl! AND OMW THAT BATHROOM! Its beautiful! XD

    1. *sobs* I AM WAYYYY TOO FAR AWAY. uhg. uhg. uhg. BUT BRO YOU ARE RIGHT. Our friendship is goals and everyone is green with envy *smirks* GAHH THANKS <33333

  7. Those plane tickets are really very expensive though... *looks sadly at the costs and then at all the amazing people in America* BUT AT LEAST I CAN STILL TALK TO PEOPLE OVER THE INTERNET. *nods firmly* That is very cool.

    1. dude, I totally know. *feels sad* BUT YOU ARE RIGHT EEEEP it works somehow xD

  8. Loved this! lol
    You always make me stop and think, you know.
    It's good to have someone do that every once in a while. *winks*

    1. <33
      honestly LaKaysha girl <33 you are the sweetest
      and, yes I know XP

  9. I've never tried chalked paint, but your painting looks amazing! You're incredible. <3 <3 Oh, man, it's SO easy to see things in a bad way when you could see the exact same situation in a good way (wonderful poem, by the way). :) Thanks for reminding me! I had a quick question. I posted a comment on your last post, but it never showed up. It could be just me because I tried posting a comment on Sarah's blog too, but it never showed up there either. So, I'm not really sure... Anyways, good luck with Camp Nano! You're braver than I am (I'm not even doing it this month.) Actually, I've never done it. *sheepish grin* Hopefully someday though. :)

    1. You should!! awwww gosh girl :P OHH okay see I didn't publish a few comments from that previous post bc I didn't have time yet --- BUT I JUST DID LOL! Sometimes we do that bc if we publish them, we forget to reply and don't wanna do that :P Thanks for commenting and asking tho!! AND HAHAH IM NOT BRAVE I AM CRAZY :P

  10. Oh, no problem. I didn't want to make a big deal about it. Sorry if I did. :) I was hoping it hadn't happened to anyone else. Sorry for being impatient lol. Thanks for explaining, and thanks for your reply! :)

  11. PERSPECTIVE IS SO IMPORTANT. (also how do you word so well like all my brain spits out is a;jlkfhdfawaencv)

    wait so chalked paint = you can write on the walls with chalk? is that how it works? oh maybe that's chalkboard paint??? but IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL AI


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