HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BAREFOOT GAL!! // (hacked by her sis + friends) + special notes + JU IS EIGHTEEN WHAAAA

August 26, 2017
HEY ALL. this is Julia's sister, Sarah. sooooooo Julia's friend, Clara, came to me with this awesome idea and well, if you are wondering why I am here, basically, IT'S JULIA'S BIRTHDAY AND WE'VE HACKED HER BLOG!! (hopefully she has no idea about this post but we'll see hahahahaa)

SO HAPPY BDAY JU. a bunch of friends and I got together and each wrote a little something for you - each answered these two things:
1. what is your fav thing about the Ju?
2. and then add a personal note

(note to others reading this: sorry if I didn't ask you personally, either I couldn't find a way to contact you, or simply forgot/didn't remember everyone. xP regardless, I would love it if everyone reading this post would answer those same two questions in the comment area. thx, guys!)
soleil -
Fav thing about Ju: how she can be so carefree and goofy one moment, but then be deep and personal the next.

Ever since we met from NaNo last year, it's been so awesome getting to know you, and to read your writing. Your poems have encouraged me so many times, and I love getting a peek at your life thru your blog and other places. Keep being the amazing light you are.
- - - - -
autumn -
favorite thing - Julia is an awesome person in general and she's always willing to talk and listen.  Plus she has the best sense of humor and her posts are always so aesthetic and funny and PERFECT<3

Jules, I don't remember how I met a lot of my blogger friends, but I'm pretty sure that I'll always remember how I met you.  It was on Eve's blog, and she had a live open chat and I left my blog URL on it and you replied back -- "Do you really read and write all day, Autumn?" (And I think we know...I definitely don't ;) But I'm honestly soo glad I met you and you're probably one of the only bloggers who I've known for a very long time :)) Glad to call you my friend!
Happy birthday, Ju <3 Here's to a great year! YOU GOT THIS. -Otto ;)
- - - - -
aliyah -
What I love most about Julia? She's REAL. I love that I can always count on her for relatable advice and wisdom. She's wiser than her years. Her blog posts are sweet and funny and authentic.

Julia, you've stood by me (virtually) while I went through seasons of not quite knowing who I was as a blogger, writer, photographer. That alone brings tears to my eyes and I am so grateful for you. Thanks for doing what you do and never giving up. You show me that I can do everything through Christ - because you can and have.
- - - - -
elissa -
My favorite thing about Julia is her love and joy for life. I love her heart for Jesus, and her constant grace for others. The way she so warmly interacts with her readers inspires me to judge less and love more. I know God has BIG, POWERFUL, AMAZING, WONDERFUL plans for her life, and I'm honored to watch what happens next.

Love you, and HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY birthday!!
- - - - -
Sare -
HELLO YES I MADE MY APPEARANCE *nods* *cough cough* well. you went and grew up on me. YOU TRAITOR. I thought we had talked about this thing called growing up *squints*

thanks for being a pretty awesome sis most of the time anyways. i'm sorry we can't stay mad at each other for any long and i'm sorry people think we are twins (beginning to think so myself though lol) and I'm sorry for the time I dared you not to talk to me and I started changing your music to bug you and you only lasted ten minutes XD #notreallysorryhahahhaaa

my fav thing about you? gosh, what a tough question cuz like THERE ARE SOOOO MANY THINGGSSS *sarcastic tone* I guess one of my favorite things about you is that you aren't afraid to be an older sis - idk if that sounds weird, but I know some people who just don't really like having their younger siblings around and you aren't like that, so, yep XD

and lol, honestly I will never remember "meeting you" like some of these people cuz gosh, I was just a baby and you were a toddler and since then we've basically always been together. like, always. anyways, you are just an overall cool bean and HAAAPPPYY BIRRTHDDAAAYY TOOOO YOOOOUUUUUUU
- - - - -
hann -
Happy happy 18th birthday, Ju! I remember the first time we were introduced—last November in the 5k1Day chat hosted by Abi. At first I wasn't sure what to think about you, lol, because you intimidated me a little bit. But as we got to know each other a bit better, I learned that you're an amazing, sweet, God-loving gal. And a fantastic writer!

I think my favourite thing about you is your humour. You're so quick-witted and hilarious. So many times I just watched you interact with some of the other members of our chat and laughed XD
I hope your life as an ~official~ adult goes wonderfully, and that you never lose your sense of fun.
- - - - -
jane maree -
Julia = sweet, thoughtful, most precious bean ever. <33

Dear Ju. I randomly stumbled across you…somehow. I don’t even remember exactly, but what I do remember is that the first comment I ever made on your blog, you replied to it like I was your long-lost life-long friend (shh that totally makes sense. XD). And that was the coolest thing ever for this distant Aussie writer. <3 Thanks for being a super cool person.
- - - - -
micaiah -
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JU!!! Yes, we did indeed hack onto your blog. *smirks* (Sarah did the actual hacking business, though.) GIRL, you're the best. Seriously. I am so incredibly blessed to have you as a friend! You're so thoughtful and kindhearted - and SO lively! Translation: You have such an outgoing personality and are so fun to talk to. You encourage me when I'm down, you push me when I'm holding myself back, and you participate in virtual snowball fights (a.k.a fantastic). You're a joy, and legit - the day we started talking on Pinterest, I was like "I LIKE THIS GIRL." AND I'm still like "I LIKE THIS GIRL." XD I love ya, bestie! <333
- - - - -
jesseca dawn -
My favorite thing about Ju? Her love of the little things in life. Things that go unnoticed by most people.

Hey Ju! I'm not even sure how I found you or your blog, but I have to say I'm so glad that I did! Your poems never fail to make me stop and think, and your blog posts always bring a smile to my face. I've enjoyed getting to know you through your poems, emails,  NaNo and chatting.  I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and welcome to adulthood! ;)
- - - - -
savannah -
My favorite thing about Ju is that you're NUTS and so much fun, but you're also an awesome friend at the same time <3

Julia – totally would never even know you existed if I hadn’t popped into the Google Hangout for a #5K1Day during my First NaNoWriMo Ever, and it was SO FUN meeting you through that! You were such a great motivator + friend + word war extraordinaire (and you still are, actually xD). Someday you will publish your book and be a BESTSELLER (who am I kidding - you've already published your poetry book and EVERYONE LOVES IT  ❤  ❤  ❤), but until then I’ll continue to stalk your very epic blog and hang out in the comments section, whilst also bugging you for word wars in the Google Hangouts now and then (admit it, word wars are the best). You’re so much fun, and even though I only know you over the internet, it’s pretty obvious that you’re a really sweet girl with an awesome personality. Have an amazing birthday, Ju!
- - - - -
audrey caylin -
Favorite thing about Ju: her energy. It's contagious and makes me smile.

From the moment I started coming to your blog I was like "this is someone who is a light in the world." Your humor and the way you look at things positively yet deeply -- a way I think everyone really needs -- brightens my day. You bring hope and energy and laughter to whatever you do.
And you've inspired me to one day share some poetry with the world -- though it will never be as good as your amazingly profound thoughts. You are seriously one of those people who is going to make a huge difference in the world. Happy birthday <3
- - - - -
mary -
*bursts onto scene with glitter* My favorite thing about Ju is probably that she always finds a reason to eat ice cream. Wait, does that not count? *crosses arms and pouts* Ughhh, okay then... :P

Actually, my favorite thing about Ju is that she's so full of life. She lives so freely and fully, and I love that about her. (She's also just the sweetest and I WUV HER SO MUCH. <3)

She may have a bit of an issue with taking off people's heads (Sare, you better hide), but she's a genuinely awesome human bean whom I'm grateful to call my friend. Plus, she loves ice cream. So you know. ;)

Happy birthday, Ju!
- - - - -
clara -
Julia, Your the best. I mean it. You're funny, beautiful, encouraging, talented, passionate, full of life and just the best girl I know! But most importantly I know you love Jesus, and you constantly inspire me to stay close to Him. I am amazed at how strong your relationship with Jesus is, and how you are such a great Christian role model for all those around you! Everyone that comes in contact with you can just see that you're passionate about life, and you want to make a difference.

One of my favorite things about you is that you're not afraid to just be you. There have been several times in the past, where I have had struggles fitting in with certain people or being myself at school, and I'll always remember how you were such an encouragement and inspiration to me during those times! Your the best! Oh my gosh, and all the memories!!! Even though our relationship has had to deal with being 1,000 miles apart we have still had so much fun together. I love it when my phone lights up with texts from you or a FaceTime call. I still love going through all our letters we sent to each other when we were 12 and 13. We were the most hilarious girls ever! Ohhhhhhhh, and I laugh so hard at all those inside jokes we will probably still remember when we are 80.

Today you turn 18. *freaks out* You're an actual adult! Even though everything will start to change in your life as you transition into adulthood, and things might be hard and confusing at times, remember life is still amazing! Just think. You have your whole life canvas ahead of you to paint what you wish on it! I'll know whatever you decide to be you'll be a great one! I believe in you! Happy 18th Birthday, Jules! *winks* Love, Clara - Jeremiah 29:11
- - - - -
michaila -
Okay so my fave thing about you is either #1 your a great blogger and actually make me LAUGH (ya know, like the kind of over-the-internet laughing where it's like an odd giggle-snort) which basically means you have a good sense of humor. Or #2, your relationship with Sarah (stop laughing girl) because its something I think every girl wants. You both have this funny, quirky bond that's adorable. Trust me, you'll never have better friends than yourselves. You'd make an amazing couple ah book characters.

Happy birthday, girl! Hope it's the best!
- - - - -
elizabeth -
Julia-My favorite thing about you is how easily you can bring joy into someone's life. I met you because you texted me through Instagram one November morning, and since then we've talked every day ­čÖł Your support through all life's struggles, jokes when I need a pick-me-up, and never ending stream of photo bombs, I can't express how many times you've made my day.

YOU'RE 18, CONGRATS sweet girly, I absolute adore you ;) Go eat cake, you know you deserve it.
- - - - -
amanda -
My favorite thing about Julia is that she has THE BEST ADVICE. Like whenever I freak out about stuff, I know i can tell her and she'll put it all in perspective. She just has this wisdom about her and always has.

I met Julia via the grand internet. ;) I found her blog and wrote her and she wrote me back this huuuuuuuuuge email. I was shocked because I'd never met someone who loved writing as much as I did! We wrote for about half a year and then moved on to texting. I've also never met anyone who took texting so seriously. We had so many amazing, SERIOUS discussions. I mean, don't get me wrong, we also had our share of goofiness. But I loved debating things from the Bible or talking about her desire to help the women of the world. Now that we're older we can't text as much but those conversations will forever be in my heart.
- - - - -

hannah -
Favorite thing about Ju:
I love how dedicated and hardworking she is, like, PAINTING YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE? And basically all her DIYS, she doesn't give up easily. Which is awesome. Also how energetic she is and the fact that she can basically become friends with anyone.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA. Having known you my whole life I can honestly attest to the fact that you are pretty much just as insane in real life as on your blog. You're definitely never boring to be around. XD
- - - - -
chloe -
Julia - I don't even remember how exactly I found your blog (probably had something to do with either Mary or Jon) but I'm so glad that I did!

Your posts are always bright and happy (with a healthy dose of sarcasm and dry humor) I love reading them!

So you're turning 18, huh? Woohoo! Happy birthday! *confetti*

Anyways, my favorite thing about you; idk, your mind is pretty fabulous. Because somewhere in there, you're able to make up these fantastic stories and record them so that other people can read and remember them. You, Ju, are awesome!
- - - - -
ragen -
Julia is a go-getter--once she has an idea, it gets done. There is no opposition that stands a chance once Julia starts working on something.

Julia is a fun, bright, hardworking, and adventurous friend. She isn’t afraid of deep convos or long walks. She knows when it’s time to shop and time to stop. She is responsible, beautiful, and my role model. I couldn’t have been happier meeting her a second time in the same coffee shop, reconnecting to a place of sweet, beautiful friendship. Happy Birthday Julia!
- - - - -
bree -
Happy birthday Ju!!!!  How has time flown by so quickly?!  I seriously cannot keep up anymore....you're 18??!!  Wow.  (Stop it now.  I really mean it.)  You're making me miss the days of chalkville, makeshift covered wagons, singing silly veggie tales songs while riding our bikes in circles, mashing dandelions, making movies, eating snow-cones galore, bouncing on giant balls while enjoying dried fruit and pickles.

Childhood was great, wasn't it?  Welcome to adulthood.  Yep, that's it.  I don't have a grand speech of how wonderful it is.  The transition is hard -- there are still days when I can't decide if I'm a kid or an adult, lol!  But, you know what?  Soak it in, miss!  Because, you'll only be 18 once!  And, who knows what adventures God has in store for you this year!!  (Insert private sister joke regarding Alaska here, heheeheeee.)   No, seriously, I'm so glad you're my sister!  I don't know how to thank you enough for everything.  For just being you.  Keep being amazing.  I don't have to tell you that though.  You apparently already know you are, lol!  Just teasing.  ;) Love you!

- - - - -
emma jane -
Julia is the girl who calls my house and leaves messages with my dad. She's the girl who's so hyper and all over everything that she almost freaks me out (just a little). I don't remember who said hi first - me or you - but I told you I liked your picture of a cornfield and you told me I was good with words, and I learned what a good sister you are and what an enthusiastic friend, and you rubbed off on me; your easy way of talking, your love for your family, your obsession with pallets, and your desire to live all out, just like you do everything, for Jesus. You are one special Chick and I'm glad to be your friend. Happy birthday!
- - - - -
brianna -
My favorite thing about Julia is her enthusiasm for everything, ice cream, crashing ceilings in, word wars... everything. I'm so glad I got to meet you. <3 Happy 18th birthday!!
anyways, happy 18th birthday, Julia! (but ha, like you will ever really be an adult *rolls eyes* XD) thanks for being an awesome sis and an awesome friend - love from your sis, Sare <33

so, 'cuz it's Ju's bday (and since all of you are her friends xD) DO THE THING:
what is you fav thing about ju??
and, a personal note in the comments below


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA!!!! *throws confetti and pizza everywhere* You are such a sweet girl and I'm so blessed to be able to call you my friend. Keep on being epic and amazing. God has big plans for you, and he's going to be with you every step of the way. <3 <3 <3

    1. AWW THANK YOU SO MUCH JANE MAREE! <33 *legit actually ate pizza on my birthday* nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YOU'RE THE SWEET GIRL. geesh. I'm blushing. thanksssss XP XD

  2. Hello Julia!

    Just popping in to say Happy Birthday! My favourite thing about you, Julia, is that you are ALL IN and are full of enthusiasm. You inspire me to go outside my comfort zone, as I've told you before, and be passionate in life.
    Hope your 18th was wonderful. Xx

    ~Miss Meg/Gabby

    1. Hello Gabby!!

      oh goodness, thank you so much! You're so precious....and wow...you know, you all inspire me as well! It's an AMAZING blessing to be able to write here and know you guys will let me know what you think..or give me a laugh in the comments. I love you all <3
      eep!! *grins* It was <3 I got ice cream ;)

  3. This is such a good idea - hacking :D Happy birthday!!

    1. hahaah!! It's kinda a thing in the blogging world among some of us -- it's kinda terrifying in a good way?? XD Thanks!!

  4. Happy Birthday!! You are eighteen years old. *screams* My oldest sister will be eighteen in September, and that's gonna be pretty awesome/weird.
    My favorite thing about you (if I had to choose) is that your posts always make me smile. Sometimes I roll my eyes with a grin when I see how long you just ramble, which is exactly like me. I love how you are welcoming and understanding and not afraid to speak from your heart, and speak from your mind, and speak from the Bible. You love God, and He is growing you into such a fabulous young lady.
    And you always make me laugh, too. All your funny 'lil gifs that you put on here from my favorite movies and movies that I've never watched. Your jokes, your unfiltered personality, your raw posts that always hit a nerve because you are realistic and truthful. Not even to mention your poetry, one day I'm gonna homeschool my kids and we're going to study a poet every term -- just the way my mom has done with me, and one year I'm gonna bring up 'Julia Ryan' and I'm gonna brag to my kids how I knew you (virtually, of course) when I was a girl, and that we still keep in contact (God willing) and that I told her when I was twelve that I would homeschool my kids and I would have them study her, and I did. Love ya, girlie,

    Amelia xxx

    1. *screams with you* I AM 18 IT SEEMS SO OLD LOL!!! Oh wow, really?! That's neat! We are pretty close in age then XD
      oh. my. gosh. Amelia. *runs and hides behind freezer door while eating ice cream* STOOOPPP YOU'RE EMBARRASSSIINNGG MMMEEEEEEEE XD XD XD
      and about the whole homeschooling your kids and teaching them about poets? YOU'RE JOKING RIGHT. wow. Idk even know what to think o.o wow wow wow wow. <33 THANK YOOOOUUU


    ~ Savannah | Scattered Scribblings


  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA! *throws confetti and hands you cake*
    what is your fav thing about ju?? My favorite thing about you, Julia, is your *amazing* personality. You are just so sweet and thoughtful. It's like Aliyah said, you're real.
    You aren't afraid to be yourself and I love that about you.

    I found your blog on the last day of 2014 from SKG and I fell in love with it right away. ( I actually remember that one of the first posts I read by you that day was about how there was going to be a Finding Dory. I don't even know how I remember that lol ) Anyways, I asked if you had any blogging tips and I got a nice, long comment from you that I took to heart. There has been many blogs that I've looked at in the past, but normally I don't stick around a lot of blogs for too long. Your blog is the only blog that I have read and stuck around for from the very beginning of my own blogging journey. There is just something different about your blog. It's unique and so much fun to read.

    It has been such a pleasure getting to know you through the internet girl! I know that we don't talk a lot any more, but I really enjoyed the times we'd text or chat through hangouts. Also when you helped out with Girls Living for God's Glory. It meant a lot to me!

    I know that the Lord has great plans for you, Julia, and it's great to see how He is using you to be an encouragement to others through this blog. Keep shining your light!

    Have an AMAZING birthday!!

    Gosh, this comment got long. I'll stop talking now ;)

    1. AWW THANKS MADDY *grabs confetti and eats more cake*
      gooooshhhhh *covers face* I guess me is the only way I know how to be? LOL

      WWHHOOAAAAAAAAA MADDY YOU'VE BEEN HERE FOR A LONG TIME I DEEPLY APOLOGIZE FOR THE BEGINNING POSTS YOU HAD TO EXPERIENCE. *cringes* but wow, thank you for sticking around through those terrible days lol!!!!!

      awww, those were good days, huh! It's hard to grow up and not be able to do as much in the internet community now..but, yeah, those were great days. <3

      *covers face* ohhkkaay I'll try ;) <3


      and nahhh, don't worry about it XD <3

  7. Awww! This was so sweet of you guys! Happy birthday Julia!!!

    ~ Pip

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I found your blog not so long ago, but I'm sure glad I did.
    My favorite thing about you is your realness and relatability and sense of humor (okay, that's technically not just one thing, but there's a lot of awesome things about you and so I just chose my favs).

    You are one great blogger and I look forward to each new post. You make blogging look easy!

    God has great plans for you, Julia! May he continue to bless you.

    Kendra Lynne <3

      i'm just sitting here like what do i say....so I guess I can't say anything other than you are incredibly sweet and idk what to say. LOL!!! thanks girlie!!

      oh gosh, YOU LEGIT ARE THE SWEETEST!!!!!!!! Same for your Kendra.. <3

    2. Awe, thank you! I try to be sweet. :)

  9. Aw this is so sweet! I think this is for sure the best kind of hack there is out there!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're going to love being 18!

    1. awww I totally agree!! tho...hacking is still pretty scary if you think about it LOL

      haha!! I hope so...no going back now, is there? *cringes*


    1. OH MY GOODNESS AEGJORKGAKLLGADHGDOJK THANK YOU SARAHHHH!! uhm. well. to tell you the truth it stinks. I spent way to much money yesterday and had a melt down. I CAN DO RESPONSIBLE HAHAHAA

  11. Favorite thing - um... your only two months older than me! *laughs* I've said it before - I have no girl cousins my age, so... I adopt you. ^_^ Your posts always make me happy and your poetry is way too amazing. <3333

    HAPPPY BIRTHDAY, girl!!! <3 I hope 18 is a wonderful age you'll always remember with a smile. XD

    1. hahaha!! I am!! Well, I must admit, that is pretty cool, since almost all of my friends are older than me! Some even by just a few days, legit! And, okay, will do. I'm your adopted older cousin. XD aww srsly, you're so silly *covers face*


  12. Happy birthday, Julia! I don't comment often, but I read all your posts - and I think my favourite thing about you is the way your posts are collections of the best bits of life. Sunshine and light, laughter, creativity, family, words, nature; you see the beauty in God's creation and share it.

    *waves and awkwardly leaves*

    1. aww thanks!! And, goodness, YOU READ THEM ALL?! I post often lol!! oh wow...I try to do that!! I'm super glad its working?? lol *feels awkward as well* COMPLIMENTS ARE SO HARD TO TAKE YA KNOW LOL

      *waves* XD

  13. My favorite thing(s) about Julia--your dedication, sense of humor, and kind heart! Happy happy birthday!!!


    1. *ducks and hides from your super sweet compliments*
      thanks girlie <3

  14. Happy birthday, Julia! :D

  15. Favorite thing about you... maybe that you're both real and fun. :)


    - Maddy | littlebitofsunshineweb.blogspot.com

  17. Julia, you're awesome and real and fun and deep, and an all-round wonderful human bean. Wishing you God's blessings on this next year of your life! I hope it brings many challenges and opportunities and precious reminders of His love. Happy birthday, and welcome to the world of adult responsibilities! :D

    P.s To Sarah and her accomplices: this was such an excellent idea for a post! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be a part of Julia's celebration. :)

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA!! You're an amazing blogger and I always love your posts. Your photography and poems are AMAZING. I honestly just like scrolling through your archives, especially on your poetry blog. <3333 Hope you had an WONDERFUL birthday and here's to many more years to come!

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA!!!! <3 <3 <3 So excited for you. :D


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